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Remboursement de Rente between Charles Hamon, James Potter, John Edwin Peter Davey, Philippe Le Sueur, James Joslin Dupré, William Lee, William Dart, Fredrick Jean, John Rougier Le Poidevin, William Henry Sutcliffe, William Smith, trustees of the English Wesleyan Circuit, of the first party, and Reverend Richard Peter Davey, minister and superintendent of the English Wesleyan Circuit, of the second party and Edouard de la Perelle, procureur of Clement Le Montais de la Perelle, son of Elie, of the third party. Records the reimbursement of the rente from 1, with the consent of 2, to 3. The rente is for the sum of 2 quartiers of wheat, and is reimbursed for the sum of 26 pounds sterling


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