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Cour du Samedi Register. The Samedi Court is the general business court in the island and covers a wide range of matters. These include bankruptcy records, naturalisations, deed polls, licensing and professional registrations. Prior to 1797 some criminal cases can be found in this court. There has never been an Admiralty court in Jersey but the Cour du Samedi would sit in such cases if needed. This volume has been indexed by name but to date the records are not able to be accessed online.

Reference D/Y/F1/226
Date 9 January 1909 - 31 December 1910
Names Samedi Court
Judicial Greffe
Royal Court
Lutze, A and Company Limited
Acourt, John Francis
Adams, Edith Millicent, née Smith
Adams, John James
Ahier, Alice née Pirouet
Ahier, Clara Mary
Ahier, Edwin James
Ahier, Ernest
Ahier, Francis Alfred
Ahier, Frederick
Ahier, Susan Amelia, née Gaudin
Ahier, Thomas
Alavoine, Maurice
Alexander Finlater and Company Limited
Alexandre, Francis
Alexandre, George
Alexandre, Vincent
Alexandre, William
All Saints Mission Church
Allen, George Frederick
Allez, Peter
Allix, George
Allport, Ellen, née de La Mare
Allport, Morris Isaac
Allsopp, Samuel and Sons Limited
Amy, Ernest Aubin
Amy, Henry Walter
Amy, John
Amy, Mary Jane, née Piercy
Amy, Philip Mourant
Andrew, William Joseph Dewes
Angell, Tom
Anslow, Alfred
Arm, John Henry
Arnett, Henry Reverend
Arnold, Eugene Frederick
Arthur, Clara Dumaresq
Arthur, Edmund
Arthur, John Philip
Arthur, Mary Louisa, née Laurens
Ashe, James William, Reverend
Ashe, Sarah Jane, née Oliver
Ashelford, Edwin John
Ashworth Brown and Company Limited
Aspey, Urban
Asplet, Elizabeth Margaret
Attwood, Clemence Lucy Bellfield, née Le Fevre
Attwood, George Evans
Aubin, Alfred Jackson
Aubin, Emile Dupont
Aubin, Percy Adrian, Connetable
Auton, Edith Phoebe, née Howell
Badier, George
Badier, Mary Ann, née Le Brocq
Bailey, William Francis
Bailhache Limited
Bailhache, Vivian John
Bain, Constance Clary, née White
Bain, David Stuart Erskine, Lieutenant Colonel
Baker, Elizabeth Pauline, née Perrier
Baker, Harriet Norton, née Payne
Baker, Nora Amy, née West
Baker, Robert Norton Scruton
Baker, Thomas John
Balleine, John James Hardeley
Balleine, Joshua Alexander
Barnardo, Jane Elizabeth, née Quincey
Barnardo, William Stuart Elmslie
Barnett, Charles Alfred
Baseley, Catherine Elizabeth Adams, née Hall
Baseley, James Bennett
Bass, Ada Louisa
Bass, Florence Anne
Battens, John Mauger
Baudains, Elias George
Baudains, Jane, née Hamon
Hamon, Jane
Baudains, John
Baudains, John Elias
Baudains, Mary Ann, née Rondel
Baudains, Philippe
Baudains, William Thomas
Beaton, Joseph
Beaugeard, Alphonse
Beaugeard, Emmanuel
Beaugeard, Pauline Hannah
Beaugié, Margaret McNicol, née Sibbald
Beaugié, Sidney Edmund, Reverend
Beazer, Cornelius
Beck, Adolphus William
Beck, Esther Ellen née Gaudin
Bedfer, Marie Francoise, née Macé
Belford, James Francis
Bellingham, Alan Beck
Bellingham, Phillis Prince, née Le Blond
Benest, Ann
Benest, Francis
Benest, George Le Bas
Benest, Isabelle, née de la Cour
Bessell, Mowbray
Biard, Ena
Bichard, Charles
Bidan, Guilleaume Francois
Billot, Elie
Billot, John
Billot, Lily Jane, née Fauvel
Billot, Philip
Binckes, Mary Ann, née de Gruchy
Binet, Caroline
Binet, Charles William
Binet, Oliver Charles
Binet, Philip
Binet, Philippe
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Jane Mary, née Deslandes
Bisson, Nicolas Jean
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, William Le Gros
Blackett, Joseph Edward Reverend
Blagden, Charles Henry
Blagden, Constance Evelyn, née Graves
Blakely, Charles Theobald
Blakeney, Ellen Marion, née Gosset
Blakeney, Hugh Theophilus Weare
Blampied, Ada, née Whitley
Blampied, Adolphus John
Blampied, Alice Charlotte, née Mallett
Mallett, Alice Charlotte
Blampied, Arthur
Blampied, Clarence Amy
Blampied, Clinton Philip
Blampied, Elias John
Blampied, Emma Sophia, née Le Quesne
Le Quesne, Emma Sophia
Blampied, George
Blampied, George Vibert
Blampied, John
Blampied, Josué
Blampied, Mabel Gertrude, née Hayles
Blampied, Mary Ann
Blampied, Reginald J
Blampied, Reuben George
Blampied, Souky, née de Gruchy
de Gruchy, Souky
Blampied, Susanne
Blampied, Sydney Caleb
Blanchard, Gustave
Blight, George William
Bois, Francis John
Bois, George Walter
Boizard, Jean Baptiste
Bolton, Albert Henry
Bolton, Eliza Elizabeth, née Hallman
Bolton, Thomas Martin
Bonnaud, Ada Louisa
Bouhaire, Charles Marie
Boullier, Alexandre John
Brabazon, George
Brabazon, Rhoda, née Nugent
Braine, Elvina, née Allix
Braine, Henry Richard James
Bree, Edward
Bree, John
Brée, Philip Le Boulanger
Brée, Philip Matthew
Brett, George
Brewer, Emily Elizabeth, née Cousins
Brewer, George Harvey
Brigault dit Gay, Francois Armand Gustave
Brink et Erasmus
Brochet, Francois
Brownsea, George Henry
Bryan, John
Bryant, Elizabeth, née Haworth
Bryant, Sarah Breedon, née Dyson
Bryant, Walter Charles
Buesnel, Clément John
Buesnel, Frederick George
Buesnel, Mary Ann, née Renouf
Renouf, Mary Ann
Buesnel, Philip James
Buesnel, Walter Robert
Buhot, Jean
Burnham, Charles George
Burnham, Elizabeth Jane, née Dickson
Burt, Isabella Alexandra Albertha, née Cavey
Burt, Walter Hayman
Byng, Elizabeth Mary, née Mauger
Byng, Joseph Robert
Cabot, Philip Peter
Cabot, Susan Jane, née Chambers
Cahill, John Baptist, Monseigneur
Cantell, George Gilles
Cantell, George John
Cantell, Harry John
Capital and Counties Bank Limited
Cappe, Mary Ann Victoria
Carabin, Alfred Theophile
Carabin, Alice Jane, née Viel
Carboullec, Elizabeth Ann, née Vibert
Carboullec, Eugene Guillaume Marie
Carré, Elizabeth, née Hardman
Carrel, Ann Eliza
Carrel, Elizabeth Rachel
Carter, George
Carter, George William
Carter, Louisa, née Mannan
Cartwright, Sydney
Carver, Alice Maud Mary, née Dunell
Carver, Thomas George
Cato, George Porter
Cavey, Emma Rosina, née Brown
Cavey, Isabella Alexandra Albertha
Chambers, Susanne, née Skelton
Chapelle Episcopale de St Aubin
Chapelle Methodiste Wesleyenne
Chaperon, John Philippe
Chappuis, Clothilde Madeleine, née Bechet
Chappuis, Jean Charles Paul
Chapron, John Philip
Chevalier, Daniel Edouard
Chevalier, Maria
Chick, John
Chick, Malvina, née de la Cour
Ching, Amelia, née Warwick
Ching, Francis Henry
Ching, George Edward
Ching, John James
Ching, Richard
Christie, George John Burge, Reverend
Christie, Philip Rider
Church, Ernest James
Church, Lizzie Elliot
Cibot, Léonard Edmond
Clark, Arthur
Clarke, Ada Olief, née Bates
Clarke, Frederick Charles Philip
Clarke, John Fast
Clement, Dennis
Clement, Marie Beatrice, née Alexandre
Clément, Philippe
Clubley, Eleanor Matilda
Cockburn-Mercer, Emily Kathleen Agnes, née Godfray
Cockburn-Mercer, Tom Hamilton
Cole, George William
Cole, Mary Ann, née Poole
Colebrook, Frederick James
Colebrook, Frederick Neville
Colebrook, Theresa Ursle, née Neville
Collas, Elias
Collas, Walter Francis
Collcutt, Thomas Edward
Collins, Bridget, née O'Reilly
Collins, Ellen Harriet, née Marrett
Collins, Thurston
Collins, William St John
Cooke, Blanche Margaret
Cooke, Percy Vivian
Coom, Ruth, née Pengelly
Copp, Jacob
Corbel, Philip Francis
Cordon, Maria, née Viel
Cory, Edith Amelia, née Vickers
Cory, Florence Alberta
Cory, Harriet Elizabeth, née Hosking
Cory, John
Cory, Reginald George
Cory, Reginald Jack
Cory, Richard
Cory, William
Cotillard, Mathurin
Cotter, William Timothy, Monseigneur
Couche, Jeffrey Crone
Couche, Louisa Le Feuvre, née Martin
Coutanche, Anne
Coutanche, Frederick Charles
Coutanche, George
Coutanche, Henry
Coutanche, Marguerite
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Couturier, Francis Louis
Couturier, Olympe Jeanne, née Beaugeard
Cove, Ellen Agnes, née Ward
Cove, Samuel West
Craigie, John Burnet
Craven, Nigel
Creasey, Elizabeth Marie, née Le Boutillier
Creasey, Victor
Crill, George Philippe
Cristin, Josué Hélier
Cross, Henry James Stewart
Cuddy, Amelie, née Thérese
Curry, Beatrice, née Cookson
Curtis, Charles
Curtis, Elizabeth Ann, née Ponsford
Cutcliffe, Mary Jane, née Poingdestre
Dallain, Alphonsus Frank
Dart, Paul Oke
D'Aubert, Emma, née Poingdestre
D'Aubert, George Francis
d'Auvergne, Amelia Sarah, née Hunt
d'Auvergne, Henry Oswald Fixott
Davey, Charles Albert
Davey, John Edwin Peter
David, Mary Williams
de Caen, John
de Faye, Clement Breton
de Grace, Louis
de Grace, Marie Hortense, née Alexandre
de Gruchy, Alfred Nicolle
de Gruchy, Ann Mary, née Laverty
de Gruchy, Anna, née Le Boutillier
de Gruchy, Edouard
de Gruchy, Emily, née Buttivant
de Gruchy, Eunice Cooper, née Gallichan
de Gruchy, Eva, née Baker
de Gruchy, Francis Charles
de Gruchy, Francis Reverend
de Gruchy, Jean
De Gruchy, John Vernon
de Gruchy, John Walter
de Gruchy, Louisa, née Buesnel
de Gruchy, Mary Ann Louisa, née Grandin
de Gruchy, Mary Henriette, née Le Sueur
de Gruchy, Noel
De Gruchy, Percy Charles John
de Gruchy, Philip John
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Philippe Durell
de Gruchy, Philippe George
de Gruchy, Philippe Laurens
de Gruchy, Rachel, née Pallot
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Jersey, Walter Rivers
de Kerdrel, Genevieve Audren
de Kerdrel, Raoul Audren, Comte
de la Haye, Charles Claude
de La Haye, Jeanne Marie, née Derrien
de la Haye, Philippe James
de la Haye, Samuel John
de la Mare, Laura Vibert, née Syvret
de la Mare, Walter Herbert
de la Perrelle, John Thoreau
de la Perrelle, Marie Sarah née Laffoley
de La Perrelle, Rachel
de la Taste, Charles
de la Taste, Herbert Gerald
de la Taste, Katherine, née de Salis
de Quetteville, Agnes Jessie Florence Buchanan, née Wingate
de Quetteville, Clifford Nicolle
de Quetteville, Mary Ann
de Quetteville, William Frederick Ludlow
de Ste Croix, Alfred John
de Ste Croix, Mabel Florence
de Ste Croix, Mabel Helen, née Blackall
de Ste Croix, Nicholas Francis
de Veulle and Company
Dean and Wood Limited
Deans, Charles Sydney
Denman, Alice
Devenport, Ann, née Henry
Devenport, John Henry
Dickinson, Joseph Espin
Dickson, William Henderson
Dimmick, John Gordon
Dinham Fawcus and Company Limited
Dobin, Charles Henry
Dobin, Mabel, née Gray
Donaldson, Cornelius Henry
Dorey, Georgina Apphia, née Bensa
Dorey, Gertrude Emily, née Giffard
Dorey, Thomas
Dowd, Agnes, née Kelly
Dowd, Frank
Dowd, Michael
Down Brothers Limited
Drake, Harriet Helen, née Low
Drake, William Hedley
Du Feu, Esther Alice, née Le Brun
du Feu, George Winter
Du Feu, James
du Feu, Stanley d'Allain
du Pont, Ferdinand Maximilien Martin
du Pont, Madeleine Martin, née Mouston
du Pont, Philippe Frederick Nathanael
du Tot, John David
du Val, Adelize Mary
du Val, Philippe
Dumaresq, Jane E, née Coffin
Dunell, Annie Louisa Harriet, née Fox
Dunell, John Baeter
Dupré, George Luce
Dupré, Henry Albert
Dupré, Kate, née Walker
Duprey, Frank
Durell, Elizabeth, née Touzel
Dustan, John William
Dutot dit Vautier, Alfred John
Dutot, David Fleury
Duval, Augusta Sophia, née Fryers
Duval, John
Ebenezer Tent, No 2, Independent Order of Rechabites, Channel Islands Unity
Edward Packard and Company Limited
Edwards, Annie Clare, née Norman
Elders and Fyffes Limited
Enderby, Reginald Robert John
Ereaut, Julius Alexander
Ereaut, Lydia Vandé
Esnouf, Anne
Essl, Gustave
Eudes, Josephine, née Beuve
Evans, Richard Evan David
Evenou, Francine Marie
Falla, Edward
Falla, James Edward
Fallaize, Mary Ann, née Holroyd
Fallaize, Nicholas Collingford
Falle, Albina Bertram
Falle, Bertram Godfray
Falle, Eugenie Emelie Marie, née Conroy
Falle, George Asplet
Falle, John Philip
Falle, Louise Sophie, née Starck
Falle, Mary Ann, née Bichard
Falle, Philip Winter
Falle, Philip Winter Amy
Farley, James Philip
Faudels Limited
Fauvel, Alice Jane, née Ahier
Fauvel, Elizabeth
Fauvel, Hélier
Fauvel, Henriette Vivian, née Mourant
Fauvel, Philip Amice
Fauvel, Philippe
Fearon, Madeleine Jenny, née Baudains
Fearon, Walter Horace Malleson
Fenton, Julia Harriet, née Russell
Fenton, William
Field, Arthur Charles Francis
Field, Florence
Filleul, Philippe
First Tower Church
Fisher, Edith Mabel, née Coney
Fisher, Edward
Fletcher, Charles Hugh
Fleury, Maria Esther
Fox, William Henry
Fry, John George
Fryers, Augusta Sophia
Fuszard, Edward George Frederick
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, Jane Hocquard, née Lesbirel
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Julie Ann, née Gruchy
Gallichan, Philippe Charles
Garnier, William Wimbée
Gatward, Louis Wilson
Gatward, Millicent Albut, née Ward
Gaudin, Clément George
Gaudin, George Charles
Gaudin, Hélier George Godfray
Gaudin, Isabella May, née Andow
Gaudin, Jane Marguerite, née de Gruchy
Gaudin, John James
Gaudin, Louisa Elizabeth, née Noel
Gaudin, Maria Helen Grace, née Suddard
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudin, William Valpy
Gaudion, John Charles
Gavey, Henrietta, née Balleine
Gavey, Lily
Gavey, Philippe
Gaziou, Emmanuel
Genda, Claude
Genevois, Louis
Gibaut, Abraham Edmund
Gibaut, Charles Pinel
Gibaut, Philip
Gibaut, Philippe
Giuliana, Ada, née Chevalier
Godel, Walter
Godfray, Ada Mary, née Cavey
Godfray, Alfred Charles
Godfray, John
Godfray, Maria Charlotte, née Harper
Godfray, Marie Elizabeth, née Whitley
Godfray, Thomas
Godfray, Thomas Arthur
Goss, Ella Catherine, née Venn
Goss, William Edward
Gosset, Beresford Smyly
Gosset, Mary Jean, née Davidson
Gottrell, Ann, née Nant
Gottrell, John
Gottrell, Philippe
Goubert, Emélie, née Houiellebecq
Goubert, Francis
Grand Hotel (Jersey) Limited
Grandin, Jane, née Brown
Grandin, John Elias
Grandin, John Philip
Grandin, Philip Arthur
Graut, Anne
Graves, Edith Maud, née Faunce
Graves, Lilian Annie
Graves, Mary, née Thomas
Graves, Richardson King
Graves, Robert Stannus
Gray, Mary Ann
Great Western Railway Company
Gregory, William
Grieve, Louise Emily Beresford, née Le Fevre
Grieve, William Robert
Groizard, Pauline
Gruchy, Ernest John
Gruchy, Esther Le Sueur Payn
Gruchy, Philippe
Guerrier, Arthur Joseph
Guiton, Emma Caroline, née Watts
Guiton, Pierre Philippe
Guiton, William Horace
Hacquoil, Edouard
Hacquoil, Eliza
Hacquoil, Marguerite Elizabeth, née Sarre
Hacquoil, Rachel
Hadley, Arthur Charles Woodham
Hadley, Elizabeth née Morris
Hamilton, Arthur Kirkham
Hamilton, Violet Madeleine, née Roberts
Hamon, Alfred Le Vesconte
Hamon, Alice Mary Jane, née Nicolle
Hamon, Ann Esther, née Dorey
Hamon, Arthur
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Edouard
Hamon, Ellen, née Coutanche
Hamon, Ethel May Susan, née Noel
Hamon, John
Hamon, Louisa Caroline, née Guppy
Hamon, Marie, née Josse
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Pierre
Hansen, Richard
Hansen, Rosa, née Salomon
Hansford, Sarah Jane
Harrison, Albert Richard
Hazart, Charles Camille
Hedger, Caroline Mabel, née Wentworth
Hedger, Frederick William James
Hedger, Ralph Westaway Ahier
Hélaine dit Renouf, Louis
Hélaine, Louis Francois
Hemming, Frederic Douglas
Hemming, Rose Eliza, née Wilson
Henry, Francis William
Henry, Jane Ann
Hessey, Elizabeth
Hetherington, William
Hettier, Achille
Hibbs, James Hepburn
Hill Brothers
Hill, Elizabeth Clarisse, née Carrel
Hill, Ernest
Hiscock, Alfred James
Hobbs, Alice Elizabeth
Hobbs, Emma
Hocquard, George
Hocquard, Jane
Hocquard, John Edward
Hocquard, Philippe
Holmes, Alice Hannah Mary, née de Gruchy
Holmes, Edward Ford
Homan, Beatrice Clara Nicholson
Homan, Clara Edwardina Nicholson
Homan, Ethel, Mary Nicholson
Homan, Muriel Nicholson
Honnywill, John Easton Weston, Reverend
Horman, Francois
Horman, Jane Susanne, née Bisson
Hosken, Trevithick, Polkinhorn and Company Limited
Hostingue, Jane Susan, née Huelin
Hostingue, John Augustus
Hotton, Edwin George
Hotton, Philippe
Houiellebecq, Elizabeth Céleste
Houston, Kenneth d'Aguilar
Houston, Mabel, née Wallington
Howell, Henry George
Hubert, Clarence Prouings
Hubert, Horatio John
Hubert, Josué Jean
Huelin, Amelia
Huelin, Anne Marie, née Le Brun
Huelin, Edward
Huelin, Ellen Lydia, née Le Feuvre
Huelin, James William
Huelin, John William
Huelin, Philip John
Huelin, Philip John
Huelin, William
Hughes, Lloyd Warren George
Hunt, Albert
Hunt, John William
Ingouville, Albina Elizabeth
Johnstone, J B Limited
Jagger, Arthur
Jagger, Lilian Annie, née Graves
James Martland Limited
Jean, Annie Ellen, née Reardon
Jean, Edward
Jean, Francis George
Jégou, Anne Marie, née Quinquis
Jégou, Léonor
Jerrom, Charles Henry
Jersey Mechanics Institute
Jersey Times and British Press
Jeune, Cecilia, née Copp
Jeune, Charles
Jeune, John Frederick
Jewell, Charles
Jewell, Richard Fisher Halifax
Job, Thomas
Johnson, Ellis Charlesworth
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, Henry and Sons
Johnson, Henry Tertius
Johnson, Marie Berthe, née Sangan
Joslin, Emily Helen, née Moorman
Joslin, John James
Journeaux, Charles William
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, John Philip
Journeaux, Mary Ann Elise, née Renouf
Journeaux, Philip Thomas
Journeaux, Rossana, née Monro
Judson, Jessie Isabel Hutton, née Snook
Judson, Joseph Cedric
Keiley, George Anthony
Keiley, Margaret Deloraine, née Cockburn-Mercer
Kelly, Ann, née Joy
Kelly, James
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Mary Margaret, née O'Connor
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Peter
Kelly, Thomas
Kilner, Ethel Elizabeth, née Goodrem
Kilner, John Arthur
Kine's Brewing Company Limited
Knatchbull, Owen Edward
Knight, Arthur Reverend
Knight, Elizabeth Jane, née Crespinel
Knight, Walter
La Gerche, Matilda
La paroisse de St Laurens
La Société Générale Anglaise et Francaise
Labey, Emmeline née Blampied
Labey, John Winter
Laffoley, Jane
Laffoley, Mary Sara
Lamotte, Edith Frances
LaMotte, Maria Dufton, née Moorson
Langlois, Florence, née Roberts
Langlois, John Hélier
Langlois, Philip Charles
Larbalestier, George Quesnel
Laurens, Anne Selina
Laurens, Charles Valentine
Laurens, Cornelia, née Randolph
Laurens, Edouard Joseph
Laurens, Elizabeth, née Goodman
Laurens, John
Laurens, Sarah Ann, née Allisette
Laurens, Walter
Laverty, Tresa, née Johnson
Law Guarantee Trust and Accident Society Limited
Lazenby, James Matthew
Le Bas, Blanche Emily, née Dart
Le Bas, John Frederick
Le Bas, John Frederick
Le Bas, William Frederick Malet
Le Bas, William Peter
Le Bas, William Philip
Le Boutillier, Alice Mary
Le Boutillier, Amelia Marguerite, née Marett
Le Boutillier, Ann
Le Boutillier, Charles
Le Boutillier, Edouard George
Le Boutillier, Julia Georgina, née Mourant
Le Boutillier, Philippe
Le Breton, Annie Maria, née Rouse
Le Breton, William
Le Brocq, Agnes Maud
Le Brocq, Eliza Jane, née Horman
Le Brocq, Emmeline, née Binet
Le Brocq, Falle
Le Brocq, Florence Elsie
Le Brocq, Hedley
Le Brocq, James
Le Brocq, John Noble
Le Brocq, Louise Rachel, née Corbin
Le Brocq, Sophia Louisa
Le Brocq, Susan
Le Brocq, Sylvia Eliza
Le Brocq, Walter John
Le Brocq, Francois
Le Brun, Albert Oliver
Le Brun, Elise Eleonore, née Neel
Le Brun, George John
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, Pierre William
Le Brun, Stanley George
Le Brun, Susanne, née Gruchy
Le Brun, William Henry
Le Brun, William John
Le Clercq, Celina Emma
Le Cocq, Ernest Charles
Le Cocq, George
Le Cornu, Alfred Renouf
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Philippe
Le Cornu, Thomas George
Le Couilliard, Francis Charles
Le Couteur, Adolphe
Le Couteur, Albert
Le Couteur, George
Le Couteur, John George
Le Couteur, Julia, née Gruchy
Le Couteur, Mary Ann
Le Couteur, Nicholas John
Le Couteur, Thomas John
Le Couteur, William George
Le Couteur, Wilson
Le Feuvre, Agnes Ada Fanny, née Baker
Le Feuvre, Ann Matilda, née de Faye
Le Feuvre, Anna, née Hamon
Le Feuvre, Avis Florence, née Hotton
Le Feuvre, Clara Jane, née Amy
Le Feuvre, Clement Joshua
Le Feuvre, Edward
Le Feuvre, Francis Vibert
Le Feuvre, Jane
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Marguerite, née Le Gresley
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Fevre, Alfred George Tully
Le Fevre, Gwyneth Tudor Wallis, née Tate
Le Fleming, Hugh, Reverend
Le Gad, Joseph
Le Gallais, Alfred John Matthew
Le Gallais, Blanche Eliza, née Catel
Le Gallais, Francis Edwin
Le Gallais, George Frederick Durell
Le Gallais, John Matthew
Le Grand, Ada Mary, née Cooper
Le Grand, Amelia
Le Grand, Edouard
Le Grand, John Vincent
Le Grand, Mary, née Le Gresley
Le Gresley, Eliza Jane, née Le Boutillier
Le Gresley, Francis
Le Gresley, Helene Mary, née Le Boutillier
Le Gresley, Henriette, née Nicolle
Le Gresley, Jane Elizabeth, née Le Huquet
Le Gresley, Jean
Le Gresley, John Alfred Wesley
Le Gresley, John Vautier
Le Gresley, Marguerite
Le Gresley, Marie Rosalie, née Beaudoin
Le Gresley, Mary Ann, née Perreé
Le Gresley, Philip Francis
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gros, Charles Sydney
Le Gros, Clara née Cohn
Le Gros, Esther
Le Gros, Philip
Le Gros, Philippe
Le Gros, Thomas Arthur
Le Gros, Winifred Madeline, née Riddell
Le Jeune, Elise Esther
Le Jeune, Evelyn Marion, née Le Quesne
Le Jeune, Louis Kendrick
Le Liard, Jean Francois
Le Maistre, Charles de la Cour
Le Maistre, Edward Aleck
Le Maistre, Emmeline Louise, née Lesbirel
Le Maistre, Francis John
Le Maistre, George Harry
Le Maistre, Jessie, née Pratt
Le Maistre, Kate, née Briggs
Le Maistre, Lucy Houghton, née Briggs
Le Maistre, Mabel Harriet, née Nash
Le Maistre, Villeneufve Robert
Le Maistre, William de Villeneufve
Le Marquand, Ada Mary, née Clarke
Le Marquand, Adolphus Bailhache
Le Marquand, Alexandre
Le Marquand, Jane, née Payn
Le Marquand, John Bailhache
Le Marquand, Mary Jane
Le Marquand, Philip Peter
Le Marquand, Philippe
Le Marquand, Winter Philip
Le Masurier, Charles Henry
Le Masurier, Charles Herbert
Le Masurier, Elizabeth
Le Masurier, Henry John
Le Masurier, Herbert John
Le Masurier, Josué Jean
Le Masurier, Mary Jane, née Nicolle
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Masurier, William Smythe
Le Moignan, Philippe
Le Monnier, Celina Ann Maria, née Langlois
Le Monnier, Elsie Emma, née Dale
Le Monnier, Eugenie Marie, née Rault
Le Monnier, Jane, née Penney
Le Monnier, Louis Charles
Le Mottée, Oliver John
Le Mottée, Philip Winter
Le Neveu, Esther, née Syvret
Le Neveu, Philip
Le Page, Francis
Le Page, John Eugene
Le Piez, John Peter
Le Pivert, Jean
Le Pivert, Marie Perrine, née Remond
Le Poidevin, Frederick
Le Poidevin, James
Le Poidevin, Mary Helena, née Vautier
Le Quesne, Adolphus John
Le Quesne, Augusta Esther, née Luckarift
Le Quesne, Charles John
Le Riche, George
Le Rossignol and Roissier Limited
Le Rossignol, Alfred
Le Rossignol, Alfred Philip
Le Rossignol, Ann
Le Rossignol, Augustin Albert
Le Rossignol, Clara Caroline
Le Rossignol, Francis George
Le Rossignol, George Peter
Le Rossignol, Jean
Le Rouge, André Paul
Le Roux, Jean Marie
Le Seelleur, Alfred John
Le Seelleur, Alice Jane, née Anley
Le Seelleur, Clara
Le Seelleur, Clarence George
Le Seelleur, Esther, née Garnier
Le Seelleur, George
Le Seelleur, John Frédéric
Le Seelleur, Walter
Le Sueur, Ada Jane, née Drelaud
Le Sueur, Adelise Mary, née du Val
Le Sueur, Alice Mary, née Trachy
Le Sueur, Ann Elizabeth, née Le Bailly
Le Bailly, Ann Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Ann Mary
Le Sueur, Arthur
Le Sueur, Catherine, née Lawn
Lawn, Catherine
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Charles John
Le Sueur, Charles William
Le Sueur, Elizabeth, née Watts
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, Francis Clement
Le Sueur, Henry Sydney
Le Sueur, Jane Elizabeth
Le Sueur, John Francis
Le Sueur, John Jourdan
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Reginald Charles
Le Sueur, Richard Esnouf
Le Sueur, Sarah Ann, née Sitlington
Le Sueur, Tom Charles
Le Templier, Abraham
Le Touzel, Alicia Jane
Le Touzel, Eleanor Mary, née Le Sueur
Le Touzel, Ernest Edward
Le Touzel, Gybbon Monypenny
Le Vesconte, Alfred John
Lefebvre, Mansell Nicholas
Leigh, Florence Mary, née Bray
Leigh, John Edward
Lempriere, Reginald Raoul, Vicomte
Leslie, Eric William Reverend
Levy dit Léon Leville, Léon
Lewis, Amy Mary
Lillicrap, Elizabeth
Lillicrap, William T
Llewellen, Albert Howard
Llewellen, Ella Rose, née Ross
Lloyd, Henry Durnford
London City and Midland Bank Limited
Long, Henry Daniel
Long, Léontine Sophie, née Mertz
Longridge, Florence
Lorand, Joseph Marie
Lovell, Clara Jane, née Turle
Lucas, Arthur
Lucas, Winter Charles
Luce, Alphonse Victor
Luce, Charlotte Mary, née Langlois
Luce, Emeline, née Le Brocq
Luce, Florence Elizabeth, née Le Gros
Luce, Francis Edward
Luce, Francis Elias
Luce, Francis John
Luce, Jane
Luce, Jean Denize
Luce, Mary
Luce, May Maria, née Arthur
Luce, Philip
Luce, William
Lundy, Amelia, née Godfray
Lyall, Jane, née Bree
Mace, Alice Louisa, née Lucas
Mackay, David
Mackay, Louisa, née Bree
Macmillan, Laura Bowes, née Poingdestre
Macnamara, Edith Margaret, née Scott
Macnamara, Joseph Unthank
Macon, Clara
Mahier, Touzel Philippe
Malet de Carteret, Edouard Charles
Mallet, Susanne Elizabeth Rachel
Mallet, William
Mallett, Herbert John
Mallett, John
Mallett, Alice Charlotte
Malzard, Francis James
Manley, Lily Florence May, née Oakey
Mannan, Esther Charlotte
Manning, James
Marcilloux, Gabriel
Marett, Alfred Francis
Marett, Eliza
Marett, George Francis
Marett, Julie Susanne
Marett, Maurice George
Marett, William Edgar
Marks, A and L
Marks, Abraham
Marks, Lewis
Marling, Birchall
Marling, Helen Mary, née Le Fevre
Martin, Annie Maria, née Dimock
Martin, Jean Elie
Martin, Louisa Ann, née Rive
Martin, Thomas John
Mauduit, Augustine Victoire Marie
Mauger, Edith, née Liddiard
Mauger, Florence, née Wearne
Mauger, John
Mauger, Norman Steven
Mauger, Philippe
Mauger, Philippe Starck
Mauger, Stanley Todd
Mauger, Thomas John
Mauger, Thomas Philip
Mayes, Alice
McAllen, Annie Louisa Tytherleigh
McAllen, Philip Peter Albert
McCall, Amy Gertrude, née Colley
McCall, George Kerr
McCrum, Harold Henry
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Isabella, née Williams
McGeorge, Mary Jane née Gaudin
McGeorge, William
Mcleod, Harry
McLeod, Sarah Ada, née Rogers
Mellish, Anna Elizabeth, née Stone
Mellish, Arthur Howard
Mertz, Barbe
Mesney, Charles Philip
Mesney, Marie Frances, née Messervy
Mesny, Charles Philip
Mesny, Marie Frances, née Messervy
Messervy, Alfred George
Messervy, Anne
Messervy, George
Messervy, George Forshaw
Messervy, Jane Mary, née Lempriere
Messervy, Jane, née Le Vesconte
Messervy, John Buesnel
Messervy, Mary Ann, née Le Gallais
Messervy, Philippe
Messervy, Thomas William
Middleton, Frederick Herbert
Miles, Charlotte
Mirehouse, H G
Mirehouse, Henry George
Misson, George Frederick
Moignard, Francis John
Mollet, Charles
Mollet, Gertrude Louisa, née Ryan
Mollet, Percy Hubert
Moore, Annette
Moore, Caroline, née Augier
Moore, James Edward
Moore, Jane
Moore, John Hamilton
Moore, Mary Ann, née Thompson
Moraud, Antoine Henri Léon
Moraud, Léon Auguste Joachim
Morgan, Edith Clare, née Perry
Morgan, George Edward
Morgan, Richard Cope
Morgan, Wilhelmina Marcyjanno Philippina
Morris, Ezekiel
Morris, Zilla, née Salomon
Mourant, Caroline Elizabeth, née Dixon
Mourant, Edwin Charles
Mourant, Eunice Olive
Mourant, Florence May
Mourant, Janet
Mourant, John Thomas
Mourant, Lily
Mourant, Miriam Susan, née Picot
Mourant, Walter Philip
Moyle, Henry Richard Connell
Muelenz, Heinrich
Mulcock, Charles David
Mulcock, Evangeline, née Gallichan
Mumford, William
Murphy, James
Nash, George and Sons Limited
Neel, Frédéric Louis
Neel, Laura Gertrude, née Finnie
Newton, Ethel
Nicholls, Emma Elizabeth, née Baylis
Nicholls, Nathaniel Horrick John
Nicholson, Charles Reverend
Nicolle, Clement Sydney
Nicolle, Edith Mary Emily
Nicolle, Emily Sophia Margaret
Nicolle, Gertrude Lydia
Nicolle, Jane, née Billot
Nicolle, Philippe Francois
Noble, Charles Henry
Noel and Porter Limited
Noel, Josué Francois
Noel, Philip John
Noel, Sophie, née Blampied
Blampied, Sophie
Nolais, Mary
Norman, Anquetil Philip
Norman, Charles Payn
Norman, Elizabeth, née Quérée
Norman, George Edward
Norman, Henry John
Norman, John
Norman, Mary Hannah, née Goddard
Norman, Maude Anna née, de Gruchy
North Shore Mill Company Limited
North, Arthur Jewell
North, Harry, Chevalier
North, Jane née Woodhead
North, John Thomas, Colonel
O'Brien, William
Ogier, Leoncé L'Hermitte
Ogier, William John
Ollieroux, Vincent
O'Reilly, Joseph Christopher
O'Reilly, Thomas Francis
Orviss, John Walter
Owen, Amy Blanche Owen
Page, Emily Julian, née Bray
Page, Frank Reginald
Page, Mary Madelina
Pallot, Charles Giffard
Pallot, Elizabeth, née Le Riche
Pallot, Joshua
Pallot, Mary Ann, née Picot
Pallot, Philippe
Pallot, Samuel Alexander
Palmer, Blanche Claire Geraldine
Palmer, Maud Clayton
Parker, Ann, née Warrington
Parker, William
Parr's Bank Limited
Paterson, Alexander Gordon
Patterson, Kathleen
Paull, Henry
Paull, Maria Florence, née Vatcher
Payn, Annie Sabina
Payn, Charles
Payn, Charles John
Payn, Clarence Francis
Payn, Elizabeth Buckland, née Fauvel
Payn, John
Payn, Mary Elizabeth
Payn, William
Pearse, Annie Marguerite, née Hedger
Pearse, Arthur
Pellier, Charles de Chanval
Pellier, Winifred Elizabeth Harris, née Pitts
Pepin, Alfred Edwin
Pepin, George James
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Lydia
Perkins, Walter William Damer
Picot, Alice, née Le Boutillier
Picot, Josué
Picot, Louisa, née Nicholson
Picot, Philip John
Pigg, Anthony William
Pigg, Mary Joanna, née Wackrill
Pigott, Helena, née Gaudin
Pigott, Henry
Pinel, Clément
Pinel, Eliza, née Gavey
Pinel, Francis
Pinel, John
Pinel, John Edwin
Pinel, Philippe
Pinkett, James
Pirouet, Francis John
Pirouet, Philip Hélier
Pirouet, Thomas Frank
Poch, Philip
Poignand, Prosper
Poilpot, Pierre
Poingdestre, Alfred
Poingdestre, Lyndon John Agnew
Poingdestre, Philip Herbert
Poisson, Augustus Francis
Pollen, John Hungerford Reverend
Pollock-Gore, William Alexandre Marie
Porter, Thomas Cunningham, Reverend
Potter, Ethel Mary Ann, née Cantell
Potter, Harry
Powell, Edward James
Powell, Susan Jane, née Le Maistre
Prentice Brothers Limited
Pressey, Amy Gertrude, née Price
Proctor, H and T Limited
Pugsley, Erica Maud, née Renouf
Pugsley, Philip George
Purves, Roderick Hamilton
Purves, Sydney Octavius
Pym, Joseph Wilfred
Quarmby, William
Quennevais Golf Club
Quenouillere, Adolph Louis Marie
Quenouillere, Adolphe Gaston
Quenouillere, Germaine Louise Léonie, née Mouflier
Quenouilliere, Adolphe
Quenouilliere, Adolphe Gaston
Quenouilliere, Germaine Louise Léonie, née Mouflier
Rae, Jennett
Rae, Rachel Imrie
Rebreyend, Anne Marie Claire, née Chauffour
Reddersen, Louis Frederick Adolf
Redfern, William Henry
Reeve, Clementina Elizabeth, née Clark
Reeve, Edward
Remon, Emily
Remon, Francis Wesley
Renouf, Albina, née Touzel
Renouf, Charles Stephen
Renouf, Eliza Jane, née Laurens
Renouf, Francis Le Sueur
Renouf, John Edmund
Renouf, Louisa Maria, née Le Gresley
Le Gresley, Louisa maria
Renouf, Louisa Mary, née Trachy
Renouf, Lydia Jane, née Copp
Renouf, Philippe
Rhodes, Abraham Robert Wint
Rhodes, Maud Mary, née Snook
Richard, Henriette, née Le Monnier
Richard, Peter Henry
Richard, Pierre Désiré
Richardson, Clement John
Richardson, John
Richardson, Julie
Richardson, Philip Norman
Richardson, Philippe Mourant
Richardson, Thomas
Richomme, Charles Francois
Rickett, Sarah Ann, née Butler
Rigby, James Olerenshaw
Rimington, Constance Annie, née Smith
Rimington, Jimmy
Rive, Edwin
Rive, Elie
Rive, Emily Jane, née Kessell
Rive, Florence
Rive, Florence Websdale, née Laurens
Rive, Herbert
Rive, John Hélier
Rive, Mary Ann Shaw, née Jones
Rive, Percy
Rive, Thomas
Rive, Walter Thomas
Rive, Wilhelmina Robertson Pirie, née Munro
Roberts, Amelia de Fiesnnes Mush
Robertson, Douglas Argyll
Robertson, Euphemia, née Waterston
Robertson, George Davidson
Robertson, Henry Argyll
Roe, Cecile Le Neveu, née Ahier
Roe, Horace Alfred
Roissier, Elise, née Mourant
Roissier, Francois Philippe
Romeril, Alfred John
Romeril, John Philip
Romeril, Laura Dumaresq, née Syvret
Rooke, Phebe Emma, née Curtis
Rose, Hugh
Rose, Percy Ormby
Rowan, Anna
Royal Liver Friendly Society
Royal Yacht Hotel
Russell, David
Russell, Janet, née Kilminster
Salomon, Amelia, née Simon
Salomon, Bertram
Salomon, Esther
Salomon, Herbert
Salomon, Louis
Samson, James Albert
Sarre, Pierre
Sassier, Felix
Sassier, Felix
Saunders, Alice Irma
Saunders, Arthur Charles
Saunders, Henriette Félicie
Saunders, Hugh Abercrombie Childers
Saunders, Jean Delgaty, née Crofton
Saunders, Leigh Stratton
Saunders, Rosa Lucille Tanner
Saunders, Violet Louise, née Hooper
Saussey, Sydney George
Sauvage, Ann Mary, née Baker
Sauvage, Edward Philippe
Sauvage, Martha Ann
Savage, Alfred
Schenker, Edward
Scoles, Charles
Scovell, Thornton
Searle, James Alexander
Searle, Willie Walter John
Sherburne, Ada Leonora, née Campbell
Sherburne, John Chester
Sidgreaves, George Reverend
Simon, Eva Jane, née Le Brocq
Simon, Francis John
Simon, John Charles Bellis
Simon, Matilda Eliza
Sims, Amelia
Sims, Thomas
Single, Percy Charles
Skelton, Philip
Slous, Edouard Hamon
Smith, Alfred Sidney Livingstone
Smith, David Edmund
Smith, Howard Walter Basden
Smith, James Annesley, Major General
Smith, Marguerite, née Withers
Smith, Marie Esther, née Labey
Smith, Robert Lyall Morton
Snook, Henry John Hutton
Snook, Kate née Carruthers
Spencer, Anna, née Le Quesne
Spencer, Herbert George Hammond
Springate, Archelaus Trout
Starck, Clarence Philip
Starck, Elias
Stephens, Grace Harrivel, née Le Bailly
Stevens, Lydia, née Le Sueur
Stevens, Percy Edward
Stewart and McDonald Limited
Stone, Henry John
Stone, William
Streeten, Charles Paget
Streeten, Mina
Stuart, Clarendon
Stuart, Sophia Elvina, née Poingdestre
Sumner, Charles Maunoir
Sumner, Florence Harriet, née Tremayne
Sumner, George Julian Cambell, Reverend
Surguy, Sydney
Swan, Graves Chapman
Syvret, Annie Elizzabeth, née Le Gros
Syvret, George Laurens Hamptonne
Syvret, James
Syvret, John
Syvret, John Philip
Syvret, Louisa Jane, née Amy
Syvret, Philip
Syvret, Thomas Daniel
Syvret, William
Tarry, Archibald Samuel Lough
Tecquet, Elize, née Le Maistre
Tecquet, Pierre
Templeman and Company Limited
Tenney, Clara Louisa, née Le Quesne
Tenney, Herbert Spencer
Tennyson, Elizabeth
Terrill, Albert Martin
Terry, John
The Anglo-American Oil Company Limited
The Asiatic Petroleum Company Limited
The Baluchistan Coal Company
The Barnsley & District Fruit and Potato Merchants Association
The Blaydon Manure and Alkali Company (1877) Limited
The Bristol Hotel Company Limited
The British Homes Corporation Limited
The Capital and Counties Bank Limited
The Cardiff and Channel Mills Limited
The Channel Island Motor Company
The City Life Assurance Company Limited
The Cleveland Flour Mills Limited
The Erie Trust Company
The Grand Hotel (Jersey) Limited
The Jersey Canning Company Limited
The Jersey Mutual Fire Insurance Society
The Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited
The Jersey Times Limited
The Law Accident Insurance Society Limited
The Law Guarantee Trust and Accident Society Limited
The London City and Midland Bank Limited
The National Telephone Company Limited
The New Channel Islands Entertainments Company Limited
The Orphans Court of Erie County Pennsylvania
The Royal Hotel (1909) Limited
The St Aubin's Church Endowment Fund
Thérese, John Léon
Thompson, James Alexander
Thorne, Mary Brock
Thorpe, Elizabeth Mary
Thorpe, Rosa Cole
Todd, John William
Todd, Louisa Harriett, néé Mauger
Toneri, Peter John
Touzel, Ethel Sarah, née Rive
Touzel, Francois Philippe
Touzel, Henry Filleul
Touzel, Henry Thomas
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, Thomas Charles
Tregear, John
Tréhiou, Clara
Trower, Frederick Courtney
Trower, Margaret Eliza, née Symons
Turner, Adolphus Hilgrove
Turner, Aimée Marie, née Thomas
Turner, Eustace William Raymond Haselar
Turner, Henry John
Tyler, John William Henry
Tyler, Lilian Alice, née Fuszard
Tytherleigh, Louisa Jane, née Hue
Tytherleigh, Richard Smith
Utterton, Caroline Jane Kate, née Read
Utterton, Edwin Ernest Sumner, Reverend
Valpy, Edward Le Montais
Valpy, John
Valpy, Marjorie Tuzo
Vatcher, Eliza Frances Tonkin, née Higgs
Vatcher, Ellen
Vatcher, Henry
Vatcher, Maria George, née Andrew
Vaudin, Reginald Walter Valpy
Vautier, George
Vautier, John
Venables, Ellen Noble, née Le Brocq
Venables, Gilbert Locke
Venn, Catherine, née Ascott
Venn, Edgar
Venn, Harold Ascott
Venn, John Stone
Venn, Lilian
Vétier, Joseph Toussaint
Vibert, Ann
Vibert, Elizabeth
Vibert, John Walter
Vibert, Mary Ann
Victoria Co-Operative Dairy Company Limited
Vidal, Edith Frances, née Poingdestre
Vidal, James Henry
Viel, Abraham
Vincent, David Patten
Vincent, Frederick
Vincent, Helena Louisa, née Ross
Vincent, Philip
Vogel, Ludwig
Voisin, Edward
Wakeham, John
Walford, Louisa Sturges, née Pike
Walker, Eunice Esther, née Remon
Walker, Joseph John
Walker, Robert Wynne Stanley
Walker, Thomas Johnston
Wall, Jane, née Tupholme
Wall, Samuel Edward
Wallace, Henry Angus
Wallace, Julia, née Brée
Ward, Artemus
Ward, Ethel Maude
Ward, James Jacquelin
Ward, Seymour
Warren, Louisa née Remon
Watmough, Henry Francis
Watmough, Isabella May, née Andow
Watson, John Reverend
Watts, Arthur Marshall
Watts, Mary Vidal, née Poingdestre
Waugh, Jane Mauger, née Gaudin
Waugh, John Wallace
Waugh, Wallace Helier
Waygood, Emma, née Pattemore
Waygood, Robert
Webb, Alice Mabel
Webb, Beatrice
Webb, K
Wellman, Eliza Ann
Wellman, Susannah
Wellman, William Richard
West, Francis E
Westaway, Charlotte
Westaway, Emma Beatrice
Westaway, John
Westaway, Nathaniel Radmore
Wheeler, Belissa Laura Barne, née Gosset
Wheeler, Daniel William
Whitley, Charles Elias
Whitley, Ada
Willcox, John Amy
Wilson, Elizabeth Ann, née Gallichan
Wilson, Mary, née Waddell
Wilson, Thomas Godfray Akins
Windust, Amy Evelyn, née Venn
Windust, Charles Frederick
Winstanley, Bertha Matilda Leibman, née Leopold
Winstanley, Newnham Robert
Wisbey, James and Company
Wood, Ernest Richard
Wood, John Youngson
Wood, Katherine Grace, née Poingdestre
Woodcock, William
Woodman, George
Wormald, Ernest Keith
Wormald, Selina, née Blampied
Blampied, Selina
Worthington and Company Limited
Wright, George Henry
Wright, James
Wright, Juliana Maria, née Taylor
Wright, William Pemberton
Wyatt, Thomas
Keywords Judicial Greffe | Law | courts | registers
Category D/Y-Judicial Greffe
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File


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