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Cour du Samedi Registers. The Samedi Court is the general business court in the island and covers a wide range of matters. At this date they include bankruptcy records, acts of séparations de biens, powers of attorney, debt recovery cases, remonstrances( disputes), rent defaults and election matters. Use the index to lcate the page number of the entry and then consult the relevant PDF of the volume.

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Reference D/Y/F1/207
Date 15 October 1881 - 12 September 1882
Names Samedi Court
Judicial Greffe
Royal Court
Adams, Elizabeth, née Hamon
Adams, John
Adderson, Abraham
Adderson, Betsey J
Agnes, Francois Jean
Agra Bank Limited
Ahier, Jane, née Marett
Ahier, John Kingston
Ahier, John Midford
Ahier, Louisa Maria
Ahier, Philippe
Ahier, Susan
Ahier, Thomas Mitford
Ahier, Winter
Ainsley, Thomas John
Albert, Thomas
Albo, Emmanuel Joseph
Alexandre, Amice
Alexandre, Sophie Anne, Balleine
Alexandre, William Charles
Alexandre, Eliza, née Creek
Godfray, Alfred Charles
Algar, Ann
Algar, H R
Alison, George
Allen, John
Allen, William
Alphandery, Albert
Amy, Adolphus
Amy, Emma Eliza
Amy, Francis
Amy, George Nicolle
Amy, Jane
Amy, Jean
Amy, Peter
Amy, Philippe
Amy, Philippe du Parcq
Amy, Thomas
Amy, William
Anderson, Margaret Jane, née Trotter
Anderson, Mary Eliza, Touzel
Anderson, Niels Elias
Anderson, Wardlaw Cortlandt
Anquetil, Caroline Jane
Anson, Charles V
Armstrong, Clement de Quetteville
Arnold, Eugene John
Arnold, Mary Ann Mansell, née Bailhache
Arrowsmith, William Lamb
Arscott, Frederick
Arthur, Ada
Arthur, Charles Thomas
Arthur, Jane Esther, née Bree
Arthur, Jean
Arthur, John Noé
Arthur, Mary, née Dumaresq
Arthur, Nicolas
Arthur, Robert William
Asher, Diana
Asplet, Adolphus
Asplet, Charles
Asplet, George
Asplet, Philippe
Atkins, James
Aubert, Baptiste
Aubin, George
Aubin, Alice Anne
Aubin, Charles William
Aubin, Charles Willian
Aubin, Clement Lerrier
Aubin, François
Aubin, Jean
Aubin, Mary
Aubin, May, née Le Breton
Aubin, Philippe
Aubin, Thomas
Aubin, Thomas Jean
Aubin, Walter Duret
Aubin, William George
Audbez, M
Aufray, François
Austin, Mary Ann Mansell, née Bailhache
Austin, Mary Ellen, Browning
Austin, Robert Cecil
Aveson, Emma
Badge, William
Bagnell, Frederick
Bailhache, Henry
Bailhache, Mary Ann Mansell
Bailhache, Philippe
Baker, Alfred Edward
Baker, Francis Philippe
Baker, Mary Ann, née Larbalestier
Baker, Sophia
Baker, Susanna
Balcomb, Thomas
Ball, William
Ballaine, James John
Ballaine, Mary Ann
Balleine, Alexander
Balleine, Esther
Balleine, George
Balleine, Jane Elizabeth, née Edwards
Balleine, John Alexandre
Balleine, Joshua Alexander
Barbier, François
Barbier, Philippe
Barette, Abraham
Barette, Caroline Jane, Blampied
Barette, Francis
Barnard, William Andrew Moore
Barnes, Edward
Barratte, Achille
Barreau, François
Barrot, Charles
Bartlett, H M
Bartlett, Henry Matthews
Bartlett, Mary Ann, née Gallie
Bashford, George William
Bastable, John Robert
Bastable, Maria Harriet Jemima, née Sawkins
Bathurst, Julia
Bauche, John Daniel
Baudains, Elie George
Baudains, James
Baudains, Jean
Baudains, Philippe
Baudains, Philippe George
Baudains, Thomas
Baudains, Thomas Edouard
Baudoux, Charles Ernest
Baxter, James
Beaucamp, Elizabeth
Beaucamp, George Clement
Beck, John
Becquet, Francis Edmond Hamon
Becquet, Francois
Beer, John Bescumbe
Béghin, Léon Louis
Belford, Helier
Belford, James Francis
Bellingham, Edward James
Benest, Anthony Philip George
Benest, Anthony Philippe George
Benest, Charles George
Benest, Charles Jean
Benest, Charles John
Benest, Ellen Campbell, née Fitzwalter
Benest, Ellen Georgina
Benest, Frederic Jean
Benest, Frederick Peter
Benest, George
Benest, George Le Bas
Benest, George Philippe
Benest, Jane Mary, née de Ste Croix
Benest, Jean Joseph
Benest, John
Bennett, Francis
Berridge, George Thomas
Berridge, Richard Anthony
Berryman, Mary Ann
Berteau, Francois
Berteau, Jean
Berteau, Mary, née Le Capelain
Berteau, Thomas
Bertram, Anne Elizabeth
Bertram, Ernest Nicolle
Bertram, George Clement
Bertram, Henry Charles
Bertram, James
Bertram, Richard
Bertram, Thomas
Bertram, Walter
Bible Christian Connexion
Bichard, Jane Elizabeth
Bichard, Philippe
Bichard, Philippe Horton
Bichard, William
Biddle, Alfred
Billot, George
Binet, Charles
Binet, Jean
Binet, Philippe
Binet, Richard
Birmingham, James
Bishop, C D
Bishop, Celia Lavinia, née Davey
Bishop, Edward
Bishop, George John
Bishop, Matilda, née Woodman
Bishop, Matilda, Woodman
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Clement
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Edward Le Couteur
Bisson, Elize Jane
Bisson, George
Bisson, Henry Charles
Bisson, James
Bisson, Josué
Bisson, Nicolas
Bisson, Philippe
Bisson, Philippe William
Bisson, Sophie, née Gruchy
Bisson, Thomas
Blake, Adolphus Nicolle
Blake, Mary Ann
Blampied, Ann
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Elise, née Perchard
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blampied, Elizabeth, née Hamon
Blampied, Esther, née Le Brocq
Blampied, Jean
Blampied, John
Blampied, John Charles
Blampied, Mary Ann, née Marett
Blampied, Peter John
Blampied, Philip
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Pierre Jean
Blampied, Thomas
Blanc, Victorine Hortense
Blanchard, Leon
Bland, Edward Loftus
Boielle, James
Boiroux, Eugénie, née Chauvain
Bois, George
Bois, John
Boisadam, Mathurin
Bond, Jane Blake
Bond, Robert Mallett
Bond, Tom
Bonnit, Louis
Bosanquet, W H
Bosdet, Alfred
Bosdet, Anna Maria
Bosdet, Charles James
Bosdet, Elizabeth
Bosdet, John Mallet
Bosdet, Louisa Ellen
Bosdet, Theophile Jacques
Bott, Nicholas John
Bouchère, Emile Felix
Boudier, Jean
Bouillet, Florentin
Bouilly, Constant
Boullier, Alexander John
Bower, William
Bowring, Hubert
Boyce, H J
Boyce, Henry
Boyd, Robert Charles Alymer
Bradbury Greatorex and Company
Bradley, Anne, née de Gruchy
Braithwaite, Charles Pipon
Brandy, Maria
Brayn, Josué
Brée, Elias
Brée, Elie
Brée, George
Brée, Jean Elie
Brée, Philip John
Bretel, Alfred
Brett, George Stephen
Briard, Jean
Briard, Peter
Brideaux, Philippe
Brockman, John Arthur
Brooks, Charles Simon Mounster
Brooks, Fanny, Gregory
Brooks, Thomas
Broomer, William
Brown, Charles
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Frank
Brownsea, George
Brusey, Caroline Jane
Bryant, George Thomas
Budd, Thomas Hayward
Budden, Ann
Buesnel, Betsey, née Collas
Buesnel, Clément
Buesnel, Jean
Buesnel, Mary Ann
Buesnel, Philippe Edouard
Buesnel, Philippe George
Buesnel, Rachel, née Godfray
Bulbeck, Edward Henry
Burnham, William
Burrell, Thomas
Burridge, William
Burrows, John Godfray
Burton, John
Burton, Walter
Buscop and Company
Butcher, William
Butel, Louisa Ann
Cabot, Daniel
Cabot, James
Cabot, Jane Mary, née Dorey
Cabot, Jean Francois
Cabot, Julie, née Luscombe
Cabot, Mary Ann, née Journeaux
Cabot, Nicolas
Cabot, Thomas
Cabot, Thomas Philippe George
Callaghan, Matthew Mark
Cannon, John
Cantell, Francis John
Caplin, Alfred
Carcaud, Alfred
Carcaud, William
Card, George
Cardwell, James
Carnegie, Robert Bower
Carrel, Edmund Francois
Carrel, James
Carrigan, Michael
Carrington, Elizabeth Jane, Laming
Carrington, Gustavus Frederick
Carter, Frederick Thomas
Carter, John
Carter, Thomas Moore
Carter, William
Cartwright, Joseph
Case, John
Catel, Alphonse François
Catel, Emma, née du Heaume
Cave, Elias
Cayzer, Gertrude Broad
Champion, Anna Susannah
Champion, Elizabeth, née Poingdestre
Champion, Frederick William
Champion, John
Champion, Mary Ann
Champion, Thomas
Champion, William Henry
Chapman, William Henry
Chappuis, Paul
Charbonnel and Walker
Charles Asplet and Company Limited
Charleton, George Philip
Chase, Sarah Ann
Chevalier, Charles
Chevalier, John Le Boutillier
Ching, George Edward
Ching, John
Church of England Life and Fire Assurance Trust
Church of England Temperance Society
City Bank
Clayton, Amelia Kate, née Gallienne
Clayton, Thomas
Clegg, Clement
Clement, François
Clement, George
Clément, Joseph
Clift, Elizabeth Ann, Harding
Clift, John William
Cobb, John
Coleman, William Charles
Colivet, Nicolas
Collas, Alfred Edward
Collas, Edwin Jervoise F
Collas, Elie
Collas, Frank
Colley and Remon
Collings, Ellen
Collings, Richard Balcke
Colthurst and Harding
Commissaires Ecclesiastiques d’Angleterre
Condensed Beer Company
Conty, Mr
Cooke, Isabelle Amelia
Cooke, Jane
Cooke, William
Coombs, Louisa
Cooper, Caroline, née Le Couteur
Cooper, Edward
Copp, Charles
Copp, Jacob
Coppin, William
Coquet, Prosper
Corbel, Jean
Cornish, Richard Alfred
Cort, Emma Rosella
Cory, Abram
Cory, James
Cory, John
Cory, Moses
Cotes, Arthur
Cotgrove, Charles
Cotgrove, Eliza
Cotgrove, Susan
Coudray, James Frank
Coudray, James Philip
Couillard, Alexandre
Couillard, Jean
Coutanche, Marguérite
Coutanche and Binet
Coutanche, Adolphus Arnold
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, François
Coutanche, Henry
Coutanche, Jean
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, Josué
Craft, William
Crank, Mr
Crill, Philippe,
Crill, George Philippe
Croft, Elizabeth, née Honeycombe
Croft, Henry
Cross, Richard
Cross, Walter
Crouillon, Jeanne Marie, Gaillard
Crouziere, Henri
Cudlipp, Frédéric
Cudlipp, William
Cummings, Thomas
Cunningham, John
Curry, Thomas Le Geyt
Cutler, Henry John
d'Allain, Adolphus John
Dallain, Francis Gideon Aspley
Dallain, George
Daly, W I
Damer, W
Davey, Charity Moon
Davey, Charles
Davey, Isaac W
Davey, Isaac William
Davey, John E
Davey, John Edwin Peter
Davis, George
Davy, Charles
Davy, William
de Bourcier, George
de Bourcier, Thomas John
de Caen, Blanche
de Caen, George Frederick
de Carteret, Amice
de Carteret, Elie
de Carteret, John
de Carteret, John Francis
de Carteret, Josué
De Carteret, Sophie Anne Jeanne
de Cussy, la Baronne
de Cussy, le Baron
de Faye, Alice Louise
de Faye, Charles
de Faye, George
de Faye, James Thomas
de Faye, Thomas
de Garis, George
de Gruchy, Anne
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Elise, née Le Sueur
De Gruchy, Eliza
de Gruchy, Francois Abraham
de Gruchy, Helier
de Gruchy, Jean
De Gruchy, Jean Valpy
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, John Philippe
de Gruchy, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Godfray
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Susanne, Le Breton
de Gruchy, William Laurence
de Gruchy, William Lawrence
de Gruchy, William Philippe
de Jersey, William
de la Cour, Edouard
de la Cour, Francis
de la Cour, Frédéric
de la Cour, John George
de la Cour, Marie, née Le Blancq
De La Haye, Alfred Alexandre
De La Haye, Josué
de la Haye, Philippe Alexandre
de la Mare, Abraham
de la Mare, Auguste
De La Mare, Elizabeth, née De Caen
de la Mare, Francis Philippe
de la Mare, John
de la Mare, Singleton
de la Mare, Thomas
de la Perrelle, George
de la Perrelle, George Jean
de la Perrelle, Thomas
de la Roche, Léon
de Quetteville, Clément Auguste
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth
de ste Croix, Gautier
de Ste Croix, Henry Biggs
de Ste Croix, John
de Ste Croix, John Charles Philippe
de Ste Croix, John Philippe
de Ste Croix, Philippe
De Veulle, Alfred George
de Veulle, Philippe Clément
Defailly de Morinni, André Louis Gustave
Delataste, Edouard Moses
Délépine, Joseph Louis Désiré
Dèlépine, Therese, née Chagrot
Denize, Edouard
Densham and Sons
Densham, Jane Blake, née Bond
Deslandes, Peter Philip
Deslandes, Ann Catherine, née Messinger
Deslandes, George
Desreaux, Jean
Desreaux, John Arthur
Dickson, Alice Mary, née Bertram
Dickson, John
Dickson, John Edward
Dickson, William Henderson
Dobell, H
Donaldson, Cornelius
Doran, John
Doran, Maria Ann, née Honeycombe
Doran, Michael
D'Orellana, Harriet Susannah, née Hutton
d'Orellana, Ignatius Antonio
Dorey, Francis
Dorey, François
Dorey, George
Dorey, Josué
Dorey, Thomas
Dorlan, Jean
Dowden, Edwin
Dowden, Martha
Downer, Jane, née Hucker
Downer, Philippe
Downey, James
Downing, John
Drelaud, Jeanne
Drelaud, Thomas
du Feu, Emilie, née Sevalle
du Feu, John
du Feu, John Thomas
du Feu, Philippe
du Feu, Pierre
Du Heaume, George Janvrin
Du Heaume, Mary Ann, née Filleul
du Heaume, Philippe
du Heaume, Susannah Louisa, née Syvret
du Heaume, William
du Jardin, Jean Thomas
du Mosch, David Abraham
du Val, John
du Val, Philippe
Dubruel, Léon
Duhamel, Charles Daniel
Duhamel, Jane, née Coutanche
Dumaresq, Caroline Adelaide, née Crowhurst
Dumaresq, Edward Charles
Dumaresq, George
Dumaresq, Helier
Dumaresq, Rachel, née Le Geyt
Dumaresq, W P
Dunlop, Andrew
Dunville and Company Ltd
Dupré, Edouard
Dupre, Elizabeth
Durell, Charles
Dutot, Jean
Eastley, John
Independent Order of Rechabites
Eden, G
Edgar, Janet
Edgar, Janet, née Smith
Edward Brothers
Egré, Anne, Bisson
Egré, Edouard
Emmens, William
Engledue, John Ralph
Ennis, James
Entwistle, Jane Elizabeth
Enwright, Anne, née Voisin
Ereaut, George
Esnouf, Edward
Esnouf, Francis Philip
Esnouf, John
Esnouf, Kezia, née Topp
Esnouf, Philip Durell
Falla, Peter
Falla, Thomas
Fallaize, Nicolas Pierre
Falle, Elie
Falle, Jean
Falle, John
Falle, John E
Falle, John Philippe
Falle, Mary Ann, née Bichard
Falle, Philip James
Falle, Philippe James
Falle, Thomas
Falle, William
Fauvel, A
Fauvel, Aimable
Fauvel, Charles
Fauvel, Elizabeth Caroline, née Freeman
Fauvel, Henriette
Fauvel, Jean
Fauvel, John George
Ferey, John
Ferey, Philippe
Fichet, Francois
Fifoot, Thomas
Filleul, Aaron
Filleul, Anne Penelope
Filleul, Eliza Laura, née Le Breton
Filleul, Elizabeth
Filleul, Nancy, née Gandonnié
Filleul, Philip Valpy Mourant
Filleul, Philippe
Filleul, Philippe Valpy Mourant
Filleul, Thomas
Filleul, William Gabriel
Findlay, Alice Rachel, née de Ste Croix
Finnie, James
Finnie, James John
Finnie, James Peter
Fiott, John
Fletcher, Maria, née Hunt
Fletcher, William
Fleury, Francois David
Fleury, Hélene Elizabeth
Fleury, John
Fleury, Walter
Flinn, J J
Flower, Agnes Emma
Flower, Edward
Folley, John
Fothergill, John Wall
Fowler, Eliza Norman, née Wood
Fowler, L P
Fox, William Henry
Francis, George
Gabeldu, Ellen, née Asplet
Gabeldu, François
Gabeldu, Jane Souky, née Le Breton
Gabeldu, Jean
Galienne, Amelia Kate
Gallais, Anne, née Messervy
Gallais, Jacques Ernest
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Mary
Gallichan, Matthieu
Gallichan, Philippe
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallienne, Amelia Kate
Gallienne, François
Gallienne, John
Gallienne, Matthieu
Gand, Mr
Gard, John
Gasnier, John
Gaudin, Annie, née McPhail
Gaudin, Elie
Gaudin, George
Gaudin, Jane, née Huelin
Gaudin, Jeanne
Gaudin, John
Gaudin, John Francis
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudin, Philippe Jean
Gaudin, W C
Gautier, Thomas
Gauvin, Francois
Gavey, Anne, Mourant
Gavey, David
Gawley, Francis
Gellender, Marina, née Gorey
Genge, John Pope
Germain, Auguste
Gibaut, James
Gibaut, Jean
Gibaut, John
Gibaut, Maria, née Heywood
Gibaut, Philip
Gibaut, Thomas Philippe
Gibaut, Walter Moses
Gibbons, Robert
Gibbs, Maria
Giffard, John Francis
Giffard, John Philippe
Gifford, William Francis
Gilbey, W
Giles, William
Gilley, Mary Ann
Glendower, Orlando
Godel, Philippe
Godfray, Alfred
Godfray, Alfred Charles
Godfray, Anne, née Jacobs
Godfray, Bernabey
Godfray, Charles Le Vesconte
Godfray, Francois
Godfray, George
Godfray, Henriette Susanne
Godfray, Henriette Susanne, née Pirouet
Godfray, Henry Nicolle
Godfray, Hugh Charles
Godfray, Jean William
Godfray, Lerrier
Godfray, Mathilda Harriet, née Le Gallais
Godfray, Philippe
Godfray, Thomas
Godfray, Walter Bertram
Gompertz, Alice Thérese
Gompertz, Edward Dumaresq
Gooch, Emma Sarah, née Thompson
Gooch, Woodroffe
Goodridge, Walter Lisle Taylor
Gorey Mutual Insurance Society
Gorey, George
Gosling, William
Gosselin, Philippe
Gouliette, Louise Francoise
Grace, William
Grandin, Alfred
Grandin, Charles Daniel
Grandin, Elizabeth, Perrée
Grandin, Francois Philippe
Grandin, John Elias
Grant, Elizabeth Pridham, née Taylor
Grant, James Douglas
Gray, Amelia
Gray, Ann
Gray, Elizabeth Frances
Gray, William Charles
Green, C A
Green, Elizabeth
Green, James
Gregory, Edwin Skuse
Grellier, François Jacques
Grellier, François
Griffon, Jean
Grimonprez and Nuytten
Grou, Victor
Grout, M
Gruchy, Charles
Guerry, Francois
Guerry, Francois Félicien
Guibert, Alex
Guibert, Alexis
Guilleaume, Thomas
Guiton, Pierre Philippe
Gullick, Mesdames
Gulliver, Alfred
Gunney, Philippe F
Gutteridge, Prescillia
Hacquoil, Edouard
Hacquoil, Francois Philippe
Hake, Rose Eliza, née Smith
Hall, Ellen
Hall, George
Hamard, Mr
Hamel, Mary Ann
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Charles Abraham
Hamon, Edöuard
Hamon, Elias John Joseph
Hamon, François
Hamon, James
Hamon, Jane, née Le Mottée
Hamon, Marie
Hamon, Peter Edmond
Hamon, Samuel Francis
Hanafin, Ann Isabella, née Reynolds
Hanafin, James
Handcock, John Harward Jessop
Harben, Esther, née Le Gros
Harben, Samuel Henry
Harben, Thomas Edward
Hardy, Jean Auguste Pol
Hardy, Mary Ann
Harper Broad and Battcock
Harper, John Underwood
Harris, George
Hart, Harcourt
Hart, Marmaduke James
Harvey, Eli
Harvey, Henry
Harvey, Jane
Haskins, Antoein Thomas
Hatch, William
Hawksford, Francis
Hawksford, Francois
Hedger, Frederick
Helie, Mary Ann
Helleur, George Daniel
Helleur, Philippe
Hellings, Robert
Hemery, Percy
Henley, James Henry
Henri, Felix
Henry and Le Feuvre
Henry, Adolphe
Henry, Adolphus
Henry, James Hammond
Hensley, Frederick Filleul
Henwood, Philippe
Heyden, Thomas
Hibbs, Thomas
Higginson, Thomas Edward Leslie
Hine, John
Hocquard, David
Hocquard, Jeanneton
Hocquard, John
Hocquard, Josué
Hocquard, Marie
Hocquard, Marie, née Hocquard
Hocquard, Michel
Hoffmann, John
Holden, Thomas
Holt, Horace Henry
Holt, William
Honeycombe, Ann, née Ellis
Honeycombe, George
Honeycombe, Jane
Honeycombe, John
Honeycombe, Maria Ann
Honeycombe, Maria Ann, née Warren
Honeycombe, Richard
Honeycombe, Samuel
Honeycombe, William
Hooper, Ellen Henrietta
Hooper, Frederick John
Hooper, Lucas George
Horman, George Hélier
Horman, Elizabeth Mary
Hotton, Clement
Hotton, Frederick
Hotton, Peter
Houelbecq, Frank
Huard, Charlotte Jane, née Sevalle
Huard, John
Huault, Désiré
Huault, Louis
Huault, Mélanie Caroline, née Jouannet
Hubert, Adolphe
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Josué Jean
Hubert, Nancy Betsy
Hubert, Nancy, née Giot
Hubert, Nancy, née Giot dit La Source
Hubert, Philippe
Huelin, Edouard
Huelin, Francois James
Huelin, John
Huelin, Philip John
Huelin, Philippe John
Huelin, William
Humby, Alfred George
Hunt, Henry Albert
Hunt, Mary, née Eke
Hunt, Priscilla
Hunt, Sophia, née Chambers
Hunt, William
Husband, William Mitchell
Hyne, Francis Edward
Independent Order of Good Templars
Inglis, Isaac Alexander
Ireton and Ward
Ireton, Arthur John
Irish, Mary Ann
Isherwood, Mary Jane
Jacquet, Joseph Henry
Janvrin, Emily Ann, née Pipon
Janvrin, Francis William
Jayer, Charles
Jean, Elie
Jean, Philippe Cooke
Jeffery, George John
Jenne, Jane Elizabeth
Jennings, Ellen
Jennings, Henry John
Jerrome, John
Jersey Savings Bank
Jersey Granite Company
Jersey Joint Stock Bank
Jersey Ladies College Limited
Jersey Sunday Closing Association
Jersey Total Abstinence Society
Jeune, Elie
Jeune, Francois
Jeune, Philippe
Jeune, Thomas Elie
Jeune, V
Jewell, Simeon
Job, Nathaniel
Jones, AC
Jones, Albert Edward
Jones, Arthur Clarence Elliot
Jones, Edward
Jones, G E
Jones, George
Joslin, John
Joslin, John James
Joslin, Mary Ann Sarah, née Cabot
Jouanne, François
Jouanne, Laurens
Jouault, Clara Louisa, née Lesbirel
Jouault, Louis
Jourdan, John Désiré
Jourdan, Louis Philippe
Journeaux, Philippe
Journeaux, Thomas Jean
Julian, R A H
Julius Levy and Co
Kearley, Henry Thomas
Keating, Jane Mary, née Le Clercq
Keating, John
Keeping, William
Kennedy, Daniel
Kennington, George
Kerslake, Walter John
Killmister, Henry W
Kimber, William Henry
Kine, William
Kingston, Elizabeth
Kipling, Charles
Knight, Ann
Knight, Arthur
Labey, Francois
Labey, John William
Labey, Thomas
Labey, Thomas Philippe
Labey, Thomas William
Laffoley, Charles
Laffoley, Charles William
Laffoley, Emilie Fanny
Laffoley, John Joseph Clément
Lamiot, Achille
L'Amy, Jean
Lane, John
Lane, Mark
Lane, Owen
Langlois, John Hélier
Langlois, Philippe
Larbalestier, Charles Jean
Larbalestier, Charles Philippe
Larbalestier, George J
Larbalestier, George Quesnel
L'Archer, Auguste Magloire
Larcombe, John
Laugée, Matthieu
Laurens, George Jean
Laurens, Henriette, née Balleine
Laurens, James
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, John
Laverny, Jean
Laverty, Joshua
Laverty, Tresa, née Davidson
Lawford, Henry
Le Bailly, Marie
Le Bas, John
Le Bas, John Francis
Le Bas, Nicolas
Le Blancq, Edward John
Le Blancq, Elias
Le Blancq, Elie Joseph
Le Blancq, Elie N,
Le Blancq, Elie Nicolle
Le Blancq, Jean
Le Blond, Philippe
Le Bocq, Janet
Le Borcq, Hellen
Le Borcq, Jean
Le Boutillier Brothers
Le Boutillier, Auguste
Le Boutillier, Charles
Le Boutillier, Elias
Le Boutillier, Elie
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth Charlotte
Le Boutillier, George
Le Boutillier, Jean
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Marie
Le Boutillier, Peter
Le Boutillier, Philippe
Le Boutillier, Thomas
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, Jane
Le Breton, Jean
Le Breton, Jeanne Catherine, née Le Seelleur
Le Breton, Léon
Le Breton, Mary
Le Breton, Philippe
Le Breton, Réné
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, William Corbet
Le Brocq, Amelia, Le Gresley
Le Brocq, Amelie
Le Brocq, Douglas Argyle
Le Brocq, Elizabeth, née Syvret
Le Brocq, Esther
Le Brocq, Falle
Le Brocq, Francois
Le Brocq, Hellen
Le Brocq, James
Le Brocq, Jane
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brocq, Jeanne, née Vautier
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brun, Francis
Le Brun, Edmond
Le Brun, Elizabeth, née Malzard
Le Brun, François Philippe
Le Brun, Frederick Richardson
Le Brun, James
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, John Richardson
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Brun, Philippe Jean
Le Brun, Rachel
Le Brun, Susan, née de Carteret
Le Brun, Winter George
Le Cappelain, Mary Ann, Henry
Le Cappelain, Théophile Jean
Le Caudey, R B
Le Cavelier, Maurice
Le Cerf, Arthur
Le Cerf, François
Le Clercq, George
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, William Francis
Le Cordier, Durell
Le Cornu, Alfred John
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Edmond
Le Cornu, Jean
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Josué Charles
Le Cornu, Marie, née Pinel
Le Cornu, Mary, née Pinel
Le Cornu, Philippe
Le Cornu, Thomas
Le Couillard, George
Le Couteur, A and Company
Le Couteur, Adolphe
Le Couteur, Adolphus
Le Couteur, Ann, née Desreaux
Le Couteur, Edouard
Le Couteur, Edward Dickson
Le Coûteur, Elizabeth
Le Couteur, Francois
Le Couteur, Helena, née du Val
Le Couteur, James
Le Couteur, James Nicolle
Le Couteur, John
Le Couteur, Thomas
Le Cras, Edouard
Le Cras, Elena, née Nicolle
Le Cras, George
Le Cras, John
Le Cras, Mary Ann
Le Cras, Philippe Sinel
Le Cronier, Hardwick
Le Cronier, John
Le Dain, Ann, née Renouf
Le Dain, John
Le Dain, Philippe
Le Dos, Mr
Le Duc, Ann Laura Jane, née Laurens
Le Duc, Paul Leigh
Le Duc, William
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, John
Le Feuvre, Ann Eliza
Le Feuvre, Ann, Le Mottée
Le Feuvre, Caroline Susan
Le Feuvre, Eliza, née Poingdestre
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth, née Horton
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, François
Le Feuvre, Francois Philippe
Le Feuvre, George Clement
Le Feuvre, Henry
Le Feuvre, Jane Mary
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Jules Victor
Le Feuvre, Léonard
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Feuvre, Philippe Jean
Le Feuvre, Pierre
Le Feuvre, Walter
Le Fevre, Jules Victor
Le Four, Samuel
Le François, Marie
Le Gallais, Helen Margaret
Le Gallais, Nicolas
Le Gallais, Theodore
Le Geyt, Bertha, née Ogilvie
Le Geyt, J F
Le Geyt, John Thomas
Le Geyt, Philippe
Le Geyt, Alfred
Le Grand, Edouard
Le Gresley, Charles
Le Gresley, Francis
Le Gresley, Frédéric
Le Gresley, George
Le Gresley, Jean
Le Gresley, Jean François
Le Gresley, Jeanne
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gresley, Philippe François
Le Gresley, Susanne Rachel, née Mauger
Le Gresley, Winter
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Betsey, née Nicolle
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Clement
Le Gros, Edward
Le Gros, Eliza, née Le Huquet
Le Gros, Eugénie Eulalie, née Beaugeard
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Gervaise
Le Gros, Harriet
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, John Clarence
Le Gros, Josué Jean
Le Gros, Philippe
Le Gros, Thomas Nicolas
Le Gros, Tom Charles
Le Hérissier, Aspasie
Le Huquet and Sons, George
Le Huquet, Edouard
Le Huquet, George
Le Huquet, Philip John
Le Huquet, Philippe
Le Huquet, Thomas
Le Jeune, Albert Philippe
Le Lievre, Chadwick
Le Lievre, François
Le Lievre, Jean Wesley
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Francois
Le Maistre, John Francis
Le Maistre, John Wadsworth
Le Maistre, Marie
Le Maistre, Mary
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maistre, William Brine
Le Maitre, Hilaire
Le Marchand, Matthew
Le Marchand, Valentin
Le Marinel, Thomas
Le Marquand, Alex
Le Marquand, Elie
Le Marquand, Samuel Edouard
Le Marquand, Philippe
Le Marquand, Samuel
Le Marquand, Samuel Edouard
Le Marquand, Susan, née Le Gresley
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Masurier, Edouard
Le Masurier, François
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, Marcel
Le Masurier, Maurice
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Mettez, Charles
Le Moignan, Josué John
Le Monnier, Auguste
Le Monnier, C
Le Monnier, Mary Millie
Le Monnier, Remy
Le Montais, James Balleine de Lecq
Le Montais, Jean de Lecq
Le Mottee, Jean
Le Mottée, John Alfred
Le Mottée, Philippe
Le Neveu, Philip James
Le Neveu, Philippe James
Le Neveu, Philippe Montbrun
Le Noir, Eugène
Le Page, Philippe John
Le Pelletier, Emile
Le Petit, James
Le Petit, Jean
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, David
Le Quesne, Giffard Nicolas
Le Quesne, Jean
Le Quesne, John
Le Quesne, John Charles
Le Quesne, Louisa, née Mahier
Le Quesne, Louise Francoise, née Gouliette
Le Quesne, Nicolas
Le Quesne, William
Le Révérend, Jacques
Le Riche, Ada Jane
Le Riche, Alfred Smith
Le Riche, David Thomas
Le Riche, François Jean
Le Riche, John
Le Riche, Philippe
Le Riche, Philippe Jean
Le Riche, Samuel
Le Riche, Susanne
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Rossignol, Alfred
Le Rossignol, Alfred Philippe
Le Rossignol, Frank
Le Rossignol, John
Le Rossignol, Philip
Le Rossignol, Philippe
Le Rougetel, Abraham John
Le Rougetel, Daniel
Le Ruez, John
Le Ruez, Philippe
Le Sauteur, Florence
Le Seelleur, Catharine, née Hannan
Le Seelleur, Charlotte Alice Louisa
Le Seelleur, Henry
Le Seelleur, John Allez
Le Sueur, Anne, née Quenault
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Clement
Le Sueur, Daniel
Le Sueur, Elizabeth, née Le Quesne
Le Sueur, Elizabeth, née Mill
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Janet
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, John Ollivier
Le Sueur, John, Renouf
Le Sueur, Josué
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Philippe Marché
Le Sueur, Thomas
Le Sueur, Walter
Le Tendre, Pierre
Le Touzel, Esther Rachel
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Henry Edouard
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Emelie Clara
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William Dupre
Le Vesconte, Charles
Le Vesconte, Elizabeth
Le Vesconte, François
Le Vesconte, Isaac
Le Vesconte, Jane Elizabeth
Le Vesconte, Jean
Le Vesconte, John
Le Vesconte, Peter William
Le Vesconte, Philippe
Le Vesconte, Pierre
Le Vesconte, Rachel
Le Vesconte, William
Lecaudey, Alice, née Jones
Lecaudey, Clara Augusta
Lecaudey, Jean
Lecaudey, Julia Aurelia
Lecaudey, Raymond Brock
Lecaudey, Raymond Brocq
Leigh, Jean
Leigh, John
Leigh, John Adolphus
Leigh, Maria, Landhatherland
Leigh, Philippe
Leigh, Thomas
Lelion, Jean
Lemprière, Elizabeth, née Hotton
Lempriere, George Philip
Lempriere, Maria, née Marett
Lempriere, Reginald Raoul
Lempriere, William
Lesbirel, Jean François
Lesbirel, John
Leslie, Emma
Leslie, Eric William
Leslie, James Orlando
Lethbridge, Charles George
Letto, Louisa Catherine, née Stratford
Letto, William Thomas
Levan, Thomas
Levesque, James
Levis Salles
Lewis, John
Lewis, Richard
L'Hotellier, Perrine
Lindsey, William Templeman
Linford, William Thomas
Linnell, Theolina
Livermore, Charles J
Lockwood, Philip Embury
Longstreeth, Daniel
Longstreeth, Mary Ann, née Jones
Lopez, Louis
Lovelock, Samuel
Lowden, Thomas Richard
Lucas Walsh and Company
Lucas, Elias
Luce, Edouard
Luce, Elvina Mary, née Norman
Luce, Francois
Luce, John
Luce, Philippe
Luce, Thomas
Luce, William
Luckarift, William
Lukins, Thomas
Macé, Aimable
Mackenny, Samuel
Mahier, Marie, née Le Sueur
Mahier, Philippe
Maillard, James
Maillard, John
Maillard, John Philippe
Mair, H
Major, William James
Male, Ephraim
Malet de Carteret, Edward Charles
Malet, Clara A
Malet, Stanley Edwin
Mallet, Clément
Mallet, Eliza Ann
Mallet, Francis John
Mallet, John
Mallet, Mary Ann, née Le Brun
Mallet, Philippe
Malzard, George
Malzard, John
Malzard, Rachel Elizabeth, née Le Masurier
Manley, Richard
Mann, Harriet, née Le Clercq
Mann, John
Maretin, William
Marett, Anne Adelaide
Marett, Elie
Marett, Elizabeth, nee Mauger
Marett, Francois
Marett, George
Marett, Jean George
Marett, John George
Marett, Philippe
Marett, Robert Pipon
Marie, Eugéne Charles
Marie, George
Martin, Gustave Henri
Martin, Henri
Martin, Tom Josué
Martin, William
Martin, William Henry
Martyn, Elizabeth
Masters, William Smith
Mathews, William
Matthews, Mary Ann
Mauger, Elizabeth Ann, née Sullivan
Mauger, Emma Dallain, née Mourant
Mauger, Frederick
Mauger, Henri Daniel
Mauger, Jean
Mauger, John
Mauger, John Philip
Mauger, Philip
Mauger, Pierre
Mauger, Richard
Mauger, Théophile Philippe
Mauger, Walter Charles
Maxwell, William
May, Edith
Mc Cabe, John
McAllen, Charles
McAllen, P P A
McCabe, John
McCarthy, Jeremiah
McCutcheon, Frederick George
McIntosh, John
Mercier, Ives
Merkus, Joham Casper Wilhelm
Messervy, Alfred
Messervy, George
Messervy, George Touzel
Messervy, John
Messervy, Philippe
Messervy, Thomas
Messervy, Thomas William
Metherell, William
Michel, John Thomas
Midgley, John
Mignot and de Block
Miles, Algernon Osmand
Milestone, John Henry
Mill, Matilda E
Millais, Isabel Mary, née Benest
Millais, Thomas
Miller, Henry
Mills, Anne, née Budden
Milne, William Henry
Minors, Ellen
Misson, D T
Misson, George Frederick
Mitchell, Thomas F
Mitchelmore, James
Mollet, Alfred Amy
Mollet, Ann, née Le Rougetel
Mollet, Elizabeth Susan
Mollet, Philippe
Mollo, George
Monnamy, Jean
Montandon, C
Morel, Thomas
Morris, Joseph
Morris, William Bernard
Morse, Hannah
Moses, George
Moses, George Ellis
Moses, Joseph Thomas
Moses, Joseph William Ernest
Mourant, Abraham
Mourant, Buesnel
Mourant, Edouard
Mourant, Francis
Mourant, Francois
Mourant, George
Mourant, Jane, née De Gruchy
Mourant, Jane, née Fauvel
Mourant, Jane, née Filleul
Mourant, Jeanneton, née Coutanche
Mourant, John
Mourant, John Thomas
Mourant, Josué
Mourant, Peter Barbenson
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, Philippe Jean
Mourant, Philippe Le Sueur
Mourant, Pierre Barbenson
Mourant, Thomas Philippe
Mourant, Walter Godfray
Moyse, Emily
Moyse, John
Murrow, Mary Teresa, née Sayers
Murrow, Yorrick Jones
Mutton, Richard
Myers, Joseph
Nalder, Frederick
Naylor, Charles
Neel, Ann
Neel, Ann, née Le Bas
Neel, Elie
Neel, François
Neel, Jane
Neel, John
Neel, Mary Anne, née Mallet
Neel, Philippe
Netten, Emma, née Geach
Newbeggin, Napoléon
Newbegin, Sophia, née Lewis
Nicholas, Marrick
Nicholson, Benjamin
Nicholson, Lothian
Nicolle, Caroline Jane, née Brusey
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Charles John
Nicolle, Clement
Nicolle, Helier
Nicolle, Jane, née Hooper
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, John Winter
Nicolle, Louisa
Nicolle, Louisa, née Le Rossignol
Nicolle, Nancy, née Mollet
Nicolle, Philip Thomas
Nicolle, Philippe Thomas
Nicolle, Pierre
Ninnim, Charles Henry
Ninnim, Susanne Carty, née Carrel
Nixon, Andrew
Noel and Porter
Noel, Clement
Noel, George
Noël, Marie
Noel, Mary
Noel, Nicolas
Noel, Philippe
Norman, Alfred Philippe
Norman, Elizabeth Mary, née Horman
Norman, James Edouard
Norman, John William
Norman, Philippe
Norman, Walter
Norman, Walter Frank
Norton, Henry
Nugent, John Edmund
Nugent, Richard
Oblin, Alexis
Oblin, Armand
Oblin, Joseph
Odell, Henry George
O'Flaherty, Joseph
Ogilvie, Bertha
Oillivier, Anne
Okes, Charles
Oldridge, Albert
Oldridge, Edwin
Oldridge, Isaac
Oldridge, Isaac Alexander
Ollivier, Ann
Ollivier, Anne
Orange, Edouard
Orange, George
Orange, John
Orange, John Herbert
Orviss, John Walter
Orviss, Philippe Gosset
Osborne, Edward Pike
O'Shaughnessy, William C
Osman, James
Ouless, Philippe John
Pallot, Abraham
Pallot, Charles
Pallot, Clement
Pallot, Clement Philippe
Pallot, Elizabeth
Pallot, Elizabeth, née Le Sueur
Pallot, Philippe
Palmer, John
Palmer, John William Gordon
Pargiter, Thomas
Parris, Tom
Paskins, Charles
Payn, Charles Henry
Payn, Elizabeth, née Bosdet
Payn, James
Payn, Jean
Payn, William
Payne, Adele
Payne, George
Peak, Elizabeth, née Newman
Peak, William
Pearce, George Walter
Peele, Henry Edmund
Pellerin, Pierre
Pellier, William
Penneveyre, Charles
Penny, Thomas
Pensom, John
Pepin, Helier
Pepin, Jean
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Edouard
Perchard, Henriette, née Fauvel
Perkins, Arthur
Perrée, Elise
Perrée, Francis Arthur
Perrée, Thomas
Perrin, Leopold
Perrot, George Frébout
Perrot, Peter
Perry, Ada Jane
Petit, Betsy Jane
Phillips, George
Philpot, George
Philpott, George
Picot, Ernest Francois
Picot, George
Picot, Jean
Picot, John
Picot, Joshua
Picot, Philippe
Pihan, Victor Jean
Pike, John
Pimberton, Arthur
Pinchon, Thomas
Pine, F
Pinel, Clement
Pinel, Philippe
Pipon, Agnes Evelyn
Pipon, George Philip Janvrin
Pipon, Philippe Gosset
Pirouet, Caroline Susanne
Pirouet, Charles Geffrard
Pirouet, Francois Philippe
Pirouet, Herbert Geffrard
Pirouet, John Philip
Pirouet, Philippe
Pirouet, Susanne, née Gaudin
Pluck, James
Pogam, Hypolyte
Poingdestre, Adelaide
Poingdestre, Alfred
Poingdestre, Charles
Poingdestre, Charles Albert
Poingdestre, Elizabeth
Poingdestre, Jane
Poingdestre, Jean
Poingdestre, John William
Poingdestre, Philippe
Pojam, Hippolyte
Ponsford, George
Pool, Henry Edmund
Pool, James
Poole, Henry Edmund
Pooley, A G
Pooley, Rodney
Potter, James
Potts, George John Leopold
Poujol, Gabriel
Poussard, Horace
Powell, Edward
Powell, Walter
Prevelle, Elizabeth, née de Gruchy
Prevelle, Jean François
Priaulx, Peter George
Prunier, Francois
Pulman, Joseph
Quenault, Charles
Quenault, Elias
Quenault, Marie, née Worms
Quérée, Charles
Queree, Louisa Ann, née Filleul
Quérée, Thomas
Quertier and Company, Alfred
Quertier, Alfred
Quesnel, Alexandrine, née Arnand
Quintanilha, Captain
Quirk, Thomas E
Rainel, Louis Auguste
Ramié, Charles William
Randall, Robert
Ratcliff, Ellen, née Webb
Ratcliffe, Ellen Henrietta
Ratel, Peter
Rault, Pierre
Rawson, Robert
Reade, Anne Mary, née Duhamel
Reade, Herbert Taylor
Reed, Robert
Remon, Ann, née Le Masurier
Remon, James
Remon, Jean
Remon, John Philippe
Remy, Philippe Alfred
Remy, William George
Renard, M
Renault, François
Renaut, Edouard Laurens
Rendall, William
Rennell, Robert
Renouard, Alfred Edouard
Renouf, Ann
Renouf, Charles George
Renouf, Charles Jean
Renouf, Charles John
Renouf, Clement
Renouf, Edouard
Renouf, Edouard Binet
Renouf, Elias
Renouf, Elise
Renouf, Eliza Mary, née Dorey
Renouf, François George
Renouf, George J
Renouf, James Thomas
Renouf, Jean
Renouf, John
Renouf, John Blampied
Renouf, John Charles
Renouf, John Edward
Renouf, Mary Ann
Renouf, Mary Ann, née Blampied
Renouf, Nicolas
Renouf, Philippe
Renouf, Sophie Caroline, née Renouf
Renouf, Thomas
Reynolds, Ann Isabella
Reynolds, John
Richards, John Albert
Richardson, Clement
Richardson, Clement Charles
Richardson, Jean
Richardson, John
Richardson, Philippe Mourant
Richer, Henri
Rickard, William
Rideout, Philip Hinckesman
Rigotti, Charles
Rigotti, Sarah Georgiana, née Simon
Rive, Eliza, née French
Rive, Elizabeth Rachel, née Lescaudey
Rive, Jeanne
Rive, John
Rive, Josué
Rive, Philippe
Rive, Philippe Nicolas
Robin, Philip
Robinson, Arthur Dalgarne
Robinson, John
Robroe, Charles
Rohrs, Arthur James Henry
Roissier, François
Roissier, Philippe Alfred
Rolstone, Robert
Romeril, Jane, née Godfray
Romeril, Jean
Romeril, Philippe
Romeril, Philippe Louis
Rondel, Clement Henry
Ropart, Hervé
Ropart, Margaret, née Birmingham
Rose, George Bertram
Rose, Thomas Henry
Rouet, Philippe
Roussel, Eliza, née Binet
Roy, Philippe John
Ruffo, Ann, née Wimhurst
Ruffo, Edward Charles Richard
Ruthe, Maurice
Safety Lodge of Good Templars
Salles, Levis
Salter, Charles
Salter, Eliza
Samson, Auguste
Sangon, Jeanne Marie, née Allot
Saumarez, Thomas
Sauvage, Celestine, née Mourier
Sauvage, Mary Ann
Sauvage, Philippe
Savary, Francois Edmond
Sayers, Henry
Scammell, Thomas
Scelles, Jean François
Schooles, Caroline Eliza, née Reid
Schooles, Henry Rawlins Pipion
Seale, Daniel Philippe
Seale, John Alfred
Searle, John Impey
Sercombe, George
Seymour, Albert Bernard
Seymour, Frederick H
Sharman, T
Shave, Alfred George
Shave, Joseph
Shave, Joseph John
Shave, William Charles
Shephard, Francis
Sherring, B,
Sidgreaves, George
Simmonds, Thomas Grenfell de la Saux
Simon, Anne, née Le Bas
Simon, Arthur Charles
Simon, Elie
Simon, Elizabeth, née de la Cour
Simon, Frederick W M
Simon, George
Simon, Jean
Simon, Louis
Simon, Nicolas
Simon, Philippe
Simon, Thomas
Simon, W P
Simons, Alexander
Single, Edward
Single, Edwin John
Single, Miriam, née Forward
Single, Sydney
Smart, Moses
Smith, Edward Webb
Smith, Rosa
Snell, George
Sorel, Clement
Sorel, Edmond
Sorre, Doctor
Sparks, Charles Terry
Spencer, Albert
Spencer, Ellen Jemima Gray, née Simon
Spencer, Herbert George Hammond
Squibb, Sophia H
Starck, Philippe
Statt, William
Steel, Jane
Steen, Ann, née Le Marquand
Stephens, Josiah
Stevens, Esther, née Aubin
Stevens, George N
Stevens, John
Stevens, Thomas
Stevens, Thomas T
Stirling, Charles
Stone, John
Stratford, Ann
Sullivan, Elizabeth Rachel, née Le Cornu
Sullivan, George
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Jean
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Julie Delphine
Sullivan, Julie Elizabeth, née Le Cornu
Sutcliffe, William Henry
Sutherland, Thomas
Sutton, Adolphus de Grouchy
Swanger, A
Sweeney, Eliza
Symondson, Adolphus Ormes
Symons, Henry Thomas
Syvret, Elizabeth, née Syvret
Syvret, Francois
Syvret, James D
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, John
Syvret, John Renouf
Syvret, Philippe Edouard
Tardif, Damaris
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Herbert
Tennyson, Frederick
Terry, John David
The Agra Bank Limited
The Capital and Counties Bank Limited
The Provident Clerks and General Guarantee Association Limited
Thelland, Anna Angelina
Thelland, Susanne Rachel, née Le Gallais
Thelland, William
Thelland, William Le Gallais
Thomas, George
Thomason, Harriet, née Rollason
Thomason, Henry Richard Yeoville
Thompson, James
Thorne, Isaac
Thourne, Nicholas
Tibbles, Maria Harriet, née Venner
Tirel, E
Tocque, John Philippe
Toneri, Peter J
Toppin, Sidney
Touzel, Charles George
Touzel, Charles Philippe
Touzel, Edouard Jean
Touzel, Eliza Margaret
Touzel, Eliza Marguerite
Touzel, Elizabeth
Touzel, Francis Guiton
Touzel, Jean
Touzel, Mary, née Le Chasseur
Touzel, Philippe
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, Thomas Hamon
Touzel, William
Toy, W H
Trachy, Jean
Trachy, John
Trenchard, J G
Treulon, M
Troixlix, Allix
Tucker, Charles
Turner, Adolphus Hilgrove
Turton, Robert Bell
Vahé, Paul
Valpy, Francois
Valpy, George Philip
Valpy, Le Geyt
Valpy, Philippe
Vonberg, Martha Frances, née Dandridge
Vardon, Charles George
Vardon, Charles Renouf
Vardon, Elise, née Renouf
Vardon, Jean
Vardon, John
Vardon, Philippe Thomas
Vardon, Winter
Vasse, Bienaimé
Vaudin, Eliza Ann, née Fauvel
Vaudin, Esther, née Le Caudey
Vaudin, John
Vaudin, Samuel William
Vaussey, E,
Vautier, François
Vautier, George
Vautier, George François
Vautier, Jeanne
Vautier, John
Vautier, John Seale
Vautier, Philippe
Vautier, Pierre
Venement, Elizabeth, née Renouf
Venement, James
Ventom, Peter William George
Vernon, William Henry Venables
Vétier, Joseph
Vibert, Alfred George
Vibert, Eliza Jane, née Davey
Vibert, Frederick Philip
Vibert, Frederick Philippe
Vibert, Helier
Vibert, Philippe Dumaresq
Vibert, Thomas
Viel, Abraham
Viel, John
Vigot, Edouard Auguste
Vigot, John
Vincent, Frederick
Viviain, Alfred
Vivian, Alfred
Vivian, Philippe
Voisin, Edouard
Voisin, Edward
Voisin, Emile
Voisin, Francis Bishop
Voisin, Francois
Vonberg, M F
Vontom, John
Vontom, Peter William George
Wade, Margaret Emma
Wade, Susan Harriet
Walker, Elizabeth Ann, née Harding
Walker, John
Walker, Levi
Walmesley, David
Walters, George
Ward, Annie
Ward, Joseph Kilsby
Ward, Samuel
Ward, Thomas
Ward, Thomas Henry
Ward, William
Warne, John
Watson, Robert
Watts, Emma Jane, née Cantell
Wellman, Anne, née Ching
Wellman, William Richard
West, William
Westaway, Alexander Henry
Westaway, John Nathaniel
Weymouth, Henry
Whale, George
Wheeler, Jane Julia, née Thoreau
Wheeler, Joseph
Whetton, Jessie
Whitley, Charles
Whitley, George
Whitley, John
Wickers, George F
Wilcocks, Elizabeth Mary, née Joyce
Wilcocks, Thomas Austin Treffry
Willcox, John
Williams, Edward
Williams, Esther
Williams, Henry
Williams, Richard
Williams, William Hugh
Wilson, Charles Frederick Pervior
Wilson, Mary Ann, née Rose
Wise, Agnes Henrietta, née Simon
Wise, Edmund Stephen
Wiseman, W Henry
Wood, Albert Charles
Woodman, Thomas
Worth, Fanny
Wortham, Charles
Wortham, Mary Emily, née Webster
Wright, John
Wyatt, J J
Wyld and Company
Young, H E A
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/Y/F1/207This item»

Cour du Samedi Registers. The Samedi Court is the general business court in the island and covers a wide range of matters. At this date they include bankruptcy records, acts of séparations de biens, powers of attorney, debt recovery cases, remonstrances( disputes), rent defaults and election matters. Use the index to lcate the page number of the entry and then consult the relevant PDF of the volume.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.