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St Ouens Boys School Log book. In 1888 the school was renamed the St Ouen's Parochial Mixed School. This volume records the daily events at the school and an index has been created of the names of the individuals mentioned. The book has been digitised and attached as a series of PDF's according to date. Please consult the index to determine the date of the page on which the entry can be found.

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Reference D/J/N27/1
Date 13 October 1873 - 8 October 1895
Names St Ouens Boys School
A’Court, Edward
Alexander, Ann
Alexander, E
Alexander, J
Alexander, Philip
Alexandre, J M
Alexandre, Philip
Alexandre, William
Amette, Louis
Amy, Helena
Anquetil, Albert
Anquetil, Edward
Anquetil, Ida
Archard, Mr
Arthur, Louisa
Aubin, Doctor
Augee, John
Avrill, Thomas
Aycourt, Edward
Balleine, G
Barrier, Jane
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Emily
Bartlett, John
Bauche, Philip
Bechelet, Alfred
Bechelet, Elizabeth
Beck, Mr
Belin, A
Belin, Amelia
Benest, Ann
Benest, James
Benest, John
Benest, Mary Jane
Benest, Philip
Bennett, Edward
Bentlif, Doctor
Bird, Charles
Blampied, J W
Boielle, J
Boutillier, A L
Bowditch, E
Bowditch, George
Bowditch, John
Bowditch, P
Bowditch, Philip
Braithwaite, Mrs
Brewer, John J
Brewer, Mrs
Briard, P
Brideaux, Charles
Brideaux, E
Brideaux, Jane
Brideaux, Mr
Brideaux, P H
Brideaux, Philip
Brideaux, W
Bright, Mr
Bromley, Bishop
Brown, E R
Brown, Ernest
Burrows, Edward H
Calvin, Francis
Camiot Family
Camiot, A
Camiot, James
Camiot, John
Camiot, P
Canning, Arthur
Chevalier, Charles
Chevalier, George
Chevalier, J
Chevalier, P
Chevalier, Philip
Clement, G, Reverend
Clement, George
Clement, Mary
Clement, Mrs
Collas, Mary
Cooper, Reginald
Cotillard family
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, John
Danby, T W
de Caen, A
de Caen, Edward
De Caen, Francis
de Cartered, Judge
de Carteret, A R
de Carteret, Ada
de Carteret, Alfred
de Feu, John
de Gruchy, W L
de la Haye, E
de la Haye, Elias
de la Haye, Harriet
de la Haye, James
de La Haye, L
de la Haye, M
De La Haye, Maria
de La Mare, Pupil
de la Mare, Adolphus J T
de La Mare, Alice J
de la Mare, Geoffrey
de la Mare, Wilfred
Demick, T
Derrick, Eli
Dimmick, John
Dork, Alice
du Bois, J
du Feu, Alfred
Du Feu, Ann
du Feu, Ed
du Feu, George
du Feu, M A
du Feu, Mr
du Feu, P
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, T
du Heaume, Edward
du Heaume, Francis
du Heaume, J
du Heaume, Mabel
du Heaume, Mrs
du Heaume, Phillip
du Val, John
Durand, Francis
Duval, John L
England, Adolphus
England, W
Fahey, Helena
Farrell, William
Follain, Emma
Follain, Walter
Francis, E
Francis, John
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, Lydia
Gallichan, M
Garde, Fred
Garde, Louisa
Garde, Philip
Geary, Sergeant
Gedge, J W, Reverend
George, Vibert
Gibaut, Louisa
Giffard, J J
Gigien, R
Gillard, George
Gillard, Jane
Gillard, John
Gillard, P
Gillard, Rachel E
Godel, A
Godel, J
Godfray, P
Griaulx, F
Gruchy, Mr
Hacquoil, Pupil
Hacquoil, A
Hacquoil, Ada
Hacquoil, Adelina
Hacquoil, Adolphus
Hacquoil, Alice
Hacquoil, Ann
Hacquoil, Edward
Hacquoil, F P
Hacquoil, Francis
Hacquoil, George
Hacquoil, J
Hacquoil, John
Hacquoil, John Philip
Hacquoil, Mr
Hacquoil, Mrs
Hacquoil, P
Hacquoil, Peter
Hacquoil, Philip
Hacquoil, Thomas
Hacquoil, Walter
Hansford, Charles
Henstridge, Dora
Henstridge, Ernest
Herivel, Winter
Hervé, Anna
Hervé, Francis
Hervé, J
Herve, Marie
Hervé, Mary Ann
Herve, Pupil
Higham, T R
Hubert, Amelia
Hubert, Clarence
Hubert, Francis
Jackman, Albert Atkey
Jean, Ellen
Jehan, Alice
Jehan, Philip
Jehan, Pupil
Jicquel, Francis
Jicquel, J
Jicquel, Louisa
Jicquel, Mary J
Jouanny family
Kempster, Kate Rawle
Kempster, William Dale
Kinnersley, Philip
L’Etual Family
La Perrelle, H
la Source, C
La Source, Sydney
La Source, Winter
Langlois, J
Langlois, James
Langlois, Philip
Law, Mr
Le Bail, Jean
Le Balleine, C, Reverend
Le Blancq, E J
Le Boutillier, E
Le Boutillier, Edward
Le Boutillier, Emme
Le Boutillier, George
le Boutillier, Harry
Le Boutillier, T
Le Brocq, Charles
le Brocq, Emily
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, M A
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Le Brun, Francis
Le Cerf, F, Centenier
Le Cornu, A D
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, E D
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, Elias
Le Cornu, Francis
Le Cornu, Herbert
Le Cornu, J
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Louisa
Le Cornu, Mary
Le Cornu, Nicholas
Le Cornu, Thomas
Le Cornu, Walter
Le Feuvre, A
Le Gresley, A
Le Gresley, Clarence
Le Gresley, Elias
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Maude
Le Gresley, Philip
Le Gresley, Susan
Le Maistre, Albert
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, H
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Walter
Le Maistre, William
Le Marquand, George
Le Marquand, J
Le Monnier, Peter
Le Montais, Elizabeth
Le Mottee, A
Le Motteé, Alfred
Le Mottée, Amice
Le Mottée, C
Le Mottée, Dora
Le Mottee, Elias
Le Mottée, Elizabeth M A
Le Mottee, Francis
Le Mottée, H
Le Mottée, Jane
Le Mottée, John Higham
Le Mottee, M A
Le Mottée, Mary
Le Mottée, Mr
Le Mottée, Mrs
Le Mottée, Oliver
Le Mottee, Thomas
Le Rossignol, Peter
Le Rossignol, Philip
Le Ruez, Elizabeth
Le Ruez, J
Le Ruez, Louisa
Le Source, Thomas
Le Sueur, Clement
Le, Feuvre, Francis
Lempriere, Alice
Lempriere, E
Lempriere, L
Lempriere, Walter
Leonard, Louis
Levée, Arthur
Levée, Eliza
Levée, Henry
Lozuet, John
Luce, Alice
Luce, Clara
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Luce, Elias
Luce, Lydia
Luce, Mary Jane
Luce, Philip
Malzard, Ann
Malzard, John
Malzard, M A
Marquand, Albert
Marquand, C
Marquand, J P
Marquand, W
Mauger, Anna
Mauger, E
Mauger, John
Mauger, P H
Mauger, Philip
Mauger, Pupil
Mauger, Thomas
Mayo, T
Messervy, A
Millward, Mr
Minchinton, Pupil
Moisan, Mrs
Moison, Jean
Moody, Herbert W, Reverend
Murley, Elizabeth
Murley, Mary
Murley, Sarah
Nicholson, Mrs
Nicolle, C de La P, Reverend
Palgrave, F T
Parker, Charles
Parker, Frank
Parker, Harry
Parker, Lily
Paul, Emma
Pellan, Pierre
Pepin, J, Reverend
Perrée, Walter
Phillips, Annie
Picot, John
Pigeon, John
Pirouet, Ellen
Pirouet, H
Pirouet, James
Pirouet, John
Pirouet, Laura
Pirouet, M
Pirouet, Philip
Pirouet, Rosa
Pirouet, Winter
Plevin, Edouard
Poirier, Constant P M, Reverend
Powell, Charles
Powell, Philip
Priggs, Miss
Rebindaine, Fred
Renouf, C
Renouf, Helena
Renouf, J
Renouf, Philip
Renyard, Ernest
Richards, M
Rive, Ann L
Rive, C J
Rive, Lizzie
Rive, Mr
Rive, S
Roach, J
Samson, Alfred
Samson, John
Samson, Pupil
Samson, R
Samson, Sarah
Samson, T
Sangan Matilda
Sargent, Joseph
Sauvage, Ernest
Sauvage, George
Sauvage, Thomas
Seager, James
Seale, A M
Seale, D
Seale, Emma
Seale, George
Selous family
Skelton, Mr
Steen, Fred
Stuber, A E
Syvret, Alfred
Syvret, Charles
Syvret, Francis
Syvret, G
Syvret, George
Syvret, Georgina
Syvret, James
Syvret, Jane
Syvret, John
Syvret, Mary
Syvret, Mary Ann
Syvret, Philip
Syvret, Pupil
Taylor, W, Reverend
Thomas, Alfred
Tirel, A
Tirel, Maria
Toms, Mr
Turner, Anna
Turner, John
Turner, Priscilla
Vaudin, John
Vautier, Francis
Vautier, John
Vermeil, Miss
Vermeil, R, Reverend
Vertue, C E
Vibert, Pupil
Vibert, Abraham
Vibert, Ada
Vibert, Alice
Vibert, Ann
Vibert, C L
Vibert, Clara
Vibert, Emma
Vibert, George
Vibert, Henry
Vibert, John
Vibert, M
Vibert, Maria
Vibert, Mary
Vibert, Philip
Vibert, Winter
Vincent, Alice
Vincent, Clare
Vincent, Philip
Wakeham, Alice
Wakeham, E L
Wakeham, J
Wakeham, John
Wilde, R, Reverend
Willis, J A
Wood, Cecil
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/J/N27/1This item»

St Ouens Boys School Log book. In 1888 the school was renamed the St Ouen's Parochial Mixed School. This volume records the daily events at the school and an index has been created of the names of the individuals mentioned. The book has been digitised and attached as a series of PDF's according to date. Please consult the index to determine the date of the page on which the entry can be found.


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