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St Ouens Parochial School, Les Landes, later Les Landes School Log book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N29/1
Date 4 January 1904 - 11 September 1933
Names St Ouen's Parochial School
Les Landes School
Acourt, Elsie Maud
Acourt, Beryl
A'Court, Melina
A'Court, John Francis
A'Court, Arthur
Alexander, Mr
Alexander, Florence
Alexander, Clifford
Alexander, Iris
Alexander, Amy
Alexandre, Iris
Alexandre, Philip
Allen, James George
Allen, Margaret J
Allen, George Boomer
Allen, Mr
Allo, Lucille
Allo, William
Allo, John
Allo, Alfred
Allo, Edward
Allo, Elsie
Allo, Alfred
Allo, Maurice
Allport, Norman Arthur
Amy, Philip
Amy, Kathleen
Amy, Snowden
Amy, Rosa
Amy, Margaret
Amy, Janet
Avery, Mr
Badier, Lilian
Balleine, F E
Bartlett, Herbert
Barwell, Henry, Sir
Bauche Family
Baudains, Bertha
Beauchamp, Sydney
Bechelet, Elsie
Bechelet, Stanley
Bentliff, Doctor
Bishop, Alfred Jeune
Blampied, May
Blampied, Emily
Blampied, Dulcie
Blampied, Stephen
Blanchet, Marie
Blanchet, Jean
Blanchet, Alphonse L
Blanchet, Jean F
Blanchet, Anastasie
Blanchet, Alfred
Blanchet, G
Blanchet, Cyril
Blanchet, Agnes
Bolan, Mr
Bolan, Renée
Boudin, Francis
Bowker, Angela
Bowker, Vena
Bowker, Honor
Bowker, Elsa
Brace, Denis
Buckley, Thomas
Buckley, Daphne
Buckley, D
Buckley, T
Burbridge, Ernest
Burvingt, Clemence
Bush Family
Calvez, Frank
Calvez, Francis
Carboulec, Philip
Carboulec, Ellen
Carboulec, Lily
Carboulec, Hilda
Carboulec, Dora
Carboulec, Stanley
Carboulec, Elsie
Carboulec, Sydney
Carboulec, Maureen
Carré, Edwin
Carre, Agnes
Carré, Philip
Carre, Francis
Carre, Elaine
Carre, Harry Ignatius
Carré, Harry
Carré, Wilfred
Carree, Joseph
Carree, Alice
Carter, H J
Caudey, Harold Lawrence
Cauvain, Edgar
Cauvain, Emma
Cauvain, H
Cauvain, Henry
Cauvain, George
Cauvain, G
Cavey, Mr
Ceppi, Marc
Chapman, Doctor
Chappeus, Doctor
Cherrell, A H
Cherrill, A H
Chevalier, Hedley
Chevalier, Gordon
Chevalier, Madeleine
Chevalier, Doris
Chevalier, Lydia
Chevalier, Elaine
Chevalier, Dulcie
Cory, Kathleen Spencer
Courval, George
Courval, Andre
Courval, Germaine
Courval, Léonore
Coutanche, Annie
Coutanche, Herbert
Coutanche, Edward
Coutanche, Emma
Coutanche, Harold
Coutanche, Herbert
Coutanche, H
Dauby, J W
Dauny, Alice
Dauny, Yves
Dauny, Marcel
Dauny, Albert
d'Auvergne, F O
Davis, C H
de Caen, Eunice Collas
de Caen,
de Caen, Dulcie
de Caen, Kathleen
de Gruchy, Arthur
de Gruchy, K
de Gruchy, Kathleen
de Gruchy, Dulcie
de Gruchy, Eileen
de Heaume, Rachel E
de Heaume, Charles
de La Haye, Rosa
de la Haye, Albert
de la Haye, Reginald
Dolbel, Albert Francis
Dolbel, Donald
Druillenec, Harold
Druillenec, Ivy
Druillenec, Ellen
Druillenec, Elsie
du Heaume, Ada
du Heaume, Rachel E
du Heaume, Harold
du Heaume, R E
du Heaume, Kathleen
du Heaume, Gladys
du Val, Elise
du Val, Eugene
du Val, Edward
du Val, Elsie
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Doctor
England, Maria J
England, Ada
England, Adolphus
Etienne, Elie
Filliastre, Herbert
Filliastre, H
Flock, John
Flock, I
Flynne, Kenneth
Flynne, Pamela
Flynne, Barbara
Forestier, John
Forestier, Maria J
Forrester, John
Forrestier, J
Francis, Elizabeth
Frigot, Doris
Frigot, Gladys
Fry, Betty
Gallienne, Alice
Gallienne, Doris
Gallienne, Jane
Gallienne, J
Gallienne, Ada
Garde, Phyllis
Garrett, Emma
Garrett, Peter
Garrett, William
Garrett, Frank
Garrett, Walter
Garrett, Royston
Gassett, Reginald
Gavey, Clara
Gavey, Edward
Gavey, Ida
Gee, Florence Annie
Genee, Frank
Germain, John Philip
Gicquel, Elsie
Gicquel, Ray
Gicquel, Beatrice
Gicquel, Gladys
Gicquel, Irene
Gicquel, Eunice
Gicquel, Kathleen
Gicquel, Raymond
Gicquel, M
Gicquel, Clifford
Gicquel, Thomas
Gicquel, Francis
Gicquel, Doris
Gicquel, Marjorie M
Gicquel, Hedley
Gicquel, Maud
Giot, Walter
Godel, Alice
Godel, Alfred
Godel, Lydia
Gosselt, Clarence
Gossett, John
Gossett, Hazel
Gossett, Clifford
Gossett, Daphne
Gottard, Family
Gottard, Marie
Gottard, Albert
Gottard, John
Gottard, George
Gould, Edward
Gould, Ralph
Groquet, Hedley
Guillaume, Blanche
Guillaume, Clifford
Guillaume, Albert
Guillaume, Arthur
Guillaume, Elsie
Guillaume, Francis
Guillaume, Peter
Guillaume, Elsie
Guillaume, Peter
Hacquoil, F
Hacquoil, F P
Hacquoil, Doris May
Hacquoil, Ellen
Hacquoil, Lydia
Hacquoil, George
Hacquoil, D
Hacquoil, D J
Hacquoil, D M
Hacquoil, Alfred George
Hacquoil, Doris
Hacquoil, Francis
Hacquoil, Dous M
Haines, H
Hamon, Blanche
Hamon, Francis/Frank
Hamon, Stanley
Hamon, John
Hamon, Edward
Hamon, Marie
Hamon, Maud Lilian
Hamon, Ida M
Hamon, Harold
Hamon, James, Centenier
Hamon, Eda
Hamon, F
Hamon, James
Hamon, Florence
Hamon, Lilian
Hamon, Emma
Hamon, Dora
Hamon, Laura
Hampton, Lord
Harrison, H E B
Henry, Emma
Hocquard, Clifford
Hubert, Alice
Hubert, John
Hubert, Elsie
Hubert, Messrs
Humber, E
Jandron, Hilda Marett
Jean, F G
Jean, Rosa
Jean, Emma
Jean, Bella
Jean, Ada
Jean, Elias
Jean, Family
Jean, Olive
Jean, Evelyn
Jeanes, Dorothy
Jolly, Phyllis
Jouanne, Augustine
Judd, J H
Kirk, John, Sir
Le Bourgeois, Alfred
Le Boutillier, Frank
Le Boutillier, H
Le Boutillier, Henry
le Boutillier, Harry
Le Boutillier, Alfred
Le Boutillier, Mabel
Le Boutillier, Amelia M
Le Boutillier, F H
Le Boutillier, Constable
Le Boutillier,
Le Breton, Frances Andrew
Le Breton, Francis A
Le Breton, Estelle
Le Brocq, James
Le Brocq, Mr
Le Brocq, Linda
Le Brocq, C N, Doctor
Le Brun, James
Le Brun, Colonel
Le Cerf, François
Le Clezio, Arthur
Le Clezio, Lucille
Le Clezio, Stanley
Le Clezio, Olga
Le Clezio, Mabel
Le Clezio, Olive
Le Clezio, Sylvia
Le Clezio, Family
Le Clezio, Joyce
Le Cornic, Alfred
Le Cornu, Francis
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Cornu, P
Le Cornu, John F
Le Cornu, Edwin
Le Cornu, Elias
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Adelaide
Le Cornu, Lilian
Le Cornu, Rachel
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Rachel
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Mavis
Le Cornu, Eldon Dennis
Le Cornu, Elias
Le Cornu, Eldon
Le Cornu, Arthur
Le Cornu, Gordon
Le Cornu, Elsie
Le Cornu, Beulah
Le Corre, William
Le Corre, Louisa
Le Corre, Hilda
Le Corre, John
Le Corre, Stanley
Le Druillenec, Frank
Le Druillenec, Beryl
Le Feuvre, Philip J, President
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, E, Inspector
Le Feuvre, John P
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Constable
Le Feuvre, Beryl
Le Feuvre, Reverend
Le Feuvre, E
Le Flock, J
Le Flock, John Pérrée
Le Flock, John
Le Forestier, Eliza
Le Gresley, Laura
Le Gresley, Sidney
Le Gresley, Olive
Le Gresley, Blanche
Le Gresley, Doris
Le Gresley, Lasca Jeanne
Le Gresley, Ada Jean
Le Gresley, Rozel
Le Gresley, Maud
Le Gresley, Alice M
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Arnold
Le Gresley, Philip
Le Gresley, A M
Le Gresley, Brian
Le Gresley, Lester
Le Heron, John
Le Mains, J
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Irene
Le Maistre, Jack
Le Maistre, Doris
Le Maistre, R
Le Maistre, Ph
Le Maistre, Doris May
Le Maistre, I
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, Alfred
Le Marquand, Eva
Le Marquand, Monica
Le Marquand, Eunice
Le Marquand, Clarice
Le Marquand, Daisy
Le Marquand, Elaine
Le Masurier, Lily
Le Masurier, Percy
Le Masurier, Clive
Le Masurier, Mrs
Le Masurier, P
Le Mottee, Garnet
Le Mottée, Dinah
Le Pennec, Doris
Le Pennec, Lorina
Le Pennec, John
Le Pennec, Albert
Le Ruez, John
Le Ruez, Beryl
Le Sech, Charles
Le Texier, Margaret
Le Tiec, William
Le Tiec, Irene
Le Tiec, Leslie
Le Tiec, Joyce
Le Tiec, Geoffrey
Lehegarat, Leonard
Lehegarat, Gordon
Lempriere, Phyllis
Leonard, Linda
Leonard, Beryl
Leonard, May
Leonard, Maurice
Letteson, John
Lucas, Gladys
Lucas, Gladys Mary
Luce, Edouard
Luce, John
Luce, Hilda
Luce, Gladys
Luce, Philip
Luce, Stanley
Luce, Oswald
Luce, Marjorie
Luce, Amy
Luce, Oswald
Luce, Ethel
Luce, May
Luce, Alfred
Luce, Hedley
Luce, H
Luce, Walter
Malet de Carteret, R
Marett, Doctor
Marguerie, Kathleen
Matthews, James
Mau, Marie
Mauger, Hilda
Mauger, Philip
Mauger, Adele
Mauger, Irene
Mauger, Doris
Mauger, John
Mauger, Albert
Mauger, F
Mauger, Florence
Mauger, Donald
Mauger, Violet
Mauger, Alfred
Mauger, J
Mauger, Rozel
Mauger, Eunice
Mayo, Mr
McKinstery, Doctor
Milner, A B, Reverend
Morel, Helene
Nau, Marie
Nicolle, Deputy
Nicolle, Mr
Norman, John Mallett
Oliver, Gregory
Oliver, Gaillard
Oliver, Ray
Oliver, Doctor
Page, Mr
Pallot, Wilford
Pallot, Louisa
Pallot, Dorothy
Pallot, Francis
Pallot, John
Parbury, Dr,
Pennec, Eugene
Pepin, John, Reverend
Pernec, Doris
Perree, John Helier
Perree, Ernest
Perriot, Florence
Pierrot, Florence May
Pionter, F
Pirouet, Ellen
Pirouet, Olga
Pirouet, J
Pirouet, Lucille
Pirouet, Clifford
Pirouet, Stanley
Podger, George Ray
Poingdestre, Stanley
Porée, Madeleine
Possett, Reginald
Powell, Philip
Priaulx, Clarence
Priaulx, Edmund
Prouten, Alec
Rault, Nellie
Rault, Gladys
Rault, Miriam
Rault, Elsie
Renouard, Marjorie
Renouard, George
Renouard, Walter
Renouard, G
Renouard, Lucille
Renouf, Garnet
Resbridger, Chrissie
Resbridger, Ernest
Rimeur, James
Rimeur, John
Rimeur, Beatrice
Rimeur, J
Roberts, Alice
Roberts, Albert
Roberts, Winnifred
Roberts, Charles
Romeril, Anna
Roscouet, Frank
Roscouet, Helene
Roscouet, Ernest
Rowe, Sidney
Rowe, Anna
Rowe, Clarence
Rowe, Florence
Rowe, Gladys
Scammell, Joyce
Schisky, Charles
Selous, Miriam
Shield, Derek
Shields, D
Shulier, Ivy
Simmonds, Nurse
Simon, Marie
Simon, Eugenie
Skelton, Mr
Sloper, Gwendoline
Sloper, Margery
Sloper, Arthur
Slous, Lily
Slous, Francis
Slous, Clarice
Sluber, Lilian
Sluber, Ivy
Sluber, Mona
Sormany, Charles Edward
Starck, Clara Ann
Stevens, C E R
Stuber, Alfred
Stuber, Kathleen
Stuber, L
Stuber, Mona
Sumner, Colonel,
Symonds, A N, Doctor
Symons, Doctor
Syvret, Amelia M
Syvret, Alice
Syvret, George
Syvret, Norris
Talon, Annie
Tardivel, Adeline
Tardivel, F
Tardivel, Florence
Taton, Jean
Taton, Annie
Tatou, Laura Jayne
Taylor, Rupert
Texier, Lily M
Therin, Lucy
Therin, Raymond
Thomson, Mr
Thornburrow, William
Touzel, Violet
Tringham, H
Turmel, Alice
Turmel, Peter
Turner, Ada
Turner, G
Vautier, Dorothy
Vautier, Elsie Maud
Vautier, D L
Vautier, John Norman
Vautier, John, Centenier
Vautier, Donald
Vautier, Norman
Vautier, Elsie
Vautier, Elsie
Vernon, William Venables, Bailiff
Vibert, Hilda
Vibert, Edmund
Vibert, John
Vibert, Ada
Vibert, Lilian A
Vibert, Percy
Vibert, Francis
Vibert, Henry
Vibert, Florence
Vibert, Charles
Vibert, May
Vibert, Dora
Vibert, Elsie
Vibert, Ida May
Vibert, Florence Mildred
Vibert, F Marie
Vibert, Eunice
Vibert, Gladys
Vibert, J F
Vibert, Stanley
Vibert, Blanche
Vibert, Evelyn
Vibert, Anna
Vibert, James
Vibert, Dorothy
Vibert, Arthur
Vibert, J
Vibert, George
Vibert, Francis
Vibert, Edward
Vibert, P T Dora
Vibert, Philip
Vibert, John
Vibert, Arthur
Vibert, Kathleen
Vibert, Alfred
Vibert, Stephen
Vibert, Charles
Vibert, Sydney
Vibert, I
Vibert, Harold
Vibert, D, Miss
Vibert, E
Vibert, A
Vibert, Raymond
Voisin, E B
Voisin, Hedley
Voisin, Florence
Wakeham, Alice J
Walker, G
Williams, Ray, Reverend
Williams, Wynne
Winton, C T
Keywords Education | Schools | diaries | log books | pupils | pupil teachers | punishments | classrooms | headmasters | headmistresses | teachers | teaching
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places St Ouen, Les Landes
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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