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Cour du Cattel Register. One of the divisions of the Royal Court in which the Bailiff sat with three jurats it was the court of appeal from the seigneural courts and also dealt with some criminal cases prior to 1797. Post 1797 criminal cases were heard in the newly created Poursuite Criminelles [D/Y/G1]. This court was abolished in 1862. This volume has been digitised and indexed. The index and the volume can be viewed by clicking on the attached PDF records.

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Reference D/Y/E1/34
Date 13 May 1729 - 24 January 1737
Names Judicial Greffe
Ahier, Nicollas
Alexandre, Jean
Alexandre, Mathieu
Alexandre, Philippe
Amy, Clement
Amy, Francois
Amy, Jean
Amy, Michel
Anley, Jean
Anley, Jean
Anley, Philippe
Anthoine, Elizabeth
Arthur, Jean
Arthur, Joy
Arthur, Susanne
Asplet, Aaron
Asplet, Elizabeth
Asplet, Nicolas
Asplet, Philippe
Aubert, Jean
Aubert, Jeanne
Aubert, Pierre
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, Jean
Aubin, Jean
Aubin, Thomas
Babier, Richard
Bailhache, Clement
Baille, Nicolas
Baleine, Thomas
Ballaine, Jean
Ballaine, Thomas
Bandinel, David
Bandinel, George
Barbier, Amice
Barbier, Elie
Barbier, Etienne
Barbier, Philippe
Barbier, Pierre
Barette, Josue
Baudains, Philippe
Baudains, Richard
Baudains, Susanne
Beaugie, Sara
Belin, Jean
Belin, Jean
Benest, Brun
Benest, Elizabeth
Benest, Josue
Beresford, Françoise
Bertram, Jean
Bichard, Jean
Binet, Jean
Bisson, Abraham
Bisson, Benjamin
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Josué
Bisson, Josué
Bisson, Josué
Bisson, Lucresse Le Gros
Bisson, Marguerite
Bisson, Pierre
Bisson, Thomas
Blampied, Jean
Blampied, Michel
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Rachel
Blampied, Susanne
Bouton, Jean
Bouton, Jeanne
Bouton, Thomas
Bree, Edouard
Brée, Edouard
Breé, Jean
Brevin, Anne
Briard, Jean
Brohier, Cyrus
Button, Jeanne
Cabot, Elizabeth
Cabot, Ester
Cabot, François
Cabot, François
Cabot, Jean
Cabot, Jeanne
Cabot, Marie
Cabot, Nicolas
Cabot, Noe
Cabot, Thomas
Cabot, Philippe
Canivet, Marguerite
Cawdron, Robert
Chevalier, Nicolas
Chevallier, Abraham
Chevallier, Judith
Chevallier, Marie
Chevallier, Nicolas
Chevallier, Nicollas
Chevallier, Temple
Collas, Jean
Collas, Phillippe
Collas, Phle.
Corbel, James
Corbet, Elizabeth
Corbet, James
Corbet, Moyse
Corbet, Moyse
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Jean
Coutanche, Michel
Coutanche, Pierre
Coutanche, Renaud
Coutanche, Richard
Crosby, Henry
Dauverne, Philippe
de Caen, Simon
de Caen, Simon
de Caen, Simon
de Caen, Simon
de Carteret, Amice
de Carteret, Anne
de Carteret, Charles
de Carteret, de la Riviere
de Carteret, Edouard
de Carteret, Francoise
de Carteret, Jean
de Carteret, Jeanne
de Carteret, Madelaine
de Gruchy, Elie
de Gruchy, Marie
de Gruchy, Martin
de Gruchy, Pierre
de la Garde, George
de la Garde, George
de la Perrelle, Elizabeth
de la Perrelle, Philippe
de La Place, Susanne
de La Rocque, Jacques
de Lecq, Francois
de Quetteville, Elie
de Quetteville, Thomas
de Rue, Philippe
de Salleneuve, Susanne
de Saumarés, Mathieu
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Ste Croix, Edouard
de Ste Croix, Jean
de Ste Croix, Mathieu
de Ste Croix, Philippe
de Ste Croix, Pierre
de Ste Croix, Rachel
de Veulle, Guillemine
des Rues, Philippe
Deslandes, Charles
Deslandes, Helier
Deslandes, Marie
Dolbel, Elizabeth
Dolbel, Jean
Dolbel, Richard
Dorey, Pierre
du Bois, Jacques
du Feu, George
du Heaume, Edouard
du Heaume, Jean
du Pré, Amice
du Pré, Charles
du Pré, Edouard
du Pré, George
du Pre, Jean
du Pré, Michel
du Pre, Simeon
du Val, Pierre
Dumaresq, Charles
Dumaresq, Debora
Dumaresq, Edouard
Dumaresq, Elie
Dumaresq, Elizabeth
Dumaresq, George
Dumaresq, Guilleaume
Dumaresq, Jean
Dumaresq, Jeanne
Dumaresq, Marie
Dumaresq, Marie
Dumaresq, Nicolas
Dumaresq, Nicollas
Dumaresq, Philippe
Dumaresq, Richard
Dumaresq, Sara
Dumaresq, Thomas
Dumaresq, Nicolas
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Daniel
Durell, Jean
Durell, Susanne
Durell, Thomas
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Thomas
Durrell, Philippe
Esher, Catherine
Esher, Clement
Estur, Catherine
Estur, Clement
Estur, Edouard
Estur, Jean
Estur, Marguerite
Falle, Collette
Falle, Elizabeth
Falle, Philippe
Falle, Sara
Falle, Thomas
Fauvel, Abraham
Fauvel, Francois
Filleul, François
Filleul, Jacques
Filleul, Jean
Filleul, Philippe
Fillieul, Jacques
Fondon, Philippe
Forsant, Jean
Gabourel, Thomas
Gallichan, Edouard
Gallichan, Jean
Gallichan, Marie
Gallichan, Philippe
Garnier, Pierre
Gavey, Edouard
Gavey, Jean
Gibauat, Elie
Gibaut, Abraham
Gibaut, Edouard
Gibaut, Elias
Gibaut, Elie
Gibaut, Moyse
Giffard, Jean
Giffard, Nicolas
Giffard, Nicolas
Giffard, Nicollas
Gihommar, Roland
Godel, Elizabeth
Godfray, Jeanne
Gourey, Susanne
Grandin, Amice
Grandin, Collette
Grandin, Henry
Grandin, Josue
Graut, Jean
Grondin, Josué
Grossier, Esther
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, Edouard
Gruchy, Jean
Gruchy, Maria
Gruchy, Marie
Gruchy, Philippe George
Guerdain, Aaron
Guerdain, Denis
Guerdain, Denys
Hacquoil, Thomas
Hamon, Catherine
Hamon, Catherine
Hamon, Edouard
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, Josue
Hamon, Josué
Hamon, Nicollas
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Pierre
Hamon, Rachel
Hamon, Samuel
Hamon, Toussaint
Hamptonne, Jean
Hamptonne, Nicolas
Hamptonne, Philippe
Hilgrove, Anne
Hilgrove, Anne
Hilgrove, Anne
Hilgrove, Charles
Hocquard, Philippe
Hocquard, Thomas
Hooper, Clement
Horman, Edouard
Horman, Marie
Horman, Philippe
Horman, Philippe
Houper, Clement
Hubert, Jean
Hue, Charles
Hussey, Charlotte
Hussey, Sara
Jandron, Robert
Jennes, Margueritte
Jenny, Philippe
Journeaux, Jean
Journeaux, Philippe
La Cloche, Jean
Laffoley, Clement
Laffoley, Maria
Laffoley, Marie
Laffoley, Philippe
Lamy, Michel
Lamy, Michel
Langlois ,Catherine
Langlois, Catherine
Langlois, Josué
Langlois, Laurens
Langlois, Mathieu
Langlois, Philippe
Larbalestier, Andree
Larbalestier, Michel
Larbalestier, Philippe
Larsonneur, Jean Batiste
Laurens, Guilleaume
Laurens, Hugh
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, Jeanne
Laurens, Philippe
Laurens, Pierre
Le Bailly, Nicollas
Le Bailly, Pierre
Le Bas, Jean
Le Ber, Philippe
Le Ber, Thomas
Le Bourdon, Clement
Le Bourdon, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Jean
Le Breton, Elizabeth
Le Breton, Philippe
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brun, Benjamin
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, Nicollas
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Brun, Pierre
Le Brun, Sara
Le Brun, Thomas
Le Clercq, Sara
Le Cornu, Elie
Le Cornu, Jean
Le Cornu, Pierre
Le Cour, Jean
Le Couteur, Amice
Le Couteur, Esther
Le Couteur, Francois
Le Couteur, Jean
Le Couteur, Jeanne
Le Couteur, Josué
Le Couteur, Marie
Le Couteur, Nicollas
Le Couteur, Philippe
Le Couteur, Rachel
Le Cras, Helier
Le Cras, Hellier
Le Cras, Jean
Le Feuvre dit Fillastre, David
Le Feuvre dit Fillastre, Jean
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, Jean
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, Jean
Le Feuvre, Edouard
Le Feuvre, Jean
Le Feuvre, Marie
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Gallais, Elizabeth
Le Gallais, Florence
Le Gallais, Jean
Le Gallais, Jeanne
Le Gallais, Marguerite
Le Gallais, Mathieu
Le Gallais, Philippe
Le Gallais, Philippe
Le Gallais, Richard
Le Geyt, Anne
Le Geyt, Jean
Le Geyt, Mathieu
Le Geyt, Philippe
Le Gresley, Amice
Le Gresley, Elie
Le Gresley, Marie
Le Gros, Esther
Le Gros, Josue
Le Hardy, Charles
Le Hardy, Jean
Le Huquet, Thomas
Le Jeune, Philippe
Le Lievre, Thomas
Le Maistre, Daniel
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Elie
Le Maistre, Francois
Le Maistre, Jean
Le Manquais, Sara
Le Marinel, Thomas
Le Marquand, Nicollas
Le Marquand, Philippe
Le Marrinel, Charles
Le Marrinel, Charles
Le Masitre, François
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Moignan, Jean
Le Moignan, Nicollas
Le Montais, Catherine
Le Montais, Clement
Le Mottais, Thomas
Le Noble, Jean
Le Preveu, Daniel
Le Preveu, Daniel
Le Quesne, Clement
Le Quesne, Jean
Le Quesne, Jean
Le Rougetel, Abraham
Le Rougetel, Edouard
Le Rougetel, Elizabeth
Le Rougetel, Jean
Le Rues, Helier
Le Rues, Jean
Le Rues, Phle.
Le Seelleur, Benjamin
Le Seelleur, François
Le Seelleur, George
Le Seelleur, George
Le Sueur, Jeanne
Le Sueur, Marguerite
Le Sueur, Noë
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Sara
Le Sueur, Thomas
Le Touzé, Jacob
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Daniel
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Thomas
Le Vavasseur dit Noel, Jean Mathieu
Le Vesconte, Elizabeth
Le Veslet, Nicolas
Le Veslet, Nicollas
Lempriere, Daniel
Lempriere, Esther
Lempriere, Jacques
Lempriere, Jean
Lempriere, Jean
Lempriere, Michel
Lerrier, Philippe
Lucas, Francois
Luce, Benjamin
Luce, Francois
Machon, Clement
Machon, Jean
Machon, Jean
Machon. Laurens
Mahaut, Edouard
Mahaut, Edouard
Mahier, Jean
Mallet, Jean
Malzard, Edouard
Malzard, Jean
Malzard, Pierre
Maret, Abraham
Maret, Charles
Maret, Edouard
Maret, François
Maret, Jean
Maret, Josue
Maret, Marie
Maret, Philippe
Maret, Pierre
Marett, Abraham
Marett, Charles
Marett, George
Marett, Jean
Marett, Josué
Marett, Marie
Marett, Philippe
Martel, Edouard
Mattingle, Clement
Mauger, Helier
Mauger, Jean
Mauger, Nicolas
Mauger, Philippe
Mauger, Pierre
Mellonney, Jean
Messervy, Daniel
Messervy, George
Messervy, Jacques
Messervy, Jean
Messervy, Jeanne
Messervy, Judith
Messervy, Nicollas
Messervy, Philippe
Messervy, Sara
Minson, Jacques
Moignard, Jean
Mollet, Joseph
Monamy, Jean
Morel, Thomas
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, Pierre
Mourant, Timothée
Neel, Jean
Neel, Philippe
Neel, Susanne
Nicolle, Edouard
Nicolle, Elie
Nicolle, Henry
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, Jeanne
Nicolle, Nicollas
Nicolle, Noe
Nicolle, Philippe
Noë, Nicolle
Noel, Appoline
Noel, Ester
Noel, Jean
Noel, Marthe
Norman, Jean
Orange, Edouard
Pallot, Jean
Pallot, Jean
Pallot, Lucas
Parkin, Thomas
Patriarche, Philippe
Patriarche, Richard
Payn, Edouard
Payn, François
Payn, Jean
Payn, Philippe
Payn, Walter
Perchard, Nicolas
Perier, Amice
Perrée, Amice
Philippe, Susanne
Phillippe, Anthoine
Picquet, Clement
Picquet, Francoise
Pinel, Philippe
Pipon, Aaron
Pipon, Anne
Pipon, Elie
Pipon, Elizabeth
Pipon, James
Pipon, Jean
Pipon, Jeanne
Pipon, Thomas
Piroüet, Jacques
Pochin, Thomas
Pochin, Thomas
Poignard, Jeanne
Poingdestre, Damian
Poingdestre, George
Poingdestre, Jean
Poingdestre, Josué
Poingdestre, Michel
Poingdestre, Susanne
Poingdextre, Abraham
Poingdextre, Jean
Poingdextre, Josue
Poingdextre, Josue
Poingdextre, Michel
Poingdextre, Nicollas
Poingdextre, Susanne
Pyrouet, Benjamin
Pyrouet, Jacques
Remon, Abraham
Remon, Abraham
Remon, Francois
Remon, Guillme.
Remon, Jean
Remon, Jean
Remon, Jeanne
Remon, Laurens
Remon, Nicolas
Remon, Nicollas
Renaut, Marguerite
Renouf, Elizabeth
Renouf, Esther
Renouf, Jean
Renouf, Jeanne
Renouf, Marie
Renouf, Mathieu
Renouf, Mathieu
Renouf, Philippe
Ricard, Jean
Richard, Jean
Richardson, Abraham
Richardson, Sara
Robert, Jean
Robert, Susanne
Robin, Elizabeth
Robin, Jacques
Robin, Raulin
Roissier, Jacques
Roissier, Jean
Roissier, Richard
Romeril, Madelaine
Romeril, Rachel
Rommeril, Philippe
Rouet, Jean
Rouet, Thomas
Sauvage, Jean
Sauvage, Philippe
Sauvage, Jean
Sauvaires, Jean
Seward, William
Shoosmith, Thomas
Simon, François
Simon, Jean
Simon, Jeanne
Snow, Thomas
Sohier, Edouard
Sohier, Marie
Sondel, Philippe
Sorsoleil, Philippe
Soudel, Philippe
Syvret, Josué
Syvret, Sara
Syvret, Simeon
Syvret, Symeon
Syvret, Thomas
Taylor, Thomas
Tocque, Pierre
Tourgis, Jean
Touzel, Jean
Valpy dit Janvrin, Daniel
Valpy dit Janvrin, Edouard
Valpy dit Janvrin, Jeanne
Valpy, Richard
Vauadin, Thomas
Vaudin, Jean
Vaudin, Thomas
Vautier, Philippe
Venemon, Rachel
Vibert, Elie
Vibert, Jean
Vibert, Jean
Vibert, Philippe
Villeneuve, Jean
Vivian, Philippe
Vivian, Rachel
Vivian, Rachel
White, Madelaine
William, Judith Royal Court
Cour du Cattel
Keywords Judicial Greffe | Law | courts | personality
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/Y/E1/34This item»

Cour du Cattel Register. One of the divisions of the Royal Court in which the Bailiff sat with three jurats it was the court of appeal from the seigneural courts and also dealt with some criminal cases prior to 1797. Post 1797 criminal cases were heard in the newly created Poursuite Criminelles [D/Y/G1]. This court was abolished in 1862. This volume has been digitised and indexed. The index and the volume can be viewed by clicking on the attached PDF records.


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