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Jersey Talking Magazine, July [1982].

Reference R/05/B/65
Date 1 July 1982 - 31 July 1982
Scope and Content Introduction by Gordon Young.

Reverend Graham Long, a concologist, an expert on molluscs, talking to Beth Lloyd about how long he has been interested in molluscs, how he became interested in molluscs by finding some snails, the only collector on the island of non-marine molluscs, the interesting molluscs on the island, species we have are generally smaller in size as a result of a lack of chalk on the island, a species was found in Jersey that had only previously been seen in America, a slug of German origin that has been found in St Martin, his theory that it was brought to the island during the second world war, toads eating slugs, over 70 species of gastropods been identified, massive variety of molluscs, majority very small and his decision not eating snails.

Joan Stevens talking about a famous Jerseyman who moved away from Jersey and became famous elsewhere. Thomas de Soulemont who died in 1541 and became the Dean of Jersey in 1534 but didn't stay in Jersey. Moved to England and became French Secretary for King Henry VIII, started to collect property across England, held many positions, fiercely upheld the rights of the ecclesiastical courts and took cases for the benefit of Jersey, well respected and scholarly, bought property of Jersey girls who had married Englishmen. Nicholas the brother of Thomas gave a cast iron gun to the parish of St Saviour. Chris and David at Howard Davis Park taking a tour around the gardens with descriptions of the plants and flowers, the rose garden with descriptions of the colours and smells of the roses, the entrance of the park and the beauty of the park.

Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for vegetarian food.

Gordon Young telling a story.

End of Side One.
Norah Bryan at the spring town fair which was held in the Royal Square for charity. Talks with a member of the Jersey Society for the Disabled about how the spring fair started, his part in the fair, the stalls at the fair and the amount of money that was raised for charity. Describes the stalls around the Royal Square and the different charities represented.

Sue Carr talked to Brian Waites about how he became interested in golf, whether he wanted to become a player at school, becoming a golf professional, his career, the different types of golf professional-looking after a shop at the golf course and giving tuition or playing tournaments, he tries to blend them both together, the number of tournaments he takes part in a year, taking his family to tournaments, playing with Senator John Rothwell and Bill Roache in the Pro Am Tournament and other people that he has played with.

Sue Carr interviews Renton Laidlaw, a golf correspondent, whether he always walks around the golf course before a tournament, research for television, the different newspapers, radio and television programmes that he reports for, who pays the expenses for his travel, the countries that he enjoys the most including Switzerland, the Philippines and Hawaii and America, the communications from different countries, the relations between the press and golfers and the younger generation of golfers. At La Moye Golf Course there is a statue of a wooden unicorn-Howard Baker wrote a story around the unicorn which is read by Stewart Lobb.

End of Side Two.
Names Lobb, Stewart
Baker, Howard
Laidlaw, Renton
Roache, Bill
Rothwell, John, Senator
Carr, Sue
Waites, Brian
Jersey Society for the Disabled
Bryan, Norah
Jenkins, Margaret
de Soulemont, Nicolas
Henry VIII, King of England, 1509-1547
de Soulemont, Thomas
Stevens, Joan
Long, Graham, Reverend
Lloyd, Beth
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip
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Category R-Sound Recording
Places America, Hawaii, Philippines, Switzerland, La Moye Golf Course, Royal Square, Howard Davis Park, St Saviour
Dimensions 1 sound cassette
Language English
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