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Social clubs: The Alliance Club, including a copy of the club rules and list of members and addresses

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Reference B/A/W30/150/4
Date 1940 - 1941
Names Bailiff's Chambers
The Alliance Club
Le Masurier, G J
d'Authreau, W V
Laurens, J W
Renouf, W F
Belford, J M
Kalber, F
Noel, C C
Le Masurier, W S
Cuming, C J
Coffin, R A
Ralph, W J
Cory, H J
Horman, S
Tolcher, S M
Farley, E G
Perree, T R
Kalber, F W
Thatcher, R L
Taylor, C
Huelin, J
Cawley, F H
Le Feuvre, M
Finney, J N
Taylor, E S
Nobes, T H
Scriven, R F T
Le Feuvre, R
Renouf, W P
Woods, W W
Gaudin, H G
d'Authreau, E G
Le Hayee, A
Horman, W
Martin, G
Foster, T C
Blake, J E
Goodchild, W R
Le Sueur, F P
Le Cras, W J
Dunham, P R
Attenborough, T W
Tostevin, A E A
Gibaut, J
Prain, S D
Luxton, G J
Le Sueur, H H
Picot, C S
Allport, N A
Carver, S M
Jeune, A T
True, E J
Stevenson, W B
Cave, H A
Krichefski, A
Ryan, W J
Tibot, J W
Porter, C E
Williams, G
Foster, C R
Benest, R
Le Brun, C
Foster, F N
Pooley, G
Kilmister, R P
Green, J C
O'Neill, B C
Jeune, G A
Arthur, E B
Wilden, D R
Taylor, L
Shipman, C
Mourant, O F
Coyle, D M
Pashby, J
Huelin, E
Le Gresley, P C
Jenne, P
Amy, P J
Blakeway, F H
Corrigan, F F
Le Brun, J R
Burnham, R K
Knight, F W
Clarke, K J
Kemp, P H
Le Breton, A
Le Couilliard, F C
du Feu, P J
Inglis, R C
Cragg, J H
Keyho, R
Stevens, L P
Tregear, F
Cooper, H
Marett, A E
Cross, J
Gibaut, B
Tostevin, C N
Pipon, H J
Abbott-Young, E C
Breuilly, C L
de Louche, J C
Marks, D
Farnham, W V
d'Alcorn, W E
Helie, E P
Allo, E
Le Sueur, L
Sutcliffe, H M
Farley, C
Le Cocq, G C H
Barnett, J
Martin, J
Sarre, W F
Le Cornu, P C
Purton, B
Birch, S
Copp, H L
Brailey, G
Freeman, G
Le Gros, F E
Baudains, S H
Le Couteur, G P
Ashborn, A L
Smith, B J
Le Brun, S J
Maillard, H J
Bowdidge, E C
Moyse, G
Le Sueur, R
Journeaux, H A J
Lupton, A H
Dumosch, D C
Le Cornu, G D
Blackburn, C
Reed, A H G
Mourant, O Le Q
Bertram, E W
Le Brun, O
Bird, W
Le Cresley, B
Flinn, H
Swinnerton, H
Richard de Leschery, C H G
Marie, J
Davison, S
Borny, G L
Gavey, S
Von Stein, Field Commander
Keywords Bailiffs | Occupation | Second World War | proclamations | german orders | clubs | societies
Dimensions 9 items
Language English
Level of description File
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Social clubs: The Alliance Club, including a copy of the club rules and list of members and addresses


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