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Compilation of five separate sound recordings concerning tradtional Jersey customs. All share the same narrator except 4. Both narrators are unidentified. 1. Clameur de Haro. Includes: linguistic and historical origins; effects (similar to an injunction); examples of modern use including a case involving a tree felling at Royal Crescent. 2. Jersey Patois. Includes: origins of Jérriais in popular Latin and Norman French; changes in language including replacement by English; differences between French and Jérriais and the evolution of the two languages. 3. Perquage. Includes: remaining perquage path from Sandy Brook to Beaumont; origins - sanctuary and exile of criminals; origin of word in 'perche' - old French unit of measurement. 4. Cabbage Walking Sticks. Includes: planting of cabbages; 'wintergreens' (shoots of cabbage plants); uniqueness of Jersey Cabbages, possibly because of the soil or climate; describes method of making walking sticks; narrator has been making walking sticks for 12 - 14 years; talks about his work, also makes cabinets and does wood turning; mentions kinds of wood and tools used; loves his work. 5. Sabots. Includes: description of sabots (traditional wooden shoes/clogs); mentions Philip Le Gresley, master craftsman, and his son, who makes them in his workshop at L'Etacq (Philip Le Gresley also restored the carved interior at St Ouen's manor after the German occupation); sabots mainly exported to France; machinery and wood used; usually bought by farmers as they are more convenient than wellingtons and warm in winter; describes how they are made.

Reference R/03/A/19
Date 1970
Names Sanctuary Café
Le Gresley, Philip
Keywords sound | oral history | customs | Jersey french | languages | Clameur de Haro | perquages | Sanctuary | footpaths | Cabbages | walking sticks | craftsmen | cabinet makers | sabots | workshops | Farmers
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Royal Crescent, Sandybrook, Beaumont, Goose Green Marsh, L'Etacq
Dimensions 1 cassette
Language English
Level of description File


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