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Cour du Samedi Register. The Samedi Court is the general business court in the island and covers a wide range of matters. These include bankruptcy records, naturalisations, deed polls, licensing and professional registrations. Prior to 1797 some criminal cases can be found in this court. There has never been an Admiralty court in Jersey but the Cour du Samedi would sit in such cases if needed. This volume has been indexed by name but to date the records are not able to be accessed online.

Reference D/Y/F1/228
Date 2 December 1912 - 17 October 1914
Names Samedi Court
Judicial Greffe
Royal Court
Adams, John Le Clerc
Adams, Susan Elizabeth, née Le Riche
Agutter, Amelia Ann, née Huxford
Agutter, Thomas
Ahier, Alfred
Ahier, Annie Rachel, née Le Rougetel
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Charles Edgar William
Ahier, Charles Snowdon
Ahier, Elizabeth Esther, née de Gruchy
Ahier, Francois Laurens
Ahier, George
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, Philip John
Alavoine, Florence, née Le Boutillier
Alexander, Mary Alice
Alexandre, Ellen Emma Burrell, née Witt
Alexandre, Frank Philip
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, John Edouard
Alexandre, Philippe
Allen, Agnes Mary
Allen, Philip Peter Allen
Allenet, Joseph Marie
Allix, Maurice
Amy, Adolphus Deslandes
Amy, Alice Mary
Amy, Ann Esther, née Hubert
Amy, Charles
Amy, Charles Elie
Amy, Elizabeth, née Vaudin
Amy, George Godfray
Amy, John
Amy, Lewis Philip
Amy, Louisa
Amy, Philip Mourant
Amy, William Philip
Anderson, Alfred Philip
Anley, Ann Susan
Anstee, William Henry
Arthur, Adolphus John Bauche
Arthur, Edith, née Le Rougetel
Arthur, John Brée
Arthur, John Stephen
Arthur, John Touzel
Arthur, Mary Louisa, née Laurens
Arthur, Philip Nicholas
Arthur, Sophie
Ashelford, Charles Owen
Ashelford, Elizabeth Jessie, née Ainsley
Ashton, Blanche Marie, née Gauvain
Ashton, Richard Frank
Asplet, Bella Jane
Atkins, John Rutherford
Aubert, Walter
Aubin, Clara Ann, née Pallot
Aubin, Francis Alfred
Aubin, Louisa Mary
Aubin, Percy Adrian
Aubin, Philippe
Aubin, Walter Duret
Aubrey, Rosalie Marie
Audrain, Marie Rose
Audrain, Peter
Auffray, Charles Francis
Averty, Frank
Baal, Abraham
Baal, Abraham John
Baal, George
Badier, John
Bagnall, Katharine Henrietta, née Hendley
Bagnall, Thomas Nock
Bailhache, Arthur Perrée
Bailhache, Clément Thomas
Bailhache, Vivian John
Baker, Amelia Elizabeth
Baker, Edwin
Baker, Frederick
Baker, Henry Mills
Baker, Nora Amy, née West
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Thomas John
Balleine, Adolphus Orange
Balleine, Charles Abraham
Balleine, Elias John
Blampied, Sophia, née du Fresne
Banks, Frederick George
Bannier, Elèonore, née Thérin
Bannier, Francis Toussaint Marie
Barette, Philippe
Barette, Stanley
Barker, Elizabeth Pauline, née Perrier
Barlow, Adela Maria, née Rive
Barlow, Frederick William
Barnes, Edgar George
Barnes, Florence Campbell, née Goate
Barnes, Selina, née Fowler
Barnett, Morris
Barney, Arthur John
Barney, Clara Beatrice Jane, née Henry
Bates, Clara Marie, née Holley
Bathe, Inverness John
Bauche, John Daniel
Baudains dit La Gerche, James Fleury
Baudains dit La Gerche, Mary Ann Jane, née Hamon
Baudains, George
Baudains, Jane, née Hamon
Hamon, Jane
Baudains, John Wesley
Baudains, Louisa Mary, née Alexandre
Beakbane, Benjamin
Beakbane, Cecilia, née Shines
Beakbane, Charles Edward
Beakbane, Frances Rosamund
Beakbane, Helen Louisa
Beakbane, Isabella, née Smith
Beakbane, John Edward
Beakbane, Mary Isabel
Beakbane, Thomas William
Beattie, William John
Beaucamp, Mary Elizabeth
Beaucamp, Philip John
Beauchamp, George Salter
Beauchamp, Lorna Dulcie Geraldine, née Fitzgerald
Beauchamp, Rosa Fiscott, née Salter
Bechelet, John
Béghin, Henri
Béghin, Joseph
Béghin, Maurice
Bendell, Henry
Benest, Charles
Benest, Francis
Benest, George
Benest, Snowdon
Benest, Sydney George
Benest, Violet
Benest, Walter
Benjamin, Laura A, née Stout
Benjamin, Laura Alexandra, née Stout
Bennett, William Stone
Berhin, Maurice
Berry, Henry James
Bertand, Jean Louis Auguste
Berteau, Walter Thomas
Bertram, Dora Ellen, née Lawder
Bertram, Emily Dora
Bertram, Francis Charles
Bertram, Francis George Lawder
Bertram, Mabel Catherine, née Smith
Bertram, Thomas Claude
Bertrand, Florence Moss, née Gaudin
Best, Edmund
Biddlecombe, John Philip
Billot, Charles Philip
Billot, Elie
Billot, Emily Jane, née Le Gresley
Billot, Frederick George
Billot, Gertrude Elise
Billot, Louisa
Billot, Philip
Billot, Philippe
Binet, Charles William
Binet, Edward Philip
Binet, Herbert Le Maistre
Binet, James George
Binet, Mary Ann Jane
Binet, Sophie Elise, née Balleine
Binet, Thomas
Binet, Walter John
Bisson, Adelina, née du Feu
Bisson, Alfred John
Bisson, Anne Susan, née Falle
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Charles Le Gros
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Edouard Leonard
Bisson, Frederick Charles
Bisson, George
Bisson, Josué Renouf
Bisson, Nicolas Jean
Blakely, Charles Theobald
Blampied, Alfred
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Francis
Blampied, George
Blampied, John
Blampied, John Le Vesconte
Blampied, John Thomas
Blampied, John Wesley
Blampied, Mary Jane, née Le Cras
Le Cras, Mary Jane
Blampied, Philippe Jean
Blampied, Snowden Denis
Blampied, Sophie
Blampied, Sophia, née du Fresne
du Fresne, Sophia
Blampied, Thomas Richard
Bobrough, William Charles
Bois, Francis John
Bois, George Walter
Boreham, Sophie, née Donkin
Donkin, Sophie
Bosdet, John George
Boudier, Anna Esther
Boullier, James Walter
Braithwaite, Emma Anne Sealy, née Vidal
Braithwaite, Philip Richard Pipon
Brée, Edouard
Brée, Philip John
Brée, Touzel John
Brewer, George Harvey
Briard, Elie
Briard, Philip John William
Briard, Sophie, née Pallot
Brideaux, Charles
Bridle, William George
Brown, Basil William
Brown, Clara Lawson, née Such
Brown, Daniel Herbert
Brown, Eliza Esther
Brown, Robert Hicks
Browne, Arthur George
Browne, Esther, née Campbell
Bruce, Ernest Knight
Bruce, Helen Douglas, née Mackenzie
Bryant, George Thomas
Buckley, Edmund
Buesnel, Clement
Buesnel, Jeanne Renée Valentine, née Gontier
Buesnel, John Thomas
Buesnel, Philip
Buesnel, Philip Renouf
Burridge, George Isaac
Burridge, Henrietta Elizabeth, née Squibb
Butchard, John Alexander
Butchard, Violet Ann, née Grandin
Butt, Lilian Margaret, née Beauchamp
Butt, William Henry Ware
Byng, Elizabeth Mary, née Mauger
Byng, Joseph Robert
Cabot, Daniel John
Cabot, John Renouf
Cabot, Lillie, née Buxton
Cabot, Philip
Cabot, Philippe
Calvez, François
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Colin
Carabin, Edward
Cato, Frances Maud, née Fuller
Cato, Thomas Butler
Chadwick, David Dempster
Chadwick, Eliza Travis, née Mends
Champion, John
Chapman, Donald Le Cronier
Chapman, Frederick Henry
Chapman, James William
Chevalier, Daniel Edouard
Chevalier, John George
Chevalier, John Thomas
Ching, John James
Chisnall, George Henry
Churchill, Samuel George
Clark, Eliza Harriet, née Gruchy
Clark, Gilbert Matthew
Clarke, Fred
Clayton, Frederick Thomas
Clayton, Ida Mackenzie, née Ryric
Clift, Walter Lawrence
Cockburn-Mercer, Alexander Anderson
Cockburn-Mercer, William Frank
Coen, Harry Cameron
Coen, Winefride Josephine Mary, née Smith
Coffin, François Alfred Charles
Collas, Elie
Collas, Hilda Constance, née Balleine
Collas, John Elias
Collas, Susan, née Westaway
Colley, Emily Mary, née Pensom
Colley, Reuben Thomas
Collins, Ellen H, née Marett
Collins, Ellen Harriet, née Marett
Condell, Philip
Conway, Peter
Cook, Benjamin
Cook, Mary, née Marks
Cooke, Lucy Glanville
Cooke, Percy Vivian
Cookson Curry, Adolphus
Cookson Curry, Beatrice
Coombs, Alice Mary, née Le Couteur
Coombs, Winter Ralph
Copp, Alfred Jacob
Copp, George
Copp, Jacob
Copp, Lydia Louisa, née Arthur
Cornish, Henrietta
Cornish, Rosa Florence
Cory, John
Cory, John Lee
Cory, Robert
Coryer, Eugénie
Cotter, William Timothy
Couillourd, Hubert
Courcoux, Marie Françoise
Coutanche, Alexander Moncrieff
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, John Philip
Coutanche, Philip Alfred
Coutanche, Philip Francis
Cowdery, Francis Lansley
Cowdery, Francis Lansley John
Craig, Alice Maude, née Murrell
Craig, Kenneth Arthur
Craig, Yvonne Christiana
Crawford, Evelyn Maude, née Foster
Crawford, John Davies
Crill, Eliza Jane, née Le Neveu
Crill, George Philippe
Crill, Philip James
Crill, Sydney George
Cristin, Josué Hélier
Cullen, Cynthia Annie, née Rich
Culter, John Fouracre
Cuming, Charles James
Cuming, Robert Strickland
Curwood, Thomas Charles
Cuzner, Eunice
Dallain, John Francis
Daniel, Muriel
Dart, Claude Symonds
Dart, Frederick Charles
Dart, John William
Dart, Kathleen, née Bobbett
D'Aubert, Francis
d'Aubert, Frank
Daveau, Adelaide, née de La Mare
Daveau, George Francis
Davey, Albert Alexander
Davey, Emily Hilda May, née Beaucamp
Davey, William John
Davies, William Alwyn
Davis, Irene Eleda
Davy, William
Dawson, Arthur Osborne
Dawson, Mary Agnes, née Le Rossignol
Dawson, Walter Robert
Day, Alice, née Davoine
Day, George Thomas
de Bousignac, Jules Joseph Raoul
de Bousignac, Simone Marie Madeleine Thérèse, née de la Foix de Freminville
de Caen, Alice, née Jarvis
de Caen, Edward
de Caen, Louisa, née Vautier
de Carteret, George
de Carteret, Susan
de Faye, Louis
de Faye, Susan, née Tracey
de Faye, Thomas Louis
de Gruchy, Alfred Samuel
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Elise
de Gruchy, Elvina Susan Elizabeth, née Payn
de Gruchy, Emma Elise, née Picot
de Gruchy, Eva, née Baker
de Gruchy, Francis
de Gruchy, George Charles
de Gruchy, Jane, née Noel
de Gruchy, Lydia Jane
De Gruchy, Percy Charles John
de Gruchy, Philip Charles
de Gruchy, Philip Joe Godfray
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Robert Campbell
de La Cour, Ellen Mary, née McKenzie
De La Cour, Sydney John
de la Haye, Harold Philip
De La Haye, John
de la Haye, Stanley
de La Mare, Cora Ellen, née Milne
de la Mare, Philip Mourant
de La Perelle, Daniel
de La Perrelle, Eliza, née Rondel
de la Perrelle, Philip John
de Lisle, Clara Ella, née Drew
de Louche, John Cabot
de Quetteville, Fréderic Emile
de Quetteville, Philip Winter
de Ste Croix, Philip John
de Ste Croix, William Abraham
Debaen, Alfred
Debaen, Edward
Delorme, Berthe
Denniée, Augustine Rosalie, née Adam
Denniée, Jules Victor
Deslandes, John
Desmares, Francis
Desreaux, Clara Eva, née Jehan
Desreaux, Jeanne, née Brideaux
Desreaux, John Eugène
Devanne, Louis
Devanne, Louis Sacreste
Devers, Henry Charles
Devonport, Ann, née Henry
Dinley, Patrick
Divers, Henry Charles
Dixon, Clement Shuckforth
Dolbel, John George
Dorey, Amanda Alice
Dorey, Francis John
Dorey, George
Dorey, John
Dorey, John Amy
Dorey, Philip
Dorey, Thomas
Downer, Philip
Downing, Alfred William
Downing, Emma, née Baxter
Downing, John
Doyle, Angelina
Dreland, John Peter
Dreland, Peter
Drelaud, John Peter
Drelaud, Peter
Driscoll, Andrew William
Driscoll, Mary Jane, née Downer
Drouin, Frédéric Louis
du Feu, Francis Edouard
Du Feu, Jane
du Feu, John
du Feu, Marie
du Feu, Peter John
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, Philip John
du Feu, Stanley Dallain
du Feu, Walter
du Heaume, Adela Philippa
du Parcq, Herbert
du Parcq, Lucy, née Renouf
du Tour, Alexandrine, née Lenorais
du Val, Philip
du Val, Philippe
Dufour, Hypolite
Dumaresq, Daniel George
Dunell, Elias
Dunell, William Thomas
Dunham, Moinee, née Mourant
Dunham, Percy Robert
Dupont, Adolphe Pierre
Dupont, Frances Ann, née Balleine
Dupré, Henry Albert
Dupré, James Joslin
Dupré, Louisa Jane
Dupré, William Adolphus
Durell, Charles
Durell, Francis George
Edwards, Dudley du Feu
Edwards, Sydney George
Egland, Edwin James
Egré, Edward Rive
Ellet, James Waters
England, George
Eon, Emily Julie
Eraut, Albert Edward
Esnouf, Alice Mary Jane
Esnouf, Jean Elie
Esnouf, John Francis
Esnouf, John Philippe Le Cronier
Evans, John Jackson Whatley
Eveleigh, James
Fairlie, Mary Campbell Spencer, née Paterson
Fairlie, William Frederic
Fairweather, Annette Margeret Dupré, née Thorp
Fairweather, James
Fairweather, Sophia Harris
Falaise, Celina, née Langlois
Falla, Louisa
Falla, Peter
Falle, Arthur Francis
Falle, Elias Pequin
Falle, Mary Ann
Falle, Philip Edouard
Falle, Philip John
Falle, Philip Winter
Falle, William
Farley, Alfred
Farley, Ernest George
Fauvel, Bertram Auguste
Fauvel, Clara
Fauvel, Clarissa Elina, née Noël
Fauvel, George Francis
Fauvel, Philip John
Fazacherley, Richard
Field, Arthur Charles Francis
Filleul, Richard
Findlay, Dorothy Edith, née Gifford
Findlay, Eola Alberta Rebecca, née Wright
Findlay, James Lemprière Ormidale Bacaple
Findlay, Richard Milloy
Fiott, John Philip
Fitt, George
Fleury, Jane Mary
Feury, Jane Mary
Foard, Herbert Edward
Fowler, Harry Bedford
Fox, William Henry
France, Constance Louise
Frilot, Paul
Frost, Florence, née Gruchy
Frost, Harold William
Fuller, Frances, née Spofforth
Füssl, Emily Mary, née Campbell
Füssl, Josef
Gale, Frederick
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Elias
Gallichan, Francis Grandin
Gallichan, Henry George
Gallichan, John Sohier
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Philip Le Brun
Garnier, Simone Marie Madeleine Thérèse de la Poix de Freminville
Garnier, William Wimbée
Gaudin, Clement George
Gaudin, Edouard
Gaudin, Francis Neel
Gaudin, Kate, née Campbell
Gaudin, Lionel George
Gautier, Alfred Alphonse
Gautier, James
Gavey, Edward Bailhache
Gavey, Jacques
Germain, John Noel
Germain, Walter Thomas
Gibaut, Annie Euphrosine
Gibaut, Edward Alfred
Gibaut, Edwin Denize
Gibaut, John Francis Abram
Gibaut, John Huelin
Gibaut, Louisa, née de Gruchy
Giffard, Harold Walter
Giffard, Hélène Henriette, née Gouillard
Giffard, John Francis
Gilbert, Anne, née Birette
Gilbert, Arthur
Gilbert, Thomas
Gladstone, Cecil Ernest
Gladstone, Florence Elliot, née Campbell
Glister, Maud
Glister, Montague
Godeaux, Claude
Godeaux, John
Godel, Ann Jane
Godel, Jane Ann
Godfray, Archie Vivian
Godfray, Arthur Walter
Godfray, Henry Nicolle
Godfray, Josué
Godfray, Mary Ann
Godfray, Mary Ann Filleul
Godfray, Mary Ann Filleul, née Le Feuvre
Godfray, Mary, née Le Feuvre
Goldie, Edith Mary, née Goldsmith
Gottrell, Albert
Gottrell, Myra Viola, née Stoltzfus
Gougeon, George Joseph
Gougeon, Marie Mélanie
Gougeon, Mélanie Rose
Gough, William Henry
Grace, Alexander
Grandin, Berthe Désirée, née Drouet
Grandin, Francis
Grandin, Frédéric Henri
Gray, Amelia
Gray, John Percy Perren
Gray, Stanley
Green, James
Green, James Charles
Greene, Richard
Gregory, William
Grellier, Albert Francis
Grey, Edward
Grey, Elizabeth, née le Rossignol
Grey, Joseph
Groizard, Pauline Elizabeth
Gruchy, Elizabeth May
Gruchy, Emilie Rachel, née de Faye
Gruchy, George Le Maistre
Gruchy, Godfray Labey
Gruchy, Helena
Gruchy, Jane, née Le Grand
Gruchy, John
Gruchy, Philip Ramsden
Gruchy, Sorel John
Guéguen, Joseph Marie
Guiton, Anna Eliza
Guiton, Ernest Ingram
Guiton, Walter Ernest Ingram
Hacquoil, Agnes Jane
Hacquoil, Agnes Jane, née Winter
Hacquoil, Edouard George
Hacquoil, Edward George
Hacquoil, Edwin John
Hacquoil, Francis Philip
Hadley, Elizabeth, née Morris
Haines, Florence Ethel, née Warne
Haines, George
Hall, Frederick Meredyth
Hamling, John William
Hammond, Bessie Alice, née Cuming
Hammond, George Cowper
Hammond-Spencer, Annie Burnet, née Craigie
Hammond-Spencer, Herbert Philip
Hamon, Alfred
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Edouard
Hamon, Ellen, née Coutanche
Hamon, Francis
Hamon, George Hèlier
Hamon, John Philip
Hamon, Lydie, née Collas
Hamon, Nancy Belsey
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Philip Le Boutillier
Hamon, Philip Thomas
Hannan, Alexander Mackenzie
Hannan, Edith, née Such
Harden, Allan Brewster
Hardey, Lewis Holmstone
Hardey, Vera Irene, née Bisson
Harnett, Albert Edward
Harper, Emily Montbrun, née de Jersey
Harper, Henry Barnett
Harrison, Cuthbert Eric
Harrison, Norman
Harrison, Sybil Éenée, née Wailes
Harrrison, Marguerite Ethel, née Dorey
Harwood, John Godfray
Hathway, John
Hathway, Susan Elizabeth Le Ruez, née Wallace
Hay,Alice Maud, née Hooper
Heath, Christopher Henry Edmund
Heddon, Christopher Henry
Heddon, John William
Helleur, Edouard
Helleur, John
Helmore, Charlotte Eyre, née Thompson
Helmore, Wilfred Franklyn
Henry, Ann
Heppenstall, Herbert Cullin
Herling, Felix
Herling, Louisa Ann, née Le Tourneur
Hervieu, Frank Frederick
Hewitt, Arthur Bettesworth
Heywood, Amelia Dustin, née Turpin
Hill, Walter Albert Russell
Hillis, William
Hobbs, Ann, née Le Breton
Hobbs, Charles James
Hodge, John
Hodges, Julia Mary, née Lindon
Holley, Clara Marie
Holley, Sam
Holt, Agnes Vere, née Whitaker
Holt, George Hellard
Honey, F
Hooper, Alicia Anderson, née Mends
Hope, Stanley
Hopwood, Francis John Stephens
Horn, Sarah Emily, née Hosking
Hotton, Alice Matilda, née Webber
Hotton, Peter
Houelbecq, Clara Jane
Huelin, Edouard
Huelin, Francis
Huelin, James
Huelin, John William
Huish, Eliza, née Campbell
Huish, Frank
Humby, Joshua Thomas
Humby, Mary Ann, née Hedden
Hunt, Joseph
Huquet, Elizabeth Susan, née Mollet
Ingles, Robert Stanser
Janvrin, Alice Jane
Janvrin, Mary Elizabeth
Janvrin, William Langston Benest
Jarnet, Charles William
Jarnet, Francis
Jean, Amand Bon
Jean, Ernest Peter
Jean, Francis George
Jean, Philip Alfred
Jean, William
Jeandron, Ernest Nicolle
Jenkins, Ernest Wallace
Jenkins, Sarah Ann, née Campbell
Jenny, Henry
Jeune, Agnes Esther, neé Touet
Jeune, Alfred Thomas
Jeune, Cecilia, née Copp
Jeune, Emily Elizabeth, née Touet
Jeune, Florence Mary, née Jenne
Jeune, Frederick John
Jeune, John James
Jeune, Philip John
Jeune, Thomas John
Johnson, Annie, née Burgess
Johnson, Aubrey George Coombs
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, Louise Florence Blanche, née Perry
Jones, Charles
Jones, John
Joslin, Emily Helen, née Moorman
Joslin, John James
Josse, Joseph
Jourdan, Philip Albert
Jourdon, John Désiré
Journeaux, Charles Percy
Journeaux, Elizabeth Mary, née Hocquard
Journeaux, George
Journeaux, George Wallis
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, John Philippe
Jupe, Albert Edward
Jupp, Ambrose Peter
Keeping, Philip John
Kelleher, Francis Joseph
Kelly, Thomas
Kendall, Julius William
Kent, William David
Kenway, William
Kerdal, Julien Marie
King, Constance Mabel
Kirby, Matilda Ann
Kleeman, Max
Kleeman, Oscar
Knatchbull, Henry Dalrymple
Knatchbull, Louisa Bertha
Knatchbull, Owen Edward
La Cloche, John Philip
Labey, Charles Jean
Labey, Jeanne Thérèse Irma Julie de Verac, née de la Maurine
Labey, John William
Labey, Philip Francis
Laffoley, Henrietta Gruchy
Laffoley, John Joseph Clement
Lamb, William John Jacobs
Lambert, Cecil Foley
L'Amy, Emma Godfray
Lamy, Herbert James
Lamy, Paul Peter
L'Amy, Philippe Clarence
Lamy, Pierre Paul Ferdinand
Lander, Herbert
Lander, Maud Blanche, née Burt
Lane, Francis Henry
Langlois, Celina
Langlois, Elizabeth, née Romeril
Romeril, Elizabeth
Langlois, Helier John
Langlois, Mary Ann, née Le Couteur
Langlois, Philip George
Laraman, George William
Larbalestier, Mary, née de Veulle
Larbalestier, Philippe
Larose, Marie Henriette Aimée
Larose, Pierre Adolphe
Laurens, Alfred Edward
Laurens, Edouard Chevalier
Laurens, Francis John
Laurens, Jane Elizabeth, née Thelland
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, John
Laurens, John Bosdet
Laurens, John Guillaume
Laurens, John Pinel
Laurens, Mary Elizabeth, née Bosdet
Laurens, Philip de Caen
Laurens, Sarah Anne, née Allisette
Laurens, William
Le Bas, Annie Esther
Le Bas, Edward Frederick Mallet
Le Bas, Edwin
Le Bas, Stanley
Le Blancq, Arthur Elie
Le Blancq, Elie Nicolle
Le Blancq, Florence Marguerite
Le Blond, Rosalie
Le Bourdiec, Gustave
Le Boutillier, Bella Jane, née Asplet
Le Boutillier, Charles Wesley
Le Boutillier, Clara Jane, née Houelbecq
Le Boutillier, Clarence
Le Boutillier, Francis John
Le Boutillier, Henry
Le Boutillier, James Horman
Le Boutillier, John Edward
Le Boutillier, John Gibaut
Le Boutillier, John Hamon
Le Boutillier, John Samuel
Le Boutillier, Margaret Kathleen, née Murphy
Le Breton, Emma née Bone
Le Breton, Francis George
Le Breton, Thomas Filleul
Le Brocq, Albert Falle
Le Brocq, Douglas Argyle
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brocq, John Noble
Le Brocq, Louisa Jane, née Labey
Le Brocq, Philip
Le Brun, Gertrude Mary, née Wiggins
Wiggins, Gertrude Mary
Le Brun, Ada, née Perchard
Le Brun, Elise Eléonore, née Neel
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, John de Gruchy
Le Brun, John Richardson
Le Brun, William Henry
Le Brun, William Vincent
Le Clercq, Elizabeth Rachel, née Le Page
Le Clercq, John Francis
Le Clercq, Josué Frederic
Le Cocq, Adolphus John
Le Cocq, Ann Jane
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, Ida, née Girard
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, Mary
Le Cocq, Philip Adolphus
Le Cocq, Walter Thomas
Le Cocq, William James
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Francis Philip
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, John Fleury
Le Cornu, John Philip
Le Cornu, John Syvret
Le Cornu, Joshua
Le Cornu, Philip David
Le Cornu, Philip de Carteret
Le Cornu, Philip Francis
Le Cornu, Charles Frederick
Le Couillard, Francis Charles
Le Couillard, George Thomas
Le Couillard, Philip Alfred
Le Couillard, Philip Arthur
Le Couillard, Winter Alfred
Le Couteur, Frank
Le Couteur, George
Le Couteur, James de Veulle
Le Couteur, John
Le Couteur, Mary Ann
Le Dain, Maria, née Davy
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, John
Le Feuvre, Agnes Edna Fanny, née Baker
Le Feuvre, Angus Le Florent
Le Feuvre, Ann, née Vibert
Vibert, Ann
Le Feuvre, Auguste
Le Feuvre, Clarence Payn
Le Feuvre, Elena Sarah
Le Feuvre, Francis Sydney
Le Feuvre, Francis Thomas
Le Feuvre, George Francis
Le Feuvre, Henry
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Louisa, née Pike
Pike, Louisa
Le Feuvre, Philip Edward
Le Feuvre, Walter
Le Fol, Emery
Le Gallais, Albert
Le Gallais, George Frederick Durell
Le Geyt, George Henry
Le Geyt, Philip
Le Grand, Elizabeth
Le Gresley, Alice Jane, née Amy
Le Gresley, Frederick
Le Gresley, Jean
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, John Percival Edwin
Le Gresley, John Philip
Le Gresley, John Sydney
Le Gresley, Peter John
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Annie Rachel
Le Gros, Daniel
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Jane Eliza, née Starck
Le Gros, Louisa Desperques, née Marett
Le Gros, Philip John
Le Gros, Walter
Le Henaff, Jean
Le Huquet, Alfred Peter
Le Huquet, Charles
Le Huquet, Louisa, née Payn
Le Huquet, Philippe
Le Huquet, Philippe Bertram
Le Huquet, Thomas
Le Huquet, Thomas Jean Charles
Le Huquet, Thomas John Charles
Le Lacheur, Elizabeth Eleanor, née Randall
Le Lievre, Isaac
Le Long, Anaïs Marie, née Cornu
Le Long, Auguste Isaac
Le Main, Emile
Le Maistre, Ada Briard, née Mauger
Le Maistre, James Alfred
Le Maistre, Peter Charles
Le Maistre, Philip John
Le Marinel, Thomas Gruchy
Le Marquand, Alfred
Le Marquand, Alice Henrietta, née Blampied
Le Marquand, Ann
Le Marquand Brothers
Le Marquand, Elias John
Le Marquand, Ernest
Le Marquand, Ernest Philippe
Le Marquand, George Charles
Le Marquand, Jeanne Rachel
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, John Philip
Le Marquand, Louise Elizabeth Jane
Le Marquand, Matilda Ann, née Blampied
Blampied, Matilda Ann
Le Marquand, Samuel James
Le Marquand, Sarah Jane, née Mauger
Mauger, Sarah Jane
Le Marquand, Winter Philip
Le Masurier, Edouard
Le Masurier, Eliza, née Potier
Potier, Eliza
Le Masurier, Ernest Percival
Le Masurier, Frederick John
Le Masurier, George Hammond
Le Masurier, Henry Edward
Le Masurier, John Philippe
Le Masurier, Mary Ann, née Brown
Brown, Mary Ann
Le Masurier, William Smythe
Le Moignan, John Philip
Le Moine, Jacques
Le Montais, Jean de Lecq
Le Montais, John de Lecq
Le Neveu, Lizzie Ann, née Crill
Le Neveu, Philip John
Le Poidevin, Ernest John
Le Quesne, Annie Lilian, née de la Haye
Le Quesne, Arthur
Le Quesne, Charles Clément
Le Quesne, Clara Esther
Le Quesne, Gladys Margaret, née Burnham
Le Quesne, Henry Langlois
Le Quesne, John Ernest
Le Quesne, Josué
Le Quesne, Nicolas Alfred
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Quesne, Thomas Daniel
Le Riche, Alfred John Philip
Le Riche, Peter
Le Riche, Philip Francis
Le Riche, Susan Elizabeth
Le Rossignol, Alfred
Le Rossignol, Alfred Philip
Le Rossignol, Annie Eliza
Le Rossignol, Annie Jane, née Viel
Le Rossignol, Ellen Mary, née Le Brun
Le Rossignol, Emily, née Alexandre
Le Rossignol, Francis
Le Rossignol, Francis George
Le Rossignol, Hedley Ernest
Le Rossignol, Henry
Le Rossignol, John
Le Rossignol, Peter
Le Rossignol, Philippe François
Le Rossignol, Sydney George
Le Rossignol, Walter John
Le Ruez, Ernest John
Le Ruez, Hilda Laura Louisa, née Le Quesne
Le Ruez, John Philip
Le Ruez, Thomas
Le Sauteur, Alfred
Le Sauteur, Philip Winter
Le Sauteur, Philippe George
Le Sauteur, Winter Thomas
Le Scelleur, Walter Marsh
Le Seeleur, John David
Le Seeleur, Philip John
Le Seelleur, Elise, née Falle
Le Seelleur, Frederic
Le Sueur, Alice Rosa
Le Sueur, Clement Philip
Le Sueur, Edward Payn
Le Sueur, Elizabeth Jane, née Legg
Legg, Elizabeth Jane
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Frédérick Oliver
Le Sueur, John Jourdan
Le Sueur, Louisa, née Desperques
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Philip Hewett
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Walter George
Le Sueur, William
Le Tourneur, Thomas E
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Elisa
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Henry Edward
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Winifred Mary, née Hooper
Le Vellaire, Elizabeth Françoise, née Tardivel
Le Vesconte, François
Le Vesconte, Mary Jane
Leahy, William
Leblond, George
Lee, Percy Albert
Lee, W A
Lee, William Arthur
Legg, Bridget Ann, née Cox
Legg, Walter
Lemasson, Alexandrine, née Lambert
Lemprière, Josué
Lempriere, Louisa, née Renouf
Renouf, Louisa
Lemprière, Philip Starck
Lempriere, Sydney Raoul
Lenfant, John
Lesbirel, Ada, née Le Tourneur
Lesbirel, Alfred
Lesbirel, Arthur F
Lesbirel, Josué
Lewis, Robert Walter Michael
Ling, Frederick William
Lion, Melina Clemence, née Duval
Lion, Pierre Dominique Marie
Liron, Pierre
Little, Margaret, née Campbell
Little, Thomas John
Logan, Lionel Henry
Lucas, Francis
Lucas, John
Lucas, John Philip
Lucas, Pierre Marie
Luce, Emmeline, née Le Brocq
Luce, François Edouard
Luce, Harriet
Luce, Henry Charles
Luce, John Francis
Luce, Mary, née Jean
Luce, Philip
Luce, Sophie, née Le Sueur
Luxon, Arthur
Luxton, Sarah Ann, née De Lailbare
Luxton, Thomas Arthur
Lynch, Eliza
Mace, Alice Louisa, née Lucas
Mackenzie, Edward Alfred
MacKenzie, William Owen
Mackinson, Bessie Marie, née Johnson
Maclure, Mabel Frances, née Giffard
Maclure, Robert Horace
Mahier, Touzel Philip
Maillard, Hedley William
Main, Reuben
Malet de Carteret, Edouard Charles
Malet, Thomas John
Mallet, Anne Marie, née Morel
Mallet, Charles
Mallet, John
Mallet, John Charles
Mallet, John Gédéon
Mallet, Philippe
Mallet, Philippe John
Malzard, Alice, née Gavey
Malzard, Daniel Philip
Malzard, John
Malzard, John Abraham
Manning, James
Marett, Alfred Francis
Marett, Elie Philippe
Marett, Elizabeth Mary
Marett, Françoise Sophie
Marett, George
Marett, George Walter
Marett, Louisa Desperques
Marett, Philip Arthur
Marett, Theresa Clara, née Gallichan
Marett, William Edgar
Marinel, Eugène
Marks, Lewis
Mars, Augustin
Marshall, Edwin Charles
Marshall, Mary, née Keefe
Martin, Ernest Bertie
Martin, Jean Elie
Martin, John
Martin, John Elias
Martin, John Thomas Gallop
Mason, Archibald
Mason, Louise, née Hamilton
Masters, John Henry
Matthews, Annie, née Nevelt
Matthews, Caroline, née Twigge
Mauger, Arnold John
Mauger, Edith, née Liddiard
Mauger, Edouard Pierre
Mauger, Frederick
Mauger, John Philip
Mauger, Mary Ann
Mauger, Mary Ann, née Ahier
Mauger, Norman Steven
Mauger, Philip John
Mauger, Ronald William
Mauger, Stanley Todd
McAllen, Philip Peter Albert
McDermott, David Walter
McIntosh, John William
McIntosh, Violet Annie, née Wright
McKee, Adolphus William
McMahon, Peter
McNeill, Ronald John
Mellish, Arthur Howard
Mesney, James Philip
Mesney, Thomas Henry
Mesny, Charles Philip
Messervy, Albert
Messervy, Annie May, née Ferey
Messervy, Charles Bertram
Messervy, Edwin
Messervy, George
Messervy, Philip Charles
Messervy, Rosa Le Sueur, née Blampied
Blampied, Rosa Le Sueur
Middleton, Frederick Herbert
Miles, Elvina Augusta Florence, née de Jersey
Miles, John Thomas
Milne, Ellen Dorres, née Bensen
Milne, William
Misson, Elise Louise, née Le Boulanger
Misson, George Frederick
Mitchell, Thomas Fludder
Mitchelmore, Harriet, née Reynolds
Moffat, John
Moignard, Francis John
Moignard, Thomas Alfred
Moir, Eliza Catherine
Moir, Isabella Jane Helen
Mollet, Ellen Emma, née Podger
Mollet, Touzel
Monckton, Rose Ethel, née Vatcher
Moor, Joseph
Moor, Thomas
Moore, Annette
Moore, Caroline Sophie, née Augier
Moore, Frances Caroline, née Bissel
Moorman, Charles Slade
Moorman, Eliza Varrant
Moorman, Henrietta Elizabeth
Moorman, Matilda Sophia
Morley, Herbert William
Morley, Sara Elizabeth
Morrisey, Edward Michael
Morrisey, Helena Alice, née Moyse
Morrissey, Edward Michael
Morrissey, Edward Michael
Morrow, Frederick
Morrow, Maud, née Such
Mountain, James
Mourand, Henri Léon
Mourant, Julie
Mourant, Lilian, née Le Brocq
Mourant, Oliver
Mourant, Philip Chevalier
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, Thomas
Mourant, Thomas Philip
Mourant, Walter Philip
Mouraud, Antoine Henri Léon
Moyse, Edward Ernest
Moyse, William Thomas
Much, William Thomas
Multon, Arthur John William
Murley, William Francis
Musso, Filippo
Musso, Philip
Mutton, Arthur John William
Nash, Edward Tatham
Neal, Elizabeth
Neal, Gertrude
Nevelt, Annie
Nevill, George Augustus
Newbould, Anna Gertrude Maggie, née Mitchell
Newbould, Herbert
Nicholson, Amy
Nicholson, Archie St Helier
Nicholson, Edward Helleur
Nicholson, Esther, née MacKay
Nicholson, Helen Louise, née Nokes
Nicholson, William Henry Allez
Nicolle, Alfred Edward Emily
Nicolle, Arthur John
Nicolle, Edmund Toulmin
Nicolle, Edward Alfred
Nicolle, Edwin Henry
Nicolle, Henry Charles Thomas
Nicolle, John Edward
Nicolle, John William
Nicolle, Lilian Alexandra, née Jeffries
Nicolle, Mary Ann, née Le Breton
Nicolle, Mary, née Gallichan
Nicolle, Saumarez James
Nicolle, Sophie
Nicolle, Walter
Nicolle, Walter Clement
Noel, Ernest Fuur
Noel, Esther
Noel, François Josué
Noel, Mary Ann, née Falle
Noel, Philippe
Nordbruck, Richard
Norman, Arthur John
Norman, Charles
Norman, Edward William
Norman, Esther Mary, née Le Rossignol
Norman, Hester Margeret, née Muxlow
Norman, James Philip
Norman, Walter
Nutbeem, George William
Oakey, Gladys, née de Gruchy
Oakey, John William
Oberlé, Lucien Joseph
O'Connor, William Thomas
Ogier, Martha, née Shore
Ogier, William de Gruchy
Ogier, William John
Oldham, Alice, née Platten
Oldham, Thurgood John
Olley, Albert
O'Neill, Thomas Bernard
Orange, John Herbert
Ordinaire, Claude Victor
rdinaire, Claude Victor
Orvis, John Walter
Orviss, John Walter
Oxenden, Flora Caroline
Ozouf, Francis Philip
Pallot, Alfred
Pallot, Daniel Durell
Pallot, Eliza, née Gruchy
Pallot, Francis Charles
Pallot, Henry George
Pallot, John
Pallot, John George
Pallot, Rachel Emelie
Pallot, Wilford
Pallott, Isabel Maude, née Voisin
Pallott, Joshua
Pallott, Joshua Winter
Pape, Thomas
Parfait, Louis
Parison, Jules
Prison, Jules
Parpaillon, Pierre
Parris, Sarah Emily, née Murphy
Partridge, Henry
Partridge, Margeret Elizabeth, née Belin
Paul, Mary Ann, née Le Tourneur
Paul, William
Paull, Henry
Paull, Hilda
Paull, John
Paull, Louisa
Paull, Maria Florence, née Vatcher
Paull, William
Payn, Alfred George
Payn, Ann Cecilia, née Farr
Payn, Charles
Payn, Elvina Susanna Elizabeth
Payn, Jean
Payn, John
Payn, Lydia Mary Ann, née Quennault
Payn, Philip John
Payn, William Bertram
Payne, D'Arcy Royston
Payne, Lillie Nicolle, née Le Rossignol
Pearce, Charles
Pellier, Ethel Edith
Pemberthy, Violet Mary
Perchard, Albert Sidney
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, George Roussel
Perchard, Hedley Augustus
Perchard, Herbert
Perchard, Horace John
Perchard, John
Perchard, Walter Edward
Perrée, John Arthur
Perrée, Mabel Eliza, née Godfray
Perrée, Maria Georgina
Perrée, Maria Georgina, née Le Geyt
Perrée, Thomas
Perrée, Walter Francis
Perrin, Thomas
Perring, John Smith
Phipps, Margaret Laura
Pickett, Alfred John
Picot, Alfred George
Picot, Francis William
Picot, George
Picot, George Torré
Picot, John Francis
Picot, Josué
Picot, Mary Charlotte, née Denis
Picot, Mary, née Renouf
Picot, Nina Mary, née Wimble
Picot, Samuel
Pihan, Victor Jean
Pike, John
Pinel, Ernest John
Pinel, Jane, née Mitcalfe
Pinel, John Edwin
Pinel, John Hélier
Pinel, Philip
Pipon, Edouard Jean
Pipon, John Philip
Piquet, George Alexandre
Piquet, Maud Mary
Pirouet, John
Pirouet, John Philip
Pirouet, Philip
Pluck, Percy Voisin
Poch, George
Poignand, Auguste William
Poignand, Cecil Willoughby
Poignand, Francis Augustus
Poignand, John Francis
Poignand, Malcolm
Poignand, Mary Emma Ann, née Dry
Poignand, Motokawa, née Cheyo
Poignand, Willoughby
Poingdestre, Charles Gordon
Poisson, Augustus Francis
Pollen, John Hungerford
Porger, Ada Dorsey, née Jean
Porger, Ludwig
Porter, Rodney William Harold
Pouplard dit Degage, Antoine
Priaulx, Pierre Jean
Price, Charles Frederick
Pugsley, Ethel Louise, née Deslandes
Pugsley, Thomas Jeune
Quérée, Aldolphus Charles Machon
Quérée, Hedley Cecil
Quérée, Hilda Lizzy, née Beaugié
Quinquenel, Marie Rose, née Audrain
Radford, Arthur Smith
Radford, Constance Sophia, née Gray
Ralph, Walter James
Ratcliff, Frederick Charles
Ratcliff, Lily Rosa, née Syvret
Rault, Ann Mary, née Boulaire,
Redfern, William Henry
Reed, Robert James
Remon, George Philip
Remon, James
Renaut, Ann
Renaut, Edouard Laurens
Renaut, Jean Elie
Renouf, Alice Maud, née Le Seeleur
Renouf, Charles Stephen
Renouf, Clement Isaac
Renouf, Edward Binet
Renouf, Edwin Charles
Renouf, Eleanor, née Stacey
Renouf, Elsie Mary, née Le Seeleur
Renouf, Emile Gaudin
Renouf, Emma Jane, née Romeril
Romeril, Emma Jane
Renouf, Francis Elias
Renouf, Francis George
Renouf, Francis John
Renouf, George Poingdestre
Renouf, Francis John
Renouf, James Edmund
Renouf, James Edward
Renouf, John
Renouf, John Charles
Renouf, John George
Renouf, Josué Filleul
Renouf, Julie Jane, née Noel
Renouf, Louisa Mauger, née Tourgis
Renouf, Lydie Esther, née Noël
Renouf, Medora Amelia
Renouf, Philip Francis
Renouf, Philippe
Renouf, Thomas Arthur
Renouf, Thomas George
Renouf, Walter Arthur
Renouf, Winter Poingdestre
Rice, Robert William
Richardson, Anley John
Richardson, John Francis
Richardson, Lily Dorey, née Le Huquêt
Richardson, Philip Norman
Richardson, Philippe Mourant
Rimeur, John Francis
Rive, Ellen Mary
Rive, Harry
Rive, Josephine
Rive, Mary Estelle
Rive, Philip
Rive, Rupert M
Robin, Charles Harold
Robin, Charles Maingay
Robin, Yvonne, née Lempriere
Robins, Charles Francis
Roche, James
Rogers, Charles Alfred George
Rogers, Mary Ann, née Spratt
Roissier, Alice Mary, née Hemming
Roissier, Cyril John Esnouf
Romeril, Archibald Philip
Romeril, Elizabeth
Romeril, Francis Philip
Romeril, Francis Poignand
Romeril, John
Romeril, Laura Dumaresq, née Syvret
Romeril, Mary Jane
Rondel, John George
Ropars, Joseph
Rose, Alfred
Rose,Mary Elizabeth, née Cowley
Ross, Harry James
Roussel, Mary
Rowe, Florence Mary, née Syvret
Rowe, Henry Herbert
Rowe, Willie Campbell
Rowlands, Albert
Rowlands, John
Rowlands, John Alexander
Rowlands, William Henry
Roy, Frederick George
Roy, George
Roy, George Philip
Sadler, Joseph
Salou, Eliza Anna, née Le Breton
Salou, Francis
Samson, James Albert
Samuel, Herbert Louis
Sarre, Walter Philip
Saussey Francis Winter
Saussey, Sidney George
Sauvage, Sydney Brocq
Sauvage, Thomas
Scaddan, Thomas Charles
Scully, Juliet
Scully, Manuella
Selous, Francis
Selous, John
Sharland, John William Lang
Shaw, Rudolph Frederick
Sheail, Christopher John
Shenton, Francis Joseph
Sheppard, Reginald Gaitskell
Sheppard, Rose Annie
Sherry, Clara Ann
Simon, Charles
Simon, Elie Josué
Simon, Philippe
Simon, Walter
Simonet, Arthur Frank Swinnerton
Sinatt, Eliza Davison, née Slous
Sinatt, George Laurens
Sinatt, John Richard
Single, Edward Sidney
Single, Walter William
Sinnalt, John Richard
Sinnicks, William
Sioville, Emile Le Geyt
Sivieloslawski, Juliette Isabella, née Campbell
Slade, Edward
Slous, Alfred Tom
Slous, Francis
Small, Charles Edward
Small, Ida Maud, née Gruchy
Small, Joseph
Smith, Albert Edmund
Smith, Alfred Raynor
Smith, Edith, née Perchard
Smith, Eliza Jane, née Carter
Smith, Helier de Carteret
Smith, Henry
Smith, Robert
Smith, Amelia Jane, née Jones
Smith, Sydney
Sohier, Lyman James
Sohier, Peter John
Spanner, Clara Ann, née Sherry
Sparkes, Charles Brohier
Splading, Andrew
Springate, Archeaus Trout
Squibb, Sabina Eliza
Squibb, Sabina Elizabeth
Starck, Alfred Thomas
Starck, Charles Binet
Starck, Clarence Philip
Starck, Elie
Starck, Jane
Starck, John Wesley
Stark, Charles Binet
Stark, Charles John
Stephens, Fanny Gertrude, née Lander
Stephens, Joseph Eaton
Stephens, William James
Stericker, Arthur William
Stericker, Harriet Mary, née Young-Jamieson
Stockand, Mary Jane, née Touet
Stockand, Samuel
Stone, William
Stuber, Eleanor Ruth
Such, Lilian
Sullivan, Edward Charles
Symonds, Jermyn D'arcy Travers
Syvret, Edward Philip
Syvret, Francis John
Syvret, Philip John
Syvret, Walter John
Tarr, Alfred
Taylor, Helen Elizabeth
Taylor, Joseph
Thelland, John William
Thermel, John Francis
Thermel, Louisa Mary, née Le Piez
Thomas, Edward Arthur
Thomas, Lilia, née Perchard
Thomas, Lucy Léonie, née Le Gallais
Thomas, Thomas Griffith Brockholes
Thompson, Samuel Nock
Thomson, Mary Ann
Thorelle, Eugénie
Thorp, Charles Gabourel
Tisson, John
Tocque, Harold John
Toneri, Peter John
Toneri, William Joseph
Toogood, John
Toogood, Maria, née Alexandre
Toovey, Ernest Hamilton
Tostevin, George Samuel
Toudic, François
Touet, Philip Wesley
Tourgis, Henry Warner
Tourgis, Susannah, née Brayn
Touzel, Francis George
Touzel, George
Touzel, John Elias
Trachy, Alfred
Traylen, Rosetta, née Samuel
Treachy, Alfred
Treagear, John
Tregear, John
Tremel, Pierre
Tubb, William
Tucker, Philip Alfred
Turner, Ernest
Turner, Eustace William Ramond Haselar
Turner, George John
Tytherleigh, Julia
Upex, Robert
Valpy, Dumaresq Charles
Valpy, Philip George
Vardon, Elizabeth, née Pallot
Vasselin, Marie
Vatcher, Charles Gardner
Vatcher, Edith Mary
Vatcher, Eliza Frances Tonkin, née Higgs
Vatcher, Henry Monckton
Vatcher, James Raynold Morley
Vatcher, John Sydney Adolphus
Vatcher, Rose Ethel
Vaudin, John Pinel
Vautier, Francis
Vautier, John
Vautier, Philippe
Vautier, Thomas Philip
Vauvert, Jules
Vellaire, Elizabeth Françoise, née Tardivel
Venn, Harold Ascott
Vernon, Julia Matilda, née Gosset
Vernon, William Henry Venebles
Vétier, Eugenie Virginie Leontine, née Houiellebecq
Vétier, Eugenie Virginie Leontine, née Houillbecq
Vibert, Edwin
Vibert, John Frederick
Vibert, Thomas
Viel, Abraham
Vigot, Charles Cooper
Vincent, Frederick
Vincent, Maria
Vincent, Philip John
Voisin, Edward
Voisin, Emma Jane
Von der Maden, Alexander Henry Daniel
Von der Maden, Sara Walpole, née Gooderham
Wakeham, John
Walden, Gladys Emma Lewarn, née Arm
Walden, John de Faye
Walker, Ada Mary Jane, née Fuszard
Walker, Ernest
Walker, Frank
Wallace, Alma Annie Louisa, née Jacobs
Wallace, Eliza, née Vowles
Wallace, Florence Laura
Wallace, Gladys, née Jordan
Wallace, Henrietta Ellen
Wallace, James Henry
Wallace, John Arthur Edward
Wallace, John Edward
Wallace, Kate Le Feuvre
Wallis, Alice Louisa Maud, née Le Tourneur
Wallis, Henry Stanley
Walters, Marjorie Tuzo, née Valpy
Walters, Sydney Radley
Warne, Amelia Jane
Warne, Hedley Vibert
Warne, Lydia Martha
Warne, Percy Edwin
Warne, Walter Evelyn
Warren, Edward John
Watson, John
Webb, Charles Francis
Webber, Henry
Weeks, Harold Edwin
Whaley, Frederick
Whealen, John
White, Francis
White, George Walter
White, William
Whitley, Florence Eliza Carolina
Willett, Ruth, née Parlett
Willett, Wilfred Audley
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Charles
Williams, Richard
Williams, Richard
Williamson, Joseph Hedworth
Wills, George Ernest
Wilson, Anne Catherine
Wimble, Herbert Charles
Winter, Jonathon
Wise, Ernest Singleton
Wise, Madeleine Amelia, née Martin
Witherell, George
Witt, Phebe, née Trenchard
Wood, Alice Jane, née Gaudin
Wood, Basil Gaudin
Wood, Leonard Hugh
Woodcock, Thomas
Wright, Elizabeth Ann, née Leatt
Wright, George Henry
Wright, James
Wright, John Thomas
Young, Alfred William
Keywords Judicial Greffe | Law | courts | registers
Category D/Y-Judicial Greffe
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File


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