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Jersey Talking Magazine No 8, February 1977.

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Date March 1977
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Gardening Feature - talking with Les Le Vesconte of St John about growing tomatoes in greenhouses, when they're picked, how they're grown, changes in techniques, variety of tomatoes, conditions that they're kept in, cost of growing. Talk about vegetables that they are growing in the gardens.

Nature Feature - Frances Le Sueur talking about crapauds-recording of their noise and story about their history and lives in Jersey.

Cooking Feature - Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for baking cakes.

Island Administrators - Beth Lloyd interviewing Graham Pitman-Chief Administrative Officer of the Public Works Department-part of the Dept of Public Building and Works-talks about how the department is made up, the decision making process, his position in the department, is also blind-talking about how he works within the department, how he got the job, how the job has become more difficult being blind and how he is taking over as the interviewer of the Island Administrator's series of recordings for Jersey Talking Magazine.

Details given on cookery books in large print for the blind.

Recordings of a party held by Jersey Talking Magazine for their readers including interviews with Mrs Ansell, Mrs Boucher, Mr Sinel and others about the party and the magazine.

End of Part One.

Part Two of the Island Walk through Town with Joan Stevens and Robin Cox-in the Parade having walked past Briggs and noted its demolition. Talks about the Old Prison at Charing Cross and prisons in the island, the effect of General Don, the water supplies in the town, the General Hospital building's development, the Parade-how it got its name, developments on the site from General Don's era to present day, Cannon Street, All Saint's Church, General Don's monument and his life, development in Old Street and archaeological discoveries about the areas going back to the 1200s, 15, Old Street-one of the houses visited by John Wesley and the state of buildings on Old Street, the Town Hall, the history of Hue Street nos 1, 3, 5 , 7, 9, 11-now the Post Horn Public House, Dumaresq Street and Little Pitt Street.

Visit by Beth Lloyd to Orleans in France to find out about the manufacture of perfume by Christian Dior and the history and workings of the company.

Humorous story by Gordon Young.
Names Jersey General Hospital
Briggs and Company
Christian Dior
Post Horn Public House
Wesley, John
All Saint's Church
Jersey General Hospital
Don, Sir George, Lieutenant General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1806 - 1814
HM Prison, La Moye
Stevens, Joan
Cox, Robin
Sinel, Mr
Boucher, Mrs
Ansell, Mrs
Public Services Department
Pitman, Graham
Lloyd, Beth
Jenkins, Margaret
Le Sueur, Frances
Le Vesconte, Les
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords interviews | businesses | companies | Public houses | perfumes | streets | Archaeology | Monuments | Buildings | Hospitals | water supplies | demolitions | Tours | prisons | Towns | parties | cookery recipes | jobs | public works | public services | administrators | departments | Blind | Baking | recipes | cakes | Cooking | toads | vegetables | Gardens | growers | glass houses | Greenhouses | tomatoes | Gardening | Magazines | sound recordings | sound | news | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Orleans, Little Pitt Street, Dumaresq Street, 11, Hue Street, 9, Hue Street, 7, Hue Street, 5, Hue Street, 3, Hue Street, 1, Hue Street, Hue Street, Town Hall, 15, Old Street, Old Street, Cannon Street, St Helier, Charing Cross, Parade, St John, Jersey
Language English
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