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Talk by Dixie Landick at the Channel Islands Occupation Society Annual Dinner concerning entertainments during the occupation. President of the Channel Islands Occupation Society gives an introduction. Asks the audience how many people were there during the occupation, talks about the association of the period with music, tunes from beginning of the occupation were almost the only entertainment, confiscation of radios, plays music from the occupation period which people identify, the cinemas functioning in Jersey including The Forum, West's and The Opera House, films stuck here during the occupation that kept getting repeated, marching music of the germans, George Le Sueur, a local resident who provided entertainment for local residents, reading of books, people writing in the Evening Post and the censorship involved, Reg Grandin who wrote light hearted poetry about the occupation, the borrowing and passing around of music, German films arriving and the mixed feelingsinvolved in going to see them, propaganda in films, stage plays and variety shows, people who took part, German involvement in censorship, a show he was involved in at the Opera House, improvisation neeed during the occupation, tap dancing, an impression of a performance by Maurice Ricou- a comedian, going out to the country parishes and an impression of a comedy performance that may have taken place and the feeling when the first red cross parcels arrived.


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