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Admission Register for St Luke's School - Boy's Department from 29/09/1902-01/05/1905 and Mixed School from 11/06/1914-31/08/1925. Includes; admission number, date of admission, date of birth, name of child and parent, residence, exemption from religious instruction, last school, date of last attendance at school, cause of leaving and remarks.This has been indexed by name of pupil and entries can be viewed on PDF attached

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Reference D/J/30/D1/A/3
Date 29 September 1902 - 31 August 1925
Names St Luke's School
Abraham, Maurice
Acourt, Ethel
Ahier, Vyvyan
Allain, Hyacinthe
Allain, Maurice
Allain, Yvonne
Allfrey, Reginald
Amiot, Harold
Amy, Dorothy E
Amy, Owen
Amy, Dorothy
Amy, Clarence
Amy, Arthur
Amy, Roy
Amy, Phyllis
Amy, Arthur
Amy, Cyril
Amy, Joyce
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Percy
Andrews, Dorothy
Anley, Winifred M
Any, Beryl
Arnold, George
Attwell, Alfred
Aubert, Marie
Aubert, Gladys
Aubert, Frederick
Badier, Alfred
Bakes, Donald
Bakes, Ethel
Bakes, Alexand
Barber, Gladys
Barber, Olive
Barratt, William
Barrot, William
Barrot, Cyril
Barrot, Ruby
Barrot, Winifred
Barter, Charles W
Bauchet, Marcelle
Baudains, Arthur
Baudains, Gladys
Baudains, Eileen
Baudains, Frank
Beaton, Elsie
Beckford, Charles
Bellot, Doris
Bellot, Ivy
Benfield, Percy
Berry, Muriel
Berry, Evelyn I
Berryman, James H
Best, Minnie
Best, Florence
Biddlecombe, Robert
Bidois, Rose
Bidois, Rosalie
Billot, John
Billot, Arthur
Bisson, John
Bisson, Olive
Bisson, Edward
Bisson, Phyllis
Bisson, Agnes
Bisson, Clifford
Blampied, Winifred
Blampied, Elsie
Bliault, Albert
Bliault, William
Bliault, Gertrude F
Boddie, Blanche
Bollock, John
Bons, Adèle
Bottomley, Wilton
Bouchere, Arthur
Bourke, Lilian
Bowden, Havelock
Bowden, Mavis
Bowden, Linda
Bowditch, Leonard
Bramley, Doris
Bredonchelle, Arthur
Bree, Elvina
Bree, Lilian
Broad, Brenda
Brook, Edgar E F
Brook, David
Brooks, Alice
Brooks, Ella
Brown, Jessie
Brown, Charles
Brown, Iris
Browne, Jack E R
Browning, Edward
Browning, James
Browning, Harold
Browning, Sydney
Bryant, Herbert
Buesnel, Clément
Buesnel, Harold
Bull, Irene
Bull, Bertie
Bull, Maud
Bulley, Fred
Cabot, Nellie
Cabot, Elsie
Canivet, Alfred
Canivet, Charles
Canivet, Kathleen
Carpenter, Maud J
Cauvain, Gladys
Cauvain, Louisa
Charles, Evelyn
Chaudorges, Yvonne
Collings, Harry
Collins, Sylvia
Collins, Marjorie
Connan, Jules
Connan, Fanny
Connan, François
Connan, Alain
Conway, Emma L R
Corbin, William
Corbin, Frank
Cornick, Ivy Elizabeth
Cornillet, Paule
Cowdery, Randolph
Cowdery, Beatrice
Cowdery, William
Cowdery, Cyril
Craythorne, Florence
Crees, Arthur
Crossly, Iris
Crowther, William
Crumpton, Frank
Cullinane, Kathleen
Cullinane, Beryl
Cullinane, Dorothy
Cunningham, Charles J
Cunningham, Marjorie
Darbeq, Raymond
Darbeq, Marjorie
d'Authreau, John
d'Authreau, Rozelle
d'Authreau, Christine
d'Authreau, Percy
Davey, Hazel
Davey, William
Davey, Lily
Davey, Violet I
Davey, George
d'Avoine, Edward
de Castro, Jose
de Gruchy, Eric
de Gruchy, Herbert
de Guille, James
de la Cour, Deborah
de la Cour, Eunice
de la Cour, Alec
de la Cour, Eunice
de la Cour, Alec
de la Fosse, Lèonce
de la Fosse, Maurice
de la Fosse, George
de la Haye, Laurence
De la Mare, Walter
de la Mare, Raymond
de Veulle, Clarence
Deacon, Leonard
Desborough, Herbert
Devenish, Agnes
Doublard, Bertie
Doyle, John
Doyle, Frank
Drieu, Frank
Drieu, Maud
Drieu, Mabel
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, Grace O
du Feu, Clifford
du Parcq, Henry
Dupré, Warwick
Durtnall, Elsie
Dutot, Percy
Elliot, Frederick Edwin
Elliot, John
Enot, Marcel
Esnouf, Ada
Esnouf, Winter
Esnouf, Gladys
Esnouf, Thomas
Estache, Adolphe
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Edna
Evans, Cyril
Evans, Dorothy
Eve, William
Eve, Frederick
Eve, Reginald
Eve, Grace
Eve, Grace
Falle, John
Fallis, Henry
Farnham, Ernest
Farnham, Ethel
Farnham, Kathleen
Farnham, George
Farnham, Clifford
Feltham, Maud
Feltham, Edward
Fitzgerald, Elsie
Fitzgerald, Henry
Fosse, Peter
Fox, Nellie
Franzman, Iris
Free, Maud
Free, William
Freeman, Hector
Freeman, Irene
French, Archer W
French, George E
Fulham, Wilfred
Gale, Leslie
Gallichan, Annie
Gate, Wilfred
Gates, Nellie
Gates, Frederick
Gates, Ivy
Gates, Doris
Gerard, James
Gibaut, Percival
Gibaut, Marjorie
Gibaut, Edwin
Gibson, Olive
Giffard, Sidney
Gillam, Doris
Goding, Doris
Golding, William
Golding, Reginald
Golding, Elsie
Gosling, Doris M
Gosselin, Ernest
Gosselin, Jane
Gosselin, Florence
Gosselin, Jane S
Gosselin, Mary E
Gosselin, Charles
Gosselin, Alice
Gould, Phyllis
Grant, Winifred A
Grant, Olive K
Grant, Henry
Gray, Lily
Gray, Clarence
Gray, Hedley
Gregory, Victor
Gregory, Oscar
Gregory, Alfred
Grosvalet, Eugenie
Grosvalet, Rosalie
Gruchy, Charles
Guille, John
Guille, George
Guille, Harry
Guille, Kathleen
Guille, Marjorie
Guise, Emma
Guppy, Joan
Guppy, Ronald
Guyot, Louis
Hafey, Thomas
Hafey, Clarence
Hafey, Ada
Hafey, Harold
Hafey, Kathleen
Hamon, Charles B
Hardy, Margaret
Harman, Irene
Harrington, Joan
Harris, Compton
Harvey, Harold J
Harvey, Stanley
Harvey, Cecil
Heath, Arthur
Heath, William
Hefford, Olive M
Hefford, Harold
Henley, Olive
Hewlett, Winter Le Sueur
Hewlett, Thomas Alfred
Heydinger, Gordon
Hibbs, Beryl
Higson, Lester
Hill, William
Hill, George
Hill, Leslie
Hoar, Marjorie
Holgate, Ronald
Holgate, Raymond
Holgate, Rosel
Horton, James
Horton, Albert
Horton, Irene
Horton, Clarence
Houillebecq, Dorothy
Huelin, Cyril
Huelin, Nellie M
Huelin, Thomas
Huelin, Nellie
Huelin, David
Humphrey, Alfred
Humphreys, Alfred
Humphreys, Ethel
Hunt, Holman S
Hunt, Tryphena M
Hunt, KathleenG
Hurel, Albert
Hutchings, Henrietta
Hutchings, Arthur
Hutchings, Harold
Hutton, Eric
Hutton, Raymond
Isabel, John
Jacklin, Jessie
Jacklin, Dorothy
Jacques, John
James, Harold
Jeffries, Edwin
Johnson, Patricia
Johnston, Iris
Jones, Thomas
Jones, John R
Jordan, Alfred
Jouan, Grace
Jouan, Raymond
Jouan, Cyril
Jouanné, Violet
Jourdan, Doris
Jourdan, Lily
Jourdan, Reginald
Journeaux, Violet
Journeaux, Edith
Journeaux, Kathleen
Journeaux, Alfred
Journeaux, Violet
Journeaux, Edward
Journeaux, Doris
Journeaux, Hazel
Keane, John
Keeping, Florence M
Knight, Walter A
Knight, Florence
Laffoley, Arthur
Laffoley, William
Laffoley, Lily
Lamerton, Harold
Langdon, Lionel
Langdon, Frank
Langlois, Desirée
Langlois, Frederick
Langlois, James
Langlois, Reginald
Larbalestier, John
Larbalestier, Edward
Larbalestier, Muriel
Larbalestier, Sydney
Laugeard, Harold
Laugeard, Beatrice
Laugeard, Peter
Laugeard, Iris
Laugeard, Dorothy J
Lawrie, Edith
Lawrie, Francis
Lawrie, Annie
Lawrie, Thomas
Le Boutillier, Everard
Le Bredonschelle, Kathleen
Le Bredonschelle, Arthur
Le Breuilley, Dulcie
Le Breuilly, John
Le Brocq, Alfred
Le Brocq, Raymond
Le Brocq, Edgar
Le Clercq, Philip
Le Coat, Edward
Le Cocq, Marion
Le Cornu, Florence
Le Cornu, Eva
Le Cornu, Philip G
Le Cornu, Cyril
Le Cornu, Stanley
Le Cras, Eileen
Le Cras, Dorothy
Le Fevre, Jeanne
Le Goupie, Elsie
Le Goupie, Emile
Le Gresley, Samuel
Le Gresley, Frederick
Le Gresley, Doreen
Le Gresley, Kathleen
Le Gresley, Dorothy
Le Gresley, Daisy
Le Gros, Raymond
Le Gros, Cyril
Le Gros, Walter
Le Guillon, Raymond
Le Houx, Emmie
Le Huquet, John
Le Huquet, Elsie
Le Huquet, William
Le Lievre, Alfred
Le Lievre, Francis
Le Lievre, Percy
Le Long, Doris
Le Maistre, John
Le Maîstre, William Harold
Le Marchand, Nellie
Le Marchand, Elsie
Le Marchand, Joseph
Le Moignan, Hedley
Le Monnier, Arthur
Le Montais, James
Le Montais, Walter
Le Montais, Harold
Le Nai, John
Le Noel, Silver
Le Noel, Louis
Le Noel, Kathleen
Le Noel, Louis
Le Noel, Kathleen
Le Noel, Doreen
Le Peurrian, Charles
Le Quelenec, Charles
Le Quelenec, John
Le Quelenec, Edwin
Le Quelenec, Alice
Le Quelenec, Clifford
Le Quellenec, Elsie
Le Quellenec, Wilfred
Le Quellenec, Dorothy
Le Quesne, Walter
Le Riche, Samuel
Le Riche, Henry
Le Riche, Bernard
Le Riche, Muriel
Le Riche, Winifred
Le Riche, Florence
Le Riche, Silver
Le Riche, George
Le Riche, Richard
Le Riche, Doris
Le Roux, Florence
Le Roux, Joseph
Le Rue, Phyllis
Le Seelleur, John
Le Seelleur, Marie
Le Sueur, Stanley
Le Templier, Stanley
Le Vaillant, Maurice G
Le Verdier, Léon
Le Verdier, Adolphe
Le Verdier, Violet
Le Verdier, Blanche
Le Verdrier, Berthe
Le Vesconte, William
Le Vesconte, Harold
Le Vesconte, Constance
Le Vesconte, Gladys
Le Vesconte, Clifford
Le Vesconte, Edward
Le Vesconte, Philip
Le Vesconte, George
Le Vesconte, Dorothy
Le Vesconte, Ruby
Le Vesconte, Roy
Le Vesconte, Vera
Le Vesconte, Dorothy
L'Ecureuil, Blanche
Lees, Aileen
Lemée, Victor
Lempriere, Sidney
Lemprière, Winifred
Lemprière, Iris
Lempriere, Gladys
Lempriere, Sidney
Lenai, John V
Lewis, Barbara
Lindsay, Henry
Livesey, Edith
Livesey, Lila
Lones, Lilian St Helier
Long, John James
Lord, Hannah
Lord, James
Lucas, Gladys
Lucas, Phyllis
Lucas, John
Machon, Raymond
Machon, Harry
Macready, Edythe
Macready, Noreen
Madec, Rose
Mallet, John
Mallet, Archibald
Mallet, William
Mallet, Charles
Mallet, Adolphus
Malzard, Bernard
Mandling, Marjorie T
Marett, Ruby
Marett, Vera
Marett, Edna
Marett, Jessie
Marie, Lester
Marie, Hazel
Marie, Violet
Marie, Myra M
Marie, Albert R
Marie, Harold C
Marie, Frances
Mariette, Wilfred
Mariette, Raymond
Marriette, Margaret
Martel, Doris
Mason, Harold G R
Masters, George
Matson, William
Matthews, Lewis F
Matthews, Doris M
Matthews, Winifred G
Matthews, John H
McKee, Roy Arthur
Mead, Reginald
Mead, Evelyn
Mead, Robert
Meade, Fred
Mercier, Alfred
Mercier, Clifford F
Mercier, Lester William
Mesch, Denis
Millow, Percy
Moisan, Ethel M
Moisan, Francis A
Moisan, Alfred F
Moisan, William F
Moitie, Reginald
Mollet, Charles
Monet, Elias G
Morel, Louis F
Moreton, Kathleen
Moreton, Laurence
Morgan, Robert
Morin, Germain
Morin, John
Morin, Violet
Morris, Kenneth
Moseley, Frank
Moss, Lilian
Mullins, Sidney
Musso, Helena
Musso, Albert
Neville, Jack F
Nicolle, Robert E
Nicolle, Lilian
Nicolle, Doris
Nicolle, Iris
Nicolle, Kathleen
Noel, Willie
Noel, Charles William
Noel, Arthur W
Noel, Marjorie
Nordbruck, Conrad
Norgate, Olive
Norris, Elsie May
Nuttman, Margaret
Nuttman, Belvina
O'Brien, Lester
O'Brien, Vivienne
Olley, Annie
Olley, Ellen
Olley, Florence
Ozouf, Ethel
Pallot, William
Pallot, Iris
Pallot, Charles
Pallot, Lydia
Pallot, William
Palmer, William
Palmer, Jessie
Parkin, Gordon S
Parmentier, Maurice
Parsons, Phyllis
Patch, Thelma
Perchard, Reuben
Perchard, John
Perchard, Hedley
Percival, Doris
Percival, Kathleen C
Percival, Kathleen
Picot, Francis
Pierre, Martial
Pierre, Clément
Pinel, Herbert
Pitman, Florence
Pitman, Cyril
Pitman, Lily M
Pitman, Willie
Pitt, George
Pitt, Thomas
Pollard, James Alfred
Pollard, Cyril J
Porée, Cecil
Porteous, Kenneth
Porteous, Douglas
Porteous, John
Porter, Vera
Porter, John
Pullen, Mavis
Purkis, George
Quédeville, Olive
Quédeville, May
Quelboeuf, Cecilia
Quelboeuf, Basil
Quenault, Gladys
Raffray, Cyril
Randall, Albert
Raynes, Arthur
Renouf, John
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, Joyce
Rice, Dulcie
Rice, Herbert
Richardson, Olive
Richomme, Adeline
Richomme, Philip
Richomme, Gladys
Richomme, John
Richomme, Mavis V
Rive, Vera
Rive, Doris
Robert, Ronald
Robert, Marie
Robert, Arthur
Robert, Françoise
Robert, Elsie
Robinson, Lillian
Roche, Eileen
Roche, Edith
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, William
Romeril, Bernard
Rousse, Henri
Ruaux, Edith
Ruderham, Harry
Russel, Gordon
Russell, Beatrice
Russell, Gordon
Russell, Loraine
Russell, Lorraine
Russell, Philip
Ryan, Reginald
Ryan, Phyllis
Ryan, William
Sage, Frederick
Samson, Arthur
Samson, James
Sanders, Ethel
Saunders, Denis
Saunders, Doris
Saunders, Ethel
Saunders, Ivy
Saunders, Gladys
Saussey, Violet
Saussey, Olive
Saussey, Linda
Saussey, Ernest
Sawyer, Arthur
Sawyer, Hazel
Scriven, Arthur
Scriven, Ivy
Scriven, Sylvia
Seammen, Percy
Sellier, Henry
Shales, Adelaide
Shales, Mabel
Shales, Doreen
Sinclair, Kathleen
Skelley, George
Smith, Edith
Smith, Jessie M
Soyer, Yves
Soyer, Rose
Spriggs, Charles
Spriggs, Joan
Stannard, Eric L
Stayte, George
Stayte, William
Stent, Ernest
Summerfield, Hilda
Symes, William Charles
Symes, Charles Arthur
Syvret, Gladys
Syvret, Reginald
Tanguy, Raymond L
Taylor, Marjorie
Taylor, Joan M
Thomson, Bertha
Tirel, Walter
Tirel, V iolet
Tisson, Cecil
Titcombe, Reginald
Tite, Violet
Tourault, Francis
Touze, William J
Touzel, Lyndon
Touzel, Violet
Touzel, Elsie
Touzel, Philip
Touzel, John
Touzel, Walter
Touzel, Wilfred
Tricot, Joseph M
Tricot, Francis E
Troy, Patrick
Troy, Annie Mary
Tuffs, Evelyn
Tuffs, Winifred
Tuffs, Walter
Turmail, Madge
Turmail, Vera
Turner, Ronald
Turner, Harold
Turner, Ruby
Turner, Violet
Turner, Sidney
Turner, Dorothy
Turner, Matilda
Turner, Charles
Turner, Isabel
Turner, Dorothy
Unia, Clara
Valois, Charles
Varaillon, Constance
Vardon, Frederick
Viel, Douglas
Vilton, Florence
Vilton, Edward
Vivien, Arthur
Wakeham, Alfred
Walker, Leslie
Walsh, Christopher
Watson, George A
Watts, James
Watts, Henry
Watts, Archibald
Watts, Robert
Wavell, Robert
Wavell, Edwin
Wavell, Emma B R
Webb, Bernard
Weekes, Archibald H
Weeks, Phoebe
Weeks, Harry
Weeks, Christopher
Whittingham, Aisne
Whittingham, William
Whittingham, Gordon
Whittle, Thomas
Whittle, Jack
Whittle, Charles
Wilden, Frank C
Wilden, Bessie
Wilden, Denis
Wilden, Herbert
Wilkinson, Muriel
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, Terence
Wingrove, Leonard
Wingrove, Olive
Witt, Harold
Woods, William J S
Woodsford, Phyllis
Woodsford, Winifred
Woodsford, Henry S
Woodsford, Ronald
Woodsford, Maurice
Woodsford, Beryl
Woonton, Albert
Worstencroft, Alfred
Wray, Rosina
Keywords Schools | Education | admission registers | registers
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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