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Jersey Talking Magazine, January [1982].

Reference R/05/B/61
Date 1 January 1982 - 31 January 1982
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Interview with Robert Lacey who wrote a biography regarding Queen Elizabeth II talking to Beth Lloyd about the success of the book, where he got his information from, letting the Queen know he was writing the book, going into Buckingham Palace for the first time, meeting the Queen, his impressions of her, the popularity of Lady Diana, his next book about the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the story of Saudi Arabia, how he was able to talk to the Saudi Arabian royal family, his impressions of the family, the cultural differences between the Arab and western countries and the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews.

Dixie Landick and Stephen Lucas singing 'Gloom is Just Around the Corner'.

Cooking Feature - Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for what to cook after Christmas.

End of Side One.

Gordon Young visiting Noirmont Command Bunker with John Bouchere of the Channel Islands Occupation Society talking about the bunker, it being closed from 1945, describing the bunkers defences, specifications and different rooms within the bunker, the restoration of the bunker, the different objects found within the bunker, looking out from Noirmont, describing a 15cm gun that was dumped at the end of the war and retrieved by the Channel Islands Occupation Society from the bottom of a cliff at Les Landes and put at Noirmont, defences that used to exist at Noirmont, the number of guns that was controlled by the Noirmont Command Bunker.

End of Side Two.
Names Bouchere, John
Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey)
Noirmont Command Bunker
Jenkins, Margaret
Lucas, Stephen
Landick, Dixie
Diana, Princess of Wales
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1952-
Lloyd, Beth
Lacey, Robert
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
Keywords Guns | restorations | Bunkers | societies | Defences | German fortifications | German Bunkers | recipes | Cooking | Food | songs | singing | Arabs | jews | writers | Books | Royal family | queens | biographies | sound | interviews | news | Blind | sound recordings | radios
Category R-Sound Recording
Places Les Landes, Noirmont, Saudi Arabia, Buckingham Palace
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Master Copy-Needs to be Copied
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Jersey Talking Magazine, January [1982].


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