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Headmaster's Diary for the Jersey Industrial School. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. An index has been attached listing the page numbers a person is mentioned on. This volume has been digitised so please refer to the pdf containing the relevant page number/s

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Reference D/J/O8/4
Date 19 May 1907 - 23 August 1911
Names Jersey Home for Boys
Jersey Industrial School
Abbott, Harold
Abbott, Herbert
Abbott, R
Abbott, William
Ahier, Mr
Albert, Lancelot
Albert, Mr
Alexandre, Albert Edouard
Alexandre, Auguste Paul Clement
Alexandre, F
Alexandre, Miss
Amy, Mr
Anthony, Mr
Archer, Miss
Archer, Mr
Ashley-Walker, Miss
Aubin, Duret, Doctor
Aubin, P A, Constable
Ayling, Alfred
Baker, Mr
Bakes, Alfred
Balleine, G P, Reverend
Balleine, C W, Reverend
Barot, John
Barter, Henry
Bartlett, Reginald
Bartlett, Richard
Battam, John
Bayman, Mrs
Bechemin, Edward
Becquet, F W
Becquet, Joe
Becquet, Victor
Beminster, Mr
Benest, Clarence Raymond
Benest, Cyril Edward
Bennett, Mr
Benoit, Henry
Berry, Mr
Bertram, H
Biddlecombe, George
Bisson, W H
Blackmore, Arthur
Blackmore, Wilfrid
Blampied, R J
Blampied, Stanley
Bliault, Charles, Captain
Bliault, L
Boon, C G
Boulanger, Pierre
Braithwaite, Reverend
Brayn, Doctor
Brebaut, John
Bridger, Miss
Bruce, Mrs
Brunker, William
Bryant, Mrs
Buesnel, Alfred
Burgoyne, Mr
Bush, S
Butters, Eli
Cabot, Mr
Campion, Albert F
Campion, Harold
Campion, James Havelock
Campion, John
Campion, Mrs
Campion, William
Cantell, G, Captain
Carreau, Frank
Carreau, Jean
Carrel, Herbert
Cauvain, Edwin
Cavey, Mr
Cavey, Percy
Cheyney, J C, Private
Clark, Walter
Clarke, Mr
Clubley, Colonel
Clubley, Miss
Coles, Mrs
Collas, Elias
Collas, Jervoise
Collins, E, Private
Collins, Emile
Connolly, Mrs
Connolly, C W H, Reverend
Cook, Mr
Coom, Reginald
Cooney, Clifford
Corbel, Frank
Coutanche, H
Cropper, C H E, reverend
Crosby, Mrs
Curry, Thomas Philip, Captain
Dale, J
Dallain, Frank
Davey, George
Davey, Percy
Davidson, W
Davis, Miss
de Carteret, F, Reverend
de Carteret, P J
De Faye, T
de Gruchy, A and Company
de Gruchy, W
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, William
De La Haye, Albert John
de la Haye, George
de la Haye, J
de Quetteville, P, Reverend
de Rue, Mrs
De St Croix, C
de St Croix, Henry
de St Croix, Percy
de St Croix, Sydney
de Ste Croix, George Frederick
de Ste Croix, H
de Veulle, Mr
de Wet, Commander
Denis, Philip
Diamond, Miss
Dixon, Mr
Donaldson, Mrs
Dorey, C F
Dorey, Jurat
Dorey, T
Driscoll, Mr
du Feu, Mr
Dubief, Eugene
Dubo, Jean
Dumont, Alphonse
Dumont, George
Dumont, Mr
Duret, Aubin, Mrs
Eastman, Mr
Egre, W
Faed, Mr
Falla, Herbert, Constable
Falla, W, Doctor
Falle, Herbert
Falle, Miss
Falle, Mr
Falle, Mrs
Faudemer, Alexander
Faudemer, Francis
Faudemer, Mrs
Fazackerley, R
Fazackerley, Thomas Alfred
Ferguson, Doctor
Findlay, Mrs
Finlay, Doctor
Finlay, Mrs
Fitzgerald, M H, Bishop’s Chaplain
Fontaine, Charles John
Ford, Charles
Forward, Thomas James
Foubert, Charles Desire
Foubert, Robert Victor
Frazer, Ernest, Doctor
Frost, Miss
Gale and Le Seelleur
Gallichan, E
Gallichan, Percy
Garland, Lester
Gavey, Miss
Gavey, Mr, Headmaster
Gavey, Mrs, Matron
Gildea, James, Sir
Gillard, Mr
Gilley, Stanley
Gladstone, Mr
Godel, Mr
Godfray, C
Godfray, Colonel
Godfray, Doctor
Godfray, Edward
Godfray, Edwin
Godfray, Frank
Godfray, Mr
Gold, Alfred
Gold, Peter
Goubert, Philippe
Goubert, Theophile Edmond
Gradwell, Mrs
Grandin, Mr
Grandin, Mrs
Gray, Mr
Gray, Mrs
Greenfield, Colonel
Grodoire, George
Grodoire, William Harry
Guiliana, Frederick
Guiton, P
Guy, Fred
Hailstone, Mr
Hallett, Henry
Hamberg, Doctor
Hamett, Raymond
Handsford, Alfred
Harden, Mr
Harnett, Edmond
Harnett, H
Harper, Mrs
Harriet, Harry
Harris, Charles
Harris, Mrs
Harwood-Hardman, Doctor
Harwood-Hardman, Mrs
Hayden, Mr
Hayden, Mrs
Haynes, Miss
Heath, Doylea
Henaghan, pupil
Henderson, Mr
Herivel, Cyril
Heuzé, Ernest
Hibbs, A
Hibbs, Clarence
Hibbs, Robert
Hibbs, William
Hill, Arthur Rowland
Hindle, C D, Reverend
Hodden, Sergeant
Hodge Robert
Hodge, Edgar
Hodge, Fred
Holmes, George
Holmes, P
Horman, F
Hotton, E G
Houellebecq, Francis
Houellebecq, John
Houssin, P
Hoyle, George
Hubert, E
Huelin, Doctor
Huelin, Sydney
Hunt, Mr
Iggo, Charles
Iggo, John W
Igo, Fred
Jackson, Moore, Mr
Jacqueline, Douglas
Jarley, Mrs
Jeandron, Jean
Jeffrey, Arthur
Jeune, F
Jones, Charles
Jones, Mr
Jones, William
Kark, Miss
Kark, Mrs
Keeping, William
Keller, Doctor
Kelly, E
Kelly, Edward
Kelly, Edwin
Kelly, G
King, Walter Herbert Hutchings
Kirby, Charles Neville
Knatchbull, Miss
Lange, Marceau Arsene Louis
Langford, Charles Colley
Langford, L
Larbalestier, Jeanette
Laverty, J
Laverty, pupil
Laverty, W
Lazenby, Doctor
Le Bas, John
Le Bas, N
Le Breton, P
Le Brocq, Miss
Le Brun, Mr
Le Brun, Richardson
Le Cocq, Reginald
Le Cornu, A
Le Cornu, C F
Le Cornu, Mr
Le Cornu, Mrs
Le Cornu, R
Le Couteur, John, Captain
Le Cras, F
Le Cras, Herbert
Le Duc, Mr
Le Feuvre, E, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Edward
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Feuvre, P
Le Feuvre, W
Le Gallais, F J
Le Gresley, F
Le Gresley, J
Le Gresley, Mrs
Le Gros, Alfred Reginald
Le Huquet, Edward
Le Huquet, G
Le Huquet, George
Le Huquet, J
Le Huquet, M
Le Huquet, Mr
Le Huquet, Rennie
Le Lievre, C
Le Lievre, Stanley
Le Maistre, Clarence
Le Maistre, Mr
Le Maistre, Mrs
Le Marquand, C
Le Marquand, Mr
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, E
Le Quesne, Mrs
Le Riche, Mr
Le Rossignol, Mr
Le Sauvage, F
Le Seeleur, George
Le Sueur, Clarence
Le Sueur, Robert
Le Sueur, Mr
Le Sueur, P
Le Troquer, Alfred
Le Troquer, Frank Yves Marie
Le Vesconte, Edward
Lempriere, R
Lenaghan, Harold
Lenaghan, Thomas
Lesbirel, R J
Lillicrap, John
Lindsell, Colonel
Louvel, Ernest Adolphe
Love, R D, Reverend
Luce, A
Luce, C
Luce, Edward
Luce, Herbert
Mallet, Bertie
Malzard, Mr
Manning, Joe
Marett, Albert
Marett, George
Marett, J R
Marett, Miss
Marett, Mr
Marie, Alfred
Marie, John de Gruchy
Marie, Philip
Marie, pupil
Mariett, William
Marquand, Alfred
Marquand, Bernard
Marquand, Clarence
Marquand, Mr
Marquand, Mr
Marshall, Albert
Marshall, Wilfred
Martin, Doctor
Martin, Mrs
Mauger, Edward
McClure, General
Messervy, Albert
Messervy, Mr
Miles, J M, Churchwarden
Milner, H, Reverend
Moulson, Mrs
Mourant, Arthur
Mourant, P J Reverend
Mowbray, Miss
Martin, Mr
Murray, W
Napper, Mr
Nelis, Miss
Nicolle, C J
Noel, Charles
Noel, John
Noel, Walter
O’Brien, Lester
O’Brien, Reginald
O’Connor, Doctor
Oldridge, Mr
Oliver, Master
Outin, Madame
Ozard, George
Ozard, Herbert Henry
Ozard, Redmond
Page, Mr
Parlett, Mr
Parnell, Mr
Paturel, George
Paturel, John Peter
Paturel, Percy
Pavoux, Francis
Payn, T, Jurat
Pearse, Mr
Pelleut, E
Pell­uet, Cyril
Pelluet, Ernest
Pelluet, Samuel
Perree, Mr
Perrèe, Mr
Perry, Fred
Pettaway, Alice
Peyton, Miss
Phame, Mrs
Pickett, Mr
Picot, Christine
Pierre, Noel
Pihan, C
Pirouet, C
Pirouet, H
Pirouet, Mr
Podger, Bernard, Albert
Podger, Mrs
Poidevin, J
Poingdestre, M
Price, Frank
Proper, Winter
Quenault, Mr
Quirot, George
Quirot, Thomas
Ramie, Herbert
Raymer, Ethel
Raymer, Mrs
Raymer, Richmond, Captain
Renard, Albert Tom
Rhodes, Milson Rupert, Doctor
Ribes, Mrs
Richardson, Advocate
Rickett, F A
Ricks, George
Robin, George
Robin, Philip Colonel
Robins, Edmund
Rondel, Madam
Roux, Mr
Rowden, Sydney
Ruaux, Charles
Ruaux, Mr
Rumsey, Fred
Rust, George
Rust, Henry
Ryle, Lord Bishop
Samson, J A
Saterford, Miss
Saussey, Mrs
Saussey, S
Sauvage, Frank
Sheppard, R G
Simmonds, Percy Gordon
Sinatt, G L
Slous, Miss
Smith, Ernest Raymond
Sollitt, Cyril
Springate, William
Squeers, Mrs
St George, C
St George, Sydney
Stent, Master
Stephens, Harold
Stevens, Harold
Stocker, Major
Stocker, Mrs
Sumner, Mrs
Tagg, Mr
Teighmore House
Thatcher, James
Thomas, Francis
Thomas, Sydney
Tisson, Alfred
Tisson, Charles
Tisson, Henry
Tite, Edward Albert
Tite, Henry Walter
Toms, H W
Tredant, Alfred George Vincent
Tregear, Mr
Tucker, Mrs
Turner, A H
Turpin, M
Valpy, John
Vaudin, William
Veneer Basket Company
Vickers, Miss
Victoria Club
Vilette, Albert
Vilette, Louis
Villette, Albert G
Villette, Louis
Vivien, Mr
Voisin, Emile
Voisin, Miss
Voisin, Mr
Voisin, R, Doctor
Walton, A
Ward, E, Reverend
Wavell, Sydney
Welcome’s Lassie
Whitley, Mr
Whitley, T
Wickers, Edwin Gerald
Wickers, George Fred
Wickers, J
Wickers, Mrs
Wickers, Wyndham
Williams, C, Reverend
Wilson, Mrs
Woonton, Albert
Woonton, William
Worthington, J, Reverend
Wright, P
Yourdi, Colonel
Keywords Schools | headmasters | diaries | Homes | apprenticeships | Education
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/J/O8/4This item»

Headmaster's Diary for the Jersey Industrial School. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. An index has been attached listing the page numbers a person is mentioned on. This volume has been digitised so please refer to the pdf containing the relevant page number/s


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