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Jersey Talking Magazine, March 1978.

Reference R/05/B/17
Date March 1978
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Cooking feature - Margaret Jenkins talking about cooking with fruit.

Crime feature - Detective Constable Tony Knowlton, Crime Prevention Officer talking about protection from visitors to the house including various locks.

Pharmacy feature - second part of Molly Perchard talking about herbal remedies.

Myths and Legends Feature - Roy Fauvel talking about a farmer who found his cows were getting weaker, suspecting sorcery he eventually hid himself to discover what was happening, a big black dog came in which he shot, his neighbour who he had a disagreement with had his arm in a sling the following day and the farmers cows recovered.

Deputy Sir Robert Marrett interviewed about the Policy Advisory Committee and its five year review, building and builders in the island, immigration control, changing the five year reviews to an annual review, the civil service, bringing in outside experts as consultants and banks coming into the island.

June reading the second part of Eyes at My Feet, a true story, by Jessie Hickford a blind woman with a guide dog.

End of Side One.

Joan Stevens looking at old houses, descriptions and date stones in St Mary including L'Anciennette, Les Colombiers and its reconstruction-held by the Pipon, Dumaresq and Arthur families, Elms Farm-de Gruchy property, the older name is La Mare-now wine is made there, Le Marais-group of houses-John Wesley preached at the house and owned by Jurat John Le Couteur, Perry Farm-name coming from the pears built and has an archway and Tourelle staircase, used to belong to the Hue family, La Sergenté-old staircase-owned by Edward Renault and later a gun smith called Sorsoleil and The Elms-probably had a chapel, built in 1774 by Amice Balleine and Marie Le Hardy.

Di Weber interviewing Robin Routley, a Jerseyman who works in Hong Kong, talking about his job importing and exporting goods to the USA and life in Hong Kong.

Jim L'Amy telling a humorous story.
Names L'Amy, Jim
Weber, Di
Routley, Robin
Sorsoleil, Mr
Balleine, Marie, née Le Hardy
Balleine, Amice
Renault, Edward
Hue family
Le Couteur, John
Wesley, John
La Mare Vineyard
de Gruchy family
Arthur Family
Dumaresq Family
Pipon Family
Stevens, Joan
Marrett, Sir Robert, Deputy
Policy Advisory Committee
Fauvel, Roy
Gurdon, June
Hickford, Jessie
Jenkins, Margaret
Perchard, Molly
Crime Prevention Officer
Knowlton, Tony
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords Dogs | guide dogs | guides | stories | exports | imports | gunsmiths | Chapels | staircases | Arches | pears | date stones | Houses | consultations | Banks | civil service | immigration | Committees | builders | Buildings | Legends | myths | locks | Chemists | pharmacists | pharmacies | herbs | Police | Police Constables | crime | Food | Cooking | fruits | interviews | Magazines | sound recordings | sound | news | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places America, Hong Kong, The Elms, La Chève Rue, La Sergenté, St Mary, Perry Farm, St Mary, Le Marais, St Mary, Elms Farm, Rue de la Hougue Mauger, Les Colombiers, St Mary, L'Anciennette, St Mary, St Mary, Jersey
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language English
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Jersey Talking Magazine, March 1978.


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