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Talking News, Trial Edition.

Reference R/05/A/1
Date October 1975
Scope and Content Introduction by Philip Gurdon. Introduce stories of the island to please and entertain-most will be taken from local publications such as the Jersey Evening Post. Wife, June Gurdon, went to recording of Colchester Talking Newspaper-ideas behind paper-weekly-1st week of October 1975. Thorne Hauser with news round up-state of Jersey's finance, tourism and agriculture industries-no problem with inflation or recession-views of Colin Powell-state of taxation. State of the property market-drop in sales. Building industry hit by recession-state of industry. Delegation from Jersey Democratic Movement and the Jersey Trades Council meeting constables re parish relief-angry exchanges-attempt to bring around reform to parish system-quotes from Jimmy Johns of the JDM. Concern over vraic being dropped on roads by collectors. September fire statistics. Local approved school needed for young offenders-suggestion by Education Committee. Peter Manton-Rector of St John talking about the good weather and the level of water in the island-now going into autumn, sea temperature. To the Met Office-weather forecast. Items from Women's Page from JEP-fashion news, Woman's Institute Harvest Market-report and upcoming. Two amusing holiday stories read out-Mrs J Everett-winner, Mrs J Baal-runner up, no increases in price on groceries, price of fruit and veg within the market. Defence Committee said Hautlieu student 14 year old Colin O'Driscoll lost fight to keep the noon day bus service from Weighbridge to St John's Church. End of first side. Birth, marriages and deaths-read out. St Helier Girls School-girls stopped from wearing high heel shoes. Thomas King-winner of RNLI Gold Medal-celebrating 90th birthday. Housing of a young couple and 2 pensioners-eviction of old couple from flat. Election news-senatorial and deputies elections-candidates standing. Advocate Brian Troy standing in St Saviour No 2 District. Centenier Philip Rondel-to stand in senatorial election. Bernard Cotillard dropping out of St Saviour No1 District. Story on a three legged poodle owned by Mr and Mrs Le Vesconte. Philip Makin-recorded by Tomorrow's World on new machinery installed at a lighthouse. Information on radio programmes of interest being played this week. Eileen Le Sueur speaking in Jersey French-warning of the dangers of over eating before going to bed. Fort Regent-Modern Hotels want more facilities on the island and Fort Regent is the right place-idea of a dry skating rink. Final dates for posting christmas mail overseas. AGM of Jersey Deaf Children's Society. Proposition lodged by the Public Health Committee to build a day care centre for the elderly at The Limes, Green Street. Results of parish cattle shows. Announcements of forthcoming events.
Names Jersey Talking News
Health and Social Services Committee
Le Sueur, Eileen
Makin, Philip
Le Vesconte, Mrs
Le Vesconte, Mr
Cotillard, Bernard
Women's Institute
Rondel, Philip
Troy, Brian
Royal National Lifeboat Institution
King, Thomas
St Helier Girls' School
O'Driscoll, Colin
Defence Committee
Baal, J
Everett, J
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
Education Committee
Johns, Jimmy
Jersey Trades Council
Jersey Democratic Movement
Powell, Colin
Hauser, Thorne
Gurdon, June
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords events | cattle shows | old people's homes | public health | annual general meetings | post | skating | jèrriais | Jersey french | Lighthouses | Dogs | deputies | senators | Elections | Lifeboats | deaths | marriages | births | Buses | bus services | Prices | vegetables | fruits | groceries | competitions | stories | Markets | Fashion | Weather | Education | Schools | young offenders | fire alarms | Vraic | Constables | parish welfare | Taxation | Agriculture | Tourism | Finance | Magazines | sound recordings | sound | news | radios
Places The Limes, Green Street, Fort Regent, Jersey
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language jèrriais, English
Level of description File
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Talking News, Trial Edition.


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