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Les Landes School, formerly St Ouens Parochial School- Log book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N29/2
Date 18 September 1933 - 23 May 1963
Names St Ouen's Parochial School
Les Landes School
Acourt, Arthur
Acourt, John
Acourt, Martin
Acourt, Philip
Acourt, Ronald
Acourt, Rosemary
Acourt, T
Alexandre, Mary
Alexandre, Maurice
Alexandre, Mrs
Alexandre, Philip
Allenet, Kathleen
Allnet, Mrs
Allo, Beryl
Allo, Robert
Amy, Bertram
Amy, Edward
Amy, Geraldine
Amy, Janet
Amy, Margaret
Amy, Philip
Archer, Miss
Avarne, Mr
Avery, Mr
Ayre, Miss
Baldwin, Miss
Barber, Joan
Barrett, Walter
Baudains, Bertha
Bird, Mr
Bisson, Alan
Bisson, Enid
Bisson, Mr
Blampied, M
Blampied, Stephen
Blampied, Walter
Boudin, Francis
Boudin, Miss
Boudin, Mrs
Bowker, Angela
Bowker, Elsa
Bowker, Vera
Boxall, Mabel
Boxall, Victor
Boxall, Walter
Bradley, Avril
Bradshaw, Philip
Bree, Albert
Bree, George
Bree, Manis
Bree, Mrs
Brett, Pearl
Bruce, Louise
Brunnard, Serge
Butler, Mr
Butler, R
Cabot, Mr
Carboule, Maureen
Carboulec, Audrey
Carboulec, Betty
Carboulec, Jennifer
Carboulec, Maurice
Carboulec, Morris
Carboulec, Philip
Carboulec, Rodger
Carboulec, Roger
Carboulec, Valene
Carpenter, F
Carre, Alan
Carre, Alan
Carre, Basil
Carre, Bessie
Carre, Dennis
Carre, Dr
Carre, Edmund
Carre, Eileen
Carre, Elaine
Carre, Enid
Carre, Graham
Carre, Harry
Carre, Iris
Carre, Ivy
Carre, Joan
Carre, John
Carre, Marlene
Carre, Michael
Carre, Mr
Carre, Roy
Carre, Terence
Carre, Theresa
Carre, Toni
Carre, Victor
Carre, Wilfred
Carre, William
Carre, William Kenneth
Carre, Elauqe
Carre, Francis
Cary, Mrs
Catelinet, Mary
Cauvain, Brian
Cauvain, Doris
Cauvain, Graeme
Cepi, Mr
Ceppi, Mr
Chapman, Alan
Chapman, June
Chapman, Mrs
Clezio, Anthony
Conetta, Florence
Conetta, Margery
Connetta, Florence
Cook, Alice
Cook, David
Cook, Jessie
Corbel, Mr
Courval, Laura
Coutanche, Mr
Cronin, Bridget
Cronin, Dennis
Cronin, Mary
Cronin, Mrs
Cronin, Timothy
Cummings, Colin
Cummins, Brain
Cunningham, G A B
Darline, Dr
Dauny, Brian
Dauny, Bryan
Dauny, Elizabeth
Dauny, Mr
Dauny, Sylvia
de Caen, Dulice
de Caen, Kathleen
de Gruchy, Dulcie
de Gruchy, Eileen
de Gruchy, Joan
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, Margaret
de La Haye Sylvia
de la Haye, Ann
de la Haye, Keith
de Manach, Jean
Desmond, Dr
Dorey, Mr
Downer, Mr
Dunn, Miss
Durand, M
Durand, Mr
Durand, B
Durant, Mr
Eloury, Avnida
Eloury, Gwendoline
Eloury, Kenneth
England, Ann
England, Denise
Erskine, mr
Foote, Mr
Fowler, Susan
Gallichan, Dorothy
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Marjorie
Gallichan, Walter
Garrett, Betty
Garrett, Brian
Garrett, Elizabeth
Garrett, Frank
Garrett, Geraldine
Garrett, Peter
Garrett, Philip
Garrett, Roy
Garrett, Walter
Gavey, Alice
Gavey, Charles
Gavey, Ida
Gavey, John
Gicquel, Jean
Gicquel, Mr
Gicquel, Roy
Gilbert, Cynthia
Gilbert, Derek
Goaziou, Jean
Godel, Albert
Godel, Edward
Godel, Eric
Godel, Herbert
Godel, Kenneth
Godel, Neville
Godel, Stanley
Gosset, Daphine
Gough, A
Gould, Diana
Goupil, Kathleen
Gueno, Louis
Guillame, Pauline
Guillaume, Alan
Guillaume, Annick
Guillaume, Elaine
Guillaume, Francis
Guillaume, Gordon
Guillaume, Iris
Guillaume, Ivan
Guillaume, Lawrence
Guillaume, Lester
Guillaume, A
Guillaume, Mr
Guillaume, Mrs
Guillaume, Robin
Guillaume, Ronald
Guilleaume, Annick
Guilleaume, Gordon
Guilleaume, Lawrence
Guilleaume, Mrs
Guilleaume, Pearl
Guiver, Miss
Gunney, Muriel
Hacquoil, Joan
Hacquoil, Alfred
Hacquoil, D M
Hacquoil, Dora F
Hacquoil, Dora J
Hacquoil, Doris M
Hacquoil, Eileen
Hacquoil, Florence
Hacquoil, Francis
Hacquoil, George
Hacquoil, Gladys
Hacquoil, Gordon
Hacquoil, John
Hacquoil, Lester
Hacquoil, D J
Hacquoil, Miss
Hacquoil, D
Hacquoil, Doris
Hacquoil, Mr
Hacquoil, Mrs
Hacquoil, Patrick
Hacquoil, Phyllis
Hacquoil, Stamford
Hacquoil, Stanford
Hacquoil, Thomas
Hacquoil, Tom
Hamon, Mr
Hamon, E
Hamon, Mrs
Handsford, Eric
Hanna, Dr
Hansford, Eric
Harper, Mr
Hewlett, C
Hewlett, C N W
Hickling, Mr
Higginbotham, Audrey Mary
Higginbotham, Mrs
Hinton, Michael
Hockey, Bernard
Hockmuth, Peter
Hockworth, Ann
Horn, Julie
Hornby, Reverend
Huelin, Graham
Huson, Jennifer
Huson, Josephine
Huson, Leanne
Huson, Merle
Huson, Peter
Huson, Yvonne
Jean, Sheila
Jehan, Brian
Jehan, D
Jervis, Anita
Jervis, Mary
Johns, M
Johns, M
Journeaux, Betty
Journeaux, Roy
Kennedy, Joan
Kerr, C
Kerr, Geraldine
Kerr, Ivor
Kerr, Ronald
Klock, Frances
Krichefski, Mr
Krigu, Michael
Lanaghan, Ronald
Laurens, Evelyn Beatrice
Laurens, Miss
Laurens, E
Laurens, Evelyn B
Lawson, Alfred
Le Bon, Pierrette
Le Bon, Yvonne
Le Borgne, Jean
Le Boutilier, Mr
Le Boutilier, Mrs
Le Boutiller, Mrs
Le Boutillier, Alfred
Le Boutillier, Mr
Le Boutillier, I
Le Boutillier, Mrs
Le Brocq, Carole
Le Brocq, Margaret
Le Brun, Graham
Le Clezio, Donald
Le Clezio, Joan
Le Clezio, Keith
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Cornu, Arthur
Le Cornu, Beulah
Le Cornu, Derek
Le Cornu, Doreen
Le Cornu, Eldon
Le Cornu, Elias
Le Cornu, Elsie
Le Cornu, Gordon
Le Cornu, Kathryn
Le Cornu, Laurence
Le Cornu, Lawrence
Le Cornu, Maxine
Le Cornu, Michele
Le Cornu, Mrs
Le Cornu, Muriel
Le Cornu, Peryan
Le Cornu, Phyllis
Le Corre, Kenneth
Le Corre, Thomas Albert
Le Cras, Brian
Le Feuvre, E
Le Feuvre, Enid
Le Flock, Roy
Le Flock, Royston
Le Gresley, Brian
Le Gresley, Elaine
Le Gresley, Jacqueline
Le Gresley, Lester
Le Gresley, Philip
Le Gresley, Sheila
Le Gros, Mrs
Le Gros, Richard
Le Hegarat, James
Le Hegarat, Leonard
Le Hegarat, Walter
Le Hegaret, Roy
Le Hegerat, James
Le Hegerat, Leonard
Le La, Michelle
Le La, Michelle
Le Main, John
Le Maistre, Arthur
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Francois
Le Maistre, Norman
Le Marquand, Delphine
Le Marquand, Dennis
Le Marquand, Gerald
Le Marquand, Gordon
Le Marquand, J J
Le Marquand, Jennifer
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, May
Le Marquand, Mr
Le Marquand, Sandra
Le Masurier, Percy
Le Moignan, Edward
Le Moignan, Elsie
Le Moignan, Essie
Le Moignan, Mildred
Le Moignan, Pierson
Le Moignan, Roselle
Le Moignan, Una
Le Moine, Doreen
Le Moine, Joyce
Le Mottee, Betty
Le Mottee, Dinah Page
Le Mottee, J
Le Mottee, Janet
Le Mottee, Oliver
Le Penec, Lorna
Le Pennec, Albert
Le Pennec, Arthur
Le Pennec, John
Le Pennec, L
Le Pennec, Lorina
Le Pennec, Marguerite
Le Pennec, Ruth
Le Pennec, Theresa
Le Pennec, Yves
Le Pennee, Albert
Le Pennee, John
Le Pennee, Lorina
Le Poidevin, Brian
Le Poidevin, Jennifer
Le Poidevin, Joan
Le Poidevin, June
Le Poidevin, Mary
Le Poidevin, Peter
Le Quesne, Mr
Le Sech, Blanche
Le Sech, Charles
Le Sech, Doreen
Le Sech, Emile
Le Sech, Gerald
Le Sech, Olive
Le Sech, Rosemary
Le Texier, Beryl
Le Texier, Betty
Le Texier, Daisy
Le Texier, Iris
Le Texier, Joan
Le Texier, Lilly
Le Texier, Margaret
Le Texier, Raymond
Le Texier, Rita
Lenaghan, Kenneth
Lenaghan, Ronald
Leonard, Kenneth
Leonard, Mary
Leonard, Maurice
Leonard, Thomas
Lobb, Mr
Lobb, A
Lopez, Rubio, Christopher
Lopez, Rubio, Peter
Luce, Anna
Luce, Daphine
Luce, Edward
Luce, Edward Stanley
Luce, Kenneth
Luce, Leslie
Luce, Norman
Luce, Shirley
Luce, Stanley
MacDonnell, Mrs
Maletroit, George
Maletroit, Margaret
Maletroit, Patricia
Maletroit, Patrick
Maletroit, R
Maletroit, Rene
Mauger, Bernadette
Mauger, Albert
Mauger, Christine
Mauger, David
Mauger, Dennis
Mauger, Eileen
Mauger, Florence
Mauger, Kathleen
Mauger, Lorna
Mauger, Noel
Mauger, Vernon
Maxwell, Miss
McCormick, Dennis
McCormick, John
McDonnell, Mrs
McKinstry, Dr
McVicker, Carol
McVickers, Mary
Medder, Mr
Melville, Janet
Melville, Jeanette
Melville, Jeanette
Melville, Joan
Melville, Shirley
Melville, Sylvia
Menier, Gloria
Mercier, Michael
Mercier, Peter
Millard, Sheila
Minier, Jean
Minier, Joan
Moisan, Dorothy
Moisan, Margaret
Monnamy, Helen
Monnamy, Margaret
Morison, Mr
Nash, A
Nash, Margaret
Neville, Hannah
Neville, Kathleen
Nicholson, H E
Nicholson, Lady
Nicolle, Mr
Noel, Kathleen
Norman, Mrs
Norman, Reverend
Nott, Maureen
Nott, Shirley
O’Meara, Dr
O’Meara, Louisa, Dr
Oliver, Dr
Parkin, Lucian
Parme, Mr
Parmee, Mr
Pearce, Jane
Pearce, Paul
Peel, W W
Perree, Edna
Perree, Norman
Phillips, Mrs
Phillips, J
Phillips, J M
Phillips, Joan
Phillips, Joan M
Picot, Bernadette
Pike, Graeme
Pitolet, Mrs
Prentice, Gwen
Prentice, Gwendoline
Priestly, Miss
Prouten, Dorea
Prouten, Doreen
Prouten, Gloria
Prouten, John Edward
Prouten, Joyce
Prouten, Richard
Prouten, Sylvia
Queree, Alan
Queree, A
Queree, Roy
Rabet, Daphine
Rault Raymond
Rault, Clarence
Rault, Miriam
Renault, Arthur
Renault, Donald
Renault, Geoffrey
Renault, Lyndon
Renault, T Arthur
Renouf, Vernon
Richardson, G
Richardson, Miss
Richardson, D
Richardson, E J A, Reverend
Rio, Leslie
Roberts, Charles
Rondel, Hedley
Roscouet, Raymond
Roscoust, Raymond
Rowe, Edith
Roy, Francis
Rubio, Christopher
Samson, Anne
Samson, Pamela
Serle, Patricia
Showell, A
Showell, Anthony
Sloper, Arthur
Sloper, Gwendoline
Sloper, Margery
Sollain, Graham
Stephens, Mr
Stockey, Bernard
Strafford, C E
Stuber, Laurie
Swain, S
Syvret, Angela
Syvret, John George
Syvret, Joy
Syvret, Joyce
Syvret, Mr
Syvret, Sandra
Tardivel, Mr
Taylor, John
Thebault, E
Thebault, Emile
Theibault, Raymond
Therin, Adele
Thiebault, Mavis
Thiebault, Monique
Thomas, Glyn
Thomas, Vaughan
Thompson, Mr
Thomson, Alan
Thomson, Kenneth
Tolk, Mr
Toy, Dorothy
Turner, Alec
Turner, Sharon
Vauter, Owen
Vautier, Daphine
Vautier, Donald
Vautier, Ian
Vautier, Lyndey
Vautier, Miss
Vautier, E W
Vautier, Mrs
Vautier, O
Vautier, Owen
Vibert, Mr
Vibert, Arthur
Vibert, Betty
Vibert, Brian
Vibert, Christine
Vibert, David
Vibert, Dora
Vibert, Edward
Vibert, Elias
Vibert, Eric
Vibert, Geoffrey
Vibert, John
Vibert, Kenneth
Vibert, Margaret
Vibert, Miss
Vibert, D
Vibert, Dora
Vibert, Mrs
Vibert, H
Vibert, Pat
Vibert, Phyllis
Vibert, Sonia
Vibert, V
Vibert, Violet
Volonte, Mary
Volonte, Peter
Volonte, Astrid
Wallace, Peter
Walsh, David
Walsh, Eric
Watson, Mr
Wheeler, R
Wheeler, Raymond
Wicklow, Dawn
Wight, Sonia
Wimberley, Mr
Wimberley, H C
Winnerah, Mr
Wood, Joan
Wright, Robert
Wright, Sonia
Keywords Education | Schools | diaries | log books | pupils | pupil teachers | punishments | classrooms | headmasters | headmistresses | teachers | teaching
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places St Ouen, Les Landes
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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