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Volume listing criminals confined in HM's Gaol at Jersey, 1814 - 1833, including case details and indexed by name of the prisoner.The second half of the book contains a list of prisoners incarcerated for debt, 1814 - 1847, including case details and indexed by name. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed by subscribers in the form of a pdf. to open pdf click on View L_F_54_A_A_1.pdf in red type. A scanned copy of the original volume has also been attached in two parts entitled criminal prison and debtors prison

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Reference L/F/54/A/A/1
Date 1814 - 1847
Names HM Prison, La Moye
Abel, Louis
Ablet, John
Abraham, Benjamin
Abrahams, Benjamin
Adams, James
Adams, William
Afernen, Alexander
Agore, Mr
Ahier, A
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Francis
Ahier, J
Ahier, Jean
Ahier, John
Alexander, Edward
Alexander, Elias
Alexander, John
Alexander, Philip
Alexandre, Edward
Alexandre, Elie
Alexandre, Francis
Alexandre, George
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, Moses
Alfred, Mr
Allain, Bienaime
Allain, Madam
Allaire, Julien
Allan, Andrew
Allaun, Michael
Allen, Grace
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Robert
Allen, William
Allexandre, Philip
Allez, Charles
Allez, P
Allez, Peter
Allez, Pierre
Allez, Thomas
Allport, Simon
Amson, Thomas
Amy, Daniel
Amy, Edward
Amy, Gedeon
Amy, George
Amy, George Philip
Amy, Gideon
Amy, J P
Amy, Jean
Amy, John
Amy, Joshua
Amy, Nicholas
Amy, Peter
Amy, Philip
Amy, Pierre
Anderson, M
Anderson, Thomas
Andrews, Henry
Andrews, J
Andrews, M
Andrews, Mr
Anley, Bridget
Anley, Edward
Anley, John
Anley, Josué
Anley, Louisa
Anley, Matilda
Anley, Philip
Anley, Philippe
Anley, William
Annon Edward
Anquetil, FL
Anquetil, Francois Louis
Anquetil, Jacques
Anquetil, Phillip
Anson, Mrs
Anton, John Reverend
Archer, Jeremiah
Armstrong, Benjamin
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, William
Arnold, William
Arthur, Charles
Arthur, Margaret
Arthur, Phil
Arthur, Francis
Arundell, Henry
Asplet, Jean
Asplet, John
Atard, Anthoine
Atkins, Captain
Atkins, Mrs
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, Mr
Atkinson, Thomas
Aubin, Clement
Aubin, Esther
Aubin, Francis
Aubin, John
Aubin, Phillipe
Aubin, Thomas
Avery, John
Aynge, George Augustus
Backwell, Mr
Backwell, Thomas
Badier, George
Bagley, Thomas
Bagshaw, Mr
Bagwell, William
Bailey, C,
Bailey, C C
Bailey, Charles
Bailey, Charles C
Bailhache, John F
Baker, G
Baker, John
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Mrs
Bakes, Robert
Baldwin, Mr
Baleyne, James
Balkey, Frederick
Ball, Enoch
Ball, John
Balleine, Mrs
Balsom, John
Banam, Maria
Banem, Thomas
Banister, William F
Bannister, J
Bannister, James
Bannister, Joseph
Baptiste, Daniel
Barber, A F
Barfoot, Sam
Barker, Mr
Barnett, William
Barry, James M
Barry, John
Bartelemi, Mr
Barthelemi, Mr
Bartlett, Thomas L
Bartlett, Thomas Leigh
Bartley, Lewis
Barttlow, John
Base, Henry
Bastard, Ann
Batam, John
Batam, William
Bate, John
Bates, Elizabeth
Bates, Henry
Bates, Richard
Bateson, William
Batey, John
Batey, Mr
Bath, Wm
Baton, Duncan
Baton, Sally
Battam, John
Battaw, John
Baudain, Ann
Baudain, Francis
Baudain, John
Baudain, Peter
Baudain, Philip
Baudains dit La Gerche, J
Baudains, Ann
Baudains, Elizabeth
Baudains, François
Baudains, Jean
Baudains, John
Baudains, Joshua
Baudains, Thomas
Bavard, Peter
Baxter, George
Bayle, Edward
Bayly, F B
Beacher, Mrs
Beaghan, George
Beaghan, John
Beal, Thomas
Beaty, Agnes
Beaty, Charles
Beaucamp, George
Beaucamp, Jean
Beaucamp, Michael
Beaucamp, Michel
Beaucamp, Thomas
Beauchamp, Elias
Beauchamp, George
Beauchamp, Jean
Beauchamp, Thomas
Beauchier, Marie Louis
Beaucousin, Pierre
Beaugie, Thomas
Beaulieu, Joseph
Bechervaise, John, Captain
Beckford, John
Becquet, Jean
Bedford, Thomas
Beechwood, John
Beer, James
Belford, Fanny
Belford, George
Belin, Charles
Belin, Francis
Belis, Francis
Bellin, Anne
Bellot, Francis
Bemabey, Sarah
Benest, George
Benest, Philip
Benham, Robert
Bennet, E F
Bennet, Robert
Bennett, John
Bennett, John B
Bergen, Patrick
Bernabey, Sarah
Bernard, Peter
Bertaut, Jean
Bertaut, Jean Thomas
Beschte, Philip
Bessen, Denis
Bessent, Moses
Bessin, Abraham
Best, Dennis
Bevan, James
Bichard, Philip
Bichard, Thomas
Bichard, William
Bickerley, Robert
Bickford Hornbrook, Thomas
Bilding, Elizabeth
Billing, Edward
Bird, Henry
Bishop, Peter
Bishop, Pierre
Bishop, Sarah
Bishop, Thomas
Bisson, Benjamin
Bisson, Charles Le Gros
Bisson, Elie
Bisson, George
Bisson, Jean
Bisson, Mary
Bisson, Nicholas
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, Philip Le Gros
Bisson, Philippe
Bisson, Thomas
Black, William
Blackmore, Henry James
Blackwell, Sergeant
Blais, Pierre Marie
Blake, Robert
Blampied, Amice
Blampied, Anne
Blampied, Elias
Blampied, Elie
Blampied, J
Blampied, John
Blampied, Josué
Blampied, Philip
Blampied, Pierre
Blanchard, F
Blanchard, W
Blanché, Mariana
Blanders, Susan
Willis, Mrs
Blin, Charles
Bloxam, E A
Bluett, Mrs
Blunt, Mr
Boddy, John
Boitarg, Mrs
Bollen Baldwin, James
Boniface, Thomas
Boreham, George
Bosdert, Thomas
Bossy, F J
Bossy, Frances
Bott, Nicholas
Bott, Peter
Bott, Philip
Renier, Jean
Bottomley, James
Bottomley, W H
Boulanger, John
Bourgè, Mrs
Bourinot, Jean
Bourinot, Margaret
Bourinot, Philip
Boutillier, Rose
Bowden, Anthony
Bowden, John
Bowden, Mrs
Bowden, Patrick
Bowstead, W
Boyle, J
Boyle, Thomas
Bradby, Mr
Bradford, Richard
Bradley, James
Bradley, John
Bramhall, Thomas
Brannon, John
Brant, August
Brantonne, Anne
Brasford, Joshua
Brasford, Peter
Bray, Alexander
Bray, Joseph
Bray, Mary Ann
Braydon, Eliza
Brayen, Evan
Brée, Louisa
Brée, Elias
Brée, George
Brée, Jean
Brée, John
Breffet, William
Brehaut, J
Brennan, Joseph
Brewer, Mr
Brian, Evan
Briard, Edward
Bricot, Caroline
Bridges, James
Bridget, E
Bridgman, Ellen
Brien, Mons
Brigeaux, Charles
Briggs, James
Brighton, Edward
Brine, Philip
Broadhurst, John
Bromer, David
Brook’s, Walter
Brooks, G B
Broom, John
Brouard, Peter
Broward, Peter
Browell, Mr
Brown, Charles
Brown, David
Brown, James
Brown, John
Brown, Mary
McDonald, J
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Robert
Brown, Samuel
Brown, William
Browne, George
Browne, Henry
Browne, Jean Marie
Browsey, John
Bryan, Evan
Bryant, C K
Bryant, Eliza
Bryant, Henry
Buchar, Adrian
Buckingham, Henry
Buckland, Edmund
Buesnel, Esther
Le Feuvre, George Helier
Buesnel, Hanry
Bulger, John
Bull, N B
Bull, Nicholas B
Bull, William
Bullen, John
Bunlyn, John
Bunter, Richard
Burch, Charles
Burch, James
Burck, John
Burgen, Joseph
Burgess, Thomas
Burke, Johanna
Burnel, Anne
Burns, George
Burrard, C
Burrard, Philip
Burrell, William
Burriman, James
Burton, John
Burton, Mr
Busher, Betsey
Bussay, George
Butcher, Elizabeth
Butler, John
Butler, Thomas
Byfield, James
Cabeldu, Francis
Cabot, Ann
Cabot, J Daniel
Cabot, John
Cabot, P J
Cabot, Rachel
Cadoret, Daniel
Caillemer, Jean
Calberg, S A
Callahgan, Daniel
Callanan, John
Calliou, Francis
Can, Colonel
Canington, Margaret
Cannaven, William
Caple, William
Cardinal, Sara
Care, Thomas
Carew, John
Carey, John
Carey, Robert
Carle, Francis
Carpenter, William John
Carr, Colonel
Carr, F
Carr, John
Carré, John
Carrel, Francis
Carrel, Jane
Carrel, Jean
Carrel, John
Carrel, Samuel J
Carrington, Margaret
Carrol, John
Carroll, Thomas
Carronduff, John
Carter, Benjamin
Carter, Charles
Carter, John
Carter, Michael
Carter, Thomas
Cass, Thomas
Cassell, Catherine
Cassell, Elizabeth
Cassidy, Hugh
Catline, Peter
Caughland, William
Cavanagh, Daniel
Cavanagh, Hugh
Cavanaugh, Margaret
Benjamin, Mitchell
Cave, William
Cavey, John
Cesar, Mr
Chadwick, Mr
Chadwick, Richard
Chambers, John
Champion, Robert
Channing, John
Chapman, William
Charley, Thomas
Chevalier, Ann
Chevalier, Guilleaume
Chevalier, H
Chevalier, Jean
Childers, W W
Chorley, Thomas
Choyte, James
Chray, Louis
Chubb, R R
Chubb, Richard
Chubb, Robert Randall
Church, George
Church, Jesey
Churchill, Charles
Clark, Andrew
Clark, B
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, John
Clark, Peter
Clark, William
Clarke, Andrew
Cleaver, William
Cleverly, Harriet W
de la Croix, John
Cleverton, Thomas
Clohosey, William
Coar, James
Cobb, J M
Cockram, Elias
Cockram, Elie
Cockrane, James
Coglin, John
Cole, Robert
Coles, Thomas
Collas, George
Collas, James
Collas, Philip
Collette dit Groudier, Jacques
Colley, Richard
Collings, S
Collins, Captain
Collins, Charlotte
Collins, Christopher Gerard Rigbye
Collins, J
Collins, James
Collins, John
Collins, Mary Ann
Collins, Mr
Collins, P
Colliver, Peter
Conboy, John
Concanen, Matthew
Condill, John
Connally, Mr
Connell, Ellen
Connell, John
Connelly, John
Connor, John
Connors, John
Cook, Mrs
Prim, Mrs
Cook, William
Cooper, Charles
Carter, Charles
Cooper, Christie
Corbel, Nancy
Corbel, Philip
Corbet, Daniel
Cornign, James
Cornish, John
Corrisson, James
Corson, James
Cosleck, Thomas
Costard, Jean
Costard, Mr
Cotard, John
Cotton, Joseph A
Couch, Eliza
Coughlin, James
Couillard Des Pres, Jean
Couls, John
Cousins, Thomas
Coutanceaux, Peter
Coutanche, Betsey
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Elias
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Esther
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, Jean
Coutanche, Jeanne
Coutanche, Jeanneton
Le Riche, Jean
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, Josué
Coutanche, Madame
Coutanche, Philip Francis
Couvet, John
Coward, Jos
Coward, William
Cox, Arthur
Cox, Charles
Cox, Edwin
Cox, Francis Augustus
Cox, George
Cox, Mrs
Coyle, Ann
Cozens, Harriot
Crago, John
Craine, John
Craine, Mary
Crees, George
Creess, George
Crese, George
Cresse, George
Creuse, George
Croker, John
Croome, Richard
Crozier, Acheson
Cuirot, Charles
Cummins, Michael
Cunning, David
Currie, John
Curry, D
Curzon, F
Cutler, Stephen
Cutler, Thomas
D’arcy, Thomas Butler
D’oyle, Patrick
Dabbs, John
Dabbs, Mary
Dalbel, Francois
Dalton, H A
Dalton, Hawkins A
Dalton, Richard
Daly, Michael
Darcy, W S
Dauvaine, Francis
Davidson, Alexander
Davidson, Mr
Davidson, Samuel John
Davies, Benjamin
Davies, Jeremiah
Davies, John
Davies, Peggy
Davies, William
Davis, Caroline Anley
Jeune, Francis
Davis, Jane
Davis, John
Davis, Samuel
Davis, William
Davison, Mr
Davonshire, John
Davot, Philip
Dawes, Thomas
Dawson, William
Day, Benjamin
Day, Ephraim
de Busselot, Mr
de Caën, Jean
de Carteret, Jean
de Carteret, Peter
de Garis, Thomas
de Garris, Nicolas
de Gruchy, Anne
Davis, William
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Francis
de Gruchy, Jean
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, John Elias
de Gruchy, Mathieu
De Gruchy, Philip
de Jersey, Mr
de Jersey, N
de la Cour, François
de la Cour, John
de la Cour, Nicholas
de La Hay ,Joshua
de la Haye, Elias
De La Haye, Francis
de la Haye, George
de la Mare, Francis
de la Mare, Jean
de la Mare, John
de la Perrel, George
de la Perrelle, Elizabeth
de la Rue, Pierre Nicolas
de May, Eugene
de Mitre, Mrs
de Nieures, Mr
de Putron, John
De St Croix, Charles
de St Croix, Jean
de St Croix, John
de St Croix, Matthew
de St Croix, Philip
de ste croix, Henry
de Ste Croix, John
de Ste Croix, Mary
de Ste Croix, Philip
de Tilly, Mr
Dear, Mr
Debeaune, James
Degarie, Thomas
Delafroix, V M
Delaperrel, George, Captain
Delivon, Thomas
Delouche, Mathiew
Denison, Peter
Densham, H Brice
Deon, John
Derham, Daniel
Derlin, James
des Jardins, Yion
des Lauriers, Julien
Deschamps, John
Deslandes, Elias
Deslandes, John
Deslandes, Nancy
Deslandes, Philippe
Devaux, John
Develin, Edward
Devon, Margaret
Dick, Robert
Dickenson, Mary
Dight, Joseph
Dighton, John
Dillon, John
Dilon, John
Dingle, Joseph
Dingle, Richard
Diver, James
Divers, John
Dod, William
Dodge, Richard
Dogal, Helen
Dolbel, Francois
Dolbel, John
Donohue, James
Dook, Alexander
Doran, Ann
Doran, Thomas
Doré, Elias
Dorey, Daniel
Dorey, George
Douglan, Mary
Down, Richard
Downy, John
Doxford, M
Doyle, Mary wife
Radegan, Patrick
Doyle, Patrick
Drake, Charles
Drake, James
Draper, John
Drayton, William
Drew, George
Drew, John
Drew, Michael
Drewry, George
Drewry, William
Driscoll, Daniel
Drummond, Annis W
Dryden, B W
du Bois, George
du Faine, J Philip
Du Feu, Charles
du Feu, Philip
du Frene, Jacques Phillipe
du Hamell, John
du Jardin, Francis
du Val, N S
du Van, Thomas
Duchemin, Helier
Duchesny, Jean Baptiste
Dufrene, V F
Dufrene, Victor F
Duggin, John
Duggin, Mrs
Dugravier, Monsieur
Dugue, Alexander
Duhamel, Jean
Duhamel, Philippe
Duheaume, Miss
Duheaume, Philip
Duke, Joshua
Dumaresq, Anne
Dumaresq, N
Dumaresq, Nicholas
Dumaresq, Philip
Dumaresq, Sarah
Dumaresq, Thomas
Dun, John
Dunn, Betty
Dunn, John
Duplain, Henry
Dupont, Francois
Dupré, Joseph
Durand, William
Durell, Clement
Durell, Mrs
Durell, Nicholas
Durell, Susan
Horman, J T
Duval, Peter
Duval, Philip
Duyer, Michael
Dycey, James, Captain
Dyke, John
Dynnon, Patrick
Dyson, Jeremiah
Eansworth, William
Easgate, Sarah
Edge, Sergeant
Edmonds, John Henry
Edmonds, Richard
Edwards, George
Edwards, Samuel
Egan, John
Eigenbotom, Mrs
Elias, Joel
Elkington, C
Elliott, James
Ellis, Mary Ann
Ellison, Henry
Erault, Elizabeth
Erault, Esther
Ereaut, Josue
Ereaux, Abraham
Ereaux, Clement
Esan, Mary
Esmond, John
Esnouf, Elias
Esnouf, John
Esnouf, Richard
Esthu, Elizabeth
Etorre, Pierre
Evans, Ellice
Monks, Thomas
Evans, Thomas
Fackney, John
Fagan, William
Fahlsted, C E
Faint, Gosport
Fall, John
Falla, Peter
Fallaize, Thomas
Falle, Edouard
Falle, Elias
Falle, Elie
Falle, John
Falle, Joshua
Falle, Mrs
Falle, Philip
Falle, Thomas
Fanan, Manuel
Fanel, Dennis
Fanel, Johanna
Fanstone, John
Farden, Samuel
Faris, James
Farley, John
Farley, Joseph
Farr, Mr
Fauche, V A
Fauchon, Charles
Fauchon, Magloire
Fauvel, Elias
Fauvel, George
Fauvel, J J
Fauvel, Jane
Fauvel, Jean
Fauvel, Julie Jeanneton
Le Geyt, William
Fauvel, Philip
Fauvel, Pierre
Fauvel, Tom
Feaver, George
Fenton, Samuel
Ferbrache, Daniel
Fermer, William
Ferris, Philip
Fesey, Joseph
Fewing, James
Fewins, James
Field, Eliza
Field, Pascal
Fimm, Samuel
Finlay, George
Finlay, Simon
Finley, John
Fisher, John
Fisher, Mr
Fitzpatrick, Samuel
Flannagan, Charles
Flartey, Mr
Fleming, C F
Fleming, George
Flere, Daniel
Fletcher, James
Fleure, L
Fleury, Achille Pierre Frederick
Flinn, J T
Flinn, Thomas
Flora, Mary Ann
Floren, Jean
Florence, Jean
Foiguet, Jean
Fontaine, Auguste
Forbes, Ann
Forbes, John
Forker, Patrick
Foster, Andrew
Foster, Francis
Foster, Jane
Fourre, J Louis
Fowler, Samuel
Fox, Dennis
Frampton, James
Francis, Paulo
Franco, Moses
Freeman, Aaron
French, Agnes
French, William
Frost, John
Fry, Ann Elizabeth
Fry, Madame
Fry, Mrs
Fry, Mr
Fry, W
Fuller, H
Furguson, Daniel
Furgusson, Joseph
Fuzzard, George
Gaffney, William
Gaigenet, Mr
Gaignette, John
Gallaird, Thomas
Gallan, Patrick
Gallan, William
Galliard, Peter
Gallichan, Clement
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, J F
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Marie
Gallichan, Matthew
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Philippe
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallie, David
Gallie, Joshua
Gallien, Thomas
Galliene, Philip
Galliot, P E
Galpin, Henry
Gann, John Bryer
Gannion, Jean
Gardner, L
Garland, Henry James
Garland, William
Garran, Owen
Garrity, Thomas
Gartrell, John
Garvan, Owen
Gaudin, David
Gaudin, Elias
Gaudin, Francis
Gaudin, George
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudin, Raulin
Gaudion, Nicholas
Gaudion, Nicolas
Gauvain, Philip
Gauvin, Peter
Gavey, John
Gavey, Nicholas
Gavon, Francois
Gawan, Owen
Gearan, Patrick
Gegm, Peter
Gendre, Marie Annete
Gevi, William
Gibaut, Jeanne
Gibbs, James Gordon
Giffard, Charles
Giffard, Elizabeth Margaret
Giffard, Philip
Gilbert, Elias
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, Joseph
Gilbert, Louis
Gilbert, Nicholas
Gill, Mr
Gillam, George
Gillan, Owen
Gillard, Eliza
Gillet, Joseph
Gillet, Richard
Gillman, Jonathan
Gilman, John
Gilman, Jonathan
Giott, Charles Adrien
Gluyas, Ann
Smith, John
Goble, WH
Godard, Elizabeth
Godart, Francis
Godart, Mrs
Godefroy, Pierre
Godel, John
Godfray, Bernabey
Godfray, Marguerite
Godfray, George
Godfray, James
Godfray, Jeanne
Le Gallais, Jean
Godfray, John
Godfray, Josué
Goertz, H L
Goffe, Samuel
Goguet, John
Good, Henry
Good, Martha
Gooding, James
Goodmen, James
Gordon, Catherine
Gordon, George
Gordon, Gilbert
Gordon, James
Gore, Anthony
Gorey, George
Gosselin, John
Gotterel, John
Gotterel, Mary
Gotterell, John
Goudard, Francois
Gould, Abraham
Gould, William
Goutter, John
Grady, Mark
Graham, Samuel
Grainger, Benjamin
Grandin, Charles
Grandin, Jean
Grandin, John
Grandin, Philip
Grant, J
Graves, Robert
Gray, Eliza Grant
Langmead, William
Gray, John
Gray, William
Gready, Eleanor
Gready, Mark
Gready, Martin
Greece, George
Green, Eliza
Green, Sara
Land, Eliza
Greenhough, James
Greenway, Charles Thomas
Greenwood, William
Gregg, Charles
Gregory, Maria
Greig, William
Grenfell, William
Grenoilleau, P
Grey, Andrew
Grey, John
Griffiths, George
Grig, Charles
Grig, Mrs
Grimes, Mrs
Grimes, Patrick
Grimes, Thomas
Grindel, Philip
Grist, Joseph
Groizard, P
Grosvalet, Jane Elizabeth
Gruchy, Anne
Davis, William
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, Philip
Gryl, J
Guard, Edward
Guerin, Mr
Guilleaume, George
Gullicar, John
Gumm, James
Gunton, Robert
Guppy, John
Guy, Jean
Guy, John
Hacquoil, John
Hacquoil, Peter
Hadley, Mary
Hagman, Thomas
Haile, George
Haines, Joseph
Hains, William
Hainscomb, Charles
Hainy, Barnett
Hale, William
Haley, John
Halford, John
Halfyard, James
Hall, George, Corporal
Hall, James
Hall, John
Hall, Joseph
Hallet, Thomas
Halls, Thomas
Hambling, John
Hamel, James Pierre
Hamilton, Augustus F
Hammilton, Mrs
Hammond, John
Hammond, Rhoda
White, Richard
Hammond, Samuel
Hamon, Edward
Hamon, George
Hamon, J
Hamon, John
Hamon, Mary
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Pierre
Hamon, Rachel
Hamon, Thomas
Hamptonne, Charles
Hanagan, George
Hands, Elizabeth
Hanley, John
Hanniford, George McNamara
Hans, Edward
Hansom, Thomas
Harang, Jean Francis Leonore
Harding, John
Hardly, Zacharias
Hardy, Joseph
Hardy, Mrs
Hardy, Peter
Hardy, William
Hare, Reginal
Hare, Reginald
Harfield, George
Harmer, James
Harnett, James
Harnett, Samuel
Harouard, Louis
Harouard, Louise
Harral, T F B
Harran, Maurice
Harrean, John
Harris, John
Harris, Rachael
Harris, William
Hart, Patrick
Hart, Thomas
Hartnall, Elizabeth
Harvey, James
Harvey, John
Harvey, Thomas
Haslam, Andrew
Hawkins, Charles
Hawkins, G D
Hawkins, George Drew
Hawkins, Lieutenant R N
Hay, James Thomas
Hayes, John
Hayes, R V B
Hayes, William
Hayle, Robert
Hayter, John
Hazlewood, William
Head, Henry
Head, James
Healey, L, Mr
Heathershaw, J
Hefferon, Roderick
Hellene, John Francis
Helleur, Esther
Hire, Helier
Helleur, Francis
Hellyer, Philip Samuel
Hellyer, Robert
Helpman, Ellen
Henley, James
Henly, Mary
Henning, John
Henwood, William
Hepburn, John
Hepburn, P A
Herault, Clement
Herault, Elizabeth
Hérault, George
Herault, James
Herrell, Henry
Herris, Himan
Hervey, Madam
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Robert
Hicky, Sophia
Higgins, William
Higgs, Robert
Hill, James
Hill, William
Hill, John
Hilton, John
Hilyear, Robert
Hinchcliffe, Thomas
Hinchey, Edward
Hire, Helier
Hislop, Alexander
Hocquard, Charles
Hocquard, George
Hocquard, Joshua
Hocquard, Nicholas
Hocquard, Philip
Hocquard, Susan
Hodder, Captain
Hodder, Richard
Hodge, William
Hogan, Patrick
Holland, Catherine
Holliss, Francis P
Holliss, Joseph
Holliss, Joseph P
Holly, William
Holmes, Lieutenant
Holmes, Thomas
Homan, Mark
Honeyburn, John
Honeywell, Henry
Hooke, Thomas
Hoole, James
Hooper Bennett, Edward
Hooper, James
Hopey, Mr
Hopey, Mrs
Hopkinson, Catherine
Horam, Willia
Horean, John
Horen, James
Horman, J T
Horman, Philip
Hormon, Joshua
Hormon, Mrs
Hormon, Philip
Hornblow, George
Hornbrook, Thomas Richard
Horragan, John
Horragan, Patesey
Horregan, Patsey
Horrigan, Jerry
Horrigan, Kitty
Horrogan, Ann
How, Benjamin
Howard, Charles
Howard, Nancy
Howe, Ann
Howley, Andrew
Hoyles, John
Huard, Jean
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Edward
Hubert, George
Hubert, Jean
Hubert, John
Hubert, John Joseph
Hubert, Joseph
Hubert, Philip
Hubert, Philippe
Hubout, Jean Pierre
Hudson, Captain
Hue, Thomas
Huelin, Charles
Huelin, Clement
Huelin, John
Huelin, Philip
Hughes, James
Hughes, Thomas
Hungerford Sealy, J P
Hunt, Jean
Hunt, Edward
Hunt, Mr
Hunt, Mrs
Hunter, Samuel
Hurley, John
Hurly, Catherine
Huston, Thomas
Hutcheson, D
Hutchings, James
Hutchings, Philip
Hutchings, Sarah
Hutchinson, Captain R N
Hutchinson, Mr
Hutton, William
Hyams, Abrahams
Hymore, Captain
Illian, Thomas
Ingouville, John
Ireland, Mr
Irwin, James
Isherwood, William
Ivy, James
Jackman, John
Jacobs, W T
Jacobs, William
Jacquet, Victor Lange
Jaimars, Hugh
Jalland, John
Jameison, Thomas
Jameison, William
Jameson, William
Jamison, Ann
Jandron, John
Jandron, Josué
Jarvis, James
Jarvis, Thomas, Reverend
Jasper, John
Jean, Elizabeth
Jean, Florence
Jeans, Thomas
Jefferey, Michael
Jeffries, S B Captain
Jehet, John Baptiste
Jemeson, William
Jenkings, John
Jenkins, Elizabeth Esther
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, Thomas
Jenkins, William
Jenner, Mary
Jenner, Sophia
Jenner, Susan
Jennes, George
Jenning, Julia
Jesty, Israel
Jeune, Edouard
Jeune, John
Jeune, Thomas
Jeune, William
Joel, Mr
Johnson, Caroline
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, John
Johnson, John Wood
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Robert
Gould, Robert
Johnson, William
Johnston, Caroline
Johnston, John
Johnstone, Catherine
Johnstone, John
Jolin, Daniel
Jolin, Jacques
Jolin, Peter
Jolin, Philip
Jones, John
Jones, William
Josephs, Joseph
Journeaux, Edward
Journeaux, Helier
Journeaux, Sarah
Journeaux, Philip
Journeaux, Philippe
Journot, Lambert
Joyce, William Henry
Juke, Thomas
Kerrs, Charles
Kaines, Richard
Kalikur, Patrick Gulicker
Kallher, Matthew
Kanedey, John
Kaqer, William
Kater, Joseph
Cator, Joseph
Kates, James
Kaye, Charles
Keale, Mr
Keith, David
Keith, Samuel
Kellow, John
Kellow, Mary
Kemble, Thomas
Kemp, Charles
Kenealy, John
Kennard, Mr
Kennedy, Michael
Kennedy, Michel
Kenney, John
Kenny, Mary
Kent, Robert
Kerlake, Joseph
Kervey, James
Kerwick, Patrick
Ketchin, William
Ketling, Elena
Kiayz, Daniel
Kiernon, James
Killminster, John
Killminster, Samuel
Kilminster, John
Kilmister, William
Kilvington, Pierson
Kindley, Charles
King, David
King, George
King, James
King, Margaret
King, Samuel
King, Thomas
Kinion, James
Kinnear, A K
Knowles, John
Knowles, Noah
Krüger, Carl Wilhelm
L’Hermite, Catherine
L’Hotelier, Philip
La Boisiere, N
La France, Louvet
La Lande, Elie
La Masurier, J
La Varreisse, John Francis
Laffoley, Joshua
Laffoley, Josué
Laffoley, Philip
Lafoley, Francis
Lainé, Olivier
Lainey, William
Laing, Philip
Lake, John
Lamb, Thomas
Lamb, Timothy
Lambert, George
Lambert, James
Lambert, John
Lambert, John William
Lampriere, Molly
Lampriere, Philip
Lamy, Francois
Lancaster, Charles
Lancaster, Mary
Land, George
Land, William
Landerson, Hugh
Lane, Mary
Lanez, John
Lanfetac, Nicholas
Langelier, Peter
Langeron, Michel
Langford, William
Langlais, Philip
Langlois, A
Langlois, Jean
Langlois, John
Langlois, Marie
Hamon, J
Langmead, William
Lanney, Philip
Lapwood, Thomas
Larbalestier, George
Larbalestier, Marie
Larbalestier, Mary
Larbalestier, Philippe
Larsonneur, Charles
Laugeron, Michel
Launee, Mrs
Laurains, Jean
Laurains, Mr
Laurence, Edward
Laurence, Francis
Laurens, Elizabeth
Laurens, Esther
Laurens, John
Laurens, Philip
Lauzun, Thomas
Laverty, Josué
Lawrence, William
Lawrens, Philip
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Bas, Jean
Le Bas, John
Le Bas, Nicolas
Le Beouf, John
Le Blancq, Philip
Le Boeuf, Philip
Le Boulanger, Michel
Le Boutillier, Edward
Le Boutillier, Philip
Le Breton, Charles
Le Breton, Edward
Le Breton, Francis
Le Breton, Louise
Le Breton, Philip
Le Brocq, Betsey
Le Brocq, Edouard
Le Brocq, Edward
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brun, Ann
Le Brun, François
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, Jeanne
Le Brun, Mary
Le Brun, Philip
Le Cannelley, Anthoine
Le Caplain, Francis
Le Cappelain, Mr
Le Cerf, John
Le Chevalier, Marie
Le Clere, Pierre
Le Cocq, N
Le Cocq, Nicolas
Le Cocq, P
Le Cocq, Thome
Le Conte Amaury de la Moussaye
Le Conte de Tilly
Le Cordier, Mr
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Coûteur, Elizabeth
Le Couteur, Francois
Le Couteur, John
Le Couteur, Philip
Le Cras, Ann
Le Cras, Jean
Le Cras, John
Le Cras, Peter
Le Cras, Pierre
Le Dain, Jean
Le Dain, John
Le Febre, John Baptist
Le Feuvre, Abraham
Le Feuvre, Anne
Le Feuvre, Edward Jean
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, François
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, George Helier
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Mary
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, William
Le Fortier, Augustus
Le Fortier, Sebastien
Le Gallais, George
Le Gallais, Jane
Le Gallais, Richard
Le Gallais, William George
Le Gendre, Bernard
Le Gendre, Peter
Le Geyt, Mr
Le Geyt, William
Le Grand, Amice
Le Grand, Mary Ann
Romeril, George
Le Gresley, Ann
Le Gresley, Jean
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Philip
Le Gresley, Susan
Le Gros, Abraham
Le Gros, Elias
Le Gros, Elie
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Nicholas
Le Gros, Philip
Le Houx, Judith Genevieve
Le Huquet, Clement
Le Huquet, Jean
Le Huquet, Philip
Le Huquet, Thomas
Le Jolie, Jean
Le Lacheur, Elizabeth
Allez, Peter
Le Lacheur, Helier
Le Lacheur, James
Le Lievre, John
Le Lievre, Pierre
Le Long, Jean
Le Loutre, W
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, Francois
Le Maistre, Jean
Le Maistre, Nicholas
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maistre, Pierre
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, George
Le Marquand, Philip
Le Masurier, Captain
Le Masurier, J
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, John William
Le Masurier, Josué
Le Masurier, Phillipe
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Mesurier, Peter
Le Mottée, Philippe
Le Neveu, Louis
Le Noble, Philip
Le Noble, Sophy
Le Norman, Mr
Le Paer, W
Le Page, Daniel
Le Page, Thomas
Le Parce, Peter
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Charles
Le Prevost, Nicolas
Le Quesne, Jean David
Le Quesne, John
Le Quesne, Josué Clement
Le Quesne, Richard
Le Ray, Francis
Le Ray, François
Le Rey, John
Le Riche, Phil
Le Riche, Philip
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Rossignol, Anne
Le Rossignol, Edward
Le Rossignol, Marie
Le Rossignol, Sarah
Le Rougetel, Debora
Le Roux, J
Le Roux, James
Le Ruez, John
Le Ruez, Peter
Le Ruez, Pierre
Le Scelleur, George
Le Seelleur, George
Le Seelleur, Philip
Hocquard, Anne, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Anne
Hocquard, Charles
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, E
Le Sueur, Elias
Le Sueur, Elizabeth
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Josué
Le Tamplier, Clement
Le Tarouilly, Louis
Le Tellier, Madame
Le Templier, Clement
Le Touzel, Charles Philip
Le Tublin, Philippe
Le Vesconte, Anne
Le Vesconte, Elizabeth
Le Vesconte, Marie
Le Vesconte, Philip
Leanard, Thomas
Lebreton, T
Ledain, Jane
Ledain, John
Ledwick, John
Lee, J
Lefeuvre, Abraham
Lefeuvre, Ann
Leguè, Mrs
Lelievre, John
Lemarchand, John James
Lempriere, Edward Joshua
Lempriere, Philip
Lempriere, Thomas Charles
Lennard, Thomas
Lenoble, Victor
Leonard, Andrew
Leonard, Philip
Leonard, Richard
Lepage, Daniel
Lesbirel, Ann
Lesbirel, Philip
Letch, James
Letto, William
Levine, Mr
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, John
Lewis, William
Ley, Samuel
Lillicrap, R G Adams
Lily, Cherry
Lily, Sarah
Linnard, John
Lintott, Captain
Liston, Edward
Liston, Philip
Lockart, John
Lonez, John
Longhurst, Charles
Longman, Sarah
Trim, John
Lotherington, J K
Lovering, George
Lowden, William
Lowrey, John
Lozey, Edward
Lucas, John
Luce, George
Luce, Jean
Luce, Thomas
Lucy, Daniel
Luke, Thomas
Luscambe, Mary Ann
Luscombe, Thomas
Lushy, Daniel
Lyare, Captain
Lynch, John
Lynch, Margaret
Lynch, Morris
Lynch, Patrick
Lyons, Elizabeth
Macdougall, Jane C
MacFarlin, John
Machon, Charles
Machon, Daniel
Machon, George
Machon, Jean
Machon, John
Machon, Josué
Machon, Philip
Machon, Sophia
Bonnel, Sophia
Mack, Michael
Mackarthy, John
Mackay, Thomas
Mackew, James
Mackintosh, George
Mackintosh, Grant
Mackintosh, Margaret
Mackman, John
Mackridge, Benjamin
Madden, James
Madden, Thomas
Magee, Matthew
Maggott, Thomas
Magneau, Philip
Magneaw, Philip
Magnew, Philip
Mahoney, George
Mahoney, William
Mahony, Hannah
Mahony, Kyan
Mahony, William
Mahrin, John
Main, Peter
Maine, James
Major, Timothy
Making, Ann
Mallet, Henry
Mallet, James
Mallet, John
Mallett, John
Mallett, Peter
Mallikin, William
Maloney, Martin
Malsar, Thomas
Malzard, Abraham
Malzard, Henry
Malzard, Philip Jean
Manderfield, Thomas
Manduit, A
Maning, Francis
Mann, Laurence
Manning, James
Marchant, William
Marett, Daniel
Marett, Francis George
Marett, Francois
Marett, John
Marett, Margaret
Le Brocq, Edward
Marett, Philip
Marie, Francis
Marks, George
Marret, Philip
Marriner, Philip
Marsden, George
Marsh, John
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, James
Martel, Joseph
Martin, Jean
Martin, S
Martin, W S
Dunlipp, Mary
Dunlipp, Daniel
Maryon, William
Mash, Philip
Maslin, Ely
Maslin, James
Maslin, William
Masling, Thomas
Mason, Daniel
Massé, Alexander
Massey, Francis
Masterman, Thomas
Matthews, John
Matthews, Philip
Matthews, Philippe
Mauger, Edward
Mauger, James
Mauger, Mathiew
Mauger, Philip
Mauger, Philippe
Maurensane, Jean Joseph
Maxwell, John
May, William
Mayette, Sophie Marie
Maze, Mr
Mazzingie, George
McAnally, John
McAvay, Daniel
McAvay, P G
McBean, Mrs
McCabe, Edward
McCabe, Edward
McCabe, Ross
McCall, Thomas
McCarron, Robert
McCart, Henry
McCarthy, Helen
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Mrs
McCarton, Patrick
McCarty, Elizabeth
McCarty, Henry
McCarty, Patrick
McCaubrey, Francis
McCaubry, Samuel
McCleary, George
McClocklin, Francis
McCloghin, Francis
McCloghlin, Mary
McConner, Catherine
McConner, Eleanor
McConner, Margaret
McConner, Mary
McConner, Michael
McDearman, Francis
McDelmott, Christopher
McDermot, Owen
McFarlin, John
McGinniss, Murtagh
McGrady, Matthew
McGrath, John
McGregor, Gregor, Sir
McGuire, James
McInnis, Lieutenant
McIntire, Martha
McKave, Hugh
McKay, James
McKee, Robert
McKensie, John
McKew, James
McLean, Hugh
McLean, James
McLean, John
McLeod, John
McLocklin, Rosa
McMeakins, Robert
McMollin, Sarah
McNamara, Daniel
McNamara, James
McNamara, Thomas
Meadows, Charles
Meatyard, John
Meech, Thomas
Meerhoff, A
Meerhoff, Augusta
Meerhoff, L F
Meerhoff, Leopold Fred
Melhuish, Fred C
Mellor, Abraham
Menie, Mary Jane
Merton, John
Messervy, George
Messervy, Henry
Messervy, John
Messervy, Philip
Metiver, John
Meurtrissier, Marie
Michell, Charles
Michell, James
Miles, James
Miles, John Rowe
Miles, Mary
Miles, Matthew
Millard, Henry
Miller, James
Wheeler, James
Miller, Peter
Millner, William
Mills, John
Milnes, James
Minasi, Antonis
Minson, David Edward
Misson, Francis
Mitchell, B
Mitchell, Benjamin
Mitchell, Francis
Mitchell, Mr
Mobs, William
Moignard, Clement
Moignard, Elie
Moignard, George
Moignard, William
Moisson, Jean
Mollet, Daniel
Mollet, George
Mollet, John
Mollins, Margaret
Mollour, Michael
Monro, Henry Loftus
Montandon, Victor
Montgomery, Allen
Montgomery, John
Montgommerry, Allen
Moon, Mary Ann
Hepburn, John
Mooney, Hugh
Moore, Charles
Moore, James
Moore, Jane
Moore, Mary
Moore, Philip
Moorland, John
Moran, Thomas
Morel, John
Morel, N
Morel, Noé
Morel, Philip
Morel, Shamas
Morel, Thomas
Moressey, Richard
Morgan, George
Moris, Edward
Moris, Thomas
Morland, Ann
Morley, William
Morris, John
Morris, Mary
Morrisson, Sarah
Morshead, H A
Mortimore, Nathaniel
Mott, Mr
Moulin, Mary
Mountain, James Jasper
Mourant, Edward
Mourant, George
Mourant, Henry
Mourant, John
Mourant, Joshua
Mourant, Leanne
Moyse, Philip
Le Huquet, Thomas
Dolbell, John
Beaugie, Thomas
Mullay, John
Mullet, Ann
Mullet, James
Mulot, Francis
Munier, Mr
Munro, Alexander
Murey, Thomas
Murphy, D
Murphy, Dennis
Murray, Thomas
Myersoll, Phil R
Nanrille, Charles
Nash, William
Nathan, Abraham
Neal, Mary
Needle, Morgan George
Neil, John
Nelson, Lars
Newbegin, William
Newbury, John
Newbury, Richard
Newlyn, Ann B
Newlyn, Mrs
Newsom, Mrs
Newton, George
Nicholas, Peter
Nicholls, Robert
Nicholls, Simon
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Isaac
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Jean Pierre
Nicolle, Philip
Nicolle, Thomas
Nipo, Charles
Noarsworthy, James
Nobbs, Daniel
Nobbs, Mr
Noble, Ann
Noble, Phil
Noël, Betsey
Le Sueur, Charles
Noel, Clement
Noel, Francis
Noel, Francois
Noel, George
Noel, Philip
Norfolk, Thomas
Norman, Charles
Norman, Clement
Norman, Edward
Norman, George
Norman, James
Norman, Jean
Norman, Josué
Norman, Marguérite
Northam, Johanna
Northcott, William
Norton, C G
Norton, George Armstrong
Nowell, William
Noyon, Francis
Noyuet, Richard
Nugent, Mrs
Nutt, Joseph
Nutt, Richard
O’Brian, John
O’Brien, Elizabeth Anne
O’Brien, Pat
O’Brien, Patrick
O’Neil, John
Oackes, Solomon
Ocio, J
Oldfield, Jane
Olding, Mary Munn
Oliver, Edmond
Oliver, John
Omians, Francois
Ormond, Lieutenant
Ormond, Mrs
Osborn, Mary
Osborne, Robert
Osborne, Thomas
Osman, Peter
Osment, David
Ostler, George John
Overbury, Edward
Owen, Elizabeth
Oxenham, Henry
Paak, Richard
Paggs, Joseph
Paine, Joseph
Pallot, Daniel
Pallot, Jane
Pallot, Jeanne
Pallot, Philip
Pallot, Philippe
Palmer, Joseph
Palmer, P
Paramour, Samuel
Parfett, James
Parker, Lieutenant R N
Parker, Michael
Parker, Mr
Parkes, Alfred
Parkes, Alfred W
Parkes, James
Parkes, John
Parkin, Michael
Parrot, John
Parrot, Charles
Parrot, Samuel
Parrow, Elizabeth
Parry, William
Parry, Robert
Parsons, Mary
Patch, W O
Patison, William
Patouril, Thomas
Paul, Eliza
Couch, Eliza
Pawley, Sarah
Payn, Elias
Payn, Francois
Payn, John
Payn, Joseph
Payn, Nathanael
Payn, Philip
Payn, Phillipe
Payn, Richard
Payn, Thomas
Payns, Philip
Peak, Richard
Pearce, Charles
Peard, John
Peard, Mr
Peeroncini, B
Peeroncini, Basil
Pelanq, Jean
Penny, John
Pepin, Jean
Perchard, Fanny
Perchard, J
Perchard, John
Perchard, Philippe
Perkins, John
Perring, William
Perrot, John
Perrot, Peter
Perrot, Samuel
Perry Green, John
Peregrine, John
Perry Green, Mary
Peter, John
Peters, William
Petevin dit Le Roux, Charles
Peton, Elizabeth,
Phaten, Richard
Philburn, Francis
Philip, George
Philip, John
Philips, George
Phillips, N
Phillips, Thomas
Phillips, W H
Philp, John
Picot, Alfred
Picot, Ann
Picot, David
Picot, Elias
Picot, Elie
Picot, Francoise
Le Huquet, Thomas
Picot, George
Picot, J Elizabeth
Down, Richard
Picot, Jane
Picot, Jean
Picot, John
Picot, Joshua
Picot, Josue
Picot, Margaret
Picot, Mary
Picot, Philip
Smith, Philip
Pierce, Mary
Pigeon, Elijah
Pigeon, William
Pilcher, William
Pilditch, Williamm
Pim, H B
Pinabel, Amice
Pincket, John
Pinel, Helier
Pinel, Jean
Pipon, Edward
Pirouet, James
Pitcher, Josiah
Piton, Nicholas
Platt, Richard
Plawman, Thomas
Plowman, Henry Vine
Pluck, Miles
Plummer, Charles William
Poignon, Pierre
Poingdestre, Francis
Poingdestre, George
Poingdestre, Matthew George
Poingdestre, Mr
Poisson, Olivier
Polet, Mr
Polet, Mrs
Pollet, C J
Pollet, Emile J
Pope, Ephraim
Pope, John
Porter, Robert
Pouclee, Jean
Powell, Clement
Powell, Jasper
Powell, Nicolas
Poynt, William
Prenpain, Peter
Preston, William
Prethaw, Fisher
Prevel, Jacques
Price, Annabella
Price, Edward
Price, Mr
Price, William
Priddle, Nathaniel
Primer, John
Prior, John
Provis, John
Prulston, William
Pryor, John Anvil
Pyke, Mr
Queen, William
Quelin, Rene
Quérée, Jean Edouard
Querée, John
Queree, John E
Queree, Marie Marguerite
Morin, Thomas
Queripel, William
Querrée, Charles
Querssauzon, Edward
Quesnel, John
Quinn, Charles
Quintel, Julie Mrs
Rabè, Peter
Rabey, James
Radegan, James
Radford, Elizabeth
Raferty, Mary
Railly, John
Rainey, James
Rainy, Margaret
Ramsey, Norman
Ransome, Richard
Rasby, Jane
Rauland, John
Raut, William
Rawles, William
Rawstorne, J G
Reardon, Ann
Redmond, James, Master
Reed, Cornelius
Reed, David
Reed, John
Reed, Richard
Reed, Robert
Reed, Thomas
Reeve, Mr
Reeve, William Godfrey
Reiny, Dennis
Remon, Elizabeth
Remon, James
Remy, George
Renaut, Jean
Renouf, Edward
Renouf, Esther
Renouf, Henriette
Weeks, Henry
Renouf, Marie Francoise
Renouf, Mary
Magnew, Philip
Renouf, Philip
Renouf, Rachael
Renouf, Sevane
Renouf, Susanne
Revert, Jean Louis
Rey, Guilleaume
Reyner, John
Reynolds, John
Rian, James
Richards, Henry
Richards, Joseph
Richards, Thomas
Richards, W J
Richards, William
Richardson, Clement
Richardson, John
Rickard, Mr
Rider, William
Riggs, Richard
Righan, Michael
Rine, Anthony
Rippin, Mr
Rive, Jean
Rive, John
Robert, Helier
Robert, John
Robert, Mary
Robert, Peter
Robert, Rachael
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
Roberts, Richard
Robertson, John
Robertson, Mr
Robillard, P J F
Robins, John
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Mr
Robinson, John, Reverend
Raven, John, Reverend
Robinson, William
Rocke, Charles A
Rodier, John
Roe, William
Rogers, James
Rogers, John
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Pierre Julien
Rohen, John
Roland, Jean
Roland, John
Roland, Philip
Rolfe, Jonathon
Rolland, Jean
Rolph, Margaret
Romain, Francis
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Elias
Romeril, Elie
Romeril, George
Romeril, Jane R
Coates, Daniel
Romeril, John
Romeril, Peter
Romeril, Philip
Romeril, Philippe
Romeril, Simeon
Romrill, Charles
Romrill, Elias
Rook, Grace
Rooks, John
Rooks, Charles
Rooks, John
Rose, George
Rose, Richmond
Rosedew, Mr
Ross, Benjamin
Rouaze, Nicholas
Rowe, William
Rowland, John
Rowley, William
Rudolphe, Jean
Russell, William
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, William
Ryland, John
Ryley, Elisha
Saffe, Samuel
Salmon, Mrs
Salmon, Thomas
Salthill, Thomas
Salty, Thomas
Sampson, William
Samuel, David
Samuel, Jacob
Samuel, Moses
Samuels, Jacob
Sandford, William
Sands, John
Sansom, Thomas
Saph, John
Sargent, Henry
Sarre, James
Sarre, Peter
Sarre, Pierre
Saunders, James
Savage, John
Savary, Marie
Capelain, Marie
Sayer, Charles
Sayers, Francois
Sbire, Helier
Sbire, Esther
Scandling, Jane
Scarborough, Robert Trasler
Schedore, John
Schmitz, Henry
Von Essen, Henry
Scholard, Nicholas
Schrieber, Thomas
Scissons, Thomas
Scott, Archibald
Scott, Charles
Screaton, Thomas
Sebire, Nicolas
Seneschal, Marie
Seney, Jane
Seney, John
Seney, Joseph
Seney, Mary
Seney, William
Seward, George
Shane, Elizabeth
Shannon, Patrick
Sharland, John
Sharp, J H
Sharp, James H
Sharp, James Henry
Shaw, J E
Shaw, James
Shea, Patrick
Shea, Timothy
Shean, James
Shean, William
Shelton, Ann
Shelton, Ann
Haddon, William
Sherreff, Melville
Sherry, Daniel
Sherwood, A
Sherwood, George
Shields, Mary
Shirley, Thomas
Short, Henry
Siddall, George
Silk, Theodore
Simmonds, Robert
Simmons, Ann
Fesey, Joseph
Simmons, Mr
Simon, Henry
Simpson, Charles
Sims, George
Sinclair, Margaret Jane
Knight, William
Sivadier, André
Sivret, Elias
Sivret, John
Skewes, Sarah
Slater, William
Slyfield, John
Smeddon, William
Smith, Ann
Smith, George
Smith, Henry
Smith, James
Smith, Jane
Smith, John Thomas
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Patrick
Smith, Richard
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Snow, Thomas
Soffe, R
Sohier, George
Sohier, Thomas
Solomon, L
Solomon, Lewis
Soper, G W
South, Francis
Spanner, Thomas
Sparks, Richard
Spencer, Edward
Spencer, James
Spiner, Thomas
Splatt, Robert
Spring, John
Spuring, George William
Spurr, Stephen
Spurr, William
Squire, Ketwiah Burch
Stanford, Ensig
Stankey, Richard
Stanton, John
Stanton, William
Starck, Thomas
Starke, Frederick
Starky, Mrs
States, Charles
Steele, Lieutenant
Steele, Mary
Stevens, Math
Stevenson, William
Stephens, James
Stock, Lieutenant
Stone, Williamm
Stonebridge, John
Storey, John
Stoyle, Thomas
Strange, William
Stratford, Samuel
Street, William
Stroud, Job
Stroud, Jobe
Stroud, Robert
Stroud, William
Strouts, George
Stuart, James
Stuart, Samuel
Stubbs, Henry
Stucker, George
Stupple, Marck
Suckley, Alexander
Sullivan, Ann
Sullivan, Daniel
Sullivan, Dennis
Sullivan, G F
Sullivan, George Francis
Sullivan, Timothy
Summers, Isaac
Summers, Robert
Supple, John
Sweete, Anna
Sweney, Thomas
Symonds, Lieutenant
Syvret, Aaron
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, Peter
Tabereau, Charles
Tapsgate, George
Tarode, Margaret
Taylor, Francis
Taylor, John
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Templeman, David
Field, Pascal
Thomas, Ann
Thomas, Francis
Thomas, George
Thomas, John
Thomas, Mr
Thomas, Philip
Thompson, John
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Michael
Thompson, Mrs
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, W H
Thompson, William
Thorn, James
Thouzel, Thomas
Throut, Jane
Thruston, Framingham
Tierny, Bryan
Tillot, Eugene Theobald
Tilly, Thomas
Tirel, L H
Tirel, Louis Herve
Tocque, Thomas
Todereau, George
Tolan, Patrick
Toll, Edmond
Tomkins, Henry
Tomkins, Maria
Tosdevin, Peter
Tostevin, Elizabeth
Tostevin, Peter
Toury, Jacques
Touzallin, Adolphe
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, Philip
Touzel, T
Touzel, Thomas
Townly, George
Traifle, André
Travers, Jacques
Treadmill, Mr
Treadwell, Henry
Treadwind, Henry
Trehain, Francis
Treheu, George
Treleaven, Francis C
Trezise, James
Triggs, John
Triggs, Mr
Trim, John
Trim, Robert
Truscott, Mr
Tuckaberry, Edward
Tucker, Ann
Tucker, John
Tuckett, John
Tuesbery, Robert
Tuickham, Henry
Tunnick, Edward
Turner, A C, Attorney
Turner, H
Turner, Henry
Turner, Kay
Turner, Thomas
Turner, William
Turpen, Mr
Twentyman, Robert
Twhoy, Michael
Tyler, William
Ubal Lescanvic, W
Upsdill, William
Vacini, Peter
Vaindrill, Francis
Vallee, Eliza
Valot, Jean
Valpy dit Janvrin, Philip
Valpy, Edward
Valpy, Francis
Valpy, Francois
Vanica, Louis
Vardon, Jean
Vardon, John
Vardon, Thomas
Vaude, Nicolas
Vaudin, Philip
Vaughan, H A
Vaur, Joseph
Vautier, Abraham
Vautier, Amice
Vautier, James
Vautier, John
Vautier, Philip
Vautier, Thomas
Veel, Jacques
Vetch, Mr
Vibert, Charles
Vibert, Charles Hugh
Vibert, Jean
Vibert, Philip
Vidamour, Abraham
Vidamour, Daniel
Viel, Marie
Viel, Mary
Viel, Susanne
Vielle, Susan
Vincent, Francis
Vincent, John
Vincent, Peter
Vincent, Pierre
Vincent Francis
Vincett, John
Vine, John
Vitch, James
Vivian, Mathieu
Vivian, Mathiew
Vivian, Matthew
Voisin, Eduard
Voisin, Jean
Voizin, John
Voizin, Peter
Voizin, Réné
Wake, William
Walch, Captain
Walch, Lieutenant
Walker, William
Wallace, Archibald
Wallace, Charles
Wallace, Walter
Waller, Obadiah, Captain
Walltauzer, John
Walltowzer, John
Walmesley, D W
Walsh, Edward
Walsh, J
Walsh, James
Walton, Katherine
Walton, Richard
Walton, Thomas
Ward, Thomas
Wareham, Charles
Warmsley, Thomas
Warren, Captain
Warren, Thomas Hills
Warren, Thomas H
Waterman, John
Waterman, Robert
Waters, Mr
Watson, John
Watts, William
Weadon, John
Webb, Addison
Webb, George
Webber, James
Webber, Richard
Weeks, Henry
Weeks, James
Weir, John
Welch, George
Welch, Miss
Wellman, Robert
Wells, James
Wells, Joseph
Wellspring, John
West, Charles
West, Jannet
West, W
Westaway, Mary
Westwood, John
Weymouth, Maria
Whale, Charles
White, Benjamin
White, Elizabeth
Wadman, John
White, James
White, John
White, Maria
White, Richard
White, William
Whitehouse, Samuel
Whithall, Mary
Cornish, Mary
Whithall, William
Whitmore, John
Whitty, David
Whyte, Mr
Wibert, Felix
Wilbraham, Mr
Wilcock, James
Wilcock, Leticia
Wilgrove, Andrew
Wilkin, George
Willcher, John
William, George
Williams, Edward
Williams, Elizabeth
McKensie, Thomas
Williams, John Emanuel
Williams, Josue
Williams, Mary
Williams, Whelan
Williams, William
Willis, Abraham
Willis, James
Willis, William
Willshire, John
Wilson, Andrew Sergeant
Wilson, Esther
Wilson, George
Wilson, Gilbert
Wilson, Harriet
Wilson, Henry Ball
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, T
Wilson, William
Winkfield, Mr
Winter, Charles
Wolfe, Charles
Wood William
Wood, Henry
Woodhouse, William
Woods, Thomas
Woodward, Philip
Woodward, William
Wren, William
Wyvil, Louisa
Young, G M
Young, S
Young, Sarah Brook
Zabielo, A
Keywords criminals | magistrates | debtors | gaols | sentences | crimes | punishments | Prisoners | prisons
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


L/F/54/A/A/1This item»

Volume listing criminals confined in HM's Gaol at Jersey, 1814 - 1833, including case details and indexed by name of the prisoner.The second half of the book contains a list of prisoners incarcerated for debt, 1814 - 1847, including case details and indexed by name. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed by subscribers in the form of a pdf. to open pdf click on View L_F_54_A_A_1.pdf in red type. A scanned copy of the original volume has also been attached in two parts entitled criminal prison and debtors prison


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.