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Copies of the Court roles relating to cases in which appeals have been made to the Privy Council. 1) between Elie Pipon of the first party and Rachel Nicolle, daughter of Jean Nicolle and Anne de Carteret of the second party. Recites that 1 acquired the Fief de Noirmont from the inheritance of the Hon George Lord Carteret. 2 claims retrait lignager [repossession by a relative] on the Fief. The Court decides that the Fief cannot be repossessed by retrait and 2 appeals to HM in Council with Jean Seale and George Maret as Guarantors. 2) between Jacques Pipon guardian of the children of Helier Dumaresq of the first party and Jean de Carteret guardian of the children of Nicollas de Soullemont son of Nicollas of the second party. Concerns the payment of 1800 in arrears on a rente from 2 to 1. All the goods of the children represented by 2 are offered in repayment except some goods that are enjoyed at the donation of the late Queen Elizabeth. 1 replies that all the goods must be offered as repayment and he court upholds this decision. 2 appeals to the Privy Council with Macier de Rues and Jean Anley as guarantors. 3) relates to the same affair as 2 but the price is now 1811 escus. The bottom part of the document is torn and so the outcome of the case is missing.


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