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St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation Purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A215.pdf in red.

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Reference G/C/03/A2/15
Date 13 August 1848 - 29 July 1855
Names Town Church
Abbott, George William
Abbott, John Bichard
Abel, Adolphus William
Abel, Henrietta Matilda
Adams, Alfred Walter
Adams, Elisa
Adams, Joseph Francis
Aggatt, Mary Elisa Jane
Agnew, Mary Fanny
Ahier, James
Ahier, Jane Hardie
Ahier, Amelia Monamy
Ahier, Ellen Jane
Ahier, Susannah Illustra
Ahier, Walter Le Cras
Ahier, Winter
Ainsley, Thomas John
Albert, Eliza
Albert, Thomas Drayton
Alexander, Alexander
Alexander, Jemima
Alexander, John
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, Ann Elizabeth
Alexandre, Elisabeth
Alexandre, George
Alexandre, Herbert
Alexandre, Seymour
Allen, Hanna Sinnick
Allen, James
Allen, James Thomas Prout
Allen, Mary
Allen, Rosalie Georgiana
Allix, George
Allix, Henriette
Allix, Henry George
Allix, Louisa
Allix, Richard
Allix, Thomas Theophilus
Allnutt, Elisa Ariel
Amy, Alfred Charles
Amy, Clara Louisa
Amy, Elisa
Amy, Esther Elizabeth
Amy, Frederick John
Amy, John
Amy, Mirium Mary
Amy, Philippe
Amy, Philippe Francois
Andersen, John Henry
Anderson, Alfred Philip
Anderson, Elizabeth Anne
Anderson, Emma Mary
Anderson, John
Anderson, Susan Jane
Andon, Ann
Andowe, Amelia
Andrews, Elvinia
Andrews, Emily
Andrews, John
Andrews, Mary Ann
Angel, John
Angell, Anne
Anley, Philip George
Le Sueur, Francois Anne
Annis, George
Anquetil, Esther
Anquetil, Maria
Anthoine, William Richard Fisher
Aplin, Elphinstone Benjamin D'Oyley
Argo, George
Arnold, Alexandre John
Arnold, Frederick
Artell, James William
Arthur, Adolphus
Arthur, Charles William Frederick Adolphus
Arthur, Louisa Elise
Asher, Emily Jane Roseland
Asher, John
Ashley, Sarah Jane
Ashley, Isabella Amelia
Asplet, Alice Anna Adele
Asplet, Cesarine Angelique
Asplet, James Adolphus Peter
Asplet, Louisa Ann
Asplet, Melvina Mary
Asplet, William Thomas
Attril, Elisa
Aubert, Alfred Charles
Aubert, Jane
Aubin, Alice Ann
Aubin, Clement Daniel
Aubin, Elizabeth Mary
Aubin, Ellen Le Roy
Aubin, Emma Jane
Aubin, Ernest
Aubin, Philippe John
Augustin, Jean
Aumont, Jean Le Barbier
Averty, Alfred George
Averty, James William
Averty, Jane Elizabeth
Avril, John Michael
Axworthy, Jane Georgiana
Axworthy, Mary Charlotte
Ayerst, Mary Rose
Babot, William John Isaac
Bagwell, Charlotte
Bagwell, Mary Ann Amelia
Bailey, Alice
Bailey, Caroline
Bailey, Rose
Bailey, Thomas
Bailhache, Adelina Maria
Baker, Amy Lihou
Baker, Arthur William
Baker, Emelia Elizabeth
Baker, George John
Baker, Henry
Baker, John Samuel William
Baker, William Henry
Balcam, Francis Walter
Battam, Matilda Louisa
Battam, Elvina Susanne
Balleine, Ellen Adelaide
Balleine, Francis Ernest
Baltus, Rosa Ellen
Balwin Family
Bamber, Arthur Godfray
Bamber, Louisa Constance
Banham, John
Banks, Fanny Catherine
Banks, Henry William
Banks, Robert
Bannister, Susan Harriet
Bardon, Rebecca
Barker, James William
Barnes, Blanche
Barnes, Louisa Matilda
Barnes, William Phoenix
Barnett, John Gordon
Barnett, Matilda Andrews
Barreau, Emmeline Augusta
Barrett, Elizabeth Jane
Barrett, Kate
Barrett, Mary Ann
Barry, Sarah Austin
Bartheld, Julia
Bartheleme, Mary Fanny
Bartlett, James John
Bartlett, Mary Ann Matthews
Bartlett, William Henry
Bartley, John
Bartley, Walter
Basset, Ann Elizabeth
Basset, Francis George
Basset, Nancy Esther
Basset, Peter Louis
Basset, William Henry
Bassett, James Philip
Bassett, Robert John
Bastifell, Albert William Henry
Bate, Rosalie de Jersey
Bates, Alice Pearson
Bates, Jane Lavinia
Bates, John Henry
Bates, Richard
Batley, Florance Martha
Battam, Elizabet Emma
Battenson, Sarah Ann
Bawden, Sarah Ann
Baxter, George
Baxter, Katherine Elizabeth
Baxter, Leonora Jane Berry
Bayler, William
Beach, Charles Albert
Bean, Susan Ann
Beasland, Maud Mary Percy
Beasland, Percy
Beasland, Zillah Lavinia Catherine
Beaton, Alfred
Beaton, Joseph John
Beaucamp, Josue Philippe
Beaucamp, Elizabeth
Beaucamp, Philip
Beavis, Francis George
Beavis, Jane Louisa
Bechelet, Joseph
Beck, Mary Jane
Beer, William
Bekes, Mary Rachel
Bekes, Elisa Mary
Belin, Charles
Bell, Margaret
Belot, Thomas William
Benest, Clara Melvina
Benest, Emily Mary
Benest, Philip Rive
Benham, Charles
Benham, Eleonore Matilda
Benham, Mary
Benham, Peter
Bennett, Edward Thomas
Bennett, Henrietta
Bennett, Sarah Ann
Bensa, Georgina Apphia
Bernard, Benjamin George Thomas
Berry, Amelia Ann
Berry, Ann Elizabeth
Berryman, John James
Berryman, William Thomas
Bertram, Philip Noel
Bertram, Clara Lucy
Bertram, James
Bertram, Louis Rolier
Bessent, Mary Jane
Best, James
Bettes, John Henry
Bettle, Elizabeth Charlotte
Bewhey, John
Bibby, Isaac Henry
Biby, Gertrude Julia de Jersey
Bichard, Elizabeth Mary
Bichnell, Philip Charles
Biddle, Charles
Billot, Elizabeth
Billot, Elvina Louisa
Billot, Mary Fanny
Binet, Jane Susan
Binet, Letitia
Bishop, Charles Frederick
Bishop, Charles Stewart
Bisson, Anne
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Daniel Walter
Bisson, Eva Elvena
Bisson, George Fleury
Bisson, Harry Westlake
Bisson, Jane Rachel
Bisson, John Henry
Bisson, John William
Bisson, Louisa
Bisson, Louisa
Bisson, Mary Louisa
Bisson, Philip Benjamin
Blackford, Thomas Ingram
Blackler, Ellen
Blackler, Philip George
Blackler, Richard George Williams
Blackman, Susan
Blackmore, Mary
Blackwell, Emily Bartha
Blainey, Catherine
Blainey, William Ulysses
Blampied, Amelia Agnes
Blampied, Caroline Ann
Blampied, George Hamon
Blampied, John Amy
Blandford, Emma Jane
Bley, Edward Richard
Bliaux, Rachel Mary
Bliaux, Edward Ferdinand
Bliaux, Philip Peter
Blight, George William
Blin, Marguerite Elizabeth
Blood, Margaret Augusta
Boddie, Emma Isabella
Boddie, Georgina
Bodecot, Louise Sarah
Bodecot, William
Boielle, Alice Mary
Boielle, Charles Philip
Boielle, Hannah Lydia
Boielle, Helen
Bolt, Mary Ann Elisa
Bond, Philip
Bond, Selina Jane
Bone, Louisa Ann
Bone, Amelia
Bonning, Ann Elizabeth
Boomer, Georgiana
Boomer, Sarah Frances
Boreham, Elise Ann
Boreham, Elizabeth Ann
Boreham, Thomas James
Bottomley, Elizabeth Ann
Bouandy, Richard Charles
Boulger, Rachel Alice
Boundy, Mary Jane
Bowden, Elizabeth Jane
Bowden, Henry Edward
Bowden, James Charles
Bowden, Orlando John
Bowden, William Henry
Bowditch, Thomas
Bowring, Emma Maria
Bowring, Hubert Charles
Bowring, Tryphina Alice
Braan, John
Bradford, John Thomas
Bradley, Margaret Susan
Branan, Elizabeth Caroline
Branker, William Henry
Brannan, Mary Ann Le Roy
Braque, Emma Jane
Brett, Henry John Francis
Brewer, Elise Ann
Briard, Felix John
Briard, John Peter
Briard, Julie Selina
Briard, William Elias
Bridges, Lavina Louisa
Bridle, Edwin Alfred
Briller, Elisa
Brine, John Charles
Britten, Elizabeth
Britten, Mary
Britton, Francis
Brochet, Eleonore
Brookes, Alice Mary
Brooks, Elizabeth Ann
Broomer, George Joseph
Broomer, Jane Catherine
Broomer, Mary Ann
Brophy, Albert George
Brophy, Alfred Peter
Brophy, Jane Elizabeth
Brown, Adolphus Charles
Brown, Ada Augusta
Brown, Alice Ann
Brown, Barnabas
Brown, Charles Barnabas
Brown, Emily Mary
Brown, Florence Eloise
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, William
Browne, Thomas Reginald
Bruck, Henri
Brunker, Henrietta Louisa
Brunker, William Thomas
Bryan, Susan Ann
Bryant, John
Bryant, Mary
Bryant, Mary Jane
Bryant, Thom
Bryant, William
Bucknell, Thomas
Buesnel, Ellen Susan
Buesnel, Jean Joseph
Bulger, Margaret Jane Elisa
Bullen, Henry George
Bulley, Ellen Harris
Bunker, Mary Ann Marina
Bunter, Emma Louisa
Bunter, Mary Ann
Burch, Elizabeth Ann
Burke, Mary Adelina
Burke, William Edmund
Burman, Walter Melbourn
Burnet, Thomas Philip Robert
Burnham, Charles George
Burnham, William Thomas
Burns, Elizabeth
Burns, Jane
Burridge, Arthur Clark
Burridge, Henry
Burrough, William James
Burrows, John
Burt, Elizabeth Sarah
Burt, Harriet Mary
Burt, Matilda Lucratia
Burt, Walter John
Burton, Arthur Tom
Burton, George Joseph
Burton, John Henry
Burton, Stephen David
Burton, William George
Butler, Elizabeth Louisa
Butler, John George
Butler, Mary Georgina
Butterworth, Mary Anne
Buttery, James Edward
Bynam, Mary Ann Alvina
Cabot, Sophie Ann
Cabot, Susan Jane
Cabot, Thom
Cabot, Winter Thomas
Cadett, Henry Charles
Cadett, James William Thomas
Campbell, Alice Amelia
Campbell, Anna Maria
Canese, Mary Susan
Canivet, Clement
Canivet, Elizabeth Priscilla
Capmon, Charles Edouard
Cardin, Jean
Carey, Adrian
Carpenter, James John
Carroll, Frances
Carroll, Julia
Carrwell, Mary Ann
Carson, Matilda
Carter, Amelia
Carter, Ann Elizabeth
Carter, Ann Jago
Carter, Charles William
Carter, Charlotte Maria
Carter, Ellen Alice
Carter, Ellen Louisa
Carter, Louisa
Carter, Maria Mary
Carter, Sarah Jago
Carver, James George
Case, Jane Caroline
Case, John James
Cass, Matilda Jane
Cass, Emma Prsicilla
Cass, Lucy Marina
Cass, Mary Ann
Castle, Elisa Maria
Catel, Mary Ann
Catherwood, Amelia Elizabeth
Catherwood, Andrew
Catherwood, Isabella Jane
Catton, George Richard Ralph
Cavalot, John Charles
Cavanagh, Edward
Cavey, Francis Matthew
Cayzer, Gertrude Broad
Cayzer, Jane Hanna
Chambers, Esther
Chambers, Sarah Sabina
Champion, Elisa Ann
Channon, George
Chant, Caroline
Chant, Thomas
Chanter, Charles Frederick
Chanter, Maria Jane
Chanter, William Francis
Chapman, Lavinia Sophia
Chasley, Trefena Ann Fursdon
Chasley, William Thomas
Chatterton, Henry Clifford
Cheney, Mary Jane
Chester, Charles William
Chevalier, Enoch
Chichester, Charles John Essex
Chichester, Constance Elizabeth Rebecca Georgina
Chick, Emily
Chick, James
Chick, Mary Jane
Chick, Sarah
Childs, George Edward
Childs, Mary Harriet
Chillard, Mary Jane
Ching, Mary Ann Sophia
Christmas, Edward
Christmas, Frederick Granville
Christmas, Thomas
Churcher, Louisa Ann
Churcher, Mary Amelia
Churchill, Alfred Absalom
Clarendon, Eliza
Clark, Agnes Elizabeth
Clark, Harriet Ann
Clark, James Henry
Clark, Louisa Jane
Clark, Mary
Clavell, Alfred Joseph
Clavell, Amelia Charlotte
Clegg, Charles Arthur
Clegg, Clement Cedrick
Clegg, Frederick James
Clement, Edward Peter
Clement, Peter John
Cobden, Edwin Henry
Cobden, Jane Elizabeth
Cockerton, Claude
Cockram, Lydia Ann
Colan, Charles John
Cole, Fanny Elizabeth
Cole, Emma Maria
Cole, Jane Elisa
Cole, Margaret
Cole, Sarah Jane
Coleman, Samuel Clements
Coles, Harriet Elizabeth
Collas, Emma Jane
Collas, Ernest John
Collaway, Martha Amelia
Colley, Agnes
Collier, Adolphus James
Collin, Susan Maria
Colllings, Eleanora Jane
Collings, Delphina
Collings, Esther Emily
Collings, John Thomas
Collings, William Robert
Collins, Elizabeth Ann
Collins, George John
Collins, George Samuel
Collins, John
Collins, Thomas
Collins, William Thomas
Compton, Ann Adelaide
Compton, Martha Elspeth Charity
Connabear, Caroline Jane
Connabear, Georgianna
Connell, Amelia Jane
Connell, Elizabeth Elvina
Connell, George Robert Walter
Connelly, Ann Eliza
Connelly, Emelie
Conner, Richard
Connor, Henry Baldwin
Connor, William James
Constante, Mary
Conwell, Richard William
Conwell, Thomas Denis
Coombes, Blanche Smith
Coombes, William
Coombes, Ellen Elizabeth
Coombes, William
Coop, Thomas
Cooper, Alvena
Cooper, Elizabeth Matilda
Cooper, Ernest Albert
Cooper, John George
Cooper, Louisa Elizabeth
Cooper, Mark Richard
Copp, Sarah
Corbel, Jane Victoria
Corbel, Philip Francis
Corbel, Philip John
Corbett, James
Corbett, John Joseph
Corbin, Eli
Corline, John Henry
Cornish, Ann Elizabeth Rondel
Cornish, Elizabeth Susan
Cornish, George Smith
Cornish, Mary
Cornish, Mary Elizabeth
Cotton, James John
Couls, Ann Elizabeth
Couls, Mary Jane Henchliffe
Courtney, Clara
Courtney, John
Courtney, William Henry
Cousins, Alfred Ernest
Coutanche, Albert Philip
Coutanche, Alfred Mansell
Coutanche, Ann
Coutanche, Caroline
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, George
Coutanche, Jane Elizabeth
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Cox, Frances Harriet Bartlett
Cox, Susan Elizabeth
Cox, Tom James
Cox, William John
Crabb, Clara Helen
Crabb, Edith Mary
Crabb, Ellen Edith
Crabb, Henry Francis Hugh
Crang, Susanna
Crespin, Pierre Auguste
Crespinel, Louisa Harriet
Crespinel, Mary Ann Louise
Crocker, John Henry
Cronin, Josephine Dorey
Cropp, Samuel
Cross, Charles Walter
Cross, Hannah Maria
Cross, James Joseph Kellaway
Crussley, Charlotte
Culliford, Frederick Alfred
Cuming, Julia Anne Crozier
Cuming, Mary Julia Brohier
Cummiford, John
Cunning, Abraham Felix
Cunning, Selina Mary
Cunningham, Henry
Cunningham, Joseph, Civilian Investigator
Cunningham, Mary
Curley, James William
Curry, Walter Francis
Curwood, Martha Sarah
Cuthbert, John Thomas
Cutland, William
Dalcam, Thomas Francis
Dale, Eliza
Dalley, Louisa
Dallian, Herbert Frederick
Daly, Thomas James
Daniell, Nisida Emma
Dare, Charles Edward
Dare, John George
Darragh, Amelia Margaret
Darragh, Ann Elizabeth
Davey, Ann Elizabeth
Davey, Ellen
Davey, George Robert
Davey, Isaac William
Davey, Philip William James
Davey, William
Davis, Alice Granger
Davis, Fredrick Christopher
Davis, Hannah
Davis, Jane Fanny
Davis, Matilda Emily
Davis, Winter Theodore
Daw, Alice Rougier
Daw, Edwin William
Daw, William Henry
Daw, William Henry
Dawson, Robert George
Dawson, Jane Charlotte
de Caen, Mary Jane
de Feu, Mary Ann
de Gruchy, Charles James Philip
de Gruchy, Adelaide Victoria
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Charles Edouard
de Gruchy, Edith Ann
de Gruchy, Elizabeth Mowatt
de Gruchy, Emelia Ann Jane
de Gruchy, Jane
de Gruchy, Jean Thomas
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, John Philip
de Gruchy, Louisa
de Gruchy, Louisa Fauvel
De Gruchy, Mary-Ann
de Gruchy, Mary Jane
de Gruchy, Philip John Elias Matthew
de Gruchy, Thomas John
de Gruchy, Thomas Philip
de Gruchy, Walter Wod
de Jersey, John
de Jersey, Winter George Pierre Sohier
De L'Isle, John
de La Cour, John Elias Quenault
de La Cour, Alfred Charles
de la Court, John Elias Eward
de la Cour, Sarah Ann
de La Haye, Alert Philip Morris
de La Haye, Charles Alexandre
de La Haye, Clara Mary
de La Haye, Elise Jane
de la Haye, Elizabeth
de la Haye, Francis Emanuel
de la Haye, Francois Alexandre
de la Haye, Jane
de La Haye, John Philip Pipon
de La Main, Lucy Constance Georgina
de la Mare, Betsy
de La Mare, Elize Clementine
de la Mare, Francis John
de La Mare, Frederick George
de la Mare, John Francis Comerford
de La Mare, John George
de La Mare, John Henry Benest Caltand
de la Mare, Peter John
de la Mare, Thomas William
De La Perrelle, John Philip
de La Perrelle, Walter Hardeley
de la Porte, James
de la Taste, Edward Moses
de la Taste, Frederick Henry
de Louche, Elizabeth Hannah
de Mai, Catherine
de Mirtre, Albert Adolphe
de Ste Croix, Jane
de Ste Croix, Charles George
de Ste Croix, Elisabeth
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth Ann
de Ste Croix, Emily
de Ste Croix, Francis
de Ste Croix, George
de Ste Croix, Henry Biggs
de Ste Croix, John Arthur
Dean, Alice
Dean, George Edwin
Dennis, Augustus Walter
Denton, Jane Caroline
Desalioud, Mary
Desallioud, Frances
Desborough, Selina
Deschateaux, Francois Jean
Deslandes, Albert George
Deslandes, Charles Alexander
Deslandes, Charles William
Deslandes, Elizabeth Esther
Deslandes, Elizabeth
Deslandes, John Philippe
Deslandes, Philip
Devenish, Susan May
Devlin, Ann
Dimick, Elisa Amanda
Dingle, Angelina Matilda
Dingle, Selina John
Dinmead, Lydia
Dixon, Elizabeth Jane
Docker, William Henry
Dodge, Frederick Oliver
Dodge, Frederick Thomas
Dodge, George Henry
Dolbel, John
Domett, James
Dominy, Sydney Herbert Howe
Dommett, Emma Jane
Dommett, Harriott
Domurett, William Henry
Donaldson, Clara
Donaldson, Georgina
Donaldson, Mary Louisa
Dorey, Philip William
Dorey, Elisa Ann
Dorey, Margaret Louisa
Doswell, Maria Ann
Douglas, Elizabeth Mary
Douglas, Mary Ann
Douglas, William Frank
Dowden, Frances George
Dowden, Sarah Ann Margaret
Dowden, William Henry
Dowding, Thomas Henry
Dowland, Edwin William
Down, Henry
Down, Elizabeth Jane
Down, Thomas
Downer, Alfred Abram
Downer, Francis
Downton, Elizabeth Julia
Dowse, Edward Cecil
Doyle, Barbara Jane
Drake, Sarah Jane
Draper, Charles
Draper, Emma
Drayton, Ellen Rosa
Drayton, Mary Ann
Driver, Elizabeth Margaret
Druce, Frederick Stephen
Druce, Mary Maria
Drumgoole, Charles John
du Bois, Ernest Arthur
du Feu, Amelia Jane
du Feu, Jane Alice
du Feu, Philip Walter
du Feu, Thomas Durell
du Jardin, Matilda Mary Ann
du Jardin, Walter Charlie
du Parcq, Clement Pixley
du Parcq, Esther Ann
du Parcq, Esther Ann
Du Parcq, Helen
Duhamel, Amelia Matilda
Duhamel, Mary Ann
du Jardyn, Francois de Ste Croix
Dumaresq, Emma
Dumaresq, Walter Fruing
Dumaresq, William Philip
Dumont, Walter William
Dunstan, Thomas
Dunford, John Joseph Amy
Dupont, Jane Mary Elizabeth
Dupont, Pauline Francoise Marie
Dupont, Susan Pauline
Dupuy, Elisa Hannah
Dupuy, Rachel Mary
Durell, George Philip
Durell, Jane Elisa
Durrie, Anna Maria
Duval, Clara Malvina
Duval, John Francis
Duval, Lydia Ann
Duverdier, Marguerite Jeanne Marie
Dyer, Emma
Dyke, Richard James
Dyke, Susan Elizabeth
Earys, Amelia
Eastley, Isabella Sophia
Eastwood, George
Eayres, Julia
Edney, Ellen
Edsall, Mary Ann
Edwards, Amelia
Edwards, George Henry
Edwards, James Daniel Passmore
Edwards, John
Edwards, John
Egan, Emma Jane
Egan, James
Elliott, Emily Maria
Elliott, William Edmund
Ellis, Elizabeth Jane
Ellis, Frank
Ellis, John Philips
Ellis, Thomas James Ferdinand
Elmes, Martha Maria
Elms, John Williams
England, Elvina Elizabeth
Ennis, Alice Helene
Ennis, Amelia
Ennis, Charles Philip
Ennis, Elizabeth Ann
Ennis, Emeline Frances
Ennis, Isabel Annie
Ennis, Louisa Mary
Ennis, Mary Ann
Ereaut, Charles
Ereaut, Edwin
Ereaut, Mary Ann
Esnouf, Amelia
Esnouf, George
Esnouf, Louisa
Esnouf, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Esnouf, Mary Jane
Esnouf, Thomas Isaac
Esnouf, William
Esthur, Mary
Etasse, Pierre Joseph Andre
Ethur, Esther Jane
Evans, Editha Blanche
Evans, George Thomas Le Breton
Eve, Clara
Eve, John Pearce
Eve, Susanna Pearce
Evelyn, William Edgar
Evenden, Thomas
Ewins, Thomas
Falk, Elie
Fallaize, Frances Charles
Fallaize, Ann Elisa
Fallaize, Jane Frances
Fallaize, John Joseph
Fallaize, John Peter
Fallaize, Thomas John
Fallaize, Walter
Falle, Ann Louisa
Falle, Eliza Jane
Falle, Jane Elizabeth
Falle, John Simon
Farley, Ellen
Farnall, Louis Francis Burer
Farrel, Edward
Farrel, Jonathan
Farrell, Alexander Rowe
Fauvel, Alice Emily
Fauvel, Cecilia
Fauvel, Francis
Fauvel, Philippe
Feaver, Frederick George
Feiling, Eliza Emily
Felard, Laurent
Fentum, Arthur John
Fentum, Charles Boykett
Fentum, Elvina Susannah
Ferbrache, Esther Jane
Ferbrache, William
Ferrier, Georgena
Feuvre, John Thomas William
Field, Amelia
Fieldine, Julia Melina
Fielding, Harriet Jane
Filleul, Agnes Jane Massey
Filleul, Clara Louisa
Filleul, Philip John
Finckham, Elias
Finerty, Thomas
Fixott, Edith
Fixott, Florence Emily
Fixott, James Laing
Fletcher, Adolphus William
Fletcher, Emily Jane
Florant, Hannah Alice
Flynn, Esther Louisa
Foard, Alice Ada
Foard, Matilda Rosina
Fogarty, Emelia
Fogarty, Emily
Fontaine, Alfred
Fontaine, Theodore Sydney
Foot, Mary Rose Maria
Forbes, Charles
Ford, Frances
Ford, Frederick Alfred
Ford, Julia
Ford, Sarah Rosina
Ford, William Henry
Forgarty, Henry William
Fortescue, Matthew Regmundo
Fowler, Amelia
Fowler, Isabel
Fox, Frederick Robert
Francis, Thomas William John
Frankpitt, John Blondett
French, Kate Evelyn
Frost, Alfred Benjamin
Frost, Ann
Frost, Edith Eliza
Frost, Eliza
Frost, Tryphena Mary
Fry, Alfred
Fry, Edward
Fry, Harry Horace
Fry, Jane Hinchcliffe
Furze, John Frederick
Furzland, Sarah Ann
Gabbett, Robert Poole
Gabeldu, Jane Emelie
Gale, Alice Jane
Gale, Elizabeth Rebecca
Gale, Ellen
Gale, John
Gale, John Reynolds
Gale, Spencer
Gallichan, Caroline
Gallichan, Charles Jean
Gallichan, Edward John
Gallichan, Elise
Gallichan, George Thomas
Gallichan, Jane Emilia
Gallichan, John Sohier
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Matilda
Gallichan, Matthew Amy
Gallichan, Thomas Francis
Gallie, Amanda Malvina
Gallie, Amelia Mary
Gallie, Edward
Gallie, Elisabeth
Gallie, George Henry
Galliene Family
Gammon, Alice
Gammon, Hannah Temperance
Gardner, Amelia Catherine
Gardner, Edith Stokes
Gasnier, Francois Misson
Gasnier, James Philip
Gasnier, John Richard
Gaudin, Jane Mauger
Gaudin, John Francis
Gaudin, Martha Mary
Gaudin, William John
Gaudion, Mary Marguerite
Gaudion, Selina Elizabeth
Gavey, Ann Louisa
Gavey, Edouard
Gavey, Emelie Jane
Gavey, Francois Matthieu
Gavin, Emily Harriet
Gawler, Jane Elizabeth
Gawler, Louisa Caroline
Gee, Florence Matilda
Gelender, Edward John
Gelender, Emily
Gelender, Francis Philip
Gelender, Matilda
Germain, John Francis
Germain, Philippe
Gersh, William George
Gibbins, Maria
Gibbons, Andrew
Gibbons, Mary Ann
Gibbons, William George
Gibbs, Edwin Fisher
Gibbs, William Beastall
Giffard, Louisa
Giffard, Celina Ann
Giffard, John Francis
Giffard, Philip John
Giffard, Zepherine Celina
Gillam, Amelia Frances
Gilert, James Rodolphe
Gill, William James
Gillard, William John
Gillham, Amy Sterling
Gillins, Ann Susan
Gillman, John George
Girard, Mary Ann Louisa
Gladdis, Frederick
Gleeson, Catherine Elizabeth
Goate, Edward
Godel, Anne Jane
Godel, Elizabeth Jane
Godel, Elizabeth Jane
Godel, Jane Ann
Godel, Louisa
Godfray, Louisa
Godfray, Thomas Walter
Godfray, Alfred Hugh
Godfray, Alice Clara
Godfray, Clement
Godfray, Clementine Rachel
Godfray, Edwin
Godfray, Julia Tomy
Godfray, Laura Matilda
Godfray, Mary Nowell
Godfray, Stanley
Godfray, Thomas
Godfroy, Marie Bonne Francoise
Godfroy, Rose Victoire Louise
Goldsworthy, Mary Ann
Goodfellow, Fanny Ann Rooke
Goodfellow, John Rook
Goodman, Arthur Rapson
Goodman, Charles Napier
Goodman, John Henry
Gordon, Isabella Susanna
Gosselin, Francis George
Gosset, James Philippe
Gosset, Mary Asia
Gosset, Richard Masters
Gotrel, Mary Ann
Gotterel, Alfred
Gotterel, Louisa
Gottrel, Fanny Mary Ann
Gover, Rachel
Govier, Eliza Ellen
Govier, Sarah Ann
Grandin, Alfred Francis
Grandin, Francois
Grandin, George Francis
Grandin, Henry Philip
Grandin, John
Grandin, Mary Jane
Grandin, Philippe
Gray, Mary Elizabeth
Gray, Ann Elizabeth Beckford
Gray, John Edward Baskerville
Gray, Samuel William
Green, Ann
Green, Anna
Green, Charles Allenson
Green, Elizabeth Jane
Green, Emma
Green, Emma Maria
Green, George
Green, Louisa Ann
Green, Mary Hannah
Green, William Ezikeah
Greenham, Charles George
Gregory, Catherine
Gregory, Clara Handsford
Gregory, William
Gribble, Elizabeth
Gribble, John
Griffin, Albert Charles
Griffin, Alfred Henry
Griffin, Frances Ellen
Griffin, Frank Clement Blenheim
Griffin, John Varnon
Grigg, Emma Jane
Grigg, Hannah
Grimley, Augustus
Grimley, William
Grimshaw, John Francis
Grimshaw, Louisa Emily
Grindin, John
Grindin, Philip Henry
Groizard, Adolphus James
Groizard, Georgiana Mary Ann
Gruchy, Elizabeth Henrietta
Gruchy, Julia Elizabeth
Gruchy, Philip Henry
Guerin, Frederick
Guiton, Edwin Charles
Guppy, Georgina
Guy, George Thomas
Hacquoil, Clara Jane
Hacquoil, Isaac Henry Fred
Hacquoil, Philip Aaron Godfray
Hadfield, Thomas Henry
Hafner, Ann
Haggie Family
Haines, James Alexander
Hake, Adolphus Henry
Hake, Henry Charles
Hake, Sampson James
Hall, Edwin
Hall, Christopher
Hall, Clement
Hall, Emma Elizabeth
Hall, Gordon William West
Hall, William
Hallett, Elisa
Hallett, George
Hallett, John
Hallman, Laura Reed
Hallman, William
Halse, Eliza
Halse, Harriet
Hamilton, Louise Emily
Hammond, Walter Dudley
Hamon, Joseph Theophille Dumaresq
Hamon, Charles Frederic
Hamon, Dumaresq Francis
Hamon, Eunice
Hamon, Francis James
Hamon, George John
Hamon, Jean Charles
Hamon, Peter Francis
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Philippe Syvret
Hamon, Samuel
Hamon, Susanne Elizabeth
Hanaford, William
Hancock, Arthur
Handsford, Lucy Matilda
Handy, Mary Ann
Hann, Susan
Hannam, Samuel Richard Moyle
Hannam, Urasa Mary Moyle
Hannam, William Henry
Hansford, Henry James
Hansford, Henry William
Hansford, Julia Olive
Hansford, Sarah
Hansford, Sarah Elizabeth
Hansford, William Henry
Hardeley, Jane Elizabeth
Hardence, Thomas Woodeley
Hardin, Elizabeth
Harding, Frank Richard
Hardley, John Dunford
Hardy, Louisa Maria
Hardy, Daniel Joseph
Hardy, Margaret Priscilla
Hardy, Sarah Jane
Hardy, Thomasin Ann Elisa
Hardy, William Charles
Hare, Gordon Horace
Harradance, John Henry
Harradence, George
Harris, Henry
Harris, Alfred John
Harris, Edwin David
Harris, John Alfred
Harris, Mary Esther
Hart, Harcourt Campbell Carter
Hart, Clara
Hart, William
Harty, James Uriah
Hasted, Louisa
Hatch, John Hugh
Hatch, Sampson
Hawkins, Albert
Hawkins, Elizabeth Harriet
Haywood Family
Heale, Henry John
Heale, William John
Heard, Emma Charlotte
Heard, John Holmes
Hedding, Clara Jane
Hedley, Duncan MacDonald
Heffron, Adelina Jane
Helleur, Edouard George Francois
Helleur, Mary Ann Susan
Hellyer, Alfred
Hellyer, Matilda
Hellyer, Matilda Louise
Hemery, Alice Mary
Hemery, Mary Elizabeth
Henley, Louisa Alice
Henly, Walter James
Heno, Edwin James
Henry, Caroline
Henry, Francis James Alexander
Henry, Harriet Jane
Henry, Jane
Henry, William John
Henwood, John
Henwood, William Goldsmith
Herivel, Esther
Herivel, Helina Susan
Herivel, Louisa Eliza
Herivel, Thomas
Herston, Richard
Heyden, William George
Hicks, Jane Ann
Hicks, Louisa Emily
Hicks, Mary Jane
Hill, Edwin Francis
Hill, John Lewis David
Hinchey, Charles William
Hinchey, George Joseph
Hine, Charles Emmanuel
Hine, George Robert
Hingston, Ellen
Hinton, William Henry
Hitchcock, Emily Alicia Ann
Hockey, Mary Ann
Hockey, Richard Samuel
Hockey, William
Hocquard, Elizabeth Jane
Hocquard, John
Hocquard, Philippe
Hodder, Matilda Amelia
Hodges, George James
Hogg, Leveaner
Hoggett, Jane
Holloway, Joseph John
Holloway, Mary Ann Eliza
Holman, Walter Thomas
Holman, Margaret
Holmes, Elisa
Holmes, William
Homann, Alexandrina
Honeycombe, George Philip
Hongston, Thomas Henry
Horman, Thomas
Horn, Margaret Ann
Horseman, Lydia Elizabeth
Hoskey, Henry
Hotton, Frederick
Hotton, Matilda Jane
Hotton, Peter
Howard, Louisa
Howe, Arthur Adolphus
Howell, Francis James
Hubert, Alice Mourant
Hubert, Caroline Fauvel
Hubert, Elizabeth Marie
Hubert, Francis
Hubert, Francis Thomas
Hubert, Georgiana Eliza
Hubert, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Huelin, Elizabeth Mary
Huelin, James Wilson
Hughes, Ann Elizabeth
Hughes, Mary Alice
Hugo, Blanche Laura
Hugo, Harper Lovell Samuel
Humphries, Alice Amelia
Humphries, Betsy Ann
Hunt, Albert William
Hunt, Emily Elizabeth
Hunt, Henry Walter
Hunt, Victoria Eliza Jane
Hunt, William
Hurley, Amelia Ann
Hurley, William
Hurley, William Henry
Husband, Frederick James
Husband, Mary Jane
Hush, Mary Ann
Hussey, John
Hutchison, Emma Ann
Hyde, Maria Jane
Ingerson, Jane
Ingerson, Frances
Ingram, Adolphus William
Ingram, Martha Susanna
Ingram, Mary Elisa
Irvine, Robert Hamelton
Isaac, Richard Walter De Jersey
Isherwood, Francis Ash
Ivey, James Wale
Jackson, Bessie
Jackson, Clara Jane
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Joseph Benjamin
Jackson, Lydia
Jackson, Rosolia
Jacobs, Elisa Emma
Jacobs, Louisa
Jacobs, Rebecca Philippa
Jaffars, Mary Jane
James, Elizabeth Ann
Jandron, Philippe
Jane, Lydia Elisa
Janvrin, Elisa
Janvrin, Forance Augusta
Jarvis, Anna Eva
Jarvis, Hannah Elvina
Jarvis, John Thomas
Jarvis, Martha Jane Frances
Jarvis, Mary Ann
Jarvis, Samuel Charles
Jarvis, William Edwin James
Jasper, Laura
Jean, Beaucamp
Jean, Eleonore Elizabeth
Jean, Jane Elizabeth
Jean, Philip Francis
Jeandron, Walter George
Jeffery, Sarah Frances
Jefferys, Mary Ann Elisa
Jengant, Desiree Elisa
Jenkins, Elisabeth Jane
Jeune, Edwin Francis
Jeune, Elie George
Jeune, Elie George
Jeune, Elizabeth Caroline
Jeune, Marguerite Sophie
Jeune, Marguerite Sophie
Johnson, Ann Elizabeth
Johnson, James William
Johnson, John Vernon
Johnson, Maria Louisa
Johnston, Clara Charlotte
Johnston, Emily Flora
Johnston, John Gustavous
Johnstone, Selina Henrietta
Jolin, John George Charles
Jolin, Mary Louisa
Jolin, Philip Thomas
Jonah, Henry Frederick
Jones, William Edmund Alfred John
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Ann Godiva
Jones, Arthur Conway
Jones, Caroline Mary
Jones, David Jonathan
Jones, Edward Matthew
Jones, Elisabeth
Jones, Henry Thomas
Jones, Jonathon David
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary Ane
Jones, Mary Jane
Jones, Richard
Jones, William John
Jordan, Charles Henry
Joslin, Amelia Frances
Joslin, John James
Jougnet, Thomas
Jouquet, Elizabeth Marguerite
Jourdan, Francis Walter
Journeaux, Mary Ann
Journeaux, Elizabeth Ann
Journeaux, Frederick Simon
Journeaux, Henry
Journeaux, Matilda Emma
Juillet, Albertine
Julian, Elizabeth Mary
Kaill, Georgianna
Kaill, William Charles
Kark, John Retallick
Keagan, James Henry
Kearney, William Henry Francis
Keast, Mary Jane
Keating, Cathleen Helen
Kelland, Sarah
Kelland, Elizabeth Ann
Kelling, Elise Caroline
Kelling, Elize Jane
Kemish, Elizabeth Ann
Kemish, Mary Louisa
Kerslake, Harriet
Kerslake, Robert
Kilduff, Mary Jane
Kilminster, Mary Jane
Kinchington, Sarah Jane
Kinchington, Sidney
Kine, Emily Jane
King, Alice Jane
King, George Frederick
King, George Henry Maitland
King, John Thomas
King, Louise Ellen
King, Mary Ann Elisabeth
Kingsnaith, Henry William
Kingsworth, Alice Spiers
Kingsworth, Charles Thomas
Kingsworth, Clara Esther
Kitto, Elizabeth Mary
Kneeshaw, Mary
Knight, James Charles
Knight, John Charles
Knight, Richard Sinlair
Knott, Amelia
Knott, Harriet
Knott, William
Knott, William Frederick Bestland
Knox, Thomas Werter
La Gerche, George John Francis
La Haye, Rachel Ann
La Niece, Elisa Priscilla
Laffoley, Charles La Croix
Laffoley, Fanny
Lakeman, Elizabeth Sarah
Lakeman, Emma Sarah
Lakin, Jemima Coombs
Lakin, Margaret
Lamb, Catharine Agnes
Lambard, Eliza Ann
Lambe, William John Jacobs
Lancashire, Chalotte Mary
Lancashire, Francis John
Lancashire, Philip Thomas
Lancaster, Mary Jane
Lancaster, William Thomas
Lane, Henrietta
Lane, Elizabeth Mary
Lanes, Henry
Langdon, George Henry
Langdon, Charles John
Langdon, James Henry Cornwall
Langford, Annabella
Langford, George Henry
Langlois, Adolphus
Langworthy, Harriet Ann
Langworthy, Mary Eleanor
Larbalestier, Jane Amelia
Larbalestier, John George
Larbalastier, Philip Job
Larcombe, Caroline
Lath, Hannah Jane
Laurens, Alice Mary
Laurens, Ann
Laurens, Asa Theresa
Laurens, Delphine Jane
Laurens, Elie Charles
Laurens, George John
Laurens, Isabella
Laurens, Jane Louisa
Laurens, Lena Amelia
Laurens, Lydia Mary
Laurens, Lydia Mary
Laurens, Mary Jane
Laurens, Susan Sophie
Laurent, Adien Clement Etienne
Lavender, Elisa Matilda
Laventure, John Philip
Laverty, Ada Michell
Laverty, Elisabeth Stirling
Lawrence, Henry Edwin
Lawrence, Elizabeth Matilda
Lawrence, Stephen Bendigo
Le Bailly, Rachel
Le Bailly, Francis Cavey
Le Bailly, Mary Ann
Le Bailly, Philip John
Le Bas, Alice Mary Jane
Le Bas, Nicholas Benjamin Hamon
Le Blanc, Charles
Le Blancq, George
Le Blancq, Harriet
Le Blancq, Mary Ann Jane
Le Blond, Alice Selina
Le Blond, Mary Louise
Le Blond, Philippe Pierre
Le Boeuf, George Frederick
Le Boeuf, Philippe
Le Boutillier, Anna Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Elisa Ann
Le Boutillier, François
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, John Peter
Le Breton, Elizabeth
Le Breton, Clara Elisabeth
Le Breton, Elisa Mary
Le Breton, Elisabeth
Le Breton, Elizabeh
Le Breton, Elizabeth Mary
Le Breton, Esther Elizabeth
Le Breton, Francis Philip
Le Breton, Louisa Georgina
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Le Breton, William James
Le Brocq, Alice
Le Brocq, Frederick Samuel
Le Brun, Ann Elizabeth
Le Brun, Delphina Elizabeth
Le Brun, Jean Sohier
Le Brun, Lydia Emma
Le Brun, Mary Jane
Le Chavalier die Durell, Lydia Sophia
Le Cocq, Pete
Le Cocq, Jane Margaret
Le Conte, Jane
Le Conte, Joseph Louis
Le Conte, Joseph Louis Marie
Le Contour, Ann Mary
Le Cornu, Alfred Charles
Le Cornu, Caroline Elisa
Le Cornu, Harriet
Le Cornu, Philip John
Le Couteur, George Gorey
Le Couteur, James de Veulle
Le Couteur, Sophie Jane
Le Couteur, Wilson
Le Couve, Marie Jane Victoire
Le Cras, Adolphe
Le Cras, Ann
Le Cras, Charles
Le Cras, Charles Arthur
Le Cras, Francis John
Le Cras, John Monet
Le Cras, Maria Jane
Le Cras, Nicholas
Le Cras, Philippe Charles
Le Cras, Thomas John
Le Dain, Edward Robert Hawker
Le Dain, Elizabeth Jane
Le Dain, Jane Le Maistre
Le Dain, Mary Ann
Le Dain, Mary Louisa
Le Duc, Amelia Ann
Le Duc, Henry Edward
Le Duc, Joseph William
Le Feuvre, Agnes
Le Feuvre, Ann Eliza
Le Feuvre, Arthur
Le Feuvre, Caroline Adela Susan
Le Feuvre, Charles
Le Feuvre, Charles George
Le Feuvre, Elisa Caroline
Le Feuvre, Eliza
Le Feuvre, Ellen Lydia
Le Feuvre, James Winter Nicolle
Le Feuvre, John Thomas William
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Mary Jane
Le Feuvre, Philip Amy
Le Feuvre, Rachel Jane
Le Feuvre, Walter Philip
Le Feuvre, William John
Le Fevre, Esther Mary
Le Gallais, Alfred John
Le Gallais, Elizabeth Clara
Le Gallais, Emma Jane
Le Gallais, Jane Alma
Le Gerche, Alfred William
Le Geyt, Abraham George William
Le Geyt, Abraham James
Le Geyt, Charles Arthur
Le Geyt, Charles Arthur
Le Geyt, Ellen Jane
Le Geyt, Ellen Jeanne Marie
Le Gras, Susan Maria
Le Gresley, Mary Louise
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Alice Mary
Le Gros, Annie Elizabeth
Le Gros, Elisa Martha
Le Gros, Elizabeth Auguste
Le Gros, Elizabeth May
Le Gros, Elize Magdelin
Le Gros, James
Le Gros, Jane
Le Gros, Louisa Mary
Le Gros, Mary Ann
Le Gros, Mary Ann Elisabeth
Le Gros, Mary Jane
Le Gros, Susan Jane
Le Huquet, Adeline Ann
Le Huquet, Mary Jane
Le Lacheur, John Henry
Le Lievre, Charles
Le Lièvre, Thomas
Le Loup, Estel Mary
Le Maistre, Caroline
Le Maistre, Edward John
Le Maistre, Emma
Le Maistre, Louisa Eleanore
Le Maistre, Louisa Fanny
Le Maistre, Thomas
Le Marinel, Philippe
Le Marquand, Justina Caroline
Le Marquand, Lydia Susannah
Le Masureir, Clara Henrietta
Le Masurer, Philippe
Le Masurier, Ann Mary
Le Masurier, Charles Philippe
Le Masurier, John Joseph
Le Masurier, Peter Charles
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Moignan, John
Le Moignand, Jane Denize
Le Montais, Ann Louisa
Le Montais, Caroline Lavina Grace
Le Montais, Elisa Emelia
Le Montais, Walter Balleine
Le Mottee, Louisa
Le Neveu, Hannah Godfray
Le Niece, Gedeon Nelson
Le Noble, Nicolas Elias
Le Noury, Julia Elizabeth
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Louisa
Le Prevost, Mary Jane Susanna
Le Prevot, Julia Agnes
Le Quesne, Cecil
Le Quesne, Alice Jane
Le Quesne, Ann Sophia
Le Quesne, Arthur Charles
Le Quesne, Augustus Simeon
Le Quesne, Charles Edwin
Le Quesne, Claudine Mary
Le Quesne, Edmund William
Le Quesne, Edwin Joseph
Le Quesne, Elisa Frederica
Le Quesne, Florence Anie
Le Quesne, Frances Wilhelmina
Le Quesne, Georgina
Le Quesne, Thomas Daniel
Le Ray, Adolphe Henry
Le Ray, Alfred Jean
Le Ray, Helier Charles
Le Ray, Mary Jane
Le Riche, Elise
Le Riche, Elizabeth
Le Riche, Ann
Le Riche, Francis Le Couteur
Le Riche, George Jacques
Le Riche, George Louis Henry
Le Riche, Mary Ann Jane
Le Rossignol, Francis Edward
Le Rossignol, Peter Francis
Le Rougetel, John Daniel
Le Scelleur, Sophia Jane Elizabeth
Le Seelleir, John Philip
Le Seelleur, George Thomas
Le Seelleur, Louisa
Le Sudre, Charles
Le Sueur, Edward David
Le Sueur, Ann Elisabeth
Le Sueur, Emma
Le Sueur, Jane Elisabeth
Le Sueur, John James David
Le Sueur, Louisa Agnes
Le Sueur, Matilda Jane
Le Sueur, Peter
Le Sueur, Philip Jean
Le Sueur, Philip John Francis
Le Survenul, Benjamin
Le Templier, Elizabeth Ann
Le Templier, John Filleul
Le Vavasseur dir Durell, William
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Clara Mary Ann
Le Vesconte, Amelia
Le Vesconte, Couteur Winter Edwin
Le Vesconte, Elizabeth Ann
Le Vesconte, George Charles
Le Vesconte, Philip John
Le Vesconte, Walter Edmund
Leach, Charles Major
Leach, George William
Leat, Thomas Maunder
Leat, William Maunder
Ledwich, George
Lee, Ann Mary
Lee, Emily
Lee, Harriet Sarah Matilda
Lee, Henry Francis
Lee, James John William
Legg, Henry John
Leigh, Theresa Delicia
Lemmer, Susanna Catherina
Lendon, John William
Leonard, Adolphus
Leonard, Clara
Leonard, Elizabeth
Letto, Adolphus
Letto, Alfred
Levis, George Joseph
Lewis, Agnes Alice
Lewis, Edwin Aubery
Lewis, Godfray Wiliam
Lewis, Lotita Elisa
Lihou, Frederic Adolphe
Lindon, Julia Mary
Livermore, Isabella
Lloyd, William Henry
Lobb, Ann
Lock, Elizabeth
London, William Henry
Long, George
Long, Mary Jane
Long, Sarah Jane
Louden, Anna Sarah
Lowcay, William Lawrence
Lucas, Richard
Lucas, Peter James
Luce, John Elie
Luce, Alfred John
Luce, Ann Dorey
Luce, Francis George William
Luce, Frederick
Luce, Jane Louisa
Luce, Philip
Luce, Philippe
Luce, Priscilla
Machin, George Alfred
Machon, Elizabeth Georgina
Machon, Elizabeth Rosamund
Mackay, Hannah
Mackenzie, Thomas
Mackenzie, Clara Ann
Mackenzie, Elvina Clara
Mackenzie, George Joseph Thomas
MacLocklin, Samuel Kelly
Mahoney, Mary Jane
Maighney, Alfred George
Main, Jane Margaret
Mairier, Victorine Eugenie
Major, Ann
Malakin, John Thomas Henry
Male, Charles
Malherbe, Albert Sylvain
Mallet, Alfred Philip
Mallet, Ann Cheverton
Mallet, Christianna
Mallet, Eliza
Mallet, George Payn
Mallet, John
Mallet, John Henry
Mallett, Alice Helen
Malzard, Maria
Manley, Ann Maria
Manly, John Francis
Manzell, Alvina Mary Ann
March, Edwin James
Marett, Charles
Marett, Elizabeth
Marett, Emily
Marett, Esther Jane
Marett, Flora Jane
Marett, George
Marett, George Francis
Marett, Harriet Louisa
Marett, John Bichard
Marett, Julie Elvina
Marett, Margaret Frances
Marett, Rachel Jane
Marett, Simon Samuel
Margerie, Charles Peter
Marguerie, Louisa
Marie, George Edward
Marie, Elie George
Marie, James Frances
Marie, Jane Rachel
Marie, Mary Ann Jane
Mariette, Marguerite Malvina
Markey, Emma Smith
Marrens, John Henry
Mars, David
Marsh, Jane Elisabeth
Marsh, Louisa Harriet
Marshall, Edwin Charles
Martimer, Sydney
Martin, Mary
Martin, Alfred John
Martin, George
Martin, John Biddlecombe
Martin, Robert Wylie
Martin, Sarah Elisa
Martin, Victoria Jane
Martyn, Edward Nicolls
Martyn, Henry George
Masters, Alfred William
Masters, Eleanor
Masters, Jane Mary
Masters, Mary Ann
Matson, Henrietta
Matson, Mary Jane
Matthews, Charles James
Matthews, Ernest
Matthews, William
Mauger, John George
Mauger, Charlotte Ann
Mauger, Alfred Charles Le Sueur
Mauger, Amelia Louisa
Mauger, Edward Marcus
Mauger, Ernest Ciddington
Mauger, Francis
Mauger, George
Mauger, George Thomas
Mauger, Lydia Louisa
Mauger, Philip
Mauger, Philip Starck
Mauvielle, Auguste Frederick
Maxwell, Robert
Mayer, Robert Alfred
Mayes, Alfred John
Maynes, William John
McAllen, Isabella Ann
McAllen, Thomas William
McAteer, Ephraim Robert
McCarthy, Thomas
McCoubrey, Eunice Jane
McDarmutt, Martin Charles
McDermott, Ann Rachel
McDermott, Mary Jane
McFarlane, Mary Elisabeth Fry
McGlinchy, Francis Drake
McKee, Emma
McKee, James Walter
McKee Samuel James
McKevett, Elisa Emma
McKevett, Laura Lucy
McLocklin, Joseph
McNulty, Mary Anne Catherine
Meadows, Herbert Sydney Manvers
Meadows, Kathleen Flora
Medder, Anna Elisabeth
Medder, Clara Louisa
Medder, William Henry
Mellish, Thomas James
Merrell, Cecilia Susanna Friendship
Merrell, Louise Elisabeth
Messervy, Jane
Messervy, John
Metters, Ellen Margaret
Metters, Ellen Margaret
Mew, Joseph William
Michinmore, Ann Elisabeth
Midval, Ellen
Mildren, Catherine
Miles, Elizabeth
Mill, Alice
Mill, Edwin Richard
Mill, George
Mill, Harriet Celina
Millais, Edwin Walter
Millais, George Ernest
Millais, Isabella Kate
Miller, Elizabeth Ann
Miller, John
Miller, Sarah Jane
Miller, Thomas Clement
Millins, Gustavous Henry William
Mills, Alice Mary
Mills, James
Milner, Henrietta Mary Elisabeth
Milton, John Adolphus
Minchinton, James John
Minchiton, Mary Jane
Minden, Charles
Mitchel, Selby
Mitchel, Emma Alice
Mitchell, Stephan George
Mitchell, Walter Alexander Edmund William
Mitchell, William Charles
Mitchelmore, James Weeks
Moignard, Mary Jane
Moignard, Harriet Elizabeth Jane
Moignard, John
Moldron, Francis Philip
Monahan, George Whitney
Monchinton, Francis Donaldson
Monck, George Richard
Monday, Catherine
Monet, Charles William
Monet, John Alfred
Moon, Elizabeth Jane
Moore, Alfred Henry
Moore, Charles John
Moore, Elizabeth Susan Martha
Moore, Emma Jane
Moore, James Edward
Moore, John Charles William
Moore, Julie Nancy
Morean, John Edward
Moreton, William Harry
Morgan, Mary Jane
Morgan, Thomas James
Morris, Francis Philip
Morrish, Samuel Phip
Moses, Ann Elizabeth
Moses, Elisa Ann Mary
Moss, Ann
Moss, Charles
Moss, William Henry
Moulin, Francis John
Mourant, Abraham Arthur
Mourant, Emma Teed
Mourant, John Theodore
Mourant, Louisa Ann
Mourant, Mary Ann Adelaide
Mourant, Mary Ann Elina
Mourant, Matilda
Mourant, Philippe Abraham
Moyse, Emma Elisabeth
Moyse, William
Mudford, William
Muldoon, Charles Thomas
Muless, John Bernard
Mullett, Harriet
Murchison, Mary Ann Blanche
Murless, Sophia
Murray, Elizabet Ann
Murray, Fanny Mary
Murray, Hippolyte Alexandre
Murray, Mary Edith
Murray, Sarah Winter
Murray, William Joseph
Musgrove, Leah
Mutton, Emma Elisabeth
Mutton, Rosa Louisa
Nairn, Charlotte
Napier, James Charles
Napier, Matilda Caroline
Nash, Caroline Sprengelina
Nathaniel, Charles
Neal, James Davey
Neel, Charles Edouard
Neel, Elias Clement
Neill, John Francis
Netten, Matilda
New, Charles George
New, Elisabeth Matilda
Newberry, Ottywell
Newman, Elizabeth Ann
Newman, Elizabeth Luce
Newman, John Smith
Newman, Julia Matilda
Newman, William
Newnham, Thomas Alfred
Newton, Ann Margaret
Newton, Beadon George
Nichols, Alpina Ann
Nicholson, Amelia Louisa
Nicholson, Emma Mack
Nicholson, William Hamelton
Nickels, Orlando
Nicolle, Elias John
Nicolle, John William
Nicolle, John Winter
Nicolle, Julia Roberta Matilda
Nicolle, Mary Elisa
Nicolle, Winter
Nobbs, John Henry
Noel, Charles Middleton
Noel, Edwin James
Noel, Francis Winter
Noel, George
Noel, George Gallienne
Noel, Hannah Elisabeth
Noel, Henry William
Noel, John James
Noel, Mary Ann
Noel, Philip Clement
Noel, Philip Laurens
Noel, William Henry
Norfolk, Richard Josiah
Norman, Elizabeth
Norman, Louisa
Norman, Alfred
Norman, Constantine Ambroisine Rosalie
Norman, Elizabeth Amelia
Norman, Emma
Norman, Jean Philippe
Norman, Louisa Maria
Norman, Matilda Sophia
Normand, Walter Godfray
Norris, Edwin James
Norris, Georgina Sophia
Norris, James William
Norton, Edwin
Norton, Mary
Norton, Thomas Robert
Nowlan, Frederick Stephens
Nurse, Elizabeth Mary
Oates, Joseph Thomas
Old, Laura Jane
Oliver, Matilda Mary
Olsen, John Lewis
Orange, Edwin
Orange, Lydia
Orchard, Sarah Ann
Orvis, John Walter
Osmon, Elisa Ann Jane
Osmont, Elizabeth Jane
Ouless, Clarence Philip
Owen, Arabella Julia
Pallot, Charles Philip Renouf
Pallot, John
Pallot, Rachel Emelie
Palmer, Edith
Palmer, Ellen
Palmer, George Clark
Palmer, John Sheppard
Palmer, Mary Ann
Palmer, Mary Elizabeth
Panny, Jane Amelia
Paoli, Clement Henry
Parade, James
Paris, Marian Elisa
Paris, William
Parke, Gertrude Hannah
Parker, Alice Elisabeth
Parker, Samuel Richard
Parking, Frances Zoe
Parrott, Charles William
Parsons, Elizabeth
Parsons, Ephraim
Parsons, George William
Parsons, Sarah Ann
Partridge, Henry
Paskins, Charles Sinclair
Paskins, Edwin William
Patch, James Edard
Paul, Rosina Maria
Paull, Elisa Mary
Paull, Elizabeth
Payn, Ann Amelia
Payn, Ann Elisabeth
Payn, Elisa Rachel
Payn, Francis John
Payn, George
Payn, James
Payn, Mary Jane
Payn, Matilda Henrietta
Payn, Philip Francis
Peacock, Inez Eva Isobel
Peagam, Marie Louise
Peard, Richard
Pearse, Caroline
Pearse, George Orlando
Pearson, Frances Henrietta
Peart, Louisa Elizabeth
Peart, Matilda Jane
Peckham, George Joseph
Pellow, Alice Jane
Pellow, Edwin
Pellow, Emma Jane
Peneelly, William Alfred
Pengelly, Amanda Sophia
Pengelly, Jessie Elizabeth Alice
Penney, John Leo
Penney, Thomas Edwin
Penny, Clara Louisa
Penny, Emma Martha
Penny, Susanna
Perchard, Mary Ann
Perchard, Mary Ann
Percival, Elen Jane
Percival, Charles Albert
Percival, Mary Jane
Perkins, Wiliam Henry
Perkins, William Smith
Perree, John Helier
Perree, Philippe
Perrem, James Alfred
Perry, Henry Patrick
Perry, William Seymour
Perryman, Lydia
Perryman, Richard Thomas
Philip, Florance Bernard
Philippe, John Walter
Philips, William John
Phillips, Emily
Phillips, Louise Hardeley
Phillipson, Sophie Elizabeth
Phillp, Henry James
Phinn, Margaret Sarah
Picot, Ernest Francis
Picquet, Mary Jane
Piddineton, Anna
Piddington, Samuel
Pigeard, Charles Edouard Maurice
Pigeon, John
Pinkcam, Asinath
Pinnick, Emma Grace
Pinwell, Elias Edward
Pinwell, Frederick Charles
Pinwell, George Charles Woolcock
Piquet, Alfred Charles
Piquet, Clement Simon
Piquet, Frederick George
Piquet, John Charles
Piquet, John Philip
Piquet, Susanne Delphine
Pirouet, Elisa
Pirouet, John
Pirouet, Maria Jane
Pitcher, Selina Davis
Pitman, Maria Honor
Pitman, Marina
Pitman, Mary Ann
Piton, Elizabeth
Pitt, Thomas Chatham
Pitt, Amelia Jane
Pitt, John Ryves
Pitt, Mary Elizabeth
Podesta, Mary Jane
Podester, Julia
Poingdestre, Alfred Thomas
Poingdestre, Adelaide
Poingdestre, Mary
Pont, George
Pope, Elisa Jane
Pope, Harriet
Portland, Alfred
Pound, William Henry
Powell, Caroline Matilda
Powell, Henry
Powell, Jane Matilda
Prall, Henry John
Prall, Adelade Victoria Maria
Prevel, Elizabeth Mary
Prevel, Francis John
Prevot, Henrietta Louisa
Price, Francis Gifford
Price, Lydia Mary
Price, Mary Blanche
Priddle, Henry Hill
Priestwood, Barbara Frances
Priestwood, George Richard
Prising, Henry James
Prising, John David
Pritchard, William
Prouse, Albert Daniel
Prouse, Thomas Samuel
Prouse, Trephena Ellen
Prout, Elizabeth
Prout, Emily
Prout, Selina Mary Burton
Prouten, Elias Richard
Prouten, Henry Joseph
Prowse, Francis Dinman
Pugsley, John
Pugsley, Mary Ann
Queen, Selina
Quemard, Helier Philippe
Quenault, Francis
Quenault, George Charles
Quenault, Jane Georgiana
Quenault, Jean Batiste
Queree, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Queripel, John William
Querree, Frederick Joseph
Quinn, James
Ramier, Mary Ann
Randall, William John
Randle, George Frederick
Ranwell, William Willis
Rapsey, Georgiana
Rapsey, John
Rawling, Thomas Rapson
Raymond, George James
Rayner, Edward
Reed, Alfred
Reed, Thomas
Reid, Sarah Ann
Remy, Amelia Jane
Remy, Jane Amelia
Rendle, Thomas
Rendle, Harriet
Renier, Selina Elizabeth
Renouf, James
Renouf, Alfred Edouard
Renouf, Ann De La Ville
Renouf, Elizabeth Ann
Renouf, Francis
Renouf, Francis John
Renouf, George Edward
Renouf, Hannah
Renouf, John Charles
Renouf, Louisa
Renouf, Marguerite
Renouf, Maria Jane
Renouf, Nicolas Philippe
Renouf, Philip Dupre
Renouf, Philip Winter
Renouf, Philippe Chevalier
Renouf, Rachel
Renouf, Susanne Marguerite
Ricard, Graham Dickson
Richard, John Truscott
Richard, Richard
Richards, Emma Wickham Dalzell
Richelieu, Henri
Rickard, Agnes Tabitha Mellon
Rickard, William Rudd
Rider, William George
Riding, Emily Ann
Ritchie, Ann
Rixon, Mary Jane
Roach, John William
Roach, Joseph
Roach, Julia Ann
Robbins, Charlotte
Roberts, Anne
Robertson, Philip Treseder
Robertson, Samuel John
Robertson, Sarah Adelade Weir
Robilliard, Aquila Pearce
Robin, Thomas
Robins, Rebecca
Robinson, Georgina
Robinson, John
Rochelle, Ernest Arthur
Rodgers, Edward George
Rodgers, George Edward
Roe, Loinel James Damer
Roe, Richard Mauleverer
Roger, Amelia Charles
Rogeri, William Henry
Rogers, George William
Rogers, Charles Henry
Rogers, Charlotte
Rogers, Emily
Rogers, James
Rogers, Jane Mary Elizabeth
Rogers, John
Rogers, John Thomas
Rogers, Sidney Joseph Smith
Rogers, William
Rogery, Mary Jane
Rolls, Fanny
Romeril, Charles Durell
Romeril, Elisa Ann
Romeril, George Syvret
Romeril, George William
Romeril, Jane Esther
Romeril, Jane Touzel
Romeril, John Philip
Romeril, Lucille
Romeril, Mary Ann
Rondel, Alfred Clement
Rondel, John Philippe
Rondel, Mary Ann
Rose, Emily
Rose, George William
Rousseau, Jean Joseph
Row, Louisa Maria
Rowcliffe, Albert William
Rowcliffe, Charlotte Ann
Rowcliffe, Edwin
Rowcliffe, Robert Bedwell
Rowe, Ellen Mary
Rowe, Jane
Rowe, Louisa Jane
Rowe, Mary Ann
Rowe, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Rowe, Thomas Mallet
Rubilliard, Henry William
Russel, Ann Emma
Salisbury, Benjamin
Salter, Jane
Salter, Thomas
Saltern, Elizabeth Jane
Salthill, Alfred Henry
Sampson, James Albert
Sampson, John William
Sampson, Martha Ann
Sampson, Mary Ann
Samson, Adolphus
Samson, John Alfred
Samuel, James Hamon
Samwells, Mary Jane
Sandiford, John Henry
Sandwith, Emmeline Octavia
Sansom, Harriet Ann
Saunders, Edward John Coombs
Saunders, William
Saunders, William
Savage, Walter French
Scammel , Elizabeth Amy
Schooler, Emelia Grace
Scott, George Edwin Richard
Scott, John Henry
Screech, Caroline
Screech, Maria Clara
Scriven, George Alfred
Scrivens, Henry Arthur
Sebire, Mary Ann
Selby, Mary
Selby, Thomas
Septembre, Elizabeth Ann
Seward, Louisa
Shale, Joseph John
Shalford, Stephen
Shambrook, Henry
Shambrook, John
Shapcott, Mary Ellen
Sharland, Cecilia Henrietta Kilford
Sharp, George
Sharp, Thomas
Sharpcott, Asa Queree
Shave, Edmund George
Shave, Herbert Carey
Shelard, Elisabeth Ann
Shepherd, William Joseph
Sherry, Frederick James
Sherry, Louisa Jane
Shiner, William
Short, Charlotte Elizabeth
Short, James John
Short, Susan Amelia
Sibbles, Frederick James
Sill, Catherine Ann
Simmons, Albert
Simmons, Elizabeth
Simon, Louisa Lavina
Simon, Arthur Henry
Simon, Stanley Frederick
Sinclair, Harriet Mary
Sinclair, Selina Mary-Ann
Sinel, Ann Ashton
Sinel, Arthur Ashton
Sinel, Emily Mary
Sinel, Matilda Elizabeth
Sinel, Priscilla Selina
Sinel, Selina Mary Ann
Single, Edwin John
Single, Joseph Henry
Singleton, Fanny Melinda
Singleton, Jane Pinny
Sinnat, Edwin
Sinnatt, Esther Ellen
Sinnatt, Sophie Louisa
Sinnatt, Thomas Henry
Skelton, Henry James
Skelton, Henry James
Sloggett, Hannah Maria
Sloggett, Jane
Smale, Maria
Smith, Amelia Elisabeth
Smith, Clara Jane
Smith, Edward Gregory
Smith, Elizabeth Emily Bishop
Smith, Elizabeth Sarah
Smith, Elvina Jane Harris
Smith, George William
Smith, Helier Touzel
Smoth, James John
Smith, James Williams
Smith, John
Smith, John William Frederick
Smith, Joseph John
Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary Ann Elisa
Smith, Thomas Sidney
Snell, Alfred La Cloche
Snell, George
Snelling, Ann Ballsom
Snelling, Sarah Trim
Snelling, William Jacobs
Snow, Clara Jane
Snow, Louisa Jane
Sohier, Elisa
Somon, Georgiana
Soper, Louisa Mary Ann
Spence, Ann
Spencer, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Spooner, Caroline Maria Agnes
Spooner, William Thomas
Square, Harriet Louisa
Square, John Duheaume
Squibb, Harriet Elizabeth
Squibb, Henrietta Elizabeth
Squibb, Jon Abraham
Squibb, Sabina Elisa
Squire, Frederick Henry Barratt
Squire, George
St George, Charles Thomas
Stanaway, Emily Alice
Stanaway, John William
Stanaway, Louisa
Stanbury, William Henry
Stanson, Elisabeth Reed
Starck, Eliza
Starck, Jane Elisa
Starck, Phiilippe
Staunton, Agnes Caroline
Steel, John Hodgson Wright
Stegg, Charles
Stephen, William
Stephens, Elisa Marret
Stephens, John James
Stephens, Joseph Charles
Stevens, Elisabeth
Stevens, Algernon Kingston
Stevens, Frederick Julian
Stevens, Frederick Knowles
Stevens, Laura
Stevens, Louisa Jane
Stevens, Percy Edward
Stevens, Robert George
Stevens, Sophia Elizabeth
Stevens, Sophia Jane
Stevens, William James
Steward, Mary Ann Land
Stickland, George Augustus
Stodgel, James Alfred
Stone, Charles William Vernon
Stoyle, Louisa Mary Amherst
Stratford, Mary Elizabeth
Strickland, Virginia Rosina
Stych, Henry
Stych, Henry Samuel
Sullivan, Esther
Sullivan, John William Dewaal
Sully, Marie Augustine
Summers, Georgiana Caroline
Sweatman, William Philip
Sweetapple, Harriet Mary
Sweetapple, James
Sweetapple, Richard
Symonds, Charles John
Symonds, Emily Elizabeth Walling
Symonds, Thomas Richard
Symone, Henry Orlando
Symons, William Henry
Syrus, George
Syvret, Annie Le Breton
Syvret, Elizabeth Jane
Syvret, George
Syvret, George Le Breton
Syvret, Mary Jane
Syvret, Philippe Winter
Tandy, Mary Annabella
Tanguy, Eliza Mary Ann
Tanguy, Jane Elizabeth Ann
Taylor, Agnes Agneta
Taylor, Alice Mary
Taylor, Elizabeth Ann
Taylor, George Robert
Taylor, Harriet Henrietta
Taylor, John Charles
Taylor, John Joshua
Taylor, Joseph James
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Theophilus Joshua
Teague, Adolphus William
Temple, Michael
Thanot, Edith Julia
Thatcher, Elizabeth Jane
Thatcher, Sarah Ann
Coutanche, JAMES
Thomas, Amelia Louise
Thomas, Emily Frances Elisabeth
Thomas, Frederick James
Thomas, Harriet Marina
Thomas, Henry Boorn
Thomas, Isabella Louisa
Thomas, James Green
Thomas, Mary Ann Augusta Lamy
Thomas, Mary Ann Isabella
Thomas, William
Thomas, William Douglas
Thompson, Alexander James
Thompson, Auguste Thomas
Thompson, Frederick Daniel
Thompson, William James
Thompson, William Thomas
Thorn, John William
Thorn, Maria
Thorner, Ann Elizabeth
Thornton, Clara
Tibot, James Walter
Tideman, Elisa Jane
Tidy, George
Tinckham, Eleonor Barter
Tinkham, Eleanor
Tinkham, Grace Ann
Toms, Mary Jane
Torode, Thomas Abraham
Tostevin, Ann Elizabeth
Toussaint, Victor
Touzeau, Mary Ann
Touzel, George Eraut
Touzel, Francis John
Touzel, Francois Richard
Touzel, Gordon Deslandes
Touzel, Isabella Jane
Touzel, Mary Jane
Tramp, Thomas Charles
Tranchell, Czarina Elisa
Tregaskis, Emily Ann
Tregaskis, Louisa Jane
Trehan, Frederick
Trehen, George Charles
Trenchard, Edmund
Tripp, Alfred John
True, Elizabeth Georgiana
True, George
Truman, Edwin Hamilton
Trydell, John James
Tucker, Joseph Stephen Ackerman
Tucker, William Richard
Tuckett, Amelia Ann Clift
Tuckett, John French
Tuffen, Charles Henry
Tuffen, Eliza Ann
Tuffen, Emma Elisabeth
Tuffin, James Ambros Doswell
Tuphonse, Cecilia Elisabeth
Turner, Alfred John
Turner, Cecilia Louisa
Turner, Charles Delauney
Turner, Charlotte Jane
Turner, Frederick James
Turner, Harriet
Turner, John Francis
Turner, John Francis
Turner, Selina Elizabeth
Turnet, Martha Matilda
Turpin, Alfred
Turpin, Mary Jane
Turpin, William John
Tydd, Alma Percy Lionel
Valentine, Mark
Valphy, Alfred
Valphy, Malvina Felicia
Valpy, Albert Charles
Valpy, Alfred George
Valpy, Amanda Georgina
Valpy, Erbert George
Valpy, Herbert George
Vanstone, Henry James
Vanstone, William Henry
Vardon, Ann Elizabeth
Vardon, Elie
Vardon, Elie
Vardon, Isabella Esther
Vardon, John Thomas
Vardon, Thomas Peter
Vautier, Emily Susan
Vautier, George
Vautier, John
Vautier, Sophie Mary Ann
Vautier, Walter John
Vaux, Constance Josephine
Vavassour dit Durell, William Dupre
Venner, Walter
Vibert, Florence Ann
Vibert, Francis
Vibert, John Archibald
Vibert, Louisa Victoria Margaret
Vibert, Rosa Eliza
Vickery, Augusta
Vickery, Leonida Maud
Viel, Anne Amelia
Vinard, Alice
Vincent, Charles John Wyatt
Vincent, Claude Christopher
Vincent, Edmund Walden
Vincent, Edwin William Francis
Vincent, William
Voisin, Fredinand
Vontom, Louisa Maria
Vontour, Maria Aldridge
Wadmore, John
Wakeham, Elisabeth Ann
Wakeham, George Henry
Wakeham, Henry George Robert
Wakeham, John Philip
Wakeham, Louisa Mary
Wakeham, Mary Jane
Walcott, Robert Sherard
Waldron, Samuel
Walker, Arthur James
Walker, Edward
Walker, George William
Wall, Jane Amelia
Wall, John Thomas
Wallis, Henry
Wallis, Werter
Warburton, George Thomas
Warburton, Georgina Mary Ann
Warburton, William Henry Arthur Albert
Wardley, Elvina Sarah
Wardley, George William
Wardley, Henry
Wareham, Marina
Warr, Abraham James
Warr, William George
Warre, Mary Clayton
Warren, Alfred Ernest
Warren, Charles Howard
Warren, Charles Philip
Warren, Edwin George
Warren, Francis
Warren, George
Warren, Henry
Warren, Louisa Emily
Warren, William Daniel
Warren, William Henry
Waters, John Henry
Watkins, John Stephens
Way, Emily Mary
Way, Mary Jane
Way, Thomas James
Weatherdon, Agnes Ann
Weaver, James
Webb, Thomas Elijah
Webb, Ann Elizabeth
Webb, Charles Richard
Webb, Mary Ann Elisabeth
Webb, William
Webber, George John
Webber, Harry George
Webley, Edward
Welch, Frederick Charles
Welch, James
Welch, Louise Ann
Welch, Mary Ann
Welch, Stephen Francis
Wellman, William
Wells, Susan Mary
Wells, Thomas Walter
Welsh, William
Werring, John Richard
West, Agnes
West, Mary Ann
Westlake, Edwin Charles
Westlake, James Henry
Weston, Arthur Dupre Kennedy
Weymouth, Weymouth Duke Simpson
Weymouth, Emily Elisabeth
Wheeldon, Philip
Wheeler, Charlotte Matilda
Wheeler, Jonah Charles
Wheeler, William Walter
Wherry, William
White , George James
White, Charles
White, Edwin James
White, James
White, Louisa
White, Robert Quintus
White, Rosa Jane
White, Thomas
Whitehurst, Harriet Louisa
Whiteman, William Thomas
Whitham, Mary Ellen
Whitherall, Albert Edwin
Whitley, John Thomas Philip
Whittaker, Christina
Whitworth, Elisabeth Lucy
Wilcocks, Herbert Charles
Wilcocks, Mary Dormer
Wilkins, Charles Henry
Willcocks, George
Willcocks, John
Willcocks, Philip Henry
Willcox, Clara Amy
Willcox, Elvina Jane
Willcox, James Edward
William, Jane Parrot
William, Robert John Henry
William, Theophilus John
Williams, Eliza Elizabeth
Williams, Hannah
Williams, James
Williams, James George
Williams, Robert John
Williams, Thomas Henry
Willis, Adolphus Nathlan
Willis, Albert Lewis
Willmet, John Henry
Wills, Emily Rose
Wills, Harriet Isabella
Wilmot, Agatha
Wilmott, Edmund Charles
Wilson, Anthony Philip
Wilson, Louisa Ann
Windsor, Jane
Winter, Jane
Winter, Mary Ann Lamy
Wollacott, Ann Elizabeth
Wood, Anne
Wood, George William
Wood, Henry Dunn
Wood, Mary Ann
Woodcock, Frederick
Woodcock, Robert
Woods, Emily Louisa
Woods, Adolphus John
Woods, Henry George
Woods, Walter William
Woodward, Frederic John
Woonton, Emma Jane
Workman, Caroline Mary Jane
Workman, Isaiah Shortland
Worsfold, Ann
Wyatt, Alice Clara
Wyatt, Mary Hannah
Youl, Selina Rebecca
Youlton, Priscilla Harriet
Young, Emily
Young, George
Young, Julia
Zeiss, Johannes
Hall, Frederick Stephen
Isherwood, Elizabeth Sarah
Bridle, William Henry
Harvey, Harriet Emma
Broomer, James George
Saunders, Harriet
Wallis, John Bennet
Malzard, Fanny Ann
Basset, Peter
Burn, Isabella
Biggs, William
Fauvel, Selina Ann
Charbonnier, Henry Jules
Mourant, Louisa
Payn, Philippe Hacquard
Webber, Walter
Goudge, William Richard
Baillie, Agnes
Horman, Eliza Clementine
De St Croix, Charles Jean
Buckland, Charles James
Card, George Pearson
Harding, Kate
Moignard, John Elie
Basset, Mary Ann
Payn, Eliza Jane
Lakeman, John Henry
Piquet, Emily Clara
Snell, Francis William
Godfray, Julia Susanne
Touzel, Jean David
Gordon, Ruth
Coutanche, John
Smith, Robert John
Hann, Asher George
Sherlock, Francis Edward
Le Brun, Elizabeth Charlotte
Wood, Catherine
Le Feuvre, Mary Lydia
Palzcker, Mary Elizabeth Rosa
Middlemore, Elizabeth Ann
Godel, John
Parrot, William
Roche, Michael French
Gibbs, Phillis Mark
De la Mare, Susan
Tucker, Mary Ann
Sherry, Thomas Waller
Vanstone, Mary Ann
Richardson, Mark Thomas
Ross, Eliza
Dommell, Fanny
Halse, Jesse
Field, Adolphus
Parsons, John Frederick
Sullivan, Julia Delphine
Hopkins, Louise
Thomas, Rachel Elizabeth Grace
Nicolle, Emily
Godel, Peter
Bertram, Philip Helier
Baudains, Esther Rachel
Howell, Ann Maynard Eliza
Howell, Alice Rachel Susanne
Turner, Caroline Elizabeth
Penry, Philip
Bliaux, Susan Emma Jane
Robinson, Edith Margaret
Gosselin, Philippe Jean
Deslandes, Henriette Ann
Cayzer, Gertrude
Carter, Francis
Renouf, Mary Ann
Le Maistre, Mary Jane
Cooper, Alfred James
Enright, Mary Jane Frances
Ennis, Isabella Caroline
Moyse, James Charles
Reynolds, Jessie Marguerite Catherine
Foard, Francis John
Manly, Augusta
Hill, Fanny
Davis, Keziah Selina
Rowe, George Thomas
De Lundi, Lucille
Marett, Sebina Hawkins
Sinnatt, Joseph
Le Masurier, George Hamond
Pallot, Thomas John Clement
Roberts, Silas Edward
Ellis, Richard Moses
Curdle, Esther Elizabeth Mary
Norris, Selina Isabel
Marshall, Catherine
Chevalier, Alice Amelia
Nicolle, Elizabeth Sarah
Laurens, Susan Elizabeth
Ross, Charles Henry
Toll, William Edward John
Paskins, William Edward
Jason, William Joseph
Blackford, Edward
Curnow, Ann
Asplet, Amelia Elizabeth
Monamy, Edmund Philip
Robillard, Peter Josue Phlip
Young, Susan Jane
Miles, William
Turney, John Frederick
Atkins, Mary
Kills, Mary Jane
Le Sueur, John
Town, Mary Ellen
Moyse, Eliza
Burden, Francis William
Kelling, Charles Thomas Philip
Herman, William John
Sinel, William
Ouless, Walter William
West, John
Dowden, Helen Mary Ann
Baley, Eliza
Janvrin, Anna Louisa
Mitchell, Eliza Emma
Moorman, Richard
Tyson, Joseph
Powell, Charles Meredith
Rogers, Charles
Turner, Ellen
Alexandre, William
Bosdet, Caroline Eliza
Bourgeoise, Philip Henry
Bafort, Francis Charles
Read, George Alexis
Gale, Edward
Fowler, Louisa Ann
Spanner, Esther
Watt, Louisa Maria
Green, Sarah Ann
Deslandes, Alice Jane
Esnouf, Philip George
Taylor, Elizabeth
Lobb, James John
Griffith, Rachel
Coutanche, Ann Elizabeth
Riches, Francis Philip
Allix, Philip John
Gavey, Ann Rachel
Le Dain, Elizabeth Mary
Webb, Henry
Hicks, Clara
Channon, Frederick William
Cuthbert, Jane Mary
Clark, Edmund Francis James
Le Couteur, John
Le Noble, Mary
Slader, Elizabeth Haskell
Blyth, Alice Dalzel
Smith, Rosina Adelaide
Travers, John Joseph
Gosselin, Philip John
Bates, Flora Wilson
McLoud, Louisa Mary
Crabb, Joseph Francis
Hoskins, Thomas
Bailey, John
Smith, James John Frederick Charles
Drayton, Joseph
Drayton, Mary Ann
Orviss, Richard Gossett
Stanley, Emma Mary Ann
KealLey, Isaac
Stoneman, Mary Elizabeth
Fairfield, Ann Elizabeth Blanche Campbell
Haynes, Edwin George
Salthill, Alice Mary
Torode, Maria Lucy
De Ste Croix, Mary Ann Helene
Simon, Adolphus John
Carswell, Jane Sophia
Woodnutt, Albert Rufus
Wallis, Werter John
Mildren, Elizabeth Ann
Brown, William Peter
France, Elizabeth
Trehen, Henry
Thoreau, Julia Caroline
Wheeler, Alice
Turpin, Adolphus
Quenault, Susana Maria
Bisson, Adelina Mary
Le Vesconte, Amelia Eliza
Sinel, Alfred James Collins
Taylor, Adolphus
Britton, William Henry
Blampied, Jane Eleanore
Angell, James
Peart, Mary Ann
Kightly, Ann
Carter, John William
Ford, Ellen
Perchard, John Adolphus
Tramp, Mary Francoise
Guy, Caroline Isabella
Honeycombe, William
Hicks, Mary Ann Morley
Gilbert, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Elizabeth Rachel
Salisbury, John Martin
Anley, George William Henry
Le Cras, Jane
Bisson, Ann Elvina
Abel, John Charles
Simpson, William Henry
Arthur, John
Gallie, Alfred Peter
Hindley, Elizabeth
Brown, Selina Maria
Style, Ann Rachel Hall
Oxford, Henry
Ford, John
Hend, Edwin Joseph
Pitman, Charles William
Sanders, Philip John
Le Gros, John
Bankes, George John Frederick
Le Vavaseur dit Durell, Alice Jane
Hemery, Emily
Jeune, John Davis
Jolin, Augustus Elisha
de Gruchy, Philippe
Esnouf, Thomas George
Hubert, John
Deslandes, Mary Jane
Beaucamp, Emelie
Oliver, Frances Jane
Teague, John Jacob
Maxwell, Jane
Muller, Mary Jane
Alexander, James
Churchill, William
Bone, Joseph Henry
Le Bas, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Gabeldu, Mary Jane Elizabeth
Cabot, Mary Ann Sarah
Herivel, Elizabeth Mary
Morrison, James
Sweetapple, Robert David
Tinckham, Walter
Collins, Ada Julia
Brown, Celina Mary Gore
Wareham, Mary Ann
Hamon, Charles Thomas
Bisson, Jane Elizabeth
Le Cappelain, John Thomas
Wilkins, John
Fallaize, Thomas James
Benest, Frederick William
Cobden, William Richard
Ennis, Frances Jane
Mallet, Margaret Elizabeth
Bertram, Francis John
Dennis, Charlotte Katherine Alice
Collas, Laura Jane
Balleine, Mary Ann
Boreham, George
McLoud, John Kenneth
Rogers, Charles Richard
Tweedie, Archibald George
De la Mare, Emilia Elizabeth
De Gruchy, David Philippe
Anmont, Alfred James
Badier, Jean
Helleur, George Francois John
Carter, Mary Ann
Hill, Ruth Sarah
Guy, Frances Georgina
Orchard, George Philip
Orange, Edmond
Le Couteur, Edward Vincent
Fynmore, Jane Madelaine
Kneeshaw, William
Gallie, John
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Masurier, Peter
Huston, George
Penson, Elizabeth Jane
Foard, Henry Albert
McConbrey, Alexander
Warren, Emma
Bowyer, James Charles
Ereaut, James Vande
Aubin, Walter Duret
Renouf, Charles Thomas
Chamberlain, Henry
Fallaize, Jemima Eleanor
Humphries, Harriet Elizabeth
Long, James Harris
Clerq, Mary Jane
Payn, Emma Mary
Pingelly, Alice Adeline
Webber, Elizabeth
Renouf, Jane Eliza
Wills, John Thomas Stanford
Huelin, John Edward
Dyer, Jane Sophia
Keely, Susan
Hutton, Fanny Georgiana
Nuttall, Adolphus Frederick
Blampied, Jean George
Martin, Elizabeth
Le Gros, Elias George
Pirouet, Mary Ann
Gaudin, Jane Elizabeth
Le Masurier, Mary Elizabeth
Lee, Lou?sa Susanna
Voisin, Frederick Henry
Le Sueur, Sophia Louisa
Hansford, William
Rows, Emily Ann Joanna
Eayrs, Charlotte
Albert, Elizabeth Ann
Brown, Charles John
Harding, James George
Cotton, Mary Louisa
Nowlan, Edwin William
Laurens, Mary Sophia
Le Masurier, Jane Emelie
Minchington, William Silvanus
Flinn, John James
Le Gallais, Julia Charlotte
Henly, Amelia Henrietta
Beer, Mary Elizabeth
Male, George
Ledwick, William John
Jasper, Edwin Charles
Cabot, Emilie Caroline
Luce, John George
Atkinson, Emily Cecila Ann
Bulger, John Bond
Hanton, John Alfred
Beauchamp, Thomas
Ingram, Maria Elizabeth
Mackie, William
Martin, Sarah Julia
Hurley, John James
Clement, Edward Charles
Muckford, Eliza
Cummings, Joseph Philip Blee
Sohier, Mary Mowatt
Wills, William
Le Cras, Abraham John
Bosher, Frederick William Reynolds
Le Feuvre, Walter
De Gruchy, John Morton
Sebire, George Philip
Ahier, Philippe
Pope, Caroline Clara
Rolls, Mary
Anderson, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Le Cras, Thomas James
Strickland, Edward Lloyd
Carroll, James Thomas
Burn, Catherine Jane
Sperring, Clara Elizabeth
Duval, Mary Jane
Baillie, Patrick William
Pallant, Harriet Ann
Bearne, Mary
Hyne, Allen
Renouf, Jane
Hicks, Elizabeth Harris
Forward, Joseph Henry
Pinel, John
Nicholson, Mary Sarah Amelia
Stark, Eliza
Deal, Sarah Amy
Clarke, Charles Benham
Allen, Sarah
Godfray, Rachel Ann
Le Ray, Ellena Louisa
Vautier, Francis Peter
Gruchy, Jane Rachel
Briard, Jane Rachel
Johnson, Alice Mary Vernon
Dowding, Elizabeth
Babot, Emma Louisa
Roskilly, Horatio George Nelson
Perry, John
Le Feuvre, John
Huteau, Eugene
Romeril, George
Laverty, Ann Sorel
Triplet, George
Taylor, George Thomas
Picot, Charlotte Ann
Gosselin, Francois Casimir
March, Joseph Giles
Woodford, John
Row, George
Parsons, John
Moses, Elizabeth Maria
Gittins, William Robert
Drake, Francis
Smith, Sidney Richard
Stone, James
Webb, George Joseph
Robinson, Henry Daniel
Matson, Charles Follett
Mourant, Elizabeth
Baudains, Thomas
Monck, John Hanz
Le Breton, Ann Alice
Parker, Emily Ann
Spooner, Mary Ann
Sherwood, William Henry
Bettenson, Philip Thomas
Norman, Henriette
Gillard, Sophia Elizabeth
Cross, George Thomas
Scannell, William James
Webb, Adolphus
Wheeler, George Edward
Jackson, Philip
Baines, Edward Thomas
Fauvel, Ann
Laurens, Philippe Daniel
De Gruchy, Elizabeth Ann
Saunders, Susan Mary
Ballam, Jane Isabella
Hatch, William Hundrell
Davies, Hebe Ann
Soupre, Eliza Adeline
de Gruchy, Philippe
Poingdestre, Rachel
Butler, Ann Amelia
Richards, John Thomas
Bellingham, William George
Noble, Charles Frederick Noble
Barrett, Peter
Harris, George John
Le Hardy, Edward
Devlin, Catherine
Brownsea, George Henry
Caillou, Jean Aimable
Kendrick, Albert Charles
De la Croix, Emelie
Stuckey, Mary Jane
Stephens, Rebecca
Tibbles, Elizabeth
Bounday, John Westlake
Pannell, Caroline Elizabeth
Vance, George Charles
Hallett, Ellen
Palmer, Thomas John Robins
Changindon, George
Allix, Maud Elizabeth Luscombe
Warren, Charles Philip
Brochet, Eliza
Shiner, John
Drew, George
Drew, Henry Francis
Drew, John
Drew, William
Le Gresley, Thomas Philip
Le Boutillier, Julia Henrietta
Allix, Francois, Richard Landhatherland
Le Seeleur, Thomas
Grandin, John Elie
Fauvel, John Elie
Masters, Mary Ann Sarah
Perree, John Thomas
Dare, Francis Livi
Mackenzie, James Douglas
Ricard, William Thompson
Clerk, Samuel Clifton
Laurens, Elizabeth
Giffard, Alfred Godfray
Thorn, Thomas Godfray
Luxton, Elizabeth Ann
Baker, William Henry Jame
Hodge, Catherine
Brown, Louisa Hamling
Hutchings, Mary Jane Louisa
Reed, Dorothy Sarah Cecilia
Phinn, William Sydenham
Sharland, Ellen Maria
Le Feuvre, Victoria Adelaide
Clegg, Julia
Weatherdon, William Henry
Hallett, William Albert
Kenner, Josiah George
Brown, Edwin James
Jones, Emma Fanny
Musgrove, William
Mitchard, Julia Ann
Carter, Walter Thomas Jago
Le Boeuf, Charles
Journeaux, Henry Francis
Downer, John Philip
Wyatt, George Francois
Lavis, George Joseph
Nicholson, Edward William Byron
Luce, Aaron Godfray
Balsam, Rachel
Pinwill, James
Hosking, Philip Joseph
Bates, Martha Alice
Simpson, Frances
Tuffen, Elizabeth Sarah
Wells, William George
Bertram, Edmund William
Laurens, Elisa Mary
Northey, Laura Augusta
Quenault, Mary Ann
Esnouf, Albina Jane
Hubert, John Michael
Wakeham, Sophie Esther
Romeril, Francois
Maighney, Louisa Amelia
Jolin, James Henry
Joste, Henry John
Jackson, John
Hoar, Daniel
Lane, Mary Sarah
Pillow, Alfred
Webber, William Henry
Knott, Francis Charles
Gilbert, Thomas
Gosset, John William
Beaucamp, Mary Anna
Renouf, Ann Mary
Gaudin, Philip John
Bamissent, Mary Virginie Sophie
Leonard, George Arthur
Hingston, Elizabeth Jane
Kenchington, Robert
Oliver, Fanny Elizabeth
Matthews, Harriet Eliza
Mainwaring, Edward Temple
Pirouet, John Geffrard
Neal, Stephen Stanbrook George
Fenstone, Ann
Fontaine, Alfred Joseph
Gray, Mary Catherine
Griffith, Graham Edward
Noel, Philip Ennis
De la Mare, Philip Francis
Gelender, Louisa Adelina
Du Four, Fanny Prieur
Nicolle, Alfred Dennis
Esnouf, Philippe
Howard, Thomas William
Grimshaw, Joseph Alexander
Henry, Ellen Jane
Pinnick, Harriot
Masters, Elizabeth Margaret
Le Marquand, Ann
Atkinson, George Philip Lees
Le Cras, Lucy Josephine
Renouf, Alfred Philippe
Buesnel, Amelia Jane
Crespinel, Elizabeth Victoria
Larbalestier, Elizabeth May
Coutanche, John
Le Feuvre, Fanny Jane
Griffin, Caroline Jane
Wilcox, Harriet
Drake, Edwin Henry
Norman, Daniel Edward Philip
Jones, Caroline
Davidson, George Douglas Davidson
Atrill, John Thomas
Atrill, Emily Allen
Spillsbury, Charlotte Groves
Amy, Harriet Eliza
Falle, George Francois
Nicolle, Ann Caroline
Coutanche, John
Douglas, Ann Justine
Metherell, Charles Payn
Ward, John Henry
Male, Henry
Selby, Louisa
Wilcox, Thomas Michael
Wolacott, George Thomas
Gurney, Amelia Josephine
Nicolle, John Villenueve
Wellman, Ellen
Chapple, Robert
Le Masurier, Philippe
Fentum, Frederick William
Cooper, Emma
Williams, John
Ball, Ellen
Hamon, John George
Le Sueur, Philip Charles
Dennis, Edward George
Hogg, Mary Hannah
Tuckett, Esther Louise
Stone, Richard Winter
Driscol, John
Simpson, Robert Ebdon
Thornton, Emily
Thornton, Ellen
Tanguy, Mary Ann Jane
Amy, Adolphus
Voisin, Joseph John
Hubert, Alice Mourant
Kelland, Susan Jane
Ralph, Matilda Sarah
Gallichan, Emma Susan
Elliott, Mary Ann Philadelphia
Dowland, James Jasper
Gribble, William Henry
De Gruchy, Albina
Walker, James William
Stephens, Harriet Susan
Sooley, William
Gaudin, Jane Elizabeth
Averty, Esther
Le Noble, Henry Richard
Rogers, Elizabeth
Poulen, Ellen Marina
Stodgel, James
Rowe, James Mills
Mellish, Jane Maria Mellish
Allen, Amelia Adeline
McKee, Adolphus George
de Gruchy, William Philippe
Leaver, Mary Elizabeth
Ahier, Philippe
Clegg, Rosalie Elizabeth Helena
Le Feuvre, Eliza May
Cooper, Selina Ruth
Gasnier, Helena Louisa
Newton, Edward
Le Mottee, Louisa
Herivel, Ann Susan
Luce, Frank Edward Peter
Clark, Mary Ann
Squire, Frederick Hallbrook Brock
Watts, Franklin?
Connaber, Elizabeth
Bridle, Elizabeth Hannah
Wakfer, Catherine Elizabeth
Chambers, Louisa Jane
Turbervill, Malcolm Wallace
Torode, Ophilia Mary Watts
Asplet, Donna Maria Gloria
Heath, Edith Annie Louisa
Godfray, Charles John
Salter, Rachel Ann
Bisson, Walter
Wilkins, Sarah Jane
Robertson, Philip Thomas
Belot, Martha Louisa
Jones, Edgar Llewelyn
Du Feu, Alfred Frederic
Du Bois, Amanda Malvina
Ahier, Alfred James
Filleul, Mary Ann
Deslandes, Melvina
Marett, John George
Secombe, Ellen
Fallaize, Elisha William Benham
Bigley, Elizabeth
Sansom, Mary Elizabeth
Chick, Ann Lettes
Doherty, Mary
Lakeman, Frederick
Williams, Robert James
Evans, Rosalind
Arnold, Eugene John
Binet, Emmeline Augusta
Mc Kenzie, George Oska
Quenault, Sarah Emma
Esnouf, William Thomas
Nolais, Louis Pierre
Rowcliffe, Louisa
Blanc, William
Price, Charles Henry
Hart, Clara
Hardey, Mary Jane
Leonard, Joycelin Carolin Bolton
Le Selleur, Elvina
De la Mare, Mary Ann Benest
Mill, Kate
Gilbert, Georgina Susan
Le Boutillier, Philip Francis
Le Gresley, Maria Rachel
Noel, Mary Ann Gavey
Le Gros, Clara
Collas, Sophie Elizabeth
Fisher, Isabella
Pearce, Elizabeth Ann
La Niece, Samuel
Waldron, William
Hancock, Elvina Mary
Langworthy, Cecilia
Winter, John William Winter
Hocquard, Louisa Maria Aspacia
Gallie, Charles William
Moulden, Elizabeth
Hockey, Eliza Ann
Le Blond, Alfred James
Bable, Henry
Morgan, Richard
Moore, Thomas Chope
Bennett, Francis
de Carteret, Delicia Mary
Mitchell, Henry James
Lowcay, Julia Mary
Galbraith, Frederick
Le Riche, Susan Rachel
Rowe, Philip Bertram
Ellis, Caroline
Parsons, Mary Anna
Gale, Mary Gale
Boomer, Ann
McFarlane, Jane Emily
Rowe, Jane Eliza
Fruing, Mary Elizabeth
Hindley, Joseph
Costellow, Elizabeth
Samson, George Alfred
Podesta, John Baptiste
Harris, Nicholas Henry
Jarvis, Emma Susan
Newnham, Henry
Allix, Eliza Mary
Amy, Charles
Gilbert, Alfred
Applin, Ann Jane
Pickett, Eliza Jane
Webster, Louise Agnes Foster
Pugsley, Sarah Grace
Phillips, David Nettlefold
Holloway, Jane
Evins, Julia
Hocquard, Louisa Maria
Aubin, Mary Sarah
Le Vesconte, James George Philip
Norman, Henry Charles
White, Elizabeth Jane
Asher, James Bichard
Mew, Alfred
Nunn, William Henry
Snow, Elizabeth Ann
Lendon, Elizabeth Amelia
Agnew, Agnes
Cleave, George
Barnet, James Andrew
Griffin, Winter
Aynge, Charles Robert
Niall, Elizabeth
Buesnel, Ann Elizabeth
Bates, Alfred William
West, Emily Jane
Piquet, Nicholas John
Cook, Emma Elizabeth
Pellow, James Henry
Kaill, Clara Margaret Theresa
Newman, Jessie Augusta
Downton, Harriet Jane
Warr, Eliza Jane
Carrel, Edmund Herault
Quenault, Charles John
Ballam, Edouard
Le Gallais, John Nicolle
Mallet, John Frederick
Le Geyt, John Thomas
Renouf, Emily
Barry, John Almond
Bruncker, Henry William
Ford, Mary Maria
Pike, Edward John
Edney, Susan Sophia
Vanstone, John Edwin
Banks, Jane Elizabeth
Powell, Amelia
Day, James
Frost, Rebecca Philippa
Pine, Andrew Simon Peter
Ahier, Charles Ahier
Mauransane, John Joseph
Le Breton, Alfred John
Jean, Jane Elizabeth
Kark, Mary Jane
Bowles, Tabitha Sarah Jane
Demick, William
Welch, Edward Joshua
Christmas, William
Constant, Edward
Baudains, Elizabeth
Perchard, Charles de la Lande
Le Bailly, Isabella Jane
Barrett, Susana Jane
Hicks, Elizabeth
Netten, Maria
Hutchings, George William
Noyce, Maria Mary
Warren, Angeletta
Burton, Mary
Le Gresley, Frederick
Le Feuvre, Charles
Warren, Angeletta
Burton, Mary
Le Gresley, Frederick
Le Feuvre, Charles
de la Perrelle, Mary Ann
Kivill, Charles Prince
Hamley, Samuel
Mudford, James George
Spanner, John Woodman
Masters, James
Harding, George
Harding, Robert
Marett, John
Jackson, Charles
Gubbins, Robert
Varnham, Clara Elsa
Croker, Richard Charles St Helier
Dallain, Herbert Phillip
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Buttery, Joseph Henry
Hicks, William Charles
Hood, Agnes
Bean, John
Berry, Alfred John
Truman, Henry Vernon
Elliott, Georgina
Ralph, James
Dowden, John Joseph
Farrow, George Robert
Pallot, Deslandes
Pallot, Jos
Gosselin, Elizabeth Mary
Tibot, Philippe
Grimshaw, Ann Susan
Priestly, Margaret
Smale, Georgina Woodwards
McKee, Ann
Rogers, George
Leach, Albert
Gavey, Mary Ann
Paris, Alexander John
Rawling, Henry James
Le Sueur, Elizabeth Ann
Journeaux, Hannah Jane
Le Riche, Thomas Peter
White, Elizabeth
Prout, Emma Eliza
Tuck, Edith
Williams, Adolphus Alfred
Marsh, John Austin
Gale, James
Hamon, Mary Jane
Vine, Robert
Filleul, James John
Deslandes, Edmund Peter
Gotterel, George
Laurens, Emilie Therese
Bisson, Nicholas Walter
Bekes, Robert Philip
De la Mare, Francois Jean
Bearn, Bernard
Stock, Edmund Thomas
Taylor, Jane Elizabeth
Cousins, Edmund Peter
Dowling, James Charles William
Alexandre, Alice Mary
Giffard, Amelia Louisa
Nott, Catherine Maria
Feaver, Harriet
Mauger, Jane Elizabeth
McAllen, Charles George
Jane, William
Green, James
Le Vavaseur dit Durell, Thomas Alfred
Letto, Matilda
Down, John
George, Rosalie Burnell
Benham, Charles Henry Nicodeme
Burke, Mary Estel
Poisson, Jane Elizabeth Mary
Journeaux, Alfred Charles
Alexandre, William
Girard, Alfred John
Matthews, Elizabeth Jane
Rowe, Matilda Frances
Kirkby, Emily Alice Jane
Ahier, Charles
Le Feuvre, Thomas
Hunt, Robert John Philip
Harwood, Louisa
Murray, Michael John Freethy
Brown, Selina Ann
White, Caroline Charlotte
Reid, Thomas
Pitman, Charles Henry
Hake, Lydia Susanna
Fallaize, Amelia
Fallaize, Agnes
Spragg, Robert James Lawrence
Pike, Mary Ann
Kemish, Elizabeth
Moore, George Edward
Ford, Isaac
Vontom, Alice
Britter, Ann
Roberts, David Ambrose
Paskins, Alice Rosa
Single, George Thomas
Green, John
Aubin, Alfred Thomas
Quenault, Jean Baptiste
White, Jane Ann
Bottomley, Samuel
Le Maistre, Philippe Daniel
Romeril, Jane Amelia
Daw, Thomas
Taylor, Frances
Merrell, Stephen Thomas
Gale, Walter Allen
Bowring, Emma Godfray
Brown, Frank
Pont, Philippe
Amy, Ann Moignard
Hallman, Henrietta
Nicolle, Charles
Vosper, Mary
Vincent, James
Smith, Amanda
Oldreieve, Louisa Mary Ann
Alexandre, Philip Luce
Jolin, Maria Louisa
Edsall, James
Taylor, Louisa
Le Breton, Jane
Groves, Hannah
Chapelle, Francois
Ellis, Maria
Hellyer, Samuel
Averty, Francois Philippe
Gale, Elvina Amelia
Le Brun, Rachel Ann
Bousseau, Elvina Ann
Le Maistre, Isabella Ann
Gallichan, Elizabeth
Huard, Wilbert Gaudin
Valpy, Mattew Philip
Munson, John Robert
Halse, Jane
Lee, John Alexander
Snelling, Theodore
Stewart, John Richard Carter
Gillett, Ellen
Herivel, Jane
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Mand, Hannah Cox
Desalliond, Charles
Beedell, William
Handy, Philippe William
Valot, Jane Rachelle
Balcam, Clara Mary
Varlet, Sophie Eugenie
Vast, Marie Susanne
Leary, Edwin Ryder
Brown, George William
Huelin, Isabella Henrietta
Duheaume, Sophia Jane
Squibb, Robert
Asplet, Ann
L'Amy, William
Davies, William Turner
Pepin, Martha Adelaide Kate
Le Breton, George Isaac
Blin, John Elie
Vickery, William de Preval
Ryan, Anna Louisa
Aumont, Clifton Wheatsmith
Dumaresq, Jean
Marett, Frederic Francois
Downer, Jane
Crawford, Mary Ann
Hubert, Thomas William
Hodgeson, Albert
Hodgeson, Joseph
Fowler, William Francis
Bell, Clara
Mauger, Frederic
De Jersey, John Joseph
Wyatt, Edward Charles
Champion, William Stephen
Keziah, Randell
Carter, Clara Elizabeth
Harvey, Sarah Jane
Walker, William Albert
Hardy, David Laurence
Woodcock, Richard
Martyn, Frederick Charles
Shetler, John
de la Mare, Thomas
Le Templier, Jane Elizabeth
Hall, Henry James
Dawson, Ann
Larbalestier, Alfred John Peter
Hall, Jane Susanne
Hambly, Sarah Parsons
Mallett, Thomas Knight Kendall
Carter, Mary Jane
Crocker, Emma Jane
Marcham, Eliza Jane
Kewney, Catherine Maria
Grandin, Philippe Henry
Nash, Alfred Francis
Chevalier, Charles John
Main, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Stegg, Charlotte
Young, Eliza Ann
Rowcliffe, Matilda Ann
Du Jardin, Mary Ann
Le Cras, Mary Jane
Skelton, Ann Aubin
Rogers, Elizabeth Hanna
Norman, Clara Ann
Groves, Frederick
Scott, Frederick
Millais, Henry William
Jones, William Philip
Bisson, Isabella
Gold, Mary Charlotte
Watson, Eliza Jane
Davy, William
Hubson, William Churchill
Williams, Elizabeth Matilda
Tibot, Elizabeth
Dennis, Edward
Sparrow, Frances Jane
Martin, James Thomas
Vincent, Reginald Heath
Pratt, Laura Georgina Agnes
Moyse, Charles James
O'Brian, Mary Elizabeth
Burnham, Joseph Matthew
Carter, Nicholas Abel Keen
Reed, Richard John
Reed, Elizabeth Maria
Slater, Matilda Jane
Poingdestre, Philippe
Sullivan, Elizabeth
Mauger, Herbert Coddington
de Ste Croix, Ann
Millais, Rosa Ann
Rogers, Benjamin Fillstone
Searles, Elizabeth Sarah
Ennis, Josue George
Luce, Mary Ann
Falle, Samuel Vernon
Coutanche, George Francois
Fitzpatrick, William Isaac
Toffen, George William
Stych, William Charles
Gleeson, Orlando
Oppy, Charles James
Oppy, Mary Ann
Le Quesne, Adolphus Thomas
Fagg, Ada
Fagg, Amy
Bartlett, John
Frost, Lydia Dove
Brown, Selina
Du Parq, Mary Esther
Le Vavaseur Dit Durell, Eliza
Le Vesconte, Philip John
De la Haye, Walter Alexandre
Le Boutillier, Charles Elie
Renouf, François
Maunders, Alice Ann
Craig, William Henry
Shave, Alfred George
Elford, Selina Sarah
Marett, Francis William
Luce, Alfred
Beghin, Julie Adele
Ennis, George
Smith, Eliza Morgan
Moss, Jane
Bankes, Henry John Percival
Gallichan, Jean Dorey
Romeril, Edouard
Perree, Charles John Matthieu
Asplet, Samuel Jean
Machon, Philippe
Cayzer, Richard Moon
Keeley, Ann
Smith, Elizabeth
Gallichan, Margaret Ellen
Hodden, Joseph George
Esnouf, Philippe
De Mars, Catherine
Brine, Mary
Williamson, Frederick Charles
de Gruchy, Thomas John
De Ste Croix, Charles Thomas
Blampied, Marie Anne
Aubert, Francis Thomas
Payn, Susanne Elizabeth
du Feu, Philip John
Noel, Frederick John
Tregaskis, Emily Ann
Jones, Thomas
Hockey, William
Doyle, Sarah Eliza
Howell, William Francis
Le Touzel, Sophie
Humphreys, Thomas
Hugo, Julia Rosa
Briard, Nicholas John
Le Masurier, George Adolphus
Singleton, Thomas James
Row, Francis
O'Farrell, George
Westlake, Mary Jane
Jenkins, Albert James
Mallet, George
Teague, Ann Mary
Le Quesne, Ernest William
Hotton, Edmund Mauger
De Thomas, Alicia Adelphine
Du Hamel, Victorine Modeste
Le Vesconte, John Joseph
Brophy, Frederick William
De la Mare, Jane Esther Amelia
Parker, James George
Axworthy, Martha Jane
Clark, Ann
Cole, Mary Matilda
Levesque, James Stanley
Du Paques, Henriette
Oxford, James
Fontaine, Annie Parkes
Gillham, Mary Sterling
Lambert, Frances
Clark, Joseph
Le Cras, Emelia
Dunning, James John
Wherry, Joseph
King, Charles
White, Eleanor Jane Eliza
Cooper, Frederick
Legg, Caroline
Moor, Thomas Frederick
Snook, Mary Susanna
Gawler, George
Cunningham, Samuel Henry Hockey
Slugett, Mary Ann
Harris, Maria
Allix, Francois
Bragu, Henry
Campbell, Arthur St Helier
Binet, George Frederick
Le Rossignol, Walter Anley
Hamon, Ann Jane
Gasnier, Thomas Philip
Webley, Mary Jane
Druce, William John
Butler, Elizabeth Keziah
Johnson, Caroline Vernon
Retallick, Clara Jane
Nestor, Edward Andrew
Chinneck, Maria Love
McCarth, Henry
Orange, Clara
Esnouf, John
Dingle, Margaret Elizabeth
Monk, John
Sinnatt, Emmeline
Le Gros, Jane Mary Ann
Delandes, Elise
Moore, John Hugh
Noel, Emma
Noel, Ellen
Bisson, Charles Albert
Ahier, Philip Alfred
Hine, Thomas James
Church, Silas Henry
Chanter, Emma Ellen
Collins, Mary Ann
Symons, John James
Light, William
Cobden, George James
Nicholson, Robert William George
Lamb, Charles
Thorn, Mary Ann Isabella
Vibert, Elizabeth
Corbel, Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Charles Cooper
Dorward, Amelia Jane
Henwood, Alfred Henry
Stevens, Helena Sophia
Thomas, Gilbert Henry
Hayball, Sarah Ann Dorcas
Taylor, Laura Malvena
Godfrey, Fanny Isabella
Gregory, Louisa
Cass, William John
Williams, Thomas Absalom
Hill, Elizabeth Ann
Torode, John Frederick
Berteau, Charles
Reed, Arthur John
Nickels, Emma
McLeod, Jessie Frances
Welch, Edward Thomas
Payn, Georgiana
Cotton, Margaret Augusta
Channon, William
Harris, Horace Withington
Stoddart, John Hamilton
Le Maistre, James Vibert
Sinel, Henry John
Le Brocq, Sarah Meers
Creber, Richard William
Gale, Priscilla
Vidamour, John William
Screech, Honora Jane
Bradford, Eliza
Blee, Louisa Susan
Elwyn, Maundy Harvey Graham
De Mai, Eliza
Mourant, Thomas Philip
Carter, William James
Sherry, Melvina Rachel Esther
Catherwood, William John Hunt
Paskins, Selina
Robinson, Henrietta
Minchinton, Francis Adolphus
Du Moulin, Lisette
Hall, Mary Catherine
Perkins, Thomas
Dorey, Jane Elizabeth
Countanche, Lydie Henriette
Du Feu, Matthieu Philippe
Pallot, Mary Elizabeth
Dacam, Emilie Ann
Andrews, Emelie
Martin, John Joseph
Davey, Mary Emma
Minchington, Henry William
Blight, Elizabeth
Ryder, Jane Elizabeth
Babstock, Elizabeth Jane
Alexander, Philip Le Feuvre
Laffoley, Mary Ann
Allix, Richard Francois
De la Haye, Ann Mallet
de Gruchy, John
Burns, Mary Elizabeth
Le Marquand, Ann Jane
Laurens, Charles Edward
Croad, John Robert
Wonton, Samuel
Skinner, Samuel Edward
Le Duc, Elizabeth Esther
Williams, Samuel John
Gruchy, Julie Elizabeth
Masson, Mary Francoise
Richards, Elizabeth Jane
Husband, William James
Curwood, Jane Martha
Short, Charles Albert
Hussey, Elizabeth
Wakfer, John Royal
Hamon, John George
Touzel, Thomas Charles
Le Quesne, Henriette Thomassine Esther
Heale, George Bartlett
Aubin, Henrietta Caroline
Mary, Mathilde Jeanne Marie
Touzel, Ann Mary
Luce, Susannah
Deslandes, Elie Jean
Le Scelleur, John Edward Charles
Bulger, Ann Marguerite
Ayerst, Sarah Ann
Gault, James
Canivet, Philip Thomas
Gallie, John Joseph
Noel, John Vicq
Le Bas, Eliza
Dacam, Alfred
Moulin, Francois
Mauger, Richard Thomas
La Gerche, William Philip
Fauvel, Charles
Palmer, Louisa
Safford, William John
Carter, Arthur
Vincent, Erasmus Marcam
Briggs, Jane Rebecca
de la Haye, Charles
Knox, Alice Maud
Hagemann, August Albert Wilhelm
Off, James
Thomas, Priscilla Jane
Courtois, Louis Jean
Le Rossignol, Albert Philippe
Perchard, Esther Ann
Le Feuvr?, Elvina Matilda
Valpy, Louisa Mary
Binet, Mary Ann
North, Frances,
Dingle, Joseph Edmund
Satterley, Laura Jane
Hinchey, Edward Charles
Homan, John Jefferies
Benest, Frederick Peter
Hocquard, Philippe Charles Laurens
Smith, Emily
Harris, Robert
Brett, George Stephens
Gregory, Edwin Skuse
Clark, Caroline
Ellis, John Chichester
Moss, Ellen Margaretta
Stevens, Edwin Henry
Beavis, William Henry
Beaucamp, Abraham
Stodgel, Ellen Smith
Cole, William Frederick
Gruchy, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Elvina
De La Perelle, Ann Fanny
Godfray, Adelina Esther
Crossley, William
Perkins, Thomas James
Fleming, Mary Ann
Nicolle, John Thomas
Esnouf, Edouard
Neill, George
Taylor, John
Swaffield, John
Medder, Mary Ellen
Laurens, Helin Jessie
Murrey, James Henry
Sergeant, Emma Elizabeth Willmott
Moore, George
Parkes, Ellinore Lucy
Clark, Henry Zachariah
Amy, Cecilia Denize
D'Arthenay, John James Moisson
Rowe, John Henry
Noury, Harriet Maria Victoria
Bliaux, Charles Samuel
Britten, George Alfred
Baker, Elizabeth Ashford
Knott, William Henry
Ereaux, Elizabeth
Gillard, Rachel Ann Adams
Gaudin, John Francis
Gaudin, Edwin Hackworthy
Jackson, Mary Francis Victoria
Hogg, Thomas
Ferrant, Mary Ann
Dennis, Charles Henry
Ching, Richard Abraham
Gruchy, Abraham John
Jeandron, Annie
Holt, Amelia
Hamon, Mirame
De St Croix, Jane Susannah
Robin, Aimee Louisa
Sinel, John Thomas Ashton
Schollar, Robert William
Williams, Susan Mary Ann
Guy, Sarah Jane
Brooks, Thomas Charles
Meech, Maria
Gamell, Thomas
Pengelly, Theophilus Alfred
Renouf, Jean
Esnouf, Alice Jane
Rogers, Samuel Edwin
Brooks, Richard
Keast, Ellen
Carter, Edward John
Robinson, George
Vautier, Philippe
Le Ray, Henry Charles
Le Sueur, Elizabeth Jane
Gillman, Eliza Angelina
Le Geyt, Helene
de la Mare, Nico
Smith, Maria Elizabeth
Randall, Charles Walter
Westlake, Frances
Cuthbert, James Abraham
Cuthbert, Henry Edmund
Stamp, James Thomas
Legg, Martha Jane
Duffett, James George Lawrence
Stevens, Georgiana Alice
Romeril, Charles Philip
Blampied, Henry Coutanche
Atkins, William James
Creese, Henrietta Elizabeth Sarah
Bradford, Elizabeth Ann Jennet
Godel, Mary Ann
Curry, John Walter
Canese, Mary Ann
Ivey, Elizabeth Ann
Bennett, Elizabeth Ann
Medder, Charles Frederick
Wyatt, Elizabeth Ann
Fallaize, Elizabeth Fanny
Francis, William Henry
King, Susan Jane
De Jersey, Jacob
De Jersey, Esau
Gallichan, Philippe
Romeril, Sophie
Fentum, Caroline
Ferbrache, Emma Elizabeth
Scriven, Samuel James
Esnouf, Ada
Le Breton, Eliza Mary
Tramp, John Charles
Lumbard, Charles
Maxwell, George
Finn, Elizabeth
Burke, Peter Joseph
Masters, Philip
Webb, Elizabeth
Webb, Henry John
Noel, Richard Vincent Furnbay
Hussey, Charles Edward
Le Petvin dit Le Roux, James
Jeandron, James Philip
Grandin, Daniel
Moignard, Pierre George
Leggo, Mary Ann
Mccrossan, William
Taylor, William James
Honeycombe, Maria Ann
Newberry, Emma Martha
Messinger, Samuel John
Hawkins, Charles
Buckland, George James
De Carteret, Sophie Elizabeth
Taylor, Matilda Martha
Eyres, John William
Whittaker, Percival
Keating, George Hume
Truman, George Hume
Babot, Charles Alfred
Harman, Ann Eliza
Carter, Sarah
Renouf, Mary Ann
Le Cras, Clara Susanna
Le Masurier, Charles Thomas
Davis, George
Roe, William George
Dodge, Samuel
Clegg, Edmund William
Crabb, Louisa Elizabeth
Saunders, Thomas Joseph
Pope, Emily Frances
Hann, Sarah Jane
Pennison, Henry
Turney, Frederick George
Basset, Ana
Howe, Elizabeth Anna
Baillie, William
Sharp, Emma Maria
Webb, Thomas
Marshall, John
Bartelow, Rachel
Abbot, Eliza Jane
Marett, John George
Blampied, John
de Gruchy, Charles
De Gruchy, Elvina Sarah
Gallichan, Jane Ann
Turpin, Christopher George
Pearce Anna Maria Esther
Ruchkamp, Harriet Jane
Folley, Harriet
Westlake, Richard William
Lakeman, Elizabeth Sarah
Mitchard, Amelia Ann
Cockeston, Lavinia Alice
de Ste Croix, Jane d'Auvergne
Watts, Elizabeth Anna Maria
Leach, Emma
Hacking, Emma
Beck, Louisa Ann
Chapel, George
Le Sueur, William
Chapel, George
Le Sueur, William
Gallie, George William
Roberts, William
Beaucamp, James Francis
Crevel, Josephine Marie
Ryder, John
Worsford, Samuel Charles
Moppett, Henry
Averty, John Philip
Huston, Frances
Livingston, Ann Lucy
Soupre, Emma Maria
Allix, Mary Elizabeth
Gavey, Elizabeth Jane
Pirouet, Philip
Fallaize, Richard John
Le Dain, Elizabeth Mary Emily
Brown, Henry Benjamin
Dommett, Mary Jane
Case, Margaret Esther
Lempriere, Alfred
Romeril, Ann Elizabeth
Carpenter, George
Laurens, Susan Ellen
Willment, John Langworthy
Beer, Robert John
Fallaize, Mary Adelaide
Fontaine, Walter
Sandercock, Robert Henry
Payn, Charles Francis
Hamblin, Mahala Gossney
Frost, Martha Susan
Christmas, Emily Grace
Bertram, Alice Mary
Treganna, Frederick Edward
Heney, Elizabeth
Brochet, Elizabeth
Francis, Charlotte
Seward, Philiomen Dixon
Drayton, Edward
Foard, Emma Caroline
Marie, Nancy
Rogeri, William Richard
Dowland, Thomas Samuel
Manley, William Charles
Arthur, William
Rogers, Emily
Tuffen, Ellen Louisa Adelaide
Williams, Clara Ann
Le Moignan, Charles John
Bassett, Ann Alice
Tinckham, Frances Maria
Smith, Louisa
Philips, James Pronings
Le Cocq, Jane Elizabeth
Le Vavasour dit Durell, Charles
Kelling, Daniel William
Hamon, Emilie Eleanore
de la Perelle, George
Lainans, Elizabeth Jane
Wilson, Catherine Elizabeth
Kendall, Emma Jane
Kendall, Thomas Nicholas
Turpin, Elizabeth Jane
Tucker, Elizabeth
Penny, Elizabeth Harriet
Holmes, Henry George
Tibbles, Mary Ann
De la Taste, Julia Esther Mary
Godfray, John William
Wilcocks, Annie Dormer
Amy, Frederick
Journeaux, George Francis
Allix, John William
Coutanche, George Frederick
Harfield, George Charles de la Perelle
Male, Alice
Allen, Elizabeth Jane
Willcocks, George Henry
Stephens, Charles Joseph
Way, Robert Alfred
Burn, Joseph Edward
Mathews, William
Lancashire, Alfred
Ashley, Edward William
Allen, Ann
Baker, Charles
Henry, Ann
Le Couteur, Francis Edward
Huelin, George William
Arthur, Thomas
Le Rossignol, John Thomas
Stephens, Charles Joseph
Way, Robert Alfred
Burn, Joseph Edward
Mathews, William
Lancashire, Alfred
Ashley, Edward William
Allen, Ann
Baker, Charles
Henry, Ann
Le Couteur, Francis Edward
Huelin, George William
Arthur, Thomas
Le Rossignol, John Thomas
Piquet, Louise Ann
Bowden, Caroline Treganza
Leonard, Clara Lavinia
Florant, Emma Jane
Anley, George
Fowler, Alfred
Le Bas, William Dudley White
Stevenson, Elizabeth
Hearn, Charles Richard Orgueil
Scanlan, Edward
Beaugie, Adolphus John
Laffoley, Francis John
Payn, Philippe
White, Elvina Jane
Brunker, William
Noel, Jane
Howard, Thomas Osborne
Hall, Emma Maria
Laughton, Francis Henry
Wareham, Harriet
Masters, William John
Marett, Jessie Hawkins
Palmer, Jane
Dale, Edwin
Picot, Sophia Foott
Rooks, Charles Henry
Field, Selina Emily
Arnold, James Mansell
Gaudin, Eliza Jane
Noel, Charlotte Elizabeth
Romeril, Philippe
Wilkins, Clara Georgina
Heywood, William Henry
Vincent, Amelia
Dawson, James Robert
Clarence, Ann
De Gruchy, Joanna Maria
Baudain, Thomas Edward
Syvret, Jean Charles Pickstock
Sloan, Mary Boyd
Le Feuvre, Fanny Jane
Tucker, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Victoria
Keywords baptism registers | registers | Churches
Places St Helier
Dimensions 2 volumes
Language French, English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed to Public Access - please use the transcription.
Closed until 9999


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St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation Purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A215.pdf in red.
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A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.