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Applications of evacuees with surnames beginning with letter H wishing to return to Jersey after the Occupation.Each volume of applications includes; names of applicants, date they left the Island before the Occupation, names of children, occupation, date of birth, address in Jersey and address in United Kingdom.

Reference B/A/L42/7
Date 1943 - 1945
Names Henriette, Marcel Paul
Henry, Albert Joseph
Henry, Clarence Charles
Henry, Cynthia Joan
Henry, Alice Maud
Henry, Cyril Mons
Hepburn, Alec James
Hepworth-Thomson, Herbert
Hepworth-Thomson, Evelyn
Henderson, H W W
Heard, Eleanor May
Heard, Ronald George
Hawksworth, Brian Franklin
Hawksworth, Rozel May
Hay, Lucy Wilson
Haycock, Francis John
Haycock, Maureen Beatrice
Haycock, Beryl Valeria
Haycock, Valeria Millicent
Haycock, Francis Richard
Haycock, Richard Albert Edward
Haycock, Richard Henry
Haycock, Beatrice May
Hayes, Ernest Henry William
Hayes, Denis
Hayes, Cyril
Hayes, Roger E
Hayes, Jeanne Marie
Hayes, David
Hayes, Margaret
Hayes, Irene May
Hayward, Alfred Francis
Hayward, Ethel Blanche
Hayward, Philip Thomas
Hayward, Diana
Hayward, John
Maison Victor Hugo Nurseries
Hayward, Phyllis M
Hart, Brian Raymond
Hart, Joyce Florence
Hart, William John
Hart, Betty Alma
Hart, Winnie Elizabeth
Harthan, Geoffrey Dumville
Harthan, Sarah Elizabeth
Harthan, Constance Mary
Harvey, Arthur George
Harvey, Christopher R
Harvey, Howard E
Harvey, Jill D
Harvey, Dulcie L
Harvey, Geoffrey A
Harvey, Marigold R
Harvey, Stella Violet
Harvey, Emily Florence May
Harvey, Edwin Jerrah
Harvey, Beryl Margaret
Harvey, Doreen Noele
Harvey, Edith Lilian
Harvey, Maureen May
Harvey, Peter Stanley
Harvey, Margaret Ann
Harvey, Iris May
Harvey, Thomas
Finsbury Hotel
Harwood, Ernest James
Harzo, Ernest Samuel
Harzo, Wilma Augusta
Hassey, David
Hassey, Martha
Hassey, Richard
Havard, Paul George André
Havard, Roger Henry André
Harrington, Janet McDougall
Harrington, Leonard
Harrington, Judy
Harrington, Sonja
Harrington, Muriel Florence
Harris, Andrew
Harris, Lilian Elizabeth
Harris, Barbara Winifred
Harris, Elizabeth Alfreda
Harris, Elizabeth Louisa
Harris, Edna May
Harris, Jacqueline
Harris, Flossie Irene
Harris, Kathleen Alice
Harris, Philip Owen
Harris, Richard
Harrison, Fred Pulford
Harrison, John Charles
Harrison, John St Helier
Harrison, Patrick John
Harrison, Frances Mary
Harrison, Patricia Margaret
Harrison, Michael John
Harrison, Margaret Sutherland
Harrison, Muriel
Harrison, Michael Vibert
Harrison, Sybil Eenee
Harrison, Tom Alexander
Harrison, Margaret Ellen
Harrison, Winifred Muriel
Harrop, Gerard Rigden
Harrop, Joan Maisie
Harrop, Maisie Sophie
Harrowell, Arthur John
Harrowell, Gwyneth
Harriwell, Hetty Edwen
Harcourt, Palma Noreen Sarah
Harding, Clarence Lester Riley
Harding, Ethel
Harding, Emily
Harding, Edward Albert
Harding, James Henry
Harding, Eliza
Harding, William Alfred
Harding, Ada
Hardman, Emma Justina
Hardy, Francois Victor
Hardy, Frederick
Hardy, Dorothy Rose
Hardy, Winifred Florence
Hardy, Harriet Mary
Hardy, Miriam Alice
Harman, Amos Henry
Harman, Fanny
Harman, Albert John
Harman, Dorothy
Harman, Michael William
Harman, Anthony John
Harman, Peter Ronald
Harman, Ide Eileen
Harman, Francis Audley
Harman, Yvonne St Helier Audley
Harman, Rosemary Anne Audley
Jersey High School
Harman, Estelle
Harper, Charles
Harper, Rodney Mervyn Clarke
Harper, Winifred Violet
Hand, Frank Henry
Hand, Charles Denis
Hand, Peter
Hand, Frank David
Hand, Hannah
Hanlon, Anne
Hanlon, Hugh Noel
Hanlon, John Le Feuvre
Hanlon, Dorothy Kathleen Woods
Hanmer, Thomas Anthony
Hannaford, Frederick William
Hannaford, Irene
Hannaford, Doris May
Hannaford, Henry George
Hannaford, Nora Elsie Ida
Hannaford, Jessie Florence
Hannaford, Lilian Ruth
Hannay, William Frederick Douglas
Hamilton, Archibald Francis
Hamilton, Colin Victor
Hamilton, Florence Eileen Hungerford
Hamilton, Joan Eileen
Hamlin, Edith Mary
Hamon, Arthur
Hamon, Alfred Charles
Hamon, Annie Mary
Hamon, Cecil Alfred
Hamon, Winifred Mary
Hamon, Elsie May
Hamon, Dorothy Agnes
Hamon, Edmund John
Westgate, Edmund John
Hamon, Raymond
Hamon, Marie Elise
Hamon, Gertrude Maud
Hamon, Hedley Philip John
Hamon, Therence Anthony
Hamon, Sharian Romaine
Hamon, Clarice
Hamon, Cecil Alfred
Hamon, Jane Mary Ann
Hamon, James Ronald Richard
Hamon, Thomas Curwood
Hamon, Sally Ann
Hamon, William John Louis Mathurin
Hamon, Lilian Margaret
Hamon, Lilian Maud
Hamon, Violet Amelia
Hamoniaux, Marion C
Hamoniaux, Reginald J
Hamoniaux, Roy E
Hamoniaux, Kathleen H
Hamoniaux, Marjorie M
Hamoniaux, Hilda M
Hammond, David Charles
Hammond, Phyllis
Hammond-Black, William
Hammond-Black, Maureen Winifred
Hammond-Black, Emily Maude
Haines, John Louis Bradgate
Haines, Florence Ethel
Hake, Arthur John
Hake, Florence Ethel
Hall, Arthur Newman
Hall, Harold
Hall, Henry
Hall, Hugh Constable
Ommaroo Hotel
Hall, Elizabeth Mildred Mary
Hall, Lilian Margaret
Hall, Reginald Joseph
Hall, Sandra Ruth
Hall, Lily
Hallett, Joseph
Halliday, Robert Fitzgerald Plunkett, Commander
Halliday, Leonie Jeanne Louise
Hallion, David Arthur
Halstead, Harry
Halstead, Clifford
Halsead, Florence May
Hacking, Ernest William
Hacking, Adelaide
Hacquoil, Gladys Maud
Hacquoil, George Richard
Hacquoil, Phyllis May
Les Landes School
Hacquoil, Marie Philomel
Hadley, Joseph Lynton
Hadley, Joseph
Hadley, Rose
Hadley, Joseph
Hadley, Joseph Henry
Hafey, Ada Annie
Hafey, Gerald Charles
Hafey, Garnet Douglas
Hafey, Thomas William
Hafey, Janet Miriam
Hafey, Jeanne Kathleen
Hafey, Robin Malcolm
Hafey, Beatrice Ellaline Lorrie
Hafey, Violet
Hagedorn, Henry Frederick Hugo Arthur
Hagedorn, Louisa
Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Bailiff's Chambers
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


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