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Resignation of the school and property belonging to Wesley Street Methodist Chapel. Charles Hamon, James Poller, John Edwin Peter Davey, Philippe Le Sueur, James Joslin Dupré, William Lee, William Symonds Dart, Frederick Jean, Jean Rougier le Poidevin trustees of the Jersey English Wesleyan Methodist Society together with George Luce ,Stephen John Bragg, Philippe de Ste Croix and William John Smith now deceased and William Henry Sutcliffe who is absent from the island of the first party, and Charles Hamon, James Poller, John Edwin Peter Davey, James Joslin Dupré, Frederick Jean, William Symonds Dart, William Lee, George Thomas Bryant, Paul Louis Guiton, Walter Eveleigh Colebrook, James Remon, Charles Edwin Davey, William Valpy Gaudin, Alfred Gulliver, John William Dupré, James Henry Dart Poller and Josué Frederick Le Blanc trustees of the second party and the Reverend John James Brown Minister and Superintendant of the said association representing the Wesleyan Methodist Conference of the third party. Records the resignation by 1 to 2 their successors as trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel, Chapel School and property at 9 and 1 Ann Street. Registered Livre 327 folio 108


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