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Admission Register for St Luke's School Boy's Department, includes; admission number, date of admission, date of birth, name of child and parent, residence, last school, highest standard reached in last school, years when presented in the school in each standard and date of withdrawal. This has been indexed by name of pupil and entries can be viewed on PDF attached

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Reference D/J/30/D1/A/1
Date 22 April 1884 - 6 August 1902
Names St Luke's School
Ahier, Albert
Ahier, Arthur
Ahier, Clarence
Ahier, Edward J
Ahier, Ernest P
Ahier, Frederick
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, Sydney
Ahier, Walter
Ahier, William Charles
Ahier, Winter
Albert, Claude
Albert, Lancelot
Albert, Launcelot
Alexander, John
Alexander, Philip
Alexandre, William
Allen, Cecil
Allen, Leonard
Allix, Arthur
Allix, Ernest
Allix, Sidney
Amiot, Charles
Amiot, Peter
Amy, Charles
Amy, Donald
Amy, Douglas
Amy, George
Amy, Herbert
Amy, William
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Horace
Andrews, Leonard
Andrews, Rupert
Andrews, William
Anley, Clarence
Anley, David
Arnold, Henry
Arnold, John
Aubert, John
Aubert, John Charles
Aubert, Peter
Audoin, Léon
Averty, Frank
Badier, George
Badier, George Arthur
Badier, John
Bamber, Arthur
Barnes, Percy
Barwick, Charles
Bassett, Charles
Batchelor, Edgar
Battam, George
Battam, Philip
Baudains, Elie
Baudains, Harold
Baudains, William
Beckford, William
Becquet, Claude
Becquet, George
Bellingham, Alan
Benest, Sydney
Bennett, Benjamin
Bennett, Wilfred
Berthelot, Alberic
Berthelot, Alcide
Bevis, Albert
Bevis, Arthur
Bevis, George
Bevis, Harry
Bevis, John
Biddlecombe, Albert
Biddlecombe, Frank
Biddlecombe, Philip
Billot, George
Billow, George
Binet, Vincent Le C
Bishop, Albert
Bisson, Abrier
Bisson, Edward
Bisson, Herbert
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, Walter
Blampied, Herbert Charles
Blampied, Stanley
Bliault, Stanley
Bliaux, Arthur
Bliaux, Edmund
Bliaux, Richard
Blihot, Philip
Blihot, William
Blihot, Willie
Bolton, Albert
Bond, James
Boreham, James
Bouillier, Percy
Boullier, Ralph
Bourke, John Charles
Bowers, Eli
Box, Charles
Brée, Elias
Brewer, Edward
Briard, Albert
Briard, Ernest
Briard, Stanley
Bridle, Henry
Brignognen, Thomas
Brisset, Philip
Broughton, Arthur
Bryant, Arthur
Bryant, Arthur S
Bryant, Frederick
Bryant, Robert
Buckthorpe, Herbert
Buesnel, Alfred
Buesnel, John
Buesnel, Philip
Bulley, Frederick
Buret, Leon Basil
Burt, Cyril
Cabot, Arthur
Cabot, Clifford
Cabot, Edward
Cabot, George
Cabot, Henry
Cabot, Raymond
Cabot, Stanley
Cabot, William T
Cadiou, Ernest
Cadiow, Winter P
Camp, Robert
Campion, Henry
Canuet, Jules
Carson, Walter
Carter, Edward
Carter, George
Caton, Twiddy
Channon, William
Chillingworth, David
Chillingworth, Percy
Chisholm, Alexander
Choll, Thomas
Church, William
Clarke, Herbert
Clarke, Richard
Clarke, Walter
Clift, Thomas
Clift, William
Cocker, William
Colan, Ernest
Colan, Owen
Colan, Richard
Collas, Edwin
Collas, Stanley
Connell, John
Conner, Arthur
Conner, Charles
Couch, Edward
Couch, Frederick
Couchard, Philip
Cousins, Thomas
Cox, Thomas
Cummings, Walter
Darragh, Herbert
Darragh, William
Darthenay, Adolphe
d'Arthénay, Philip
Davey, Wesley
Davies, John
Davis, George
Davis, John
Davis, Leopold
Davis, Percy
de Carteret, Edward
de Carteret, Henry
de Caux, Alfred
De Gruchy, Alfred
de Gruchy, Arthur
de Gruchy, Clarence
de Gruchy, Clifford
de Gruchy, Edward
de Gruchy, Harold
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Snowdon
de Gruchy, Stanley
de Gruchy, Thomas
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, William
de la Cour, Claude
de la Cour, Herbert
de la Haye, Alfred
De La Haye, Clarence
de La Haye, Snowdon
De La Haye, William
de La Mare, Albert
de la Mare, Arthur
de la Mare, Claude
de La Mare, Edward
de la Mare, John
de La Mare, Owen
de La Mare, Peter
de La Mare, Stanley
De la Mare, Walter
De La Mare, William
de Renty, Julien
de Rue, Charles
de Rue, George Philip
de Rue, James
de Rue, Philip
de Rue, Philip de G
de Rue, Sidney G
de Ste Croix, Alfred
de Ste Croix, George
de Ste Croix, Philip
Denny, Peter
Desborough, William
Devenish, Percy
Dillon, David
Dillon, William
Dorgan, Reginald
du Monde, Arthur
Dumond, George
Dumond, John
Dunbar, Arthur
Dunbar, Thomas
Dupré, Clarence
Dutot, Percy
Ellis, Frederick
Ellis, John
Enôt, Aimable
Enot, Auguste
Esnouf, Percy
Esnouf, Thomas
Evans, Edward
Evans, Harry
Fallis, William
Farnham, Charles
Farnham, Edward
Faudermer, Francis
Fausse, Sidney
Fauvel, Charles
Fauvel, Philip
Fenten, Elias
Fenten, Ernest
Fenten, Henry
Fentum, Harold
Ferey, Willie
Figot, Peter
Filleul, Charles
Filleul, Edward
Filleul, John
Fisher, Archibald
Fisher, Arthur
Fisher, Owen
Fisher, Sydney
Fisher, Walter
Fletcher, Vivian
Ford, George W
Ford, William G
Fosse, Ernest
Fosse, Ernest
Fosse, Vigilot
Fullam, John
Gale, Cecil
Gale, James
Gale, Leslie
Gallichan, Arthur
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Herbert
Géousou, Alain
Gerard, Daniel
Gerard, Francis
Gerard, George
Gerard, James
Gibbs, Charles
Giffard, Edward
Giffard, Frederick
Gillam, Theodore
Gillam, Walter
Gilliam, Stanley
Girard, Henry
Glattin, Pierre
Godel, Clarence
Godell, Walter
Godfray, Leo
Godfray, Percy
Gosley, Frederick
Gosley, Henry
Gosselin, Ernest
Gosselin, Frank
Gosselin, Frederick
Gosselin, Henry
Gosselin, William
Grandin, John
Grant, Percy
Grant, Sydney
Gray, Richard
Gray, William
Green, Adolphus
Gregory, Alfred
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, Harold
Gregory, Lionel
Gregory, Oscar
Gregory, Victor
Gregory, William
Griffin, Thomas
Griffin, William
Groizard, Arthur G
Groizard, Edward
Gruchy, Edward
Gruchy, Frank
Gruchy, George
Gruchy, Henry
Guernier, Auguste
Guest, Henry
Guillaume, Reginald
Guilliard, Ernest
Guilliard, James
Guilliard, Peter
Guilliard, Philip
Guilliard, Walter
Guy, Frederick
Hall, Albert H
Hall, Alexander
Hall, George A
Hall, Royal
Hall, William
Hamon, Alfred
Hamon, Francis
Hamon, John
Hamon, John T
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Reginald
Harding, Nelson
Harding, Percy
Hardy, John
Harper, John
Harris, George
Hattery, Herbert
Haysom, Ernest
Haysom, Reginald
Hepburn, Henry
Heuze, Louis
Hill, Arthur
Hill, George
Hine, Oscar
Hitchcock, Frederick
Hitchcock, Sydney
Hitchcock, William
Hodge, William
Hogan, Reginald
Holder, Alfred
Horton, Albert
Horton, Frederick
Horton, John
Howat, William
Hoyles, George
Hoyles, William
Humphreys, Charles
Humphreys, George
Humphries, Alfred
Humphries, Wilfred
Hunt, Adolphus
Hunt, Alec
Hunt, James
Hunt, Percy
Hunt, Stanley
Hunt, Stephen
Hunt, Wilsey
Janvrin, Walter
Jean, Ernest
Jeffries, Alfred F C
Jeffries, Cecil George
Jeune, Alfred
Jeune, Francis
Jeune, Reginald
Jeune, Walter
Jones, Charles
Jones, Frederick
Jones, Owen
Jones, Stanley
Jones, William
Journeaux, Alfred
Journeaux, Charles
Journeaux, Edward
Journeaux, Frank
Journeaux, George
Journeaux, Henry
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, Richard
Journeaux, William
Kark, Benjamin
Kark, John
Kearley, George
Kearley, Peter
Keeping, William
Kelling, Francis
Kelling, Philip
Kelling, Sydney
Kelling, William
Kent, James
Killmister, David
Kilmister, Wilfred
Kneashaw, Henry
Kneashaw, John
La Miere, Albert
La Mière, John
Lafolley, James
Lamas, Frederick
Lamerton, Edwin
L'Amy, Elias
L'Amy, Frederick
L'Amy, Peter
Landelle, John
Langeard, Clifton
Langeard, John
Langlois, Arthur
Langlois, James
Langlois, Walter
Langlois, Winter
Larbalestier, Alfred
Larbalestier, Arthur
Larbalestier, Charles
Larbalestier, Edward
Larbalestier, Owen
Larbalestier, Thomas
Larbalestier, William
Laugeard, Charles
Laugeard, Joseph
Laugeard, Walter
Laurens, Frank
Laurens, John T
Laurens, Paul
Laurens, Philip
Lauzanne, Frederick
Lawrence, Adolphus
Lawrence, Philip
Le Bailley, Bernard
Le Barbeq, Alfred
Le Blancq, Charles
Le Blancq, Edgar
Le Blancq, Leonard
Le Blancq, Walter
Le Blond, Philip
Le Boutillier, Alfred
Le Boutillier, John
Le Breton, Charles
Le Breton, Ernest
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breuilly, Pierre
Le Cam, François
Le Cam, Louis
Le Caplin, George H
Le Chasseur, George
Le Cocq, Wilfred
Le Cornu, Albert
Le Couteur, Clifford
Le Couteur, Harold
Le Couteur, Nicholas
Le Dain, Arthur
Le Duc, Francois
Le Feuvre, Sidney G
Le Gresley, Charles
Le Gresley, Francis
Le Gresley, Frederick
Le Gresley, George
Le Gresley, Harold
Le Gresley, William
Le Gros, Edwin
Le Gros, Ernest
Le Gros, Percy
Le Hardy, George
Le Houguet, Frederick
Le Huquet, John
Le Huquet, John
Le Lai, Victor
Le Lerre, Alfred
Le Lievre, Clarence
Le Lievre, Francis
Le Lievre, Frederick
Le Lièvre, George
Le Lievre, Philip
Le Maistre, Snowdon
Le Marquand, John
Le Masurier, Albert
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Masurier, Clément
Le Masurier, Ernest
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Winter
Le Moignard, Wesley
Le Page, George
Le Pavoux, Arthur
Le Pavoux, Francis
Le Pavoux, John
Le Riche, Charles
Le Riche, David
Le Riche, Francis
Le Riche, Frank
Le Riche, George
Le Riche, John
Le Riche, Philip
Le Riche, Richard
Le Rougetel, John
Le Roux, Ernest
Le Roux, James
Le Sauteur, William
Le Signe, Albert
Le Sueur, John
Le Vesconte, Edward
Le Vesconte, John
Le Vesconte, Walter
Le Vesconte, Winter
Le Vescontge, John
Leach, John
Lee, Clive
Leech, James
Leech, Nelson
Lempriere, Alfred
Lempriere, Ernest
Lesbirel, Arthur
Lesbirel, Reginald
L'Hermite, François
Linane, Edward
Livermore, Frederick
Louden, Reginald
Louvet, Alfred
Lucas, John
Luet, Francis
Mabey, Philip
Machmahon, Thomas
Machon, Albert
Machon, Charles
Maguire, Laurence
Maguire, Percy
Maguire, Thomas
Mallett, Edwin
Mallett, Ernest
Malzard, George
Malzard, John
Malzard, Walter
Marett, Alfred J
Marett, Charles T
Marett, Harry
Marett, Herbert
Marett, John
Marett, Thomas
Marett, Walter
Marks, Ernest
Marks, William
Marrett, Charles
Marrett, Ernest
Marrett, Francis
Marrett, Hedley
Marrett, John
Marrett, Percy
Marrett, Reginald
Marrett, Sidney
Marshall, Herald
Mash, Frederick
Mash, Sidney
Mason, George
Mason, Walter
Masterman, Ernest
Masterman, Harry
Masurier, Alfred
Matson, Alfred
Maunoury, Thomas W
McEwen, George
McLeod, Robert
McLeod, William
Medland, John A
Milburn, Samuel
Millow, Ernest
Millow, Sidney
Minchington, Archibald
Minchington, Arthur
Minchington, Cyril
Minchington, John
Minchinton, John
Misson, Albert
Misson, Ernest
Misson, Frederick
Misson, Philip
Moignard, Percy
Mollet, Horace G
Morris, Archibald
Morrissey, William Michael
Mourant, Abraham
Mourant, Ernest
Mourant, Francis
Mourant, Frank
Mourant, George
Mourant, John
Mourant, Thomas
Mourant, Walter
Mourant, William
Mouton, Pierre
Movinier, Ernest
Moyse, Sidney
Moyse, Stanley
Mudford, Thomas
Mullins, George
Mullins, Sidney
Newinan, Henry
Nicolle, Edward
Nicolle, John
Noblet, Aimable
Noel, Alfred
Noel, Clifford
Noel, Herbert
Noel, John
Noel, William
Nolais, Edward
Nolan, Herbert
Nolan, Lucius
Nolan, Wallace
Norman, Charles
Nother, Charles
Nother, Percy
Nother, Walter
Oldridge, Albert
Oldridge, Alfred
Oldridge, Arthur
Oldridge, Charles
Oldridge, Edward
Oldridge, Henry
Oldridge, James
Oldridge, Walter
O'Sullivan, John
O'Sullivan, Patrick
Ozart, George
Paisnel, Albert
Paisnel, Clarence
Paisnel, John
Pakenham, Hugh R
Pallot, Alfred
Pallot, Clifford
Pallot, John
Pallot, Percy
Pallot, Philip
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Henry
Palmer, William
Palmer, William H
Parsons, William J
Payn, Philip
Payne, Albert
Payne, Joseph
Peinture, Adolphus
Peinture, Henry
Pepin, Winter
Perchard, Philip
Picot, Charles
Picot, Frank
Pierre, Yannou
Pihan, Alfred V
Pinwil, Albert
Piquet, Ernest
Piquet, Stanley
Pirouet, Arthur
Pirouet, Francis
Pirouet, Frederick
Pirouet, Philip
Pirouet, Sidney
Pirouet, Winter
Plint, Alick
Plint, William
Poingdestre, Claude
Poingdestre, Henry
Poirier, Thomas
Pomeroy, George
Potier, Philip
Potier, William
Pralle, Arthur
Pralle, Reginald
Prawle, Alfred
Prawle, Cecil
Prawle, Clarence
Price, Thomas
Priddy, Frederick
Priddy, William
Prigent, Francis
Prunier, Alfred
Quenault, Francis
Quenault, Frank
Quenault, John
Querée, Adolphus
Quérée, Albert
Querrée, John
Randall, Ernest
Raynor, Ernest
Raynor, John
Reckett, Charles
Reckitt, Arthur
Reckitt, Sidney
Reckitts, Arthur
Reed, George
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, George
Renouf, Stanley
Richard, John
Richards, William
Rickett, George
Rickett, Walter
Ricou, George
Ricou, Reginald
Ricou, Roland
Rive, George
Roberts, John
Roberts, Peter
Roberts, Thomas
Robin, Charles
Robins, Harry
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Edward
Rogers, Herbert
Rogers, Reginald
Rogers, Robin
Rogers, Sidney
Rogers, William
Romeril, Edward
Romeril, George F
Rose, George
Roselle, George Bevan
Rothwell, Ernest
Rowe, Charles
Rowe, Frank
Ruaux, Frederick
Ruaux, George
Ruaux, John
Ruaux, Philip
Ruellon, Albert
Sampson, Frederick
Sandrey, Joseph
Sandrey, William
Saunders, Auguste
Saunders, Augustus
Saunders, Frederick
Saunders, James
Saunders, Percival Le C
Saunders, Stanley
Scriven, Percy
Scriven, Reginald
Sharp, William
Sharpe, Harry
Short, Henry
Silvester, Arthur
Simmons, Bentley
Simon, William
Single, Reginald
Sloman, William
Smith, Charles
Smith, Francis
Smith, Lewis
Smith, William
Stent, Everard
Stevens, Charles
Stevens, Hugh
Stevens, John
Stevenson, Percy
Stone, Charles
Stone, Edwin
Stott, Frank
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, John W
Sullivan, Patrick
Swanger, Alfred
Swanger, Henry
Swanger, William
Syborn, Arthur
Syborn, Charles
Syborn, Harod
Symons, Walter
Tank, Charles
Tank, Clarence
Tank, Ernest
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Edwin
Taylor, Ernest
Taylor, Harold
Taylor, James
Taylor, William
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, Philip
Thomas, Wilfred
Thompson, Samuel
Tocque, Frederick
Touzel, Alfred
Touzel, Harold
Touzel, Herbert
Touzel, Philip
Truscott, Henry
Tuberville, Gordon
Turberville, Glenalon
Turner, Cecil
Turner, Clive
Turner, George
Turner, John
Turner, Wilfred
Vallois, Francis
Valois, Ernest
Valois, Harold
Vardon, Edward
Vardon, George
Vardon, Walter
Vaudin, Francis
Vaudin, Sidney
Vaudin, William
Vautier, Edward
Vautier, Raymond
Venner, Valentine
Vickers, Walter
Viel, Arthur
Viel, Sidney
Vilton, John
Vincent, George
Vincent, Robert
Wadmore, Robert Charles
Wakeley, Charles
Wakely, Alfred
Wakley, Ernest
Wakley, George
Wakley, William
Walsh, Michael
Warne, Bertie
Warren, Thomas
Watts, Harry
Webb, James
Webb, William
Webber, Iris
Wellman, Edgar J
Welsh, Albert
Wherry, William
Whettingstall, Edwin
White, Henry
White, William
Whittingstall, George
Wilkinson, Ernest
Wilkinson, George
Williams, James
Witt, John
Wood, James
Keywords Schools | Education | registers | admission registers
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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