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Remboursement de Rente between , John Edwin Peter Davey, William Symonds Dart, George Thomas Bryant, Charles Edwin Davey, William Valpy Gaudin, Alfred Gulliver, John William Dupré, James Henry Dart Potter and John Jourdain, Frank Walker, John William Dart, John James Moisson Asplet D'Arthenay, George Henry Balston, George Benjamin Watts, Walter Charles Bryant, Charles Thomas Osment, Henry Lawford and John Baudains, trustees of the English Wesleyan Circuit, of the first party, and Reverend Henry Thackeray Brumwell, minister superintendent of the English Circuit, of the second party and Philippe Dorey, son of Philippe, of the third party. Records the reimbursement of the rente from 1, with the consent of 2, to 3. The rente is for the sum of 2 quartiers, 1 sixtonnier and 2 tiens of sixtonnier of wheat and is sold for the sum of 36 pounds, 12 shillings and 6 pennys sterling


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