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Jersey Talking Magazine, December [1979].

Reference R/05/B/37
Date 1 December 1979 - 31 December 1979
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Scrapbook of recordings between 1910-1935, the Jubilee Years of King John and Queen Mary including singing of famous songs and speeches of famous events including the opening and events of World War I, the pioneering of air travel and the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium.

June Gurdon interviewing Phil Jakeman, who hung the bells in St John, talking about when he became a bell hanger, what skills you need, the problems that he faced, the foundries that take part in bell hanging and the competition between the two different foundries.

Chris and David - tour of the Jersey Museum, looking at stones with inscriptions, the Jersey kitchen, the bedroom at the museum with a detailed description of the surroundings.

Linda Le Vasseur talking to David Eaton about Jubilee Radio, the radio station in the hospital in Guernsey, about how it got started, when it went on the air, the programmes that take place, contact with the patients, the response from the general public, the involvement of youth in the station, the turn over of staff, his reaction to the progress of the radio station and the future for Jubilee Radio.

End of Side One.

Interview by Gordon Young with Desmond Morris about his autobiography, his family, his career, his work with animals in London Zoo and his work with pandas and chimpanzees.

Phil Gurdon in St John to watch the making of black butter.

Talks to Phil Romeril about the history of black butter, the ingredients of black butter, the process of making black butter, the taste of black butter and its storage, some men speaking in Jersey french and music playing at the celebrations.

Joan Stevens talking about Mont Orgueil Castle including its position, its origins, it's first mentioned in 1212, built between 1180-1210, acquired present appearance in the 1600s, 1300s-1400s serious attacks on island, where the name came from, vulnerability of the castle with the creation of cannon and the building of Elizabeth Castle, intervention of Walter Raleigh that it was kept, Civil War-in use by the King's forces, used as the governor's house and prison, William Prynne held in the castle, Philippe d'Auvergne working his spy networks from the castle, States of Jersey was handed the castle in 1926 by the British Government.

Gordon Young finishes with a humorous story.
Names d'Auvergne, Philippe, Prince of Bouillon
States of Jersey
Prynne, William
Raleigh, Sir Walter
Stevens, Joan
Romeril, Phil
London Zoo
Morris, Desmond
Jubilee Radio
Eaton, David
Le Vasseur, Linda
Jersey Museum
St John's Church
Jakeman, Phil
Gurdon, June
British Empire Exhibition
Mary, Queen, Consort of George V
George V, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1910-1936
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords governors | prisons | Castles | jèrriais | Jersey french | black butter | chimpanzees | pandas | zoos | Animals | families | autobiography | Hospitals | radio stations | inscriptions | Museums | Kitchens | bell foundries | bell founders | bell hangers | Bells | Aeroplanes | Aircraft | First World War | jubilees | speeches | songs | singing | Blind | sound recordings | sound | interviews | news | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Elizabeth Castle, Mont Orgueil, St John, Wembley
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language jèrriais, English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Master Copy-Needs to be Copied
Closed until 2100


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Jersey Talking Magazine, December [1979].


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