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Curfew passes for members of Honorary Police from St Martin, Trinity, St Mary, St Lawrence, St Saviour and St Helier

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Reference D/Z/K11/2
Date 1943
Names Field Command 515
Ahier, Charles Binet
Ahier, Henry
Ahier, Horace John
Arthur, Albert John Dumaresq
Averty, Donald George
Barette, Eldon Joseph
Barton, Cecil Claude
Becquet, Wilfred Pallot
Benest, Jack Lawrence
Benest, Raymond
Beuzeval, Charles Alfred
Bichard, John Le Brocq
Billot, Charles Philip
Billot, Elias Renouf
Billot, Francis Renouf
Billot, John Renouf
Billot, Thomas George
Bisson, Edward Philip
Blake, John
Bonny, George William
Bower, Hedley
Boyle, John Louis
Brayn, Arthur Henry
Brideaux, Harold George
Brown, Edgar George
Buesnel, Charles William
Buesnel, Edwin Henry
Cabot, Charles Edward
Cabot, Herbert Philip
Cabot, John Howard
Cabot, Thomas John
Colback, Cyril Ernest
Copp, Charles Alfred
Corson, Edward Peter
Coughlan, Mary Elizabeth
Courcoux, Guilleaume Louis
Crossley, John Alfred
Davies, Frederick Horace
de Gruchy, Edward Blampied
de Gruchy, Harold Philip
de la Haye, Ernest clifford
Dorey, George de Gruchy
du Feu, H J
Egre, Hedley Edward
Falle, John Peter Vernon
Frampton, Henry Frignall
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Charles Thomas
Gallichan, John Le Sueur
Germain, John Noel
Glendewar, Edward Charles
Gilley, Eric George
Godeaux, Charles Dorey
Gray, Ernest Samuel
Hackett, R S
Hamon, John Rees
Hamon, Thomas Philip
Hansford, Alfred Charles
Hotton, Cecil Webber
Huelin, Eric Roger
Huelin, John Clarence
Jean, Henry Lewis
Jenne, Percy Alexandre
Kempster, Alfred John Kitchener
Kilmister, Reginald Peter
L' Enfant, G
Langlois, Edward George
Langlois, Hedley Charles
Langlois, Lawrence George
Le Bas, Wilfred du Heaume
Le Borgne, Francois Joseph
Le Boutillier, Donald George
Le Boutillier, John
Le Breuilly, Oscar Pierre
Le Breton, Francis Nicolle
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, John Hedley
Le Breton, Raymond George
Le Brocq, Edgar Charles
Le Brun, Alfred Renouf
Le Cornu, Clifford Lawrence
Le Couteur, Albert
Le Druillenec, Harold Osmond
Le Gresley, Edward Falle
Le Gresley, John Philip
Le Gresley, John Winter
Le Herissier, Clifford William
Le Huquet, René Jean
Le Marquand, Francis Thomas
Le Marquand, Leonard Philip
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, Ralph
Le Mettez, Francis Richard
Le Moine, Louis Francis
Le Quesne, Edgar Alfred
Le Riche, S E
Le Saux, Francis J
Le Seelleur, John
Le Seelleur, Wilfred Philip
Le Selleur, Thomas William
Le Sueur, George Alfred
Le Sueur, Herbert Frank
Le Sueur, John
Le Templier, Reginald
Leatt, S J
Lempriere, Sidney John
Lesbirel, Hedley John
Longstreeth, G
Messervy, John William
Michel, Joseph Hedley
Misson, Philip
Moignard, John Henry
Mourant, Arthur John
Mourant, Walter Philip
Newman, Arthur Walter
Nicolle, Frederick John
Nicolle, Henry Philip
Nicolle, John Mauger
Nicolle, Philip Alfred
Noel, Raymond Albert
Pain, Henry Ernest
Pallot, Denis John
Pallot, Emile Nicholas
Pallot, Vernon Hedley
Payn, Snowdon Thomas
Perchard, Garnet John
Perchard, John
Perchard, Norman Philip
Perchard, Stephen John
Perchard, Sydney Ralph
Perchard, William George
Perree, Philip Amy
Perron, Arthur
Picot, Charles Clement
Picot, John Gordon
Pirouet, Clifford Philip
Poignard, J F
Power, Ernest John
Quenault, Charles
Queree, Douglas John
Queree, Lyndon Marett
Remon, Ernest Thomas
Renouf, Claude William
Renouf, Harold
Renouf, Lawrence John
Renouf, Nelson G
Rimeur, Edmund Frank
Rimeur, John Victor
Robins, Percy George
Romeril, Bruce Le Cappelain Malorey
Romeril, Clyde Leslie
Simon, Lawrence John
Springate, Alfred John
Starck, Philip Edward Le Vavasseur
Stockey, Herman Frederick Verdi
Stokes, Harold Clement
Thornton, Thomas John
Thornton, Thomas Reginald
Tucker, Frederick Charles Reginald
Van der Vliet, Hendricus Adolphus
Vautier, Charles Philip
Vautier, Clarence
Vibert, John Philip
Villain, Henry Stanley
Wakeham, Percy George
Waters, Arthur Charles
Waters, George William
Language English, German
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


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Curfew passes for members of Honorary Police from St Martin, Trinity, St Mary, St Lawrence, St Saviour and St Helier


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