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Jersey Talking Magazine, September 1977.

Reference R/05/B/11
Date September 1977
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Pharmacy feature - Molly Perchard-talking about the history of pharmacy.

Cooking feature - Margaret Jenkins talking about the use of spices.

Gardening feature - Jack Douglas and Alf Ippititimus giving hints on fig trees and summer colds.

Nature feature - Frances Le Sueur talking about eating seaweed, using vraic as fertilizers and different kinds of seaweed.

Island Administrators - Graeme Pitman interviewing Senator Bill Morvan, Head of the Harbours and Airport Committee about the attractions of the job, the challenges faced by the committee at the airport and harbour, the Jersey Airport as a trading area-self-sufficiency from the tax payer, what happens with the profit from the Airport, the new marina being built, where the money is coming from, charges and the price of air fares.

Hint for the blind from Jim Lamy about the use of the telephone.

Gordon Young ends the side with a humorous story.

End of Side One.

Reading from a poem by Reg Grandin on the occupation.

Interview with Alan Whicker about his reasons for getting into journalism, his career, getting into television and travel broadcasts, becoming famous, his interviewing style, people he has interviewed, evocative smells, tastes and sounds he has experienced, his interest in the flora and fauna of Jersey and his choice to live in Jersey.

Eileen Le Sueur telling a humorous Jersey story in Jersey French.
Names Le Sueur, Eileen
Whicker, Alan
Grandin, Reg
Lamy, Jim
Jersey Airport
Harbours and Airport Committee
Morvan, Bill, Senator
Pitman, Graeme
Ippititimus, Alf
Douglas, Jack
Jenkins, Margaret
Perchard, Molly
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords interviews | televisions | Travel | journalists | Occupation | Poetry | poems | Jersey french | jèrriais | telephones | Blind | marinas | Aeroplanes | States of Jersey Assembly | Committees | Airports | Harbours | administrators | senators | fertilizers | trees | figs | Nature | Seaweed | Vraic | Gardens | Gardening | recipes | spices | cooks | Cooking | Chemists | pharmacies | pharmacists | Magazines | sound recordings | sound | news | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Jersey Airport, St Helier Harbour, Jersey
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language jèrriais, English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Master Copy-Needs to be Copied
Closed until 2100


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Jersey Talking Magazine, September 1977.


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