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West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property, its situation and the construction materials. The details of the insurer and their trade or possessions are listed and often the names of tenants of the property are given. Consult the index to obtain date/page of the entry and then view entries in the relevant PDF of the volume.

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Reference L/A/20/A/8
Date 7 January 1862 - 19 June 1867
Names West of England Insurance Company
Aaron, Samuel
Adams, John
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Esther Jane, née Gaudin
Ahier, Jane
Ahier, John
Ahier, Peter
Ahier, Philip
Alavoine, Eliza
Alavoine, Jenny
Allain, Nicholas
Allain, V
Allix, Francis
Amy, Helier Charles
Amy, Philip
Amy, Susan, née Bertram
Anley, Francis Edward
Anley, William John
Anquetil, Rebecca
Anthoine, Nicholas
Armstrong, Clement de Quetteville
Arnold, Eliza
Asplet, Philip
Aubin, Abram and Company
Aubin, Fanny
Aubin, John Philip
Aubin, Warren H
Aubin, William George
Bagot, Mr
Bailhache, Mrs
Balcam, John James
Balleine, James
Barette, Isabella
Barette, Mrs
Barratt, Isabella Ann
Baudains, James
Baudains, Miss
Baudains, Philip
Beaugié, Anne Judith
Belford, Elizabeth
Belford, George
Belford, Nancy, née Payn
Bellingham, Edward James
Bellis, Richard, The Reverend
Benest, Peter
Benest, Philip
Benham and Gallie  
Benham, P W
Berriman, John Anthony
Bertram, Francis
Bigrel, George
Billot, Philip
Binet, Philip
Bishop, Abraham
Bishop, Clifton
Bisson, Elizabeth, née Hocquard
Bisson, Le Couteur
Bisson, William
Blampied, John
Blandy, Sophia
Blond, Mr
Blood, Michael, Doctor
Blood, Nicholas
Boielle, Eliza
Bouteloup, Mr
Brayn, Joshua
Brazer, Bagot
Bridges, Alfred
Bridges, Charles
Bridges, Thomas
Brigstocke, George, Captain
Brittons, James
Brooks, Thomas
Brophy, John
Brophy, Mary, née Warfield
Brouard, Rachel
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Thomas S
Burke Cuppage, Major General, Lieutenant Governor
Burns, Jane, née Picot
Burton, Mary Ann
Carrel, John
Carrel, William
Carter, James, Doctor
Carter, Mary Ann
Catiot, Philip
Chalker, John
Charlton, Mrs
Chevalier, John Le Boutillier
Ching, Esther, née Ahier
Ching, John
Clark, Elvina Esther
Clarke, George
Clerq, Mrs
Collas, George
Collas, J and E
Collins, Mr
Collins, Philip
Committee of the General Hospital
Cooke, John
Cornish, Elizabeth
Coudray, James
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Jane Magdalen, née Laverty
Coutanche, Molly, née Anley
Coutanche, Susan, née Watts
Croad, William
Curdle, Mr
d'Allain, Adolphus John
Davey, Charity Moon, née Jewell
Dawe, Sampson Richard
de Carteret, Charles
de Faye, George
de Faye, Philip
de Gruchy, Abraham
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, Mary Jane
De Gruchy, Philip
de la Cour, Peter
de la Mare, Abraham
de la Mare, Francis
de la Mare, Philip
de la Mare, Thomas
de la Perrelle, Elias
de La Perrelle, John
de la Taste, Charles
de la Taste, Frederick
de la Taste, James Henry
de la Tour, Mr
de Quetteville, Ann, née Poingdestre
de Quetteville, David
de Quetteville, Frederick Nicolle
de Quetteville, Jane Armande
de Quetteville, John
de Ste Croix, Edras
de Ste Croix, Francis
de Ste Croix, George
de Ste Croix, Molly, née Pouclée
de Ste Croix, Mrs
de Veulle, Thomas
Dempster, Thomas Erskine
Denize, John
Denize, Jourdain
Denize, Jourdan
Denman, Anne, née Jeune
Derbyshire, Elias
Doras, Mrs
Dorey, Joshua
Dorey, Mrs
du Chesne, Armand
du Heaume, Jane Susan, née Brayn
du Heaume, William, Reverend
Durell, Maria Susannah
Durell, Mary, née Vicq
Duval, Philip
Egré, Edward
Elliot, J
Emily, John Alfred
Emily, Mrs
Ennis, James
Equert, W J
Ereaux and Company, John
Esnouf, Edward
Falla, Isaac
Falle George
Falle Mrs
Falle, Joshua
Falle, Joshua George, Constable of St Helier
Falle, Philip Clement
Falle, Philip Touzel
Fauvel, Aimable
Fauvel, John
Fauvel, Mrs
Fauvel, Philip
Fielding, Jane Elizabeth, née Huelin
Filleul, John
Filleul, Miss
Filleul, Mrs
Filleul, Philip John
Fillin, W
Findlay, Harriet
Fléché, Honoré Pol
Fletcher, William
Florent, Mr
Folley, John
Fontaine, Joseph Thomas
Fowler, Martha, née Bluck
Franklin, Mr
Fudge, John
Galliard, Mr
Gallichan, Betsy
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Mr
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, William
Gallie and Benham  
Gallie, William
Gassick, W J
Gaudin, William
Gauron, Joseph
Gauron, Madame
Gautier, Mr
Gavey, Joseph
Gavey, Philip
Gibaut, Moses
Gilman, Susan Ann
Glyde, Samuel
Godfray, Charles Le Vesconte
Godfray, Emily
Godfray, Francis
Godfray, H J
Godfray, J H
Godfray, John
Godfray, Thomas Lerrier
Godfrey, Clement Dumaresq
Golden, John
Goldin, John
Gordon, Mr
Gosset, The Misses
Goupillot, Bien-Aime
Graceboard, Mrs
Grant, John
Granter, Jane
Gray, Mr
Green, Charles Allinson
Green, Christopher A
Green, Christopher Alison
Green, Christopher Allinson
Grigry, Matthew
Guille, Philip
Guilleaume, Felix
Guilleaume, George Reginald
Guilleaume, Mrs
Gumbrell, Thomas
Hall, George, Lieutenant Colonel
Hamon, Ann, née Le Brock
Hamon, Anne May, née Perchard
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Daniel
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Philp
Hansford, John
Harben, Thomas
Harben, Thomas Edward
Hardeley, John
Harmer, Mr
Hasfield, George
Hawkins, John
Hayley, Thomas
Helmers, Amelia Charlotte
Henwood, Mrs
Hicks, Elizabeth Martha
Hicks, Rebecca
Hocquard, Philip
Holden, Mr
Hooper, Samuel
Horma, Elinor Mary
Horman, Jean
Hotham, M
Hotham, Mary Ann
Hotton, Peter
Howe, James
Huard, John
Huelin, Edward
Huelin, James
Huelin, Miss
Hughes, Charles John
Humphries, Charles Gill
Hutchings, Abraham
Hutchings, Emma
Hutton, Hugh
Ingram, Mr
Jackson, John
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Jonathan
Jacobs, Samuel
Jacobs, Samuel
Jandron, Edward
Jean, Edward
Jersey Cooperative Society 
Jersey Dramatic Society 
Jeune, Francis
Jeune, John
Jeune, L
Jeune, Mary Esther
Jewell, Simeon
Joseph, Iszach
Joujuet, Esther
Journeaux, Jeanne, née Brée
Journian, John
Keefe, Mr
Kerns, Eliza
Kerr, William Henry
Kingsnorth and Le Hucquet  
Kingsnorth, Charles
La Cloche, Thomas Philip
La Croix, Charles
Labey, George
Labey, Philip
Labey, Thomas
Lamare, Armand
Lang, James Macham
Langford, Mrs
Larbalestier, George
Laurens, C
Laurens, Charles
Laurens, Mary Elizabeth, née Le Quesne
Laurens, Philip
Laverty, Joshua
Law, Margaret
Le Bailly, Joshua
Le Bailly, Louis Hooper
Le Bas, Esther Ann, née Vibert
Le Bas, Philip
Le Ber, John
Le Blancq, Jean
Le Blancq, Elias Théophile
Le Boulanger, Francis
Le Boulanger, George
Le Boulanger, Nancy
Le Boutiller, Charles
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Philip
Le Boutillier, W M
Le Brocq, Andrew
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, William
Le Brun, Edward
Le Brun, Jane
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Philip
Le Cornu, J Edward
Le Couteur, Caroline
Le Couteur, Edward
Le Couteur, Julia
Le Couteur, Mary Ann, née Le Quesne
Le Couteur, Mary Jane, née Le Quesne
Le Couteur, Mrs
Le Couteur, Philip
Le Couteur, Sophia, née Le Feuvre
Le Feuvre, Helen Margaret, née Le Gallais
Le Feuvre, Henry John
Le Feuvre, Jane
Le Feuvre, Jane, née Le Feuvre
Le Feuvre, Jane, née Perchard
Le Feuvre, Judith
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, Samuel
Le Gallais, John
Le Geyt, Daniel
Le Geyt, Mr
Le Geyt, Philip
Le Geyt, Rosalie Ann
Le Grand, John
Le Gros, Jane
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Philip Joshua
Le Gros, Thomas Charles
Le Hucquet, George
Le Jeune, Captain
Le Jeune, Francis
Le Lievre, Francis
Le Maistre, Francis
Le Maistre, Jane Mary, née Gluyas
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Masurier & Vibert
Le Masurier, Elizabeth
Le Masurier, James C
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Mr
Le Messurier, Emma, née Perchard
Le Montais, Eliza Ann
Le Montais, Francis John
Le Mottee, Annie
Le Mottée, John
Le Mottée, Philip
Le Neveu, John
Le Noir, Mr
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, J
Le Quesne, John
Le Ray, Joshua William
Le Ray, Philip
Le Riche, David
Le Riche, Francis J
Le Rossignol, Mary Anne, nee Gorman
Le Rossignol, Peter
Le Rossignol, Philip
Le Roy, Ann, née Sorel
Le Roy, William Andrew
Le Sauteur, Thomas William
Le Scelleur, John
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Templier, Hélier
Le Templier, Philip
Le Tenon, Joseph
Le Touzé, Suzanne, née Renouf
Le Vaillant, Philip John
Le Vausseur dit Durell, Henrietta Elizabeth
Lee, Mr
Léon, Mr
Lesbirel, Joshua
Lesbirel, John Francis
Lieutenant Govenor, Bailiff and Jurats
London Steam Navigation Company
Luce, Francis Edward
Lyttle, Sarah
Main, John
Malin, E
Mallet, John
Malzard, Isaac
Malzard, Issac
Manders, Mary
Marett, Charles
Marett, John P N
Marett, Mr
Martel, Philip
Mauger, John Peter
Mauger, Marie Elizabeth, née Trachy
May, John Willis
May, Margaret Louisa C S
Mayer, William
McAllen, Charles
McAllen, John Henry
McCoubrey, Hugh
McKay, Mrs
Mercantile Union Bank
Messervy, George
Messervy, Thomas
Metter, William
Moignan, John
Monet, Clement
Morley, William John
Morris, Mrs
Moulin, John
Mourant, Abraham
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, John
Mourant, John
Mourant, Mary Elizabeth, née Vardon
Mourant, Mr
Much, Ann Fixott, née Much
Much, William Thomas, Lieutenant
Newberry, Anne, née Ennis
Newman, Mr
Newton, Beadon
Nicolle, Ann
Nicolle, Clement
Nicolle, Edward Philip
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Mrs
Nicolle, Susannah, née Matthews
Noel, George
Norman, Albert William
Norman, Daniel
Norman, Elizabeth
Northern, Francis
Norton, Henry
O'Cleave, William, Reverend
Ogier, Abraham
Oldridge, John
Paddock, Penrosa
Padfield, Lieutenant Colonel
Painter, John Huard
Pallot, Charles
Palmer, Mrs
Parsons, Charles
Pascoe, Phillis M
Payn, Charles Henry
Payn, Philip Daniel
Payn, Sarah
Payn, Susannah, née Sebire
Pearson, Matilda
Peirce, Sarah, née Castle
Peneneyre, Jules Charles
Peneyvedre, Elizabeth, née Messervy
Pepin, Mrs
Perchard, Elizabeth, née Mallen
Perchard, Esther Mary
Perchard, John
Perchard, Louisa Jane
Perchard, Nicholas
Perchard, W N
Philipps, John
Phillips, Esther Anne
Picot, George
Picot, Jane
Picot, Miss
Pipon, Thomas Henry
Pirouet, Philip
Pitcher, Richard Jesse
Pitcher, Rosemary, née Le Geyt
Plyman, Joseph
Plyman, Mrs
Poingdestre, Francis Philip
Poingdestre, Joshua
Pol, Honoré
Powney, Isabella Carlton
Pritchard, Elizabeth Withall, née Perchard
Pritchard, Thomas
Pugsley, James
Pukins, Mr
Purkis, Thomas
Puttick, John
Quenault, Philip
Quenault, Pierre
Quesnel, Charles Albert
Quirk, Thomas Everett
Remon, Hélier
Renouf, Clement
Renouf, Jane, née Le Gros
Renouf, John
Renouf, Joshua
Renouf, Thomas
Ricard, Mrs
Rivellman, William
Robilliard, Peter K
Robinson, William, Colonel
Romeril, Clement
Romeril, Elizabeth, née Hocquard
Romeril, John
Romeril, Mary Ann, née Le Grand
Rondill, Clement
Rossler, Thomas
Row, Gilbert
Roy, Philip Laurens
Ryle, Thomas
Sarre, Joshua
Saunders, Mrs
Sauvage, Philip
Scholefield, Matthew
Short, Mrs
Simon, S S
Simon, Sarah, née Jewell
Sinel, John
Slatter, John
Smith, Francis A S
Smith, Mrs
Smyth, S
Snell, George
Sorel, Ann
Sorel, Philip
Stannus, Clotilda B
Stead, William
Stevens, Joseph
Struther, Archibald
Sullivan, Charles
Sullivan, Clement
Sullivan, Edward
Swain, Oscar
Syvret, George
Temperance Society
Thayer, Joseph Milsom
The Jersey Chamber of Commerce
The Savings Bank
Thomas, Mrs
Thorne, Sophia
Touzel Brothers
Touzel, Charles
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, John
Tucker, William
Turner, Mr
Umbry, Miss
Valpy, Anne Caroline
Valpy, Anne Sophia
Valpy, George John
Vardon, Elias
Vautier, John
Vibert, Edward
Vibert, George Deslandes
Vibert, John
Vibert, Philip
Vickers, Mrs
Vickery, Thomas
Vicq, Clément
Vint, H
Voisin, Ann Fixott, née Much
Voisin, John
Watson, Harriet
Watson, Samuel Key
Wertang, Mr
Westaway, Miss
Willcox, James, Captain, RN
Woodberry, William
Woolcock, John
Worgan, Mrs
Alliance Stables
British Hotel
Caesarean Auction Rooms 
Civil and United Service Club
Cock and Bottle Inn
Devon and Cornwall Inn
Hotel de la Paix
Hotel de Normandie
Temperance Hall
The Victoria Club
The Industrial School
Victoria Hotel
Keywords registers | insurance | insurance agents | fire insurance
Dimensions 1 volume
2 Newsprint
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy


L/A/20/A/8This item»

West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property, its situation and the construction materials. The details of the insurer and their trade or possessions are listed and often the names of tenants of the property are given. Consult the index to obtain date/page of the entry and then view entries in the relevant PDF of the volume.


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