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Vauxhall Girls school Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N8/4
Date 1897 - 1919
Names Vauxhall Girls school
St Helier Vauxhall Girls
Smith, Agnes, née Dorothy
Collier, Beatrice
Moore, Agnes
Hourigan, Reverend
Roche, Reverend
Bailey, Colonel
Claver, Marie
Collier, Beatrice
Hourigan, P
Roche, J V
Smith, A C
Delahunty, Elizabeth
Burrows, Edward
Delahunty, Emily
Haversford, H
Robinson, Mary
Luce, Reverend
Le Masurier, Anne
Ryan, Miss
Florris, Edith
Dennis, Célestine
Keane, D
Kent, Adelina
Bailey, T
Kent, Blanche
Kent, A
Legrand, Father
Dodsworth, Henrietta
Balleine, F
Chamard, Henrietta
Jean Marie, Sister
Ballantine, Miss
Weale, Ethel
Canning, Louisa
Ballantine, Miss
Surman, Nellie
Corea, Rose
Cooper, Miss
Smith, Mary H
Croucher, J
Hennessy, Winifred
Fennessy, Jane
Condon, Nellie
O'Flynn, Miss
Angele, Madame
Prendeville, Annie
Hawksford, C
Condon, Kathleen Alice
Tremble, Charles
Harrison, Mr
Prendeville, Annie
McCann, Miss
Joslin, I
Lineham, Miss
Vignaux, Winifred
Thomas, Nora
Conlan, Miss
Raab, Reginald
Goaziou, Annie Mary
Pichard, Miss
Le Cras, Miss
Scully, Miss
Gaudin, Laura
McCartan, Michael J
McCormick, Mary
Heurtaux, Cecilia
Dwyer, Eileen
Coffey, Elsie
Healy, Eileen
Smith, Elsie
Young, Winifred
Herteaux, Cecilia
Arscott, Florence
Butters, Beatrice
Ryan, Dorothy
Kent-Smith, Beatrice
Aubert, Ada Florence
Kent-Smith, Elsie
Cullen, Euphrasie
Callaghan, Kathleen
Mountain, Irene
Smith, Eileen
Smith, Dorothy
Bush, S
Le Feuvre, E
Tynan, J D
Hodges, L
Harrison, Mr
Corbin, H
Cuddon, Isabel Gertrude
Bougourd, Margaret
Caulwell, Miss
Lucas, Louise
Hind, Dr
Bate, Miss
Pook, Florence
Sheil, Miss
Lancefield, Frances
Bourke, Anna
Murning, Emily
Hayes, Bernard
Breen, Margaret
Mountain, Gladys
Spicer, Violet Agnes
Prendergast, Norah
Barry, May
Bartley, Ellen
Page, Mr
Bartley, Ellen
Kennedy, M
Hogan, Kathleen
des Pres de la Morlais, Juliette
Finegan, Maureen
Finnigan, Miss
Watson, Canon
Watson, T, Reverend
Leonard, C
Maguire, Annie
Watson, Timothy
Germain, Mr
Smith, D
Le Feuvre, E
Devine, Mary Anne
Neylan, Mary
Hartley, Annie
Vernon, Sir William Henry Venables, Bailiff of Jersey
Hawkesford, Mr
Hawksford, C
Le Roux, James
Kelling, P W
McAllen, R
O'Brien, E L
Young, W
Le Roux, James
O'Brien, Elizabeth
Kent-Smith, Elsie
Colby, William J
Wilkinson, Muriel
McAuliffe, C
Garnier, Mary
Young, Jessie
Keywords Schools | log books | Education
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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