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Cour du Samedi Register. The Samedi Court is the general business court in the island and covers a wide range of matters. These include bankruptcy records, naturalisations, deed polls, licensing and professional registrations. Prior to 1797 some criminal cases can be found in this court. There has never been an Admiralty court in Jersey but the Cour du Samedi would sit in such cases if needed. This volume has been indexed by name but to date the records are not able to be accessed online.

Reference D/Y/F1/227
Date 7 January 1911 - 30 November 1912
Names Samedi Court
Judicial Greffe
Royal Court
Lutze, A and Company Limited
Abraham, Walter Joseph Alfred
Ahier, Alfred
Ahier, John Midford
Ahier, Louisa, née de La Haye
Ahier, Marguerite Mourant
Alexandre, Ernest Francis
Alexandre, Frank Philip
Amy, Adolphus
Amy, Adolphus Deslandes
Amy, Charles
Amy, Emily Marion Hamptonne, née Le Gresley
Amy, Francis
Amy, George Godfray
Amy, Herbert Thomas
Amy, Louisa Jane, née George
Amy, Philip Charles
Amy, Sidney Deslandes
Amy, Walter
Anthony, Ada Matilda
Anthony, Emily Eliza
Anthony, Matilda, née Driver
Anthony, Percy Mark
Anthony, William Alfred
Anthony, William Henry Bernard
Arm, John Henry
Armstrong, Robert
Arnott, Archibald
Arthur, Adolphus John Bauche
Arthur, George Philippe
Arthur, John Le Couteur
Arthur, Lydia Louisa
Arthur, Marion Hue, née Le Sueur
Arthur, Mary Louisa, née Laurens
Ashelford, Charles Owen
Ashelford, Elizabeth Jessie, née Ainsley
Attenborough, Thomas Winfield
Aubin, Walter Duret
Audrain, Peter
Avon Manure Company Limited
Avril, Thomas William Marett
Baal, Abraham
Baal, Herbert John
Bagnall, Katharine Henrietta, née Hendley
Bagnall, Thomas Nock
Bailey, Alice Maud, née Marett
Bailey, William Walter
Bailey, William Francis
Bailhache Limited
Bailhache, Arthur Perrée
Bailhache, Frédéric Vautier
Bailhache, Jane
Bailhache, Vivian John
Bainbridge, Florence Hilda
Bainbridge, Laura Louisa
Baker, Thomas John
Balleine, Joshua Alexandre
Balmpied, John
Barbier, Philippe
Barette, Stanley
Barnes, Charles Ilderton
Barnes, Henry Albert Scriven
Barney, John Philip
Barney, Mary Ann Rachel, née Blake
Barrett, Emily Sarah
Bartlett, Charles Edouard
Bartlett, Julie, née Hacquoil
Bartlett, Maria, née Miller
Bashford, Alice Magdalene, née Copp
Bashford, Arthur
Bauche, John Daniel
Bauche, Mary Ann
Baudains, Elias Thomas
Baudains, Esther Jan, née Pallot
Baudains, John Wesley
Beakbane, Benjamin
Beakbane, Mabel Laura, née Smith
Beatty, Martin
Bechelet, John
Becker, Hermann
Becquet, Francois
Begg, Adele Locke née Lancaster
Begg, Alexander Gordon
Bellingham, Elizabeth, née Beck
Bellingham, William George
Benest, Charles George
Benest, Charles John
Benest, Elizabeth, née Amy
Benest, George John
Benest, George Le Bas
Benest, Philippe
Bertram, Clara Lucy
Bertram, James
Bertram, Thomas Claude
Bethel, Alice Jane Marquand, née Hoffman
Bethel, William Henry
Biard, Elsie Marie
Biard, Philip
Bibby Brothers and Company
Bichard, Elizabeth Ann, née Leatt
Bichard, Horatio John
Bichard, Horatio Nelson
Bigrel, Philip John
Bihel, Parfait Francois
Billot, Philippe
Binet, Charles William
Binet, Courtland Cleverton
Binet, Eva Mary, née Bree
Binet, Herbert Le Maistre
Binet, Oscar Augustus
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Charlotte Lydia, née Kantner
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Philip Mahier
Bisson, Philippe
Bisson, Sidney John
Bizet, Charles Auguste
Bizet, Charles John
Blake, Mary Ann Rachel
Blake, Philip
Blampied, Adelina Esther, née Cristin
Blampied, Adelina Esther, née Christin
Christin, Adelina Esther
Cristin, Adelina Esther
Blampied, Alfred
Blampied, Ann Elizabeth
Blampied, Elizabeth Mary
Blampied, George
Blampied, Jane
Blampied, Reginald John
Blampied, Sophie
Blaydon Manure and Alkali CompanyLimited
Blazdell, George Walpole
Bliault, Charles Peter
Bliault, Henrietta Eliza, née Dolbel
Bliault, Sylvian Adolphus
Blivet, Francois
Bois, Francis John
Bois, George
Bois, George Walter
Bois, Jane, née Blampied
Blampied, Jane
Bois, Peter
Bois, Philippe
Bower, Philip Francis
Boyer, Esther Marie, née Le Gros
Boyer, George Christopher Aubin
Brabazon, George
Brabazon, Rhoda, née Nugent
Brayn, Eliza Mary, née Alexandre
Brayn, Ellen Ethel
Brayn, Philip John
Bree, John Amy
Briard, Edward Luce
Briard, Mary Alice, née Moulin
Briard, Philip John William
Brinsley, John Richard
Briscoe, William Patrick
Bristol Hotel Company Limited
British and Colonial Manufacturing Company Limited
Brockhurst, Charles Henry
Brown, John Henry
Brown, Robert Hicks
Brownsea, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Reid
Bryant, Elizabeth, née Haworth
Bryant, Harriet
Bryant, Walter Charles
Buckley, James
Burger, Margaret, née Tobin
Burgoyne, John
Burnham, Lloyd
Bush, Drever Poyntz
Bush, Martha Louisa, née Sweet
Bush, Robert William
Le Masurier Limited, C
Cabot, Charlotte Mary, née Le Sueur
Cabot, Clara Elizabeth, née Le Vesconte
Cabot, Clara Le Vesconte
Cabot, Elias
Cabot, Hedley Charles
Cabot, Thomas
Cabot, Thomas Ahier
Cain, Alexander Bertram
Cain, Clara Vivian née Morley
Cain, Hilda Rose, née Belford
Cain, Robert
Cann, Margherita Minnie, née Arthur
Cann, William George
Capital & Counties Bank Limited
Carcaud, Adolphus James
Carcaud, Mary Wright, née Le Gallais
Carcaud, William
Carcaud, William Adolphus
Carcaud, William Garnet
Cardy, Nellie Beatrice, née Chiverton
Cardy, William James
Carpenter, Erith Mary, née Picot
Carpenter, Theophilus James
Carr, Ellen Elizabeth Ann, née Gorman
Carr, Robert Arthur
Carré, Pierre Walter
Carrel, Edouard Peter
Carrel, Elizabeth Clarisse
Carrel, Philip
Carter, John Francis
Carter, William George
Cathelineau, Albertina Annie Lucretia, née Reid
Cavey, Emma Rosina, née Brown
Cavey, Francois Matthieu
Chapelle, St Paul
Chapman, Gladys Mabel, née Grandin
Chapman, Thomas William
Chapple, Emma Eliza
Cheetham, Emma Florence Olga, née Rovie
Chevalier, Walter Philip
Ching, Amelia, née Warwick
Ching, Francis Henry
Ching, George Edward
Ching, John James
Ching, Richard
Ching, William
Choveaux, Maria Frances Elizabeth, née Long
Clark, Charles Alfred
Clark, Hélene Mary, née Bisson
Clarke, Fred
Clayton, Charles
Clement, Philippe Thomas
Cleveland Flour Mills Limited
Cockburn-Mercer, Mary Stuart, née Anderson
Cole, Geraldine Mary, née Verrieres
Cole, William Scott
Colebrook, Walter Eveleigh
Colin, Alphonse Francois
Collas, Arthur
Collas, Francis Jervoise
Collas, Walter Francis
Coode, Worster Benson
Cook, Charles George Frederick
Cook, Hilda Mary, née Touzel
Cook, Jane, née Drelaud
Cook, Walter Charles
Coombs, John Fred
Copp, Alice, née Le Gros
Copp, George
Copp, Jacob
Copp, Thomas
Corbin, Adeliza Rachel, née Curry
Corbin, Thomas
Cory, Elizabeth Martha, née Robinson
Cory, George Herbert
Cory, John
Cory, Louisa, née Coutanche
Cory, Mary, née Freemont
Cory, William
Couillard, Arsene
Coutanche, Adolphus Arnold
Coutanche, Alexander Moncrieff
Coutanche, Augusta Mansell
Coutanche, Dora Elizabeth, née Green
Coutanche, Edwin
Coutanche, Elvina, née Luce
Coutanche, George
Coutanche, John Arnold
Coutanche, John Keith Finlayson
Coutanche, Kathleen Augusta
Coutanche, Louisa
Coutanche, Mary Muriel
Coutanche, Percy
Coutanche, Walter
Cox, Arthur Herbert
Cox, Charles Alfred
Cox, Edith, née Short
Crill, George Philippe
Crill, John Philip
Crill, Philippe
Cronin, Norah Ellen
Cronin, Sarah, née Ranalds
Cronin, Thomas Henry
Cronin, William Arthur
Crowley, Ellen Honora
Curry, Adolph Cookson
Curry, Beatrice, née Cookson
Curry, Madge
Curry, Thomas Le Geyt
Dailey, Emily Mary, née Le Sueur
Dailey, William James
Dale, John
Dale, Mary Alexandra, née Carrel
Dale, William Henry
Dalley, Charles Frederick Knott
Dalley, Clara Maud Mary, née Le Breton
Dart, Gwen Eva, née Parry
Dart, Henry Albert
d'Auvergne, Edouard Fixott, Reverend
d'Auvergne, Ellen Mary
Davenport, Emily Amelia, née Hunt
Davey, Charles Albert
Davies, James William
Davies, Percy
Davies, Violet Ada, née Bisson
Day, George Thomas
de Gruchy, Adelaide, née Carcaud
de Gruchy, Andrew Swanzey
de Gruchy, Elvina Susanna Elizabeth, née Payn
de Gruchy, James
de Gruchy, Janet Waldie, née Henderson
de Gruchy, John Charles
De Gruchy, John David
de Gruchy, John Francis
de Gruchy, Marie, née de Caen
de Caen, Marie
de Gruchy, Mary Ann, née King
De Gruchy, Peter
de Gruchy, Philippe John
de Gruchy, Thomas Charles
de Gruchy, Thomas Edwin
de Gruchy, William
de La Haye, Jeanne Marie, née Derrien
de la Haye, Philippe James
de la Mare, Edward Adolphus
de la Mare, Helena Jane, née Bailey
de la Perrelle, Daniel
de La Perrelle, Eliza, née Rondel
de La Perrelle, Jane, née Whitley
de la Perrelle, Philip
de la Perrelle, Philip John
de la Perrelle, Philippe
de La Perrelle, Snowdon Clement
de Patterson, Beatrice Lilian née Godfray
de Patterson, Thomas Frédéric
de Quetteville, Clement
de St Denis, Albert John
de Ste Croix, James John
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Tredion, Viconte Fernand Charles Marie Adolphe de Lantivy
Deslandes, Elizabeth, née Rouget
Deslandes, George
Deslandes, Hannah, née Keegan
Deslandes, Jane Esther, née Roissier
Deslandes, Joshua
Desreaux, Clara Eva, née Jehan
Desreaux, John Eugene
Desreaux, William Thomas
Dickinson's Limited
Dingle, Edwin John
Dingle, Lilian Mary, née Grandin
Dolbel, Edith Mary
Dolbel, Mary Jane
Donaldson, Cornelius Henry
Donnelly, Gerald Herbert
Donnelly, Grace Violet, née Graves
Dorey, George
Dorey, Harold Joshua
Dorey, Jane née Du Feu
Dorey, Jane née Du Feu
Dorey, Josué
Dorey, Julia Ann, née du Feu
Dorey, Thomas
Doublard, Alexis
Doublard, Emile
Doublard, Marie, née Robert
Douglas, Edward William Spencer
Douglas, Florence Emily, née Tullock
Doyle, Angelina
Drouin, Fréderic Jean Francois
Drouin, Fréderic Louis
du Feu, Clara Anna, née Dorey
du Feu, John Thomas
du Feu, Philip John
du Feu, Winter James
du Heaume, Alice Sophia, née Coutanche
du Heaume, Cyril Ernest
du Heaume, Emma
du Heaume, Philip Gerard
du Heaume, Philip Joshua
du Heaume, Violet Augusta Maude
du Mosch, David
du Val, Adelise Mary
du Val, Harriet Louisa, née Fleury
du Val, John
du Val, Louisa Mary née Arthur
du Val, Philippe
du Val, William John
Dunlop, Alice, née Strickland
Dunlop, Andrew
Dunlop, James
Dunsford Limited
Dupré, Clifford John
Dupré, George Luce
Dupré, James Joslin
Dupré, James Wilfrid
Durell, Charles
Dutot dit Vautier, Alfred John
Dutot, Francis Philip
Dennis, E T W and Sons Limited
Edmonds, Eliza
Edwards, Hedley Le Riche, Jurat
Edwin Jones and Company Limited
Egré, William Wilford
Elliott, Kathleen Alice, née Randall
Ennis, Louisa Mary
Ereaut, Albert Edward
Ereaut, Edgar James
Ereaut, Robert
Esnouf, Cecil John
Esnouf, Edouard
Esnouf, Florence Trinder, née Smith
Esnouf, Percival Philip
Esnouf, Reginald Francis
Le Sueur, F and Son
Fairweather, Annette Margaret Dupré, née Thorp
Fairweather, James
Falla, Peter
Falla, Walter
Falle, Adelaide, née Le Feuvre
Falle, Alice Ann
Falle, Edward
Falle, Evelyn
Falle, George
Falle, George Asplet
Falle, Jane Eliza, née Laffoley
Falle, John
Falle, John Alexandre
Falle, Louisa Sophie, née Starck
Falle, Mary Eliza
Falle, Philip Winter
Falle, William
Farley, Ernest George
Farley, Florence May, née Guilleaume
Faudels Limited
Faulknor, Augustus Arthur Malcolm Maude
Faulknor, Laura Maria Isabel, née de Carteret
Fauvel, Alice Jane, née Ahier
Fauvel, Annie Sophia, née Germain
Fauvel, Betsey
Fauvel, Charles Philip
Fauvel, Emily
Fauvel, George Francis
Fauvel, John Nicolle
Fauvel, Philip Amice
Fauvel, Suky
Fauvel, Susan
Fauvel, Susannne
Ferchat, Jean Marie
Ferchat, Pierre Marie
Ferguson, John Thomas
Field, Arthur Charles Francis
Findlay, Dorothy Mary, née Grayston
Findlay, Edward Cuthbert Sylvester, Reverend
Findlay, Isabel, née Hodgson
Findlay, James Lempriere Ormidale Bacaple, Reverend
Findlay, William Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne
Fisher, Sarah Louisa
Flynn, Bridget, née Hennessey
Foard, Herbert Edward
Forster, Julius Joseph Miella
Fox, Charles
Fox, Dympna
Francis Le Sueur and Son
Francis, Charlotte, née Thompson
Francis, Francis
Francis, Frank
Frazer, Ernest Edward
Frazer, John James
Fry, Bessie Gertrude, née Burnham
Fry, Emma
Fry, John George
Gabent, Jean Joseph
Gabent, Philomene Marie, née Desbois
Gabourel, John Collington
Gaillard, Pauline Antoinette
Gale, Adolphus
Gale, Frederick
Gallichan, Edward John
Gallichan, John George
Gallichan, Philippe Nicolle
Gallie, Charles Pinel
Gallie, Isabel Rachel, née Jean
Gallie, Mildred Isabel
Gallienne, Charles Payn
Gallienne, Frances, née Snodgrass
Gartrell, Ann Elizabeth
Gartrell, Elizabeth
Gaudin, Alfred Filleul
Gaudin, Elizabeth, née de Gruchy
de Gruchy, Elizabeth (nee Blampied)
Gaudin, Ethel Mary, née Peel
Gaudin, Helena
Gaudin, Jean
Gaudin, Jean de Gruchy
Gautier, Elizabeth
Gavey, Thomas
Gent, Alice Mary née Le Brun
Gent, Henry William
Le Huquet, George and Son
Gibaut, Edward Alfred
Giffard, John Francis
Godel, Jane Ann
Godel, John David
Godel, Percy
Godfray, Alfred Denis Bertram
Godfray, Catharine Maud, née Kreyer
Godfray, Francois
Godfray, Frederick James
Godfray, Gertrude Maude, née Price
Godfray, Grace Elizabeth Lancaster, née Shaw
Godfray, John
Godfray, John Vance
Goodall, Aimee Amelia, née Drieu
Goodall, John Cleverly
Goole Marshland and Howdenshire Pure Village and Cattle Food Company Limited
Gorin, Pierre
Gosset, Matilda Caroline, née Armstrong
Gosset, Philip
Gough, William Henry
Great Western Railway Company
Greene, Richard
Greenfield, John Harvey
Gregory, Edwin Skuse
Gregory, Eliza, née Asplet
Gregory, William and Sons
Gregson, Ethel Gertrude, née de Ste Croix
Gregson, Henry James
Grenelle, Charles
Grenelle, Marguerite Josephine, née Le Boutillier
Griffith, Octavius Sydney Darby
Gruchy, Edgar John
Gruchy, Godfray Labey
Gruchy, Louise Hélene, née Luce
Gruchy, Minnie Josephine, née Wescombe
Guichet, Guilleaume
Guille, Beatrice Eva, née Tucker
Guille, Raymond
Guilleaume, Elizabeth, née Vautier
Vautier, Elizabeth
Guilleaume, Francis Thomas
Guiton, Pierre Philippe
Guiton, Stanley Philip
Proctor, H and T Limited
Hacquoil, Adolphus Charles
Hadley, William Wright
Hall, Christopher Chrystle Halifax
Hallewell, Elizabeth Jane, née Harrison
Hallewell, Harry Vincent
Hambly, William Henry
Hamel, Pierre
Hamelin, Ada Jane
Hamelin, John
Hamelin, John Sydney
Hamelin, Mary Ann
Hamelin, Mary Jane, née Huelin
Hamilton, Clement Edward
Hammelin, Mary Jane, née Huelin
Hammond, Rhoda Regina Edith
Hamon, Amelia Jane, née Journeaux
Hamon, Edouard
Hamon, Edward Francis
Hamon, Elizabeth
Hamon, John
Hamon, Louisa Caroline, née Guppy
Hamon, Louise, née Vigor
Hamon, Philip Thomas
Hamon, Philippe Boutillier
Hamon, Philippe Francis
Hamon, Snowdon Thomas
Hamon, Walter Francis
Hamon, Wesley
Hamon, William Henry
Hannigan, Thomas Joseph
Hanson, Elizabeth Jane
Hanson, Isaac
Hargreaves, Arthur Richard
Hargreaves, Elizabeth Ann, née Forster
Harris, Ebenezer
Harris, Elizabeth, née Cole
Harris, Elsie Maud, née Smith
Harris, George Rees
Harris, Harry Wilton
Harris, Henry William
Harris, Lizzie Hutton, née Simon
Harris, Nicholas Henry
Harris, William
Harrison, Albert Richard
Harrison, Edmund Leslie Richard
Harrison, Eliza, née Huelin
Harrison, Mabel Evelyn Perren, née Gray
Harrison, Robert
Hatch, Louisa Harriet
Hawksford, Cyril Vivian
Hay, Alice Maud, née Hooper
Hay, Allen Reverend
Hayward, Gertrude Lilian, née Reeves
Hayward, Wilbert William
Haywood, Ada Margaretta Eliza, née Marett
Haywood, William Edward
Heard, John
Heard, Mary Elizabeth Couch, née Hawky
Helleur, Alice, née Evenden
Helleur, Clarence
Helleur, Frederick Daniel
Helleur, Stanley George
Helleur, Sydney
Hemery, John Vincent
Hemery, Julia Jane
Hemmery, Julia Jane
Henry, Adolphus
Hessey, Elizabeth
Hiam, Fred
Higgs, Eliza Frances Tonkin
Hill, Ernest
Hinds, Henry William
Hocquard, Philip Scarborough
Hodge, Eliza Amelia, née Le Quesne
Hodges, Herbert, Reverend
Hodges, Julia Mary née Lindon
Hoffman, Alice Jane Marquand
Holland, Amy, née Patterson
Holland, Ruby
Holmes, Henry
Holmes, Horace George
Hopwood, Elise Susan, née Poingdestre
Hopwood, James William
Horn, Sarah, née Hosking
Horn, William
Hourigan, John Reverend
Howell, Henry George
Huaut, Désiré
Hubert and Company Limited
Hubert, Edouard Thomas
Huelin, Clarence
Huelin, Elise
Huelin, John William
Huelin, Lucille de Gruchy, née Journeaux
Huelin, Philip John
Huelin, William
Humboldt, John Hurmand
Humboldt, Louisa Adelaide, née Ahier
Humphries, Thomas Armstrong
Hunt, Albert
Husband, William John Dale
Hutchings, John Henry
Independent Order of Rechabites
James Martland Limited
Jan, Julien
Jandron, Florence Emily, née Pluck
Jandron, Joshua Edward
Jandron, Joshua Le Montais
Janvrin, William Langston Benest, Reverend
Jarvis, Elias
Jean, Leonard Francois
Jean, Philip Thomas
Jeffreys, Andrew Craig
Jeffreys, Jane Edith Gertrude, née Wood
Jegu, Francis George
Jegu, Marie Louise
Jenner, Archer Ackhurst
Jerrom, John Henley Grimley
Jersey Canning Company Limited
Jersey Savings Bank
Jersey Window Cleaning Company
Jesson, Esther Marguerite, née de Caen
Jesson, Thomas
Jeune, Edwin Francis
Jeune, John James
Jewell, Joseph
Johnston, Herbert
Jones, Arthur Clarence Elliott
Joseph John Walker and Sons Limited
Journeaux, George
Kalber, Eleanora née Edwards
Kalber, Frederick
Kalber, George Frederick
Kalber, Henrietta Amelia, née Vincent
Keeping, Clara Jane, née de la Haye
Keeping, William
Keeping, William John
Keily, George Anthony
Keily, Margaret Deloraine
Kelland, Ada Florence
Kelland, Anne Elizabeth
Kelland, Harriet Hilda
Kelland, Jane Elizabeth, née Jones
Kelly, James
Kelly, Margaret
Kempster, Albert Joseph
Kerdal, Julien Marie
Kiernan, Emma Jane, née Brayn
Kiernan, John
Kines Brewing Company Limited
Kynoch, Alexander
Kynoch, Mabel Rose, née Morley
La Cloche, John Philip
La Moye Golf Club
Labey, Herbert Charles
Labey, Mary Regina Lupton
Labey, Raymond John
Labey, Winifred Marion, née Le Geyt
Lacouture, Charles
Laffoley, Ada Ballaine, née Norman
Laffoley, Francis Gervais
Lamotte, Mary Dorothy
L'Amy, John
Lancaster, Annie Louise, née Chadborn
Lancaster, Annie Rose, née Thursfield
Lancaster, Ernest Le Cronier
Lancaster, Helen Nessy, née Stephen
Lancaster, Louis Arthur
Lancaster, Percy Locke
Langlois, Louis Charles
Langlois, Philip George
Larbalestier, Alfred John Peter
Larbalestier, George Quesnel
L'Archer, Auguste Magloire
L'Archer, Elvina Anna, née Rousseau
Large, Edgar Charles
Laurens, Alfred John
Laurens, Charles Valentine
Laurens, Edouard Chevalier
Laurens, Edouard Joseph
Laurens, Francis John
Laurens, John Guillaume
Laurens, John Pinel
Laurens, Mary Elizabeth née Bosdet
Law Guarantee Trust and Accident Society Limited
Le Bailly, Auguste
Le Bas, Marguerite Elizabeth
Le Blancq, Henry Charles
Le Blancq, Janet, née Le Seelleur
Le Blancq, John
Le Boutillier, Edouard
Le Boutillier, Francois
Le Boutillier, Herbert John
Le Boutillier, Mary Elise, née Abraham
Le Breton, Annie M, née Rouse
Le Breton, Francis
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, Thomas Filleul
Le Breton, William
Le Brocq, Albert Falle
Le Brocq, Albert William
Le Brocq, Alfred
Le Brocq, Alice Maria, née Short
Le Brocq, Alice Mary, née Bunter
Le Brocq, Douglas Argyle
Le Brocq, Edward
Le Brocq, Eliza, née Asplet
Le Brocq, Elizabeth, née Amy
Le Brocq, Florence Eleanor, née Beckham
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brocq, Francis William
Le Brocq, George
Le Brocq, Hedley
Le Brocq, James
Le Brocq, Jane
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, John George
Le Brocq, John Noble
Le Brocq, Kate Madeleine, née Brayn
Le Brocq, Louisa Jane, née Labey
Le Brocq, Margary, née Moss
Le Brocq, Maud Mary, née Sarre
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brocq, Wesley
Le Brun, Albert Oliver
Le Brun, Frederick Richardson
Le Brun, George John
Le Brun, Gertrude Mary, née Wiggins
Le Brun, Henry William
Le Brun, John Richardson
Le Brun, Philip John Wesley
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Brun, Stanley George
Le Cair, Joseph
Le Cappelain, Theophilus George
Le Cerf, John
Le Cocq, Adolphus John
Le Cocq, Alfred John
Le Cocq, Bertha, née Schutt
Le Cocq, Esther Jane, née Henry
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, George Bisson
Le Cocq, Mary Ann Matailda, née Richardson
Le Cocq, Nicolas Simon
Le Cocq, Walter Thomas
Le Cornu, Alfred Thomas
Le Cornu, Alice Evenden, née Helleur
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Charles Henwood
Le Cornu, Charles Lambert Helleur
Le Cornu, Charles Philip
Le Cornu, Clara Jane Louisa, née Hubert
Le Cornu, Désiré
Le Cornu, Edmond Philip
Le Cornu, Edouard
Le Cornu, Eliza Mary, née Helleur
Le Cornu, Jean
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, John Fleury
Le Cornu, John Philip
Le Cornu, Josué John
Le Cornu, Raymond Perrée
Le Couillard, Francis Charles
Le Couteur, George
Le Couteur, John George
Le Dain, Clive Douglas Bryant
Le Dain, Philip Picot
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, Francis
Le Feuvre, Amelia
Le Feuvre, Clara, née Harrison
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, Francis Vibert
Le Feuvre, George Francis
Le Feuvre, Henry
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Marianne Maria, née Allix
Le Feuvre, Philip John
Le Feuvre, William Henry
Le Gallais, Albert
Le Gallais, Anne Esther née Ferey
Le Gallais, Francis Edwin
Le Gallais, George Frederick Durell
Le Gallais, Josephine, née de Schaefer
Le Gallais, Léonie Fernande
Le Gallais, Marguerite Simone
Le Gallais, Mark Henry Frederick
Le Gallais, Nicolas
Le Gallais, Philip Edmond
Le Gallais, Reginald Walter
Le Geyt, John Thomas
Le Geyt, Maria Georgina, née Perrée
Le Grand, Marie
Le Gresley, Alice Jane, née Amy
Le Gresley, Edouard
Le Gresley, Elizabeth
Le Gresley, Francis
Le Gresley, Francis Philip
Le Gresley, Francis Philippe
Le Gresley, Frederick Edward
Le Gresley, Jane Elizabeth, née Falle
Le Gresley, Jane Rachel
Le Gresley, Jane, née Bailhache
Le Gresley, John Francis
Le Gresley, John Sydney
Le Gresley, Marguèrite
Le Gresley, Peter John
Le Gros, Amelia Georgina, née Desreaux
Le Gros, Annie Elizabeth
Le Gros, Annie, née Lockyer
Le Gros, Charles Sydney
Le Gros, Charles Walter John
Le Gros, Elise Ann, née Le Boutillier
Le Gros, Harriet Jane
Le Gros, John Philippe
Le Gros, Lydia Florence
Le Gros, Peter Esnouf
Le Gros, William
Le Huquet, Elizabeth, née Germain
Le Huquet, George
Le Huquet, John
Le Huquet, Philip John
Le Huquet, Philippe
Le Jeune, Harold John
Le Jeune, Violet
Le Maistre, Ada Briard, née Mauger
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, Francis John
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, Philip John
Le Marinel, Elizabeth Esther
Le Marinel, Thomas
Le Marquand, Caroline Emilie, née Larcher
Le Marquand, Elias John
Le Marquand, Esther Elizabeth
Le Marquand, Francois Nicolas
Le Marquand, George
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Peter Philip
Le Marquand, Philip Charles
Le Marquand, Philippe
Le Marquand, Samuel James
Le Marquand, Winter Philip
Le Masurier, Anne Marie
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Masurier, Charles Herbert
Le Masurier, Francis Charles
Le Masurier, John Joseph
Le Masurier, Maria, née Barette
Le Masurier, Philippe Josué
Le Masurier, William Smythe
Le Moignan, Elizabeth Ann, née Robinson
Le Moignan, John
Le Moignan, Philippe
Le Monnier, Eugénie Marie, née Rault
Le Monnier, Louis Charles
Le Monnier, Pierre Armand Désiré
Le Montais, Lydia Esther
Le Montais, Philippe
Le Mottee, Adolphus Frederick
Le Mottee, Oliver John
Le Neveu, Emily Jane
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Philip
Le Pivert, Jean
Le Pivert, Marie Perinne, née Remond
Le Prince, Alzina
Le Quesne, Adolphus John
Le Quesne, Alfred
Le Quesne, Charles Jean
Le Quesne, Charles John
Le Quesne, Gladys Margaret, née Burnham
Le Quesne, John Charles
Le Quesne, John Richard
Le Quesne, Mary Jane
Le Ray, Eliza née Potier
Le Ray, George William
Le Ray, John Philip
Le Ray, Lizzie Ann, née Langlois
Le Riche, Mary Ann, née Alexandre
Le Riche, Peter
Le Rossignol and Roissier Limited
Le Rossignol, Alfred
Le Rossignol, Alfred Philippe
Le Rossignol, Edouard Nicolas
Le Rossignol, John Louis
Le Rossignol, Walter
Le Rougetel, Abraham
Le Rougetel, Ann
Le Rougetel, Daniel
Le Rougetel, Henrietta Isabella McDougal Stewart
Le Rougetel, Jane Philippa, née Milne
Le Rougetel, Philip
Le Rougetel, Susan Harrison, née Jones
le Ruez, Elizabeth Hamon, née Becquet
Le Ruez, Henry Prouings
Le Ruez, John
Le Ruez, Thomas
Le Sauvage, Albert Philip
Le Sauvage, Ellen Francis, née Le Feuvre
Le Seelleur, Clarence George
Le Seelleur, Frédéric
Le Seelleur, John Mauger
Le Seelleur, Thomas William
Le Seelleur, Walter
Le Sueur, Adelise Marie, née du Val
Le Sueur, Adolphus
Le Sueur, Ann Eliza, née Garnier
Le Sueur, Ann Elizabeth, née Le Bailly
Le Bailly, Ann Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Ann Mary
Le Sueur, Arthur William Payn
Le Sueur, Charles John
Le Sueur, Clément François
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, George Laurens
Le Sueur, Henry Sydney
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, John Renouf
Le Sueur, Mary
Le Sueur, Mary Ann Rachel
Le Sueur, Philip Francis
Le Sueur, Philip Hewett
Le Sueur, Ruby Frances, née Rowcroft
Le Touzel, Eleanor Mary, née Le Sueur
Le Touzel, Ernest Edward
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Louisa Rachel
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William Dupré
Leask, John Thomas
Leese, Vernon Francis
Legg, Anna Maria, née Downton
Legrand, Louis, Reverend
Leigh, John Cecil Gerard
Lejemmetel, Loise Marie
Lempriere, Josué
Lempriere, Philip John
Lempriere, Sophia Laura, née Gallichan
Lempriere, Thomas
Lempriere, Walter
Lenfant, John
Lerat, Yves
Lesbirel, Josue
Leslie, Edmund
Leslie, Mabel Evelyn Perren, née Gray
Linder, Franz
Linton, Kate Pursell, née Lindon
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society
Lloyd, Reginald Tench
London and South Western Railway Company
London City and Midland Bank Limited
Lorentz, Clotilde Rosalie, née Debray
Lorentz, Joseph Emile Antoine
Loveday, Magdalene Louisa née Turner
Lowe, Charles Conyers
Luce, Ada Susannah, née Le Maistre
Luce, Alice Morel, née Skelton
Luce, Alphonse Victor
Luce, Charlotte, née Le Gresley
Luce, Edward John
Luce, Edwin Edmund
Luce, Ernest
Luce, George Thomas
Luce, Harriet
Luce, Henry Charles
Luce, John
Luce, Louisa Ann
Luce, Mary Jane, née Vibert
Vibert, Mary Jane
Luce, Philip
Luce, Philip Edwin
Luce, Sophie, née Le Sueur
Luce, Walter George
Lynch, Nora
Machon, Harriet Jane, née Mauger
Macready, Mary Jane, née Amy
Macreight, Isabel Maria
Macreight, Marianne Adelaide
Malet de Carteret, Charles Edward
Malet de Carteret, Edouard Charles
Mallet, Alice Ann, née Aubin
Mallet, John Charles
Mallet, Philippe
Mallet, Wesley John
Malzard, Francis James
Malzard, John Stanley
Mannan, Henry
Manners, Rodney
Manning, James
Marest dit Durand, Auguste Alexandre
Marett, Arthur Herbert
Marett, Edouard Le Cras
Marett, Ernest Clarke
Marett, Fanny née White
Marett, Francoise Sophie
Marett, James Arthur
Marett, James Richard
Marett, Julia Mary
Marett, Maria Selina
Marks and Proctor Limited
Marks, Frederick Michael
Marks, Harry Leopold
Marks, Lewis
Marks, Theresa Leibman Leopold
Martin, Ernest
Martin, Helena Mary
Martin, James John Pearce
Martin, Nellie
Matthews, Edwin
Matthews, Francis
Mauger, Alfred Thomas
Mauger, Charles Reynold
Mauger, Edouard
Mauger, Hilda
Mauger, John
Mauger, Mary
Mauger, Philippe
Mauger, Thomas Philippe
McAllen, Ann Louisa, née Tytherleigh
McAllen, George Charles
McAllen, Philip Peter Albert
McDonald, Caroline, née Macreight
McDonald, Kenneth Stewart
McKee, Adolphus
McKee, Frederick George
McKee, Vida Olivia, née East
McNeill, Edmund
Mesny, Charles Philip
Messervy, Alfred
Messervy, Alice Ann, née Perree
Messervy, Annie May, née Ferey
Messervy, Edward
Messervy, Edwin
Messervy, George
Wright, John Thomas
Le Sueur Brothers
Middleton, Frederick Herbert
Moffat, Catherine
Moignard, Ann née Mutton
Moignard, Francis John
Moignard, Philippe
Moisan, Francois
Mollet, Ann Mary, née Pallot
Mollet, Philip John
Mollet, Philippe
Mollet, Stanley Winter
Moor, Joseph
Moor, Thomas
Morley, Adelaide
Morley, Adelaide Basterfeld
Morley, Herbert William
Morley, William John
Morris, Elizabeth
Motier, Auguste
Mourant, Alice Rachel Ann, née Tourgis
Mourant, Charles
Mourant, Esther
Mourant, John Elias
Mourant, John Francis
Mourant, Josué
Mourant, Lilian Emma
Mourant, Oliver
Mourant, Thomas
Murphy, James
Mutton, Rebecca, née Seccombe
Mutton, Richard
Neal, Gertrude
Neel, Frederick William
Neel, Lionel Clarence
Neild, George
Nerou, Edmond Napoléon
Nicolle, Adela Philippa, née Du Heaume
Nicolle, Alice Mary, née Walsh
Nicolle, Amy Louisa, née Lovell
Nicolle, Charles Clement
Nicolle, Charles Jean
Nicolle, Edgar
Nicolle, Edmund Toulmin
Nicolle, Ernest Elie
Nicolle, Eunice
Nicolle, Florence Maude, née Coutanche
Nicolle, John Winter
Nicolle, Joshua
Nicolle, Reginald John
Nicolle, Walter
Nicolle, Walter Clement
Noel and Porter Limited
Noel, Alice Ann
Noel, George
Noel, Philippe
Noel, Pierre
Nordbruch, Richard
Norman, Edward William
O'Connor, Charles Hayes
O'Connor, Mary Ann Charlotte, née Bisson
O'Connor, William Thomas
Ogier, Leoncé L'Hermitte
Ogier, Lydia Jane, née de Gruchy
Ogier, William John
Oldknow, Alfred
Orange, John Herbert
Ouless, Clarence Philip
Pagett, Joseph Edward, Reverend
Pagett, Mabel Jane née Gallichan
Pallot, Abraham Adair
Pallot, Daniel Durell
Pallot, John George
Pallot, Joshua
Pallot, Wilfred John
Pape, Thomas
Parbury, Frederick Denis
Parish of St Brelade
Park, Agnes, née Henderson
Park, William
Parkes, Francis Richardson
Parpaillon, Pierre
Parry, Jessie Kate née Smith
Parry, Leonard William
Parsons, Ellen
Partridge, William A M
Payn, John Philip
Payn, Joseph Wilfred
Payne, D'Arcy Royston
Payton, Mary Eugenie
Peat, William Barclay
Pennison, Alice Maud, née Taylor
Pennison, Henry
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Charles John
Perchard, John
Perée, John Arthur
Perkins, Arthur
Perkins, Sarah Caroline
Phipps, Ecclestone Arthur Edward
Phipps, Horatia Esther, née Twiner
Picot, John Charles
Picot, Lydia Ann, née Carcaud
Pike, John
Pinel, John Edwin
Pinel, Mary Ann
Pipon, Edouard Jean
Pipon, Winter Amice
Piquet, George Alexandre
Piquet, Jean
Piquet, Maud Mary
Pirouet, Alice, née Vibert
Vibert, Alice
Pirouet, Frederick Thomas
Pither, Robert George
Pitman, Albert Henry
Piton, Francois George
Piton, John Philip
Poch, Harriet, née Luce
Poch, Philippe
Poignand, John Francis
Poignand, Lydia, née Helleur
Poingdestre, Alice Blanche, née Anthony
Poingdestre, Charles Edward
Poingdestre, Esther Jane
Poingdestre, John William
Pond, Sophia Eliza Josephine Caroline, née Cheetham
Pool, Blanche Florence Wallis née Podger
Poole, George Frederick
Pope, Susan Mary
Potier, Louis Philippe
Potter, Florence Mary
Potter, George Stephenson
Poulain, Louis Charles
Pressy, Amy Gertrude, née Price
Priaulx, Philip
Priaulx, Pierre Jean
Prigg, Nathaniel John
Prigg, Ruth Maria
Prioleau, Richard Trenholm
Prouings, Amelia Mary
Pulle, Mary Ann, née de Gruchy
Pulle, William James
Quenouillere, Adolphe Gaston
Quenouillere, Adolphe Louis Marie
Quenouillere, Marie Augustine née Lestang
Quérée, Ann, née Le Rougetel
Queree, Emilie, née Marett
Quérée, Hedley Cecil
Queree, Josué Machon
Queree, Josue Marett
Quillérou, Eugene
R J A and H S
Rabet, Pierre
Ramié, Ernest Alfred
Randall, Irene Elfreda
Randall, William Albert
Raworth, Alexander Spreckley
Redfern, Emma Jane, née Tytherleigh
Redfern, William Henry
Reece, Caroline Eliza Marian
Reid, Ellen Mary Beatrice
Remon, George Philip
Renouf, Catherine Ann, née Watt
Renouf, Charles Le Gros
Renouf, Charles Stephen
Renouf, Edward Binet
Renouf, Eliza, née Le Vesconte
Le Vesconte, Eliza
Renouf, Florence Annie, née Le Blond
Renouf, Fred
Renouf, Grace Margaret, née Gorman
Renouf, Jane Eliza
Renouf, John Charles
Renouf, John Thomas
Renouf, Juge
Renouf, Rachel, née Jeune
Jeune, Rachel
Renouf, Thomas Philip
Renouf, Thomas Philippe
Renyard, George
Richard, Victor
Richardson, Clement
Richardson, Clément John
Richardson, Philip Charles
Richardson, Philip Norman
Richardson, Philippe Mourant
Rickett, Sarah Ann née Butler
Ritson, Edwin
Ritson, Martha, née Harborne
Rive, Alice
Rive, Herbert
Rive, Lyndon
Rive, Percy
Roberdeau, Bethiah Ada, née Anthoine
Robin Jones and Whitman Limited
Robin, Snowdon
Robinson, John Edward
Roden, Alfred
Rodgers, George Leigh
Roissier, Philippe Alfred
Romeril, Louise
Romeril, Lucy
Romeril, Marie
Romeril, Philip Langlois
Rondel, Annie Elvina, née Connell
Rondel, Clement
Rondel, Edmund John
Rose, Stanley Gordon
Ross, Charles William
Ross, Eleanor Mary, née Ingleby
Rowcliffe, Edward Charles
Rowcliffe, Elizabeth Lydia, née Noel
Rowe Brothers and Company Limited
Ryan, Mary, née Osborne
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Thomas
Rylands, A
Samuel Wreford and Son Limited
Sarre, Clara née Le Seelleur
Sarre, Pierre
Sauvage, George Alfred
Savage, Alfred
Savage, Elise, née Hocquard
Scaddan, Ella Gordon née Brymer
Scaddan, Thomas Charles
Scott, Horatio
Scott, Walter
Scully, Manuella
Seale, Annie Cuthbert, née Bisson
Seale, John Alfred
Sexton, Florence Elizabeth
Shaw, Dorothy Isabella, née Davey
Shaw, Rudolph Frederick
Shirley, Agnes
Short, Mary Jane
Simon, John Charles Bellis
Simon, Letitia, née Pay
Simon, Marie Annette née Cohu
Simon, Philip
Simonet, Adeline Gorden, née Dade
Simonet, John Francis
Simonet, Mary Augusta
Simonets Limited
Sims, Edward Turner
Skegg, Frederick Chaboceau, Reverend
Sleep, Arthur Charles
Sleep, Philippa Maud Margaret, née Carcaud
Slous, Tom Philip
Small, William James
Smart, Robert G
Smith, Abner Clement
Smith, Archibald Francis Fletcher
Smith, Carey, née Downs
Smith, Charles
Smith, Frances Harriet, née Efford
Smith, Gabrielle Nellie, née Jourdan
Smith, George Hubert
Smith, Harold Searle
Smith, Henry Charles
Smith, John Michael
Snell, Charles Alfred
Snell, Charles Clark
Snell, Edna Margeret, née Trimmer
Snell, Jane Ellen née Metters
Snell, John Blanchford
Snell, Laura Mary, née de Jersey
Sohier, Peter John
Soper, Beatrice Rhoda Norris, née Grandin
Soper, Charles Wilfrid Eugene Revderend
Sopp, Isabel Esther, née Morley
Sopp, William
Springate, Archelaus Trout
Stapleton, Valentine George
Starck, Annie Laura
Starck, Charles Binet
Starck, Clara Ann, née Richardson
Starck, Clara, née Blampied
Blampied, Clara
Starck, Clarence Philip
Starck, Elias
Starck, Elias George
Starck, Elie
Starck, George
Starck, John Wesley
Starck, Lizzie Annie, née Barette
Starck, Mary Ann Jane, née Binet
Starck, Mary, née Le Cocq
Starck, Thomas
Stericker, Arthur William
Stewart, Florence Maria Georgina, née Godfray
Stewart, George Powell
Stonelake, Esther Mary, née Fauvel
Stonelake, John Priaulx
Stout, Arthur James Kedgwin
Sullivan, Edwatd Charles
Summerland Manufacturing Company
Sumner, Cyril John Ulterton
Sumner, Mabel Edith, née Robinson
Sumner, Robert Algernon
Swan, Graves Chapman
Swan, Kathleen, née O'Dwyer
Swanger, Alfred
Symons, Angelo Nelson
Syvret, Ada Beatrice, née Bisson
Syvret, Albert de Beaudenis
Syvret, Alice Maud, née Buesnel
Syvret, Francis John
Syvret, Francis Philip
Syvret, James Edward
Syvret, Marion May
Syvret, Stanley de Beaudenis
Tank, James Alfred
Tank, Rhoda Regina Edith, née Hammond
Tank, Rhoda Regina Edith, née Hammond
Tardivel, Elizabeth Françoise
Tardivel, Victor Marie Francois
Tarr, Alfred
Taylor, Amanda Phillips, née Bailey
Taylor, Coutard de Butts
Taylor, Esther Aubin
Taylor, Herbert Behan
Taylor, Peter Hamon
Taylor, Walter John Francis
Templeman and Company Limited
Tennant, Amy Mary, née Lewis
Tennant, Hugh Johnstone Dalrymple
Terry, John
Tessier, Esther, née Picot
Tessier, John
The Anglo American Oil Company Limited
The Bristol Hotel Company Limited
The Capital and Counties Bank Limited
The Croft Granite Brick and Concrete Company Limited
The United Yeast Company Limited
Thomas Shepherd & Company
Thompson, John Covill
Thompson, Maria Sophia Emma Ramm
Thompson, Marie, née Le Sueur
Thoreau, Leonie Marie Therese Anne
Tilden, Julia Mary, née Ramie
Tilden, William Augustus
Tims, Alice Maud Mary, née Findlay
Tims, Henry Marett
Tirel, Albert George
Tisson, William Francis
Toneri, Peter John
Toneri, Peter John
Tostevin, Nicholas Lamswood
Touzel, Constance
Touzel, Francis George
Touzel, Francis John
Touzel, Isabelle Mary
Touzel, John Samuel Pike
Touzel, Marjorie Eleanor
Towell, Ethel Annie, née Stoneman
Towell, George Sydney
Trachy, Stanley John
Tregear, John
Troy, Edward
Turmail, Albert Joseph
Turner, Adolphus Frederick
Turner, Laura Emma
Twynam, Charles John
Tyler, Alberta Cecilia née Carcaud
Tyler, Arthur Kirk
Tyler, John and Sons Limited
Tytherleigh, Julia
Vale, John
Vale, Mary Ann, née Hogan
Valpy, Amanda Georgina
Valpy, Lottie Dumaresq
Vannes, Alfred Louis Fernand
Vannes, Julie Marie Rose née Rolland
Vasselin, Alfred
Vasselin, Lydia Mary, née Drouin
Vatcher, Eliza Frances Tonkin née Higgs
Vaubourzeix, Georges
Vautier, Clara Ann
Vautier, Elizabeth
Vautier, John
Venables, Charles
Vibert, Elizabeth, née Le Cornu
Vibert, George
Vibert, John
Vibert, John Este
Vibert, Marguerite Orange, née Bichard
Bichard, Marguérite Orange
Vibert, Philip Thomas
Vickery, George
Villain, Elizabeth Marie
Vincent, Frederick
Vincent, Mary Jane née Le Bailly
Vincent, Winter John
Voisin, Ada Alice née Newman
Voisin, Alexander Bishop
Voisin, Edward
Voisin, Ernest Osmond Bishop
Voisin, Evelina Maria née Falle
Voisin, Francis Albert Edward
Voisin, Peter
Gregory, W and Sons
Walker, Ada Mary Jane née Fuszard
Walker, Ernest
Walker, Frederick John
Walker, William
Wall, Catherine Elizabeth Vera Louisa Herault, née de Caen
Wall, Maurice Doveton
Wallace, Edward Chapman
Wallis, Henry Stanley
Walsh, Alice Mary
Warren, Jessie, née Carter
Warren, William
Watkins, Reginald Arthur
Weary, Herbert John
Webb, Charles Francis
Webb, Edward and Sons
Webb, Emma, née Jones
Webb, James Francis
Webber, Robert William
West, Thomas James
Westaway, Charlotte
Westmore, Robert William
Westneat, William Francis
Whaley, Frederick
Wheler, Alice, née Malpas
Wheler, Henry Isham
White, Alice Lucretia
White, Florence
White, Henry Edmund
Whitley, Albina Jane, née Esnouf
Whitley, Elias George
Whitley, Herbert
Whitley, Louisa Mary Anthony
Wilbur, Frederick Stephen
Wilder, Alice Mary
Willcox, Walter
Willet, Mary
Williams, Richard
Williamson, J H
Wilson, George
Winstanley, Bertha Matilda Leibman, née Leopold
Winstanley, Newnham Robert
Winter, Adelise, née Le Sueur
Winter, Jonathan
Wood, Albert Charles
Wood, Frederick Anthony Boynton
Wood, Mary Frances
Worboys, Edgar George
Wright, Albert Benjamin
Wright, Ellen, née Mutton
Wright, George Henry
Wright, James
Wright, John Thomas
Wye, Robert
Keywords Judicial Greffe | Law | courts | registers
Category D/Y-Judicial Greffe
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File


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