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Social clubs: The Victoria Club, including a list of members and the rules and regulations

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Reference B/A/W30/150/6
Date 1940 - 1941
Names Bailiff's Chambers
The Victoria Club
Abbey, W B T, Lieutenant-Colonel
Adamson, N S R
Allen, G, Major
Amy, H T, Major
Arkwright, B N G
Bailhache, L V
Bailhache, V J
Baldwin, A C J
Bauche, J
Bentlif, P G
Bertie Clay, H
Binet, H J
Binnie, C
Black, C McC
Black, W A
Boardman, A S, Major
Bois, F de L
Burrell, F M
Candlin, G A
Carew, W K, Doctor
Ceppi, M
Clements, J E, Lieutenant-Colonel
Collas, F J, Major
Collas, J J, Lieutenant-Colonel
Cooper, E C
Cotton, B T
Coutanche, A M
Crill, S G
Crowley, J H, Dr
Day, H T O
de Gruchy, F, Reverend
de Gruchy, F A L, Major
de Ste Croix, George
De Ste Croix, L L, Captain
Dix, A N
Dove, E R D
Duval, F H
Ellis, Percy
Ereaut, A E
Ereaut, E J
Falle, W P, Major
Farwell, W L, Lieutenant-Colonel
Fulton, J D, Colonel
Gallagher, J F P, Dr
Galsworthy, R M
Gardner, F, Captain
Gauntlett, V C, Lieutenant-Colonel
Giffard, H W
Gilson, E H
Glasier, F Bedford, Major
Godfray, J V, Captain
Gomez, L A
Granville, H C
Greene, G W
Hall, P Newman
Hellyer, E P
Hermann, L, Dr
Hewson, F
Hill, T C
Hine, J B
Holt, R D
Horne, H H
How, W S
Hulton, H H, Lieutenant-Colonel
Imbert Terry, C H M, Lieutenant-Colonel
Jackson, W S
Johnson, S C, Lieutenant-Colonel
Ketley, E M
King-Farlow, Sir Sydney Charles Nettleton
Kirkpatrick, E R M, Major
Labern, William Oscar Stonewall
Labey, C C, Lieutenant-Colonel
Labey, E G
Lawson, J O
Le Brocq, C N
Le Feuvre, R, Captain
Le Gresley, A
Le Gros, C S
Le Maistre, F W S
Le Maistre, P
Le Maistre, W de V
Le Masurier, E P, Major
Le Masurier, W S
Le Riche, F P
Le Rossignol, H S, Lieutenant-Colonel
Lycett, E W
Macdermott, A T, Major
Mackenzie, J M, Major
Magnus, D H
Magnus, T A
Maitland, F G, Dr
Malet De Carteret, C E, Captain
Malet, R J, Lieutenant-Colonel
Marriner, J T
Marsh, M R
Matthews, T J
Maugham, R C F
May, C W
McCammon, F T A, Captain
McCandlish, J A
McCormick, Sir A
McEwen, G W, Commander
Mercier, R F
Messervy, C C, Major
Messervy, E
Mitchell, A E
Mitchell, W E
Monckton, C C
Montgomery, A J, Colonel
Murdock, K
Nicolle, A V
Nolan, J A
O'Bien, Sir T C, Baronet
Ogier, L l'H, Major
Ohlsson, Olof Axel
Orange, J H
Orange, C
Ottley, W J, Colonel
Parnell, E
Pavry, F C
Payne, E, Captain
Picot, G W, Captain
Pike, H B
Poingdestre, E C
Power, J W
Rayner, S C
Rees, H
Reid, H M
Renouf, Edward de Faye, Captain
Richardson, B V
Richardson, D P
Richardson, R J
Riley, Athelstane
Riley, C J M, Lieutenant-Colonel
Ritchie, C E
Roberts, E L B, Captain
Roberts, H
Robin, G J
Robin, R C
Robson, W
Roissier, R P
Rudd, L R
Scarborough, W T
Shone, H J
Six, E W J
Smith, Eric, Captain
Stamberg, A C
Stanhope, J H
Stevens, Morton, Lieutenant-Colonel
Stewart, G H, Lieutenant-Colonel
Stewart, G P, Lieutenant-Colonel
Stewart, H C
Stewart, J M
Stewart, L G
Thompson, H H
Thorpe, G F
Trafford, F
Vatcher, H M, Lieutenant-Colonel
Walker, M S
Wallis, M C, Reverend
Waugh, J J
White, J H, Lieutenant-Colonel
Whyte, J F, Lieutenant-Colonel
Willcox, J T A
Williams, T R
Woodside, W A, Lieutenant-Colonel
Yarrow, T A
Yeates, H W
Von Stein, Field Commander
Keywords Bailiffs | Occupation | Second World War | proclamations | german orders | clubs | societies
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Social clubs: The Victoria Club, including a list of members and the rules and regulations


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