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Jersey Talking Magazine, June [1981].

Reference R/05/B/55
Date 1 June 1981 - 30 June 1981
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Beth Lloyd interviewing Gerard Dubras, a purser on a cruise liner, talking about the ships that he works on, how he became a purser on P & O, what his job entails, the complaints that he has to deal with and what people expect of the cruise, romances on cruises, the places that he has visited including Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Mexico, the amount of time he can get back to Jersey, how long he is going to do the job and funny stories he has encountered on his job.

Philip Gurdon talking to Jacques Toulonges, an employee of Jersey European Airway, about taking part in a trans Atlantic air race at Le Bourget as part of the Paris Air Show, what attracted him to take part, the aeroplane he is entering, how the plane is being modified, the routine after leaving Le Bourget, the course of the race, how long it will take, his father accompanying him on the race, supplies on the plane and how he rates his chances of winning the race.

Horoscope Feature - Diane Postlethwaite giving the forecast for the year for gemini.

Pat Dubras reading a story by a local musician, Muri Simons.

June Gurdon giving some In Touch tips for the blind including music for the blind, talking books by computer and a talking alarm clock.

End of Side One.

Beth Lloyd interviews Patrick Fyffe and George Logan, a drag act known as Hinge and Bracket, talking in character of their desire to become musicians, their musical training, comedy, any funny stories whilst playing, rehearsals before they go on stage, changing their repertoire, their visit to Jersey, the songs that they perform, then they perform the song 'Happy Talk', what they do at home, herbalism, a theatre that they opened in their home town, what they think of Jersey, writing music, the oldest of the two of them, writing her autobiography and performing their favourite song 'Perchance to Dream'.

Beth Lloyd talking to Pat Dubras, the producer of 'Harvey', a show at the Opera House asking her about the play.

Talking to Peter Gilchrist, the lead actor, about the part, being able to read something into the part as a psychologist.

An excerpt from the play being performed.

Gordon Young interviewing Melanie Wilde who is in charge of a group from a school for special children talking about the pupils of the school, why she wanted to go into the job, what her job involves, whether the school improves their behaviour, a link to the social services in England, having a holiday in Jersey, staying with her mother and father, the problems that the five children who are on holiday have and what they are going to do whilst they are in Jersey.
Names Wilde, Melanie
Gilchrist, Peter
Opera House, Jersey
Hinge and Bracket
Logan, George
Fyffe, Patrick
Gurdon, June
Simons, Muri
Dubras, Pat
Postlethwaite, Diane
Paris Air Show
Jersey European Airways
Toulonges, Jacques
P & O Ltd
Dubras, Gerard
Lloyd, Beth
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords Holidays | social services | Children | Schools | psychology | Actors | drag artists | herbs | Theatres | songs | singing | stages | comedy | Computers | Books | actresses | Musicians | Acting | Drama | horoscopes | supplies | pilots | races | air shows | Aeroplanes | jobs | occupations | complaints | pursers | Ships | cruises | sound | interviews | news | Blind | sound recordings | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Le Bourget, Mexico, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language English
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Jersey Talking Magazine, June [1981].


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