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Correspondence relating to enemy aliens and prisoner of war agricultural workers, includes lists of same and where they were employed. An indexed has been created and attached along with papers

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Reference A/E/5
Date 31 October 1916 - 16 March 1919
Names Admi, Mohamed
Ahier, F J
Ahier, H E
Alesca, Nikita
Alessa, Nikita
Alfera, A
Alfera, Ignatz
Alfira, Ignatz
Aubin, Philip
Baier, Edouard
Baier, Josef
Baier, Joseph
Barm, Johann Heinrich
Baudains, Hannah
Bawn, Johann Heinrich
Beaugeard, A
Beaugie, J S
Bellec, M
Benest, C W
Benham, Mr
Bertram, H A
Beyera, Mortimer
Bibnell, J
Bichard, John
Bienaimer, Louis
Bilo, Michael
Binet, Thomas
Bitot, A
Blach, Adolf
Boch, Franz
Bois, Francis
Bosch, Franz
Bree, Eide John
Browne, Donald William E
Browne, E
Bugera, Martin
Caraco, Samuel
Cecelin, Henry
Cizek, Anton
Cooke, Centenier
Corlay, L
Crill, S G
de Gruchy, T J
Dickinson, Captain
Dominick, John
Dopeluck, Joseph
Dreisitel, Otto
Dresittel, Otto
Duma, Elie
Duma, Ilie
Edlinger, Wilhelm
England, George
Eustache, Jules
Falla, Herbert
Fetherstonhaugh, Cuthbert
Ford, Police Constable
Fossey, Charles
Frommel, Johann
Fuchs, Ernst
Gainsching, John
Gaishing, John
Galliers, J
Gamberasi, Antonio
Gibant, G D
Gibaut, Herbert M
Gibaut, J F A
Gibaut, J H
Grebin, Fritz
Greebl, Leopold
Grevin, Fritz
Griebler, John
Griesl, Edward
Griga, Damian
Grisel, Eduard
Griza, Damien
Grobl, Leo
Groves, H A
Gruber, Max
Gruchy, C R
Gruchy, G Le M, Major
Hacquoil, Ph
Hamon, Alfred John
Hamon, J
Harrer, Adolf
Harris, Sir Charles
Haselberger, Franz
Haubner, Adam
Hauna, John
Haura, John
Herburger, Franz
Hervé, P F
Heulin, John
Hinds, H W
Hodina, Franz
Holley, A
Holley, B A
Hordina, Franz
Horkey, Wenzel A
Horky, Max Wenzel
Horky, Wenzel A
Horvath, Karl
Horwath, Karl
Huck, Joseph
Huelin, J W
Hunter, H S
Jaeger, Emil
James, Staff Sergeant
Jannak, Rudolf
Jarz, Friederich
Jawurek, Rudolf
Jeune, F A
Jouanny, Jean Marie
Karl, Eduard
Kompa, Michael
L. Joeger, Emil
Laios, J
Langlois, C E
Lanner, Carl
Le Bailli
Le Boutillier, J H
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Jurat
Le Breton, O M
Le Breton, T F
Le Brocq, Albert
Le Brun, C C Richardson
Le Brun, Clarence
Le Brun, Elias
Le Brun, J
Le Brun, John Wilfred
Le Brun, Philip
Le Brun, W
Le Couillard, S G
Le Couteur, Albert
Le Couteur, Arthur J
Le Falle, Philip
Le Feuvre, Ph.
Le Feuvre, R
Le Geyt, D E
Le Huquet, P B
Le Marquand, S J
Le Masurier, Deputy
Le Moal, Francois
Le Mouton, B A D
Le Quesne, J
Le Riche, Abraham
Le Ruez, F
Le Ruez, Thos
Le Sauvage, S B
Le Sueur, Ernest
Le Sueur, J
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Henry Edward
Le Vesconte, Philip
Leonard, E E
Lesbirel, Alfred
Lesbirel, John F
Lojos, Josef
Madlener, Alois
Maitland, Whitaker W
Maksin, Prystupa
Mallet, Philip
Manquer, Pierre
Maritic, Simon
Martin, Captain
Martin, Jean P
Mascher, Alois
Mashal, Ruben
Mashal, Rubin
Mason, A W
Maurer, Johann
Maurer, John
Mautie, Simon
Mayer, Francis
Mayer, Sarah
Mehl, Frederich Franz
Meihsner, Adolf
Meissner, Adolf
Messenger, Eugen
Metzenbauer, Julius
Michel, Peter
Michel. J T
Miksa, Klein
Miller, C W
Modleimer, Alois
Modleiner, Alois
Mortimer, B
Mourant, Charles
Muisner, Adolf
Nechuratab, John Franz
Nechwatal, John Franz
Nicolle, E J
Nolan, R S
Ozouf, Charles
Ozouf, F P
Ozouf, Philip F F
Pallot, John
Pallot, S A
Payn, Jurat
Perchard, Charles
Perrée, J A
Pinel, J E
Pipas, Demeter
Pipas, Dimiter
Plevin, M
Podowsik, Charles
Podruzsik, Charles
Poignand, Francis Augustus
Poignand, John F
Poignand, John R
Poignand, P
Poole, H S G
Prystiepa, Maksin
Querce, Emile
Rehmbacher, Adolf
Rehrubacker, Rudolf
Reichel, Josef
Reinl, Wilhelm
Reiss, Joseph
Renault, E J
Renouf, Arthur
Richard, Bienaimé Jean
Riedl, Willy
Rimeur, Francois
Rive, John Clement
Rochfort, Sir Alexander
Rochl, Michel
Rockl, Michael
Romeril, F P
Saby, Anton
Saley, A
Sangan, Pierre
Sara, John
Scheibmeier, Frederick
Scheubert, Gustav
Schonbauer, Carl
Seidel, Christof
Seidl, Christof
Simon, J C
Simon, Philip John
Spriggs, E F, Corporal
Stacey, A T
Starker, Josef
Starwarz, Walter
Stawarz, Wladyslaw
Stroemer, Johann
Stroemer, John
Summerfield, Michael
Supitar, Louis
Syvret, John
Tabusch, Richard
Taschke, Josef
Tengler, Joseph
Teutz, Martin
Thakzuk, Wasel
Thérin, Louis
Thomas, A
Topoluke, J
Tora, Johann
Tora, John
Toray, J
Trough, Edward
Unger, Joseph
Vautier, P
Vernon, William Henry Venables
Vleck, Gottlob
Voisin, Edward
Wagner, Wenzel
Waller, M L
Weber, Heinrich
Werner, Franck
Weuzel, Wagner
Whittick, J
Wiedner, Joseph
Wihart, Johann
Wilson, Sir Alexander, Lieutenant Governor
Wittosch, Wilhelm
Yourdi, J R, Lieutenant Colonel
Zabusch, Richard
Zach, Franz
Zahradnicek, Carl
Zelenka, Julius
Keywords Agriculture | Prisoners of war | foreigners | Wars | First World War | defence | lieutenant governors
Dimensions 423 papers
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


A/E/5This item»

Correspondence relating to enemy aliens and prisoner of war agricultural workers, includes lists of same and where they were employed. An indexed has been created and attached along with papers


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