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Jersey Talking Magazine, February [1981].

Reference R/05/B/51
Date 1 February 1981 - 28 February 1981
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Tim interviews Colin Powell, the Economic Adviser to the States, regarding the economic climate in Jersey in comparison with the UK, the sectors affected by the economic depression, how the rest of Europe is coping with the climate, the industries Jersey are famous for-tourism, finance, agriculture and light industry, the changing of the Jersey economy, the contribution of the wealthy immigrants, the steps taken to limit the affects of the recession, the relaxation of controls on immigration and the length of time this will take.

Barry Jordan reciting 'Albert and the Lion' at the Jersey Opera House in aid of the Jersey Association of Youth and Friendship.

Di Weber interviewing Ludevic Kennedy who was signing copies of his book called 'A Book of Railway Journeys' asking whether it was his first trip to Jersey, talking about trains and railways and his affection for them, train journeys in Britain, his favourite train journey and whether he has a train set at home.

Horoscope feature - Diane Postlethwaite talking about the forecast for the year for aquarius.

Father Piers Grant-Ferris, a man rescued when lost in the Andes, talking about the height of Mount Aconcagua, climbing mountains, the length of time it took him to climb Aconcagua, his climbing partner, the weather conditions, getting lost on the mountain, surviving once lost on the mountain, his feelings when he realised he was lost and the rescue operation.

End of Side One.

Gordon Young visiting Austria commenting whilst on the motorway, having their papers checked at the border, arriving at Schruns, describing the view of the mountains and the village.

Di Weber visiting the new ambulance station with Mr Le Gresley talking about when they moved in, the hitches that they have experienced with the new building, dealing with a plane crash, why the decision was made to move from Midvale Road, the extension of the ambulance service, the difficulties in the old station, the duties carried out by the ambulance service, the shifts, response times, the possibility of an ambulance station in St Brelade, the sirens, talking to Mr Statt the assistant chief officer about the amount of ambulances they have, the equipment they carry in the vehicles, the crew on the vehicle and the training that they have, answering an emergency call, the training ambulance crews have to go through in order to qualify, what the men do when they are not answering emergency calls including cleaning the vehicles and in service training, female ambulance attendants, looking at a crash ambulance, describing the vehicle, looking at the equipment in the ambulance, the priorities of the ambulancemen when they arrive on the scene of an accident, looking in a transportation ambulance, describing the equipment inside, describing the control room, the amount of emergency calls each day.

Colin Plummer, a reader, with a poem that he wrote read out by Gordon Young.
Names Plummer, Colin
Statt, Mr
Ambulance Service
Le Gresley, Mr
Grant-Ferris, Piers, Father
Postlethwaite, Diane
Kennedy, Ludevic
Weber, Di
Jordan, Barry
Jersey Association of Youth and Friendship
Opera House, Jersey
Powell, Colin
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
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Category R-Sound Recording
Places St Brelade, Midvale Road, Schruns, Austria, Mount Aconcagua
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language English
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Jersey Talking Magazine, February [1981].


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