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Raymond Falla OBE, the last surviving member of the States of Guernsey and a key member of the Controlling Commmittee, talking to the Channel Islands Occupation Society at St Clement's Parish Hall. Introduction by the President of the Channel Islands Occupation Society. Talks about preparations before the occupation, forming the Controlling Committee, being put in charge of charge of Agriculture and Horticulture, problems of glasshouses and inability to export tomato and flower crops to England, States taking over the glass houses, evacuating cattle from Alderney, changes in cropping plans and the lack of seeds in the island, request for a Purchasing Commission in France agreed by Germans, Jean Louis Jouault representing Jersey in France, arriving in Granville and setting up base, going around France purchasing items that were short in the Channel Islands and the difficulties involved, their experience in journeying around the country and the purchases they were involved in, difficulties with transportation and loading of goods, sharing of cargo between Jersey and Guernsey, having to pay everything in cash to pay everything in marks, anti-British propaganda seen in France, conditions in France, slaughtering of cattle in Granville described, thieving, tribute to Jean Louis Jouault and others that worked in Granville, recounts humorous experiences and stories from his time in France, run ins with the Germans, morale boosting buying of cosmetics for the ladies, making of soap for the Islands, working in slaughterhouse, what they did with their recreation time and visits to Jersey. Questions on whether Mr Falla kept a diary during the Occupation, trouble in getting petrol in France, what was put in glasshouses after tomatoes removed, Purchasing Commission after D-Day, the situation in Alderney, finance for purchasing, evacuation from Guernsey, distribution of food when in Guernsey, relationship with German soldiers, stealing of food by Germans, a television series Mr Falla involved in concerning the occupation, security in France and the French underground movement.


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