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St Peter's Central school Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N24/3
Date 1 November 1934 - 26 July 1961
Names St Peter's Central school
Adams, Maureen
Ahier, Daphne Helena
Ahier, Miss
Ahier, D
Ahier, Daphine Helena
Ahier, Mr
Alexander, Mrs
Alexander, Robin
Allaire, Rosemary
Allen, Mr
Amy, Deputy
Andrews, Catherine E
Andrews, Miss
Andrews, C E
Andrews, Mr
Andrews, Mrs
Avarne, Deputy
Avarne, Dr
Averty, Mr
Avery, Mr
Baal, Keith
Bacon, Francis
Balleine, A
Balleine, Diana
Balleine, Edward
Balleine, M
Balleine, Mr
Balleine, Nevil
Barbet, Harold
Barbet, Pauline
Baudains, Mr
Baudains, Jurat
Baudains, Pamela
Baudetro, Francis
Belhomme, Raymond
Bertram, Mr
Bertram, Rolf
Billot, K
Billot, Kenneth
Billot, M
Billot, Malcolm
Bingham, Mrs
Blackwood, Miss
Bonn, Mrs
Bonne, Mrs
Bourke, A
Boxall, Walter
Bradford, Mrs
Bree, Jurat
Brooks, Carol
Brown, C
Burman, Mrs
Burman, D O
Butel, Brian
Butler, Mr
Butler, R
Cadec, Mr
Cadec, Francois
Cadec, Frank
Cadec, Margaret
Cadec, Snowden
Cameron, D
Capenter, A
Carelinet, Mrs
Carew, Mr
Carpenter, F
Carre, Dr
Carrel, D
Carter, Mrs
Carter, Mrs O
Carter, Mrs V
Catelinet, Marjorie
Catelinet, Miss
Catelinet, Mr
Catelinet, Mrs
Catelinet, Marie
Ceppi, M
Ceppi, Mr
Ceppi, Marc
Chalkers, Miss
Challindor, Mr
Challinor, Mr
Challinor, W E
Challinor, William E
Challinor, William Edgar
Channing, Maurice
Clarke, Sylina
Cleary, Miss
Colback, Mr C
Coleburn, Devereux
Collas, Mr
Collings, W F
Connolly, Father
Corbel, Mr
Corey, E R
Corfield, Michael
Couppy, John
Cowley, Mrs
Cox, Company
Crill, Mr
Cross, June
Cudlipp, Joan Florence
Cudlipp, Miss
Cunard, Miss
Currigan, Francis
Curry, Mr
Dalby, Mr
Darling, Dr
Davies, Mr
de Faye, Mr
de Gruchy, Mr
de Gruchy, Reverend
de La Haye, Margaret Brenda
de Lancey, Dr
de Le Haye, Mrs
de Le Haye, M B
Delph, Thelma
Dentith, Reverend
Desmond, Dr
Dodolphin, Mr
Dondaldson, Miss
Doolin, Peter
Dorey, Mr
Duval, Muriel
Eager, Vivianne
Eale, Mr
Edmonston, Mr
Edwards, Miss
Egan, K
Egre, W
Egre, Mr
Egre, Mrs
Elendinngi, C D
Erskine, Sir George
Esnouf, Alan
Evans, Roy
Falle, Miss
Fauvel, Hugh Aubin
Fauvel, Miss
Fauvel, Mr
Fauvel, H
Fauvel, H A
Fauvel, Mrs
Fauvel, B
Fauvel, B I
Ferneley, Martin
Festou, Maurice
Fleury, Mr
Fleury, W J
Fleury, W T
Flornes, Mr
Foote, Mr
Foote, Mrs
Foote, R C
Fotte, Mr
Francis, Mr
Francis, J
Freeman, Sheila
Gale Mr
Gale, L A
Gale, Mr
Gale, Leslie A
Ganbert, Bernald
Garnier, I J
Gates, Mrs
Gautier, Elizabeth
Gautier, Miss
Gautier, E
Gautier, Mr
Glendinning, Elizabeth D
Glendinning, Miss
Godel, E
Godel, Snowdon
Godfray, Mrs
Goodey, Dr
Goodyear, Mary Dakers
Goodyear, Mrs
Goodyear, M
Gordon, Claire P
Gordon, C
Gordon, Clair P
Gouaziou, M
Gouaziou, Marguente
Gray, Jacqueline
Gray, Margaret
Gray, Mr
Grew, Bernard
Guegan, Mr
Guigo, Gwendoline
Guiver, Jean
Guyuer, Miss
Guyuer, Jean
Guyuerm Miss
Hacqouil, Mr
Hacqouil, Mr
Hacquoil, Mr
Hacquoil, R
Hacquoil, Robin
Hamblin, Mr
Hamblin, M E
Hamblin, Michael
Hambly, Mr
Harper, Mr
Harper, Clifford
Harris, E
Harris, Ian
Harris, John Francis
Harris, Mr
Harris, J
Harris, J F
Harris, John Francis
Harrison, D
Harrison, Dudley
Hefford, L
Hemblin, Mr
Michael Ernest
Hennequin, Graham
Hepherd, Mr
Heuze, Ernest
Hewlett, Mr
Hickling, Vernon H
Hinton, Michael
Hinton, R
Hockey, Bernard
Holley, Mr
Holly, Irene
Holmes, A
Holmes, Mr
Holmes, Robert
Hooker, L
Horn, Mr
Horn, W J
Horn, William J
Horn, William Jeffray
Horney, Reverend
Huelin, Donald
Huelin, Kenneth
Hughes, Brenda
Humberstone, Mr
Hyatt, D H Watson
Iliffe, Reverend
James, C
James, Clifford H
Jenkin, Iris W
Johns, Mrs
Josse, Mr
Journeaux, H O
Kay, David
Kemp, Brian
Kemp, Derek
Kent, Mr
Kezourec, Jenifer
Kezourec, Jennifer
Krichefski, Mr
La Chasseur, Miss
Langford, Mr
Laurent, Mr
Le Blanc, Q
Le Blancq, Mrs
Le Boutillier, Mrs
Le Breton, Mr
Le Breton, J
Le Breton, S
Le Brocq, Anthony
Le Brocq, E H
Le Brocq, Graham
Le Brocq, M
Le Brocq, Mr
Le Cappelain, Mr
Le Chasseur, Marguerite Joan
Le Chasseur, Miss
Le Chasseur, Marguerite Joan
Le Chassuer, Miss
Le Chassuer, M
Le Cornu, Miss
Le Feuvre, Miss
Le Gallais, Graham
Le Gallais, Ian
Le Gresley, Henry
Le Gresley, Mr
Le Gresley, H F
Le Maquand, Mr
Le Marquand, Brian
Le Marquand, Desmond
Le Marquand, J
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Malcolm
Le Marquand, C
Le Marquand, W P
Le Marquand, Mrs
Le Masurier, Cyril
Le Masurier, David
Le Montais, Kenneth
Le Pennec, Edward
Le Pennec, George
Le Pennec, John
Le Quesne, Mr
Le Quesne, J B
Le Quesne, P
Le Rossignol, Mrs
Le Ruez, E
Le Ruez, Eric
Le Ruez, H P
Le Seelleur, Miss
Le Sueur, Bernard
Le Sueur, Carol
Le Dain, Anthony
Le Maistre, Snowdon
Leake, Simone
Lempriere, Marjorie Yvonne
Lewis, Mr
Lloyd, Miss
Lloyd, Megan T
Luce, Betty Irene
Luce, Miss
Luce, Betty
Luce, P P
Maine, C J
Malzard, J G
Marriot, Mr
Marshall, Katherine
Martin, Mr
Mauger, Mr
Mauger, A
Mauger, Eric
Mauger, Grace
McKinstry, Dr
McLure, S H
McPherson, Mr
Medder, Mr
Meiklejohn, Mr
Messervy, Miss
Michel, Arthur
Michel, Francis
Michel, Harold
Michel, Mr
Michel, William
Miles, Miss
Minchington, Mr
Montgomery, Mr
Moon, Carol
Morel, Edith
Morel, Gladys
Morel, Stanley
Morrison, Mr
Morrison, J P
Moseley, Pauline
Mourant, Mr
Murdoch, Margnente
Nicholson, Dr
Nicolle, Mr
Noel, Alan
Noel, Kenneth
O’Connor Martin
O’Harra, Mr
O’Harra, S V
O’Harra, Sydney Vincent
O’Henry, Mr Edward
Oakley, Mr
Oliver, Dr
Ollet, N
Olliver, Dr
Olliver, Freda Marjorie
Ollivier, Miss
Ollivier, Mr
Olver, J
Olver, L
Osborne, Paula
Pallot, A
Pallot, M
Palomo, Mrs
Parmee, Mr
Payn, David
Payn, John
Pearson, Susan
Perchard, Douglas R
Perchard, Mr
Perchard, Douglas Roy
Picot, A
Pike, Suzanne
Pirouet, Eileen
Pirouet, Robert
Poinedestre, F H
Poingdestre, Frank Hugh
Poingdestre, Mr
Quinquenel, Maria
Rabet, Raymond
Raimbault, Elsie
Rebours, Mrs
Refault, John
Renouf, D
Richardson, John
Rive, Muriel
Rodgers, Mr
Rondel, Hedley
Rowley, Mr
Ryan, Mr
Rye, Anthony
Schofield, Mr
Shaw, Miss
Sheehan, Mr
Sheehan, Mrs
Sheehan, Patrick
Shepherd, Alec Morley
Shepherd, Mr
Shepherd, A M
Short, T
Simon, Mrs
Skillett, Mrs
Sowden, Mr
Spencer, Diana
Spencer, Snowdon
Stearn, Mr
Stevens, Mr
Stevens, L
Stott, Reverend
Strafford, C
Strafford, Charles
Strickland, George C
Strickland, Mr
Strickland, G E
Surcouf, J
Surcouf, Patricia
Swain, Mr
Syvret, Mr
Tardivel, John
Tardivel, Mr
Tardivel, J
Taylor, Magaret
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, V
Thacker, C
Thacker, Mrs
Thacker, Reverend
Thompson, Miss
Thompson, Mr
Thorne, Percy
Thornton, Miss
Titheridge, Mr
Tostevin, R H
Trehorel, Marcel
Turner, Francis Albert
Turner, Mr
Turner, F
Turner, Francis A
Vale, Miss
Valpy, Reverend
Vautier, Francis Maurice
Vautier, Miss
Vautier, D
Vautier, Mr
Vibert, S
Villain, K
Voisin, Peggy
Waggett, Miss
Walker, Mr
Walker, J
Wallis, Dr
Wallis, Reverend
Watkins, Mrs
Watson, Miss
Watson, Muriel Grace
Watson, Mrs
Watson-Hyatt, Mrs
Webster, Mrs
Whittaker, Mary
Williams, R
Wilson, Miss
Wimberley, Mr
Wimberley, H
Wray, Miss
Yeates, Mr
Keywords Schools | Education | diaries | log books | pupils | pupil teachers | punishments | classrooms | headmasters | headmistresses | teachers | teaching
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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