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Marché Heredital between Edouard Hamptonne, eldest son of Laurens and the late Marthe Bisson, his wife, daughter of Edouard Bisson senior, and junior co-heir with Marie Baillehache wife of Francois de Carteret, daughter of Jean Bailhache [Baillehache] and Marie Bisson his wife, daughter of Edouard Bisson of the first party and Edouard Bisson eldest son of the late Benjamin Bisson, son of Edouard senior of the second party. Ratifies the bail de partage [lease of inheritance] on 13/10/1659 from 1 to 2 of all their share of the inheritance of Edouard Bisson senior through Marthe and Marie Bisson for the sum of 8 quartiers 7 cabots of wheat of rente. Registered 289

Reference L/C/47/A/220
Date 12 September 1662
Names Bisson, Benjamin
Bisson, Marie
Baillehache, Jean
de Carteret, Francois
Baillehache, Marie
Bisson, Edouard
Bisson, Marthe
Hamptonne, Laurens
Hamptonne, Edouard
Keywords bail de partages | marché heredital | contracts | realty | estates
Category L/C-Personal and estate
Dimensions 1 Parchment
1 seal - pendant
Language French
Level of description File


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