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Jersey Talking Magazine, February 1978.

Reference R/05/B/16
Date February 1978
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Nature feature - Frances Le Sueur talking about whales after a sperm whale was washed up in November at Bouley Bay.

Crime feature - Detective Constable Tony Knowlton, Crime Prevention Officer talking about his job and how to look after your property.

Pharmacy feature - Molly Perchard talking about herbal remedies.

Cooking feature - Margaret Jenkins talking about various recipes from christmas.

Tips for the blind in looking after pets. June reading from Eyes at My Feet, a true story, by Jessie Hickford, a blind woman with a guide dog.

End of Side One.

Di Weber being shown around St Aubin by Robin Cox. Talks about the Church of the Sacred Heart and the anchor outside, Victoria Road, the history of St Brelade's Parish Hall and the railway, back of the Methodist Chapel on the bulwarks, Le Quai Bisson, work on de Bourcier's Baker Shops and Ovens to restore it, date stones on the houses, the houses and how they have been developed, Mr Derner's boat yard with an inscription above for John Leigh, outside Elliston House looking at the St Aubin Harbour and how it was built, the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club on Le Boulevard, adaptations German's made during the occupation, the old St Aubin market now a bank, Mont Les Vaux, Raindrop Mill, St Aubin's Institute, St Aubin On the Hill (St Aubin's Church), the harbour pump, Sacred Heart School, formerly known as the Thomas Julian Bray Jubilee Hall, St Aubin's Hospital for the Sick and Aged, Hamon Memorial Hall which used to be an independent chapel, School Road on what was General Don's main road to St Peter, the Railway Walk with the four mile stone from the Royal Square, a railway quarry with a beginning of a german tunnel and St Aubin's Railway Tunnel with description of the tunnel.

Humorous story from Gordon Young and an offer to have questions asked from the readers to politicians.
Names Hamon Memorial Hall
St Aubin's Hospital for the Sick and Aged
Bray, Thomas Julian
Thomas Julian Bray Jubilee Hall
Sacred Heart School
Don, Sir George, Lieutenant General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1806 - 1814
St Aubin on the Hill
St Aubin's Institute
St Aubin's Methodist Church
Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club
de Bourcier's Baker Shops and Ovens
Leigh, John
Derner, Mr
St Brelade's Parish Hall
Church of the Sacred Heart
Weber, Di
Cox, Robin
Hickford, Jessie
Gurdon, June
Jenkins, Margaret
Perchard, Molly
Crime Prevention Officer
Knowlton, Tony
Le Sueur, Frances
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords Dogs | guide dogs | guides | Hospitals | halls | trains | quarries | Roads | pumps | Churches | institutes | Mills | Banks | Markets | Tunnels | Occupation | Methodism | inscriptions | Harbours | date stones | boat yards | Buildings | Houses | parish halls | Chapels | Railways | stories | pets | Blind | Christmas | recipes | Food | Cooking | herbs | Chemists | pharmacists | pharmacies | crime | Police Constables | Nature | whales | interviews | Magazines | sound recordings | sound | news | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Railway Walk, Mont Les Vaux, Raindrop Mill, St Aubin's Tunnel, Le Boulevard, St Aubin, St Aubin's Harbour, Elliston House, St Aubin, St Aubin's Boatyard, Le Quai Bisson, St Brelade's Parish Hall, Victoria Road, St Brelade, St Aubin, Bouley Bay, Jersey
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language English
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