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Supplementary rations for employees of the Organisation Todt, including a list of names of these receiving and being taken off rations

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Reference B/A/W31/1/131
Date March 20th 1945 - November 20th 1945
Names Organisation Todt
Cleve, V, Platzkommandantur
Allchin, Frederick
Samson, Ada
Cotrel, Philip
Brown, Lawrence
Simon, Moss
Le Saux, Francois
Clements, Sidney
Moulds, Herbert
Connolly, Michael
Thompson, Archibald
Stansfield, William
Durell, Jack
Gottrell, George
de Breanski, Harold
Quinlan, David
Norris, William
Huggett, Thomas
Veller, Frank
Aubin, Edward
Ross, William
Vasselin, Marie
Le Calvez, Francis
Le Calvez, Emil
McCarthy, Timothy
Purcell, Dermot
Sandall, Hilda
du Heaume, Violet
Falle, Philip
Elsche, Theodor
Barenton, Mr
de Breanski, Cedric
Briard, Henry
Andre, Francis
Began, Eugene
Le Sueur, Francis
Smith, Harry
Bonass, Thomas
Cornick, Arthur
Crooks, Bert
Newton, John
Marsh, Edith
Gill, Michael
Channing, Fred
Eason, William
Freeman, William
Clifford, Patrick
Le Calvez, Alfred
Le Calvez, Viktor
Simon, Fred
Stacey, James
Catlinet, Evelyn
Le Sueur, Herbert
Le Mercier, Wilfred
Le Cornier, Maud
Halinan, William
Garnett, Albert
Couglin, Patrick
Lindsay, Robert
Tardivel, Harriet
Richardson, May
Everett, Sydney
de Breanski, Norman
Noel, Allan
Battrick, Adolphus
Curtin, Edward
De La Mare, William
Catelinet, Frank
Etiemble, Peter
Luce, Stanley
Linahan, Cornelius
Jouanny, Steve
Le Marquand, Winter
Quinlan, William
Duhamel, Joyce
Syvret, Ronald
Dix, Kenneth
Garland, Arthur
Pollano, Eugenio
O'Keefe, Jeremias
Sexton, Timothy
Walker, Harry
de la Mare, Gordon
Mahoney, William
Blake, William
Healey, Patrick
Rendall, Percy
Kirwan, Thomas
Matthews, Leonard
Quemper, Francis
Butcher, Edward
Barnett, Reginald
Minchington, William
Le Poidevin, Edwin
Leak, Alfred
Mannion, Florence
Lloyd, Charles
Mead, Arthur
Mahoney, John
Brissett, Charles
Goddard, Louis
Dymond, James
Thorne, Sidney
Laverty, Alfred
Marquer, Francis
Sheehan, William
Boudet, Peter
Gavey, Charles
Whelan, Patrick
May, George
Turner, John
Aston, Emily
Burgess, Margaret
Channing, Philip
du Feu, Albert
McCarthy, Tom
Gill, William
Pepper, Francis
Norman, John
Campbell, John
Marett, Charles
Robertson, Donald
Spargo, William
Ball, Violet
Brassel, Thomas
Curtis, Stanley
Dimond, Herbert
Freeman, Ernest
Spriggs, Charles
Bader, Evelyn
Roberts, Robert
Wallser, William
Evans, John
Marquer, Eugene
Renouf, Alfred
Jouanne, August
Thorne, Percy
Hamon, Albert
Dimensions 18 papers
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


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Supplementary rations for employees of the Organisation Todt, including a list of names of these receiving and being taken off rations


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