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The Elementary Board School Phillip's Street Log Book.This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N9/1
Date 1900 - 1911
Names Philipp's Street Elementary School
St Helier (La Motte) school
Bird, John G
Seigneuret, Amethyst Beatrice
Curwood, J
Marie, A
Fentium, E
Fentium, J
Donoghue, F
Sullivan, Maud
Jenkinson, Ellen A
Grandin, F P
Marett, Colonel
Spratt, Ruth
Nain, Mabel
Statt, Elsie
Jocelyn, Dorothy
Archard, T
Roberts, Renée
Boivin, Ethel
Balleine, F E
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Burrows, Edward
Le Seelleur, Captain
Le Couteur, Mr
Le Couteur, Mrs
Gill, S
Roddy, Beatrice Elizabeth
Ouless, Mr
Buttfield, C B
Boyce, L
Byles, Mabel
Bree, Miss
Payn, Miss
McCabe, Miss
de Gruchy, M B
du Parcq, C P
Lilicrap, A
Ozard, M
Tite, L
Ozard, Florence
Danby, J W
Selby, James Prichard
Raffray, Ada
Penney, Alfred
Poingdestre, Francis
Le Maistre, Deputy
Hansford, Fred
Le Feuvre, Mr
Tocque, Mr
Bennett, Arthur
Le Masurier, Mr
Le Monnier, Arthur
Cavey, Percy
Matthews, Christopher
Cavey, Sidney
Carter, Mr
Baudains, Philip, Constable
Bisson, William George
Baal, George Louis
Riordan, Walter
Cavey, Mrs
Blanchard, John
Syvret, Edward
Cauvain, Louis
Pegler, Frank
Bush, S
Bennett, Mrs
Norman, William
Cory, I
Le Feuvre, E, Reverend
Grady, Mark
Burch, Cecil
Lucas, Fred
Larbalastier, William
Laurent, Marcel
Le Marquand, Snowdon
Pegler, Harold
Bourke, Patrick
Murray, Louis
Jocelyn, Harold
Livermore, Joseph
Le Maistre, Clarence
Gosland, Frederick
Pooley, George
Gallichan, Frederick
Moyse, W
Audrain, Victor
Swietolawski, Francis A
Eustache, Thomas
Terry, David
Le Maistre, Edward
Renouf, Thomas
Shiner, George
Janvrin, Laurence E
Rixon, A
Mourant, Clara Frances
Maby, Arthur
Ozard, Charles
Perry, George
du Heaume, Charlie
du Heaume, John
Moran, Harold
Le Monnier, George
Billée, Charles Henry Fred
Billeé, Theodore Adolphus
Le Blancq, George
Le Lievre, Clarence
Le Lievre, Alfred
Le Lievre, Percy
de Jardin, Edmund
Gougeon, George
Chapman, Charles James
Hannaford, John
Hannaford, William
Rousseau, Lucien
Gallie, William A
Moran, Alfred
Aubin, P A
Carson, Albert Charles
Carson, Harold Adolphus
Metivier, Mr
Falle, Samuel, 1854 - 1937, Dean of Jersey, 1906 - 1937
Le Cornu, Philip
Huston, Albert
Huston, Arthur
Osmand family
Shiner, Thomas
Carver, Stanley
Anderson, John
Parouty, Louis
Tirel, Joseph John
Noel, Henry Livey
Noel, Thomas
Le Lievre, Reginald
Journeaux, William
Hibbs, Lionel
Connor, Christopher
Audrain, Victor
du Heaume, John
Turner, Alfred
Le Seau, Jules
Le Clercq, Eugene
Gosselin, Fred
Dorkins, Clarence
Osmand, George
Maur, Louis
Louvel, Ernest
de Gruchy, Henry
Poingdestre, Elias
Morin, Alfred
Henwood, Walter
Amy, Charles
Gallichan, Phillip
Churchill, James
Britton, Clement
Manning, C
Mills, W
Kent, P
Heath, C
Dorkins, A
Renaud, Thomas
Weeks, Max
Le Maistre, Henry
Varoon, A
de Gruchy, C
Bassett, Ernest
Rafferty, Henry
Le Lièvre, Walter James
Le Feuvre, Mr
Evans, Ernest Arthur
Houillebecq, Frank
Laurens, Louis
Laurens, Marcel
Forward, Henry
Ruaux, Charles Edward
Norman, Alfred Daniel
Faudet, Albert
Patch, Walter
Delanoe, John
Weeks, Archie
Ledwick, Arthur
Hegarat, Frank
Ledwick, James William
Le Cornu, Mr
Delanoe, Jean
Delanoe, Louis
Marais, J
Boades, Louis Paul
Thomas, Pierre Henri
Baron, Charles
Perrio, Louis
La Brasse, Henri
Burt, William
Soyer, John
Muspratt, Frederick
Muspratt, Eric
Perry, George
Gallichan, E J
Schollhammer, William
Journeaux, Herbert A J
Toms, Mr
Murray, Alfred Louis
Désprés, Ernest
Pallot, Lydia Ann
Price, Frank George
Lafolley, Charles
Quillerou, Francis
Le Masurier, Henry Edward
Ambert, Yves
Noel, Alfred Thomas
Le Feuvre, Ida Maud
Dorkins, Clarence
Brown, George
Hotton, Harold
Huston, Redvers Buller
Carson family
Benoit, Albert
Auffret, John
Le Masurier, Mr
Mayhew, Archibald
Matson, John
Le Cronier, Maxwell, Dr
Germain, Mr
Le Gros, Ernest Philip
Harrison, H E B
Laloë, Alexis
Le Gall, Louis
Gosselin family
Chevalier, Thomas
Keywords Schools | Education | log books
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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