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Jersey Talking Magazine, March [1981].

Reference R/05/B/52
Date March 1st 1981 - March 31st 1981
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Vicki Stuckey interviewing Lady Whiteley, the wife of the Lieutenant Governor about her links to Jersey, living in Calcutta and what her father did, the amount of people in her family, whether she worked, how she met her husband Sir Peter Whiteley, where they got married, where they lived in England, having travel as a result of her husband working at the royal marines in Malta and Singapore, the jobs of her four children, her hobbies including walking and birdwatching, a visit to Salisbury, Zimbabwe to see her daughter and what they planned to do when her husband's term of office as Lieutenant Governor has finished.

Captain Martin Stewart, who works for Aurigny, talks to Phil about his trip to the Falkland Islands organised by the Overseas Development Administration in order to help set up an airline and test the pilots, what the Falkland Islands are like, the weather in the islands and the islanders attitude to being British.

John Shield, Barry Jordan and Janet Le Cocq singing the Gilbert and Sullivan song 'Never Mind the Why and Wherefore' from 'HMS Pinafore'.

Cooking Feature - Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for fish pie and a wholemeal yoghurt cake.

Beth Lloyd talking to Pierre Coutanche, the project leader for an exhibition called 'Visions of the Blind' at the Minden Gallery involving blind children taking photographs and asks him how he got the idea to teach blind children photography, the techniques they use to get the children to take the photographs, the differences between teaching blind children and full sighted children, their favourite subjects to photograph, how long it has been running, the progress of his former pupils, his favourite photograph, how they focus the camera.

Horoscope Feature - Diane Postlethwaite giving the forecast for the year for pisces.

End of Side One.

Gordon Young and Chris visiting Ann Street Brewery and being shown around by Ian Stevens, managing director, to the hops room and describes its effect on the taste of beer, how they are stored, how the brewery was built, the mill room, describing the process of making beer whilst going around the brewery and describes the derivation of Mary Ann Jubilee Lager.

Gordon Young tells a joke.

End of Side Two.
Names Stevens, Ian
Ann Street Brewery Company Limited
Postlethwaite, Diane
Lloyd, Beth
Coutanche, Pierre
Minden Gallery
Gilbert and Sullivan Society
Le Cocq, Janet
Shield, John
Jordan, Barry
Overseas Development Administration
Aurigny Air Services
Stewart, Martin, Captain
Stuckey, Vicki
Whiteley, Sir Peter John Frederick, General, Lieutenant Governor 1979 - 1985
Whiteley, Lady
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords beer brewers | Beer | Brewing | brewers | breweries | horoscopes | cameras | exhibitions | Photography | Photographs | cakes | recipes | Cooking | songs | singing | Weather | Airlines | Aeroplanes | pilots | Birds | Walking | Hobbies | Children | marines | lieutenant governors | Blind | sound recordings | sound | interviews | news | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Falkland Islands, Salisbury, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Malta, Calcutta
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Master Copy-Needs to be Copied
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Jersey Talking Magazine, March [1981].


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