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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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Reference C/C/V1/10
Date 3 April 1883 - 7 November 1887
Names States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Airth, Robert
Alaneau, Josephine, née Guillon
Alaneau, Virginie
Alexandre, Charles
Allain, Nicholas
Allen, Eliza, née Harris
Allen, Mrs
Allez, Anne Elizabeth, née Pigeon
Allicet, Eliza, née Govier
Allicet, Mrs
Amy, Mrs
Amy, Sophia, née Darben
Ando, Anne
Ando, John Alexander
Ando, Susan, née Lennard
Andrews, Mary Ann, née Annear
Andrews, Mrs
Arm, M J
Arrowsmith, Mrs
Arthur, George
Asplet, John
Aubert, Susan
Aubin, Etienne
Aubin, Mary, née Hill
Aubin, Thomas J, Doctor
Aubin, W D, Doctor
Audo, Anne
Bailey, Catherine, née Leary
Bailey, Louisa
Bailey, Mary, née Pearson
Bailey, Mrs
Bailey, Susan, née Vautier
Bailhache, Philippe
Baker, Elizabeth, née Audoire
Baker, Isabella
Baker, Isabella, née Sanders
Baker, John Archibald
Baker, Malvina
Baker, Mary Ann, née Rapsey
Baker, Mrs
Baldwin, Ann, née O'Shea
Baldwin, Mrs
Ballaine, James J
Balleine, J J, Reverend
Baltus, J H
Banks, George
Banks, John Henry
Banks, Mrs
Barmingham, Ann
Barnes, James
Barry, Catherine, née Ryan
Barry, Honora,
Barry, Mrs
Barry, Patrick
Bartlett, Edwin Rowlin
Bartlett, Mr
Bartlett, Mrs
Basset, Marie Louise
Basset, Marie Louise, née Gauvrey
Bastifell, Arthur
Bastifell, Arthur, Captain
Bataille, Alexandrine, née Dreux
Bates, Mrs
Bates, Sarah, née Watley
Batters, Mrs
Battrick, Robert
Baudains, Mary, née Lading
Baudains, Mary, née Leding
Baudains, Mrs
Baudains, P
Baudoux and Son, E
Bazille, Marie, née Laujouin
Bazille, Mrs
Beaucamp, John
Beaucamp, Mrs
Beer , George
Beer, Rachel
Benest, Charles
Benest, Charles John
Benest, Charlotte
Benest, Jane
Benest, Mary Ann
Benkert, G
Bennett, Christopher
Bennett, Hannah, née Lucas
Bennett, Mrs
Bennett, Sophie, née de la Mare
Bernardo, Doctor
Berteau, Edmund
Bertram, George
Bertram, George Clement, Sir
Bessin, André
Bevan, Alfred
Bevan, John
Bickenson, Adolphus Hope Healey
Bienaimé, Marie
Bienvenu, Jean
Bienvenu, Mrs
Bienvenu, Victorine, née Moisson
Billot, Elizabeth, née Longland
Billot, Judith, née Carrel
Billot, Mrs
Binet, Philippe
Bishop, Catherine
Bisson, Edouard Leonard
Bisson, J E
Bisson, Jean Thomas
Blackler, Mrs
Blackman, F
Blampied, A J
Blampied, Elizabeth, née Gaudin
Blampied, Elizabeth, née Gaudion
Blampied, Family
Blampied, Henriette, née de Jersey
Blampied, Isabelle
Blampied, Isabelle Blanche
Blampied, John
Blampied, Mrs
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Thomas
Blandamour, Auguste
Blandamour, Augustine
Blandamour, Mrs
Blight, Mrs
Blight, William
Blot, Mrs
Boeuf, Leinier
Bolt, M N J
Bond, Mrs
Bond, Samuel
Bond, Selina Jane
Bonnet, Jean
Bott, Elizabeth
Boudier, Philip John, Captain
Boudier, Philippe, Captain
Bouget, Adéline Marie Louise
Bouget, Léonie Pauline Esther
Bournot, Lilian Mary
Boutillier, Elizabeth Mary
Bouvier, Ernest
Bown, Caroline Frances
Bown, Frances Ann
Bown, Percy George
Bradley, Elizabeth, née Griffiths
Brassey, John
Bray, Amelia, née Axworthy
Bray, Mrs
Brée, John
Breen, William
Bréhaut, Augustine, née Douchin
Breinahan, Mary, née Mahoney
Brennan, Alice
Brennan, Mary, née Reilly
Brennan, Mr, Sergeant
Brennan, Patrick
Bresherton, Mrs
Brett, Mrs
Brett, Walter
Briard, Pierre
Bridle, John Thomas
Briggs, E A, Doctor
Brisset, Emma, née Williams
British Press
Britton, Mrs
Broad, Elizabeth, née Davis
Brogen, Margaret, née Reginton
Brooks, Daniel
Brooks, Frederick
Broomer, Mrs
Brophy, A P
Brophy, Mrs
Brouard, Charlotte, née Le Moine
Brouard, Mrs
Brown, John
Brown, Mrs
Brummingham, Mary, née Kelly
Bryan, Daniel
Buckley, J R
Budden, Bernard
Buick, George
Buïck, Susan Amanda
Buïck, Susanne Amanda
Bull, Miss
Bulsom, George
Bunter, Virginie, née Audouard
Burke, Catherine, née Shay
Burke, Lewis
Burke, Mrs
Burningham, Ann
Burns, Alice, née Boyd
Burns, Martin
Burns, Mrs
Burns, Sophie, née Gallie
Burridge, Jesse
Burston, Thomas
Burt, Prudence, née Brent
Butcher, Mrs
Butler, Thomas
Butterworth, Ann
Cahill, Mrs
Campbell, Eliza-Emily, née Mackenny
Cantwell, Margaret
Caplin, Edwin
Carey, John S
Carey, Mrs
Cariot, Marie
Carlisle, Jane
Carlisle, Mrs
Carney, Bridget, née Connor
CARR, Catherine
Carr, Catherine, née Sullivan
Carr, Edward
Carragan, Mrs
Carter, Frederick Thomas
Carter, John
Carter, Mary, née Banwell
Carter, Mary, née Benwell
Carter, Mrs
Carvaneck, Family
Carvaneck, Iris Marie
Carvaneck, Mrs
Case, John
Catherwood, Grace, née Hurst
Catherwood, Mrs
Catt, Henry
Caufield, Bridget, née Haggerty
Caufield, Eliz, née Griffin
Caufield, Mrs
Caulfield, Mrs
Chaffey, Eliza
Chaffey, Mrs
Challoner, Mrs
Chambers, John
Chambers, Mrs
Chambers, Peter
Chambers, Robert
Chandler, John
Channing, Martha Harriet
Channing, Wilfred
Channon, Mrs
Chapman, W H
Chevalier, Rachel, née Gruchy
Chisholm, Alexander
Chisholm, Fanny, née Millow
Chisholm, Mrs
Choupeau, Marie, née Presse
Churchill, George
Churchill, George Eli
Clarke, Elizabeth, née Griffin
Clements, Mrs
Colbert, Thomas
Cole, Mrs
Cole, Richard
Collings, Charles
Collings, Gertrude Florence
Collings, John
Collings, Richard
Collington, General
Condon, Mrs
Connely, Joseph
Connolly, Mrs
Connolly, Urasa, née Moyles
Connor, Barnard
Connor, Mary Ann, née Holmes
Connors, Barnard
Connors, James
Connors, John
Connors, John Robert
Connors, Mary Ann, née Holmes
Conolly, Mrs
Cooney, John
Cooper, Mrs
Copp, Jacob
Copp, Jane, née Northey
Copp, William
Coppin, Alice Jane
Coppin, John
Coppin, William
Coquoin, Auguste
Corbel, Philippe
Cornish, Andrew
Cornish, Mary, née Brideaux
Cornish, Mrs
Cosnard, Jean
Couch, William H W
Couch, William Henry
Couch, William Henry Whitworth
Couillard, Mrs
Couillard, Rosalie, née Le Breton
Cour, Francois
Coutanche, Ann, née Calloway
Coutanche, Ann, née Galloway
Coutanche, Bessie Rosina Violet
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Henrietta Louisa
Coutanche, J
Coutanche, Marie
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Mary Ann, née Robilliard
Coutanche, Mrs
Coward, Mrs
Cox, James
Cox, Mrs
Crabb, Charles
Crapp, Charles
Crapp, Mrs
Crill, Philippe
Croad, William
Crocker, Elias
Crocker, Solomon
Cross, Richard
Crotty, Kate, née Dowling
Crotty, Mary Ann
Cumberland Taylor, H, Doctor
Cumming, Alfred John
Cummings, Albert George
Cummings, Alfred
Cummings, Alfred John
Cummings, Margaretta
Cummings, Mary Ann, née McGrath
Cummings, Mrs
Cummings, William
Cunningham, Jessie Ann
Curley, Frederick
Curnon, Amanda
Curnon, Fitzjames
Curnon, Mary
Curnon, William
Curtain, William
Cutland, Grace, née Giles
Cutland, John
Cutland, Mrs
Dadd, Henry
Dadd, Mary Ann, née Toms
Dadd, Stephen
Dale, Ephraim
Daufresne, Tranquille
Davey, Margaret
Davey, Mary, née Bowman
Davey, William
Davis, Sarah, née Granger
Dawson, Mary
Day, Hannah Maria, née Halfyard
Day, Mrs
de Carteret, Delicia M
de Gruchy and Company, A
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Francois, Reverend
de Gruchy, Mary
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Jersey, Mrs
de la Taste, Charles
De La Taste, Ernest Thomas
de la Taste, Mrs A
de Sainte Croix, Philippe
de Veulle, Bessie, née Brewer
de Veulle, Jean
de Veulle, John
de Vine, Emily Elizabeth, née Henry
de Vine, Michael
Delaunay, Olympe Adelaide, née Suret
Demois, Françoise, née Derrien
Demois, Jean Francois
Denton, Mary Ann, née Newman
Denton, Mrs
Desborough, Sarah
Deslandes, Jos
Diamond, James
Dibden, Richard
Dix, Harold
Dixon, William
Dodd, Henry
Dodd, Mrs
Dodge, Mrs
Dogherty, Elizabeth, née Hughes
Dogherty, Marie, née Novelle
Dogherty, Mrs
Doidge, John
Donoghue, Elizabeth, née Walters
Donoghue, Maurice
Donoghue, Mrs
Donovan, Kate
Dorey, François
Dorey, John
Dorey, Richard
Doucet, Marie, née Burban
Douglas, Mrs
Dould, Miss
Dowden, George
Dowden, Mrs
Dowling, Mrs
Downes, Mrs
Downton, Amelia
Downton, Eva Maude
Doyle, George
Drake, Ann
Drake, Annie
Drought, William
du Feu, Philippe
Duffield, Henry
Duggin, Mrs
Dumaresq, George
Dumphy, Catherine, née Knowles
Dunlop, A, Doctor
Dunlop, Andrew, Doctor
Dunn, Patrick
Dunstan, Henry
Durant, Pierre
Durant, William
Durell, John
Duret Aubin, C, Doctor
Duret Aubin, W, Doctor
Dustan, Henry, Doctor
Dwyer, Catherine
Dwyer, Edmund
Dwyer, Edward
Dwyer, Elizabeth, née Bigley
Dwyer, Elizabeth, née Paul
Dwyer, Ellen, née Bradley
Dwyer, John
Dwyer, Mary, née Dorrat
Dwyer, Mrs
Dwyre, Mary, née Franklin
Dwyre, Mrs
Dyer, Emma
Dyer, John
Eagar, Mrs
Eager, George
Eager, Joseph
Ecolivet, Pierre Désiré
Edmonds, Jane, née Murray
Edmonds, Mrs
Effantin, Armand
Egan, Ann, née Shepherd
Egan, John
Ellen, Foehy
Ellett, William
Ellett, William D
Elliot, H
Emmett, Mrs
Emmett, Sarah, née Stroud
English, Thomas
Enright, Johannah, née Desmond
Enright, Mrs
Enright, Thomas
Enwright, Mrs
Enwright, Thomas
Ereaut, George
Erickson, Victor
Esnouf and Mauger
Etchell, Miss
Etherington, Fanny Susan
Falla, Peter
Falla, Thomas
Falla, Walter
Falla, Walter, Doctor
Fauchard, Marie Louise Désirée
Fauvel, Alfred
Fauvel, Harriet
Fauvel, Miss
Feltham, George
Fennessey, Mrs
Fenton, George
Fere, Auguste Le Blond
Feret, Mr, Consul de France
Ferris, Boorne, Townsend and Boucher
Field, Alice
Field, John
Fisher, Mary, née Roach
Fitzgerald, Daniel
Fitzgerald, Mary Ann, née Allen
Fitzgerald, Mrs
Fitzgerald, William
Fixott, John, Doctor
Flemming, Mary, née Foley
Florent, Mrs
Flynn, Edmund
Flynn, James
Flynn, Mrs
Foard, Mr
Foard, Mrs
Foot, Angélique, née Goubin
Foot, Anne, née Goubin
Foot, George
Ford, Emily, née Wallis
Ford, Emma, née Wallis
Ford, Matilda
Fordham, Mary, née Green
Fordham, Mrs
Foreman, Mrs
Fothergill Smith, Richard, Doctor
Fouchard, Françoise, née Mahé
Fouchard, Mrs
Fouchard, Victoire Françoise, née Mahé
Fowler, Charles
Fowler, George
Fowler, Mrs
Francal, Ellen Elizabeth Charles, née Joy
Francal, Eugene Charles
Francis, Charles
Franklin, Mary
Frost, Alfred Rodolph
Frost, F Duff
Frost, Frederick Dove
Frost, Frederick William
Frost, Jane, née Young
Waterman, Eliza Margaret
Frost, Mrs
Frost, William Dove
Fry, Frederick
Gallie, Mary Ann, née Salter
Gallie, Mrs
Galloway, Elisabeth, née Gellender
Garetty, Mr
Garland, William
Garry, Michael
Gasnier, Mr
Gaudin, A G
Gaudin, Mrs
Gaudion, Ann, née Sanders
Gaudion, Elizabeth, née Hall
Gaudion, Mrs
Geffroi, Charles
Gerry, Mary, née Roland
Gerry, William
Gilbert, Charlotte Mary, née Thoumine
Gilbert, Mrs
Giles, Mrs
Gilley, Elizabeth
Gillingham, Julia
Girard, Daniel
Girard, Daniel W
Girard, Sophie, née de la Mare
Giré, Ernest
Godfray, A C, Doctor
Godfray, Aaron
Godfray, Alfred Charles, Doctor
Godfray, Charles Le Vesconte, Doctor
Godfray, Edwin, Doctor
Godfray, Francis
Godfray, George C
Godfray, John
Godfray, Mary, née Layton
Godfray, Mary, née Picot
Godfray, Mrs
Godfray, Son and Major
Goldie, Ellen, née Heron
Goode, Ellen, née Le Huquet
Goode, Mrs
Gordon, Elizabeth, née Longman
Gordon, Mrs
Gosling, George Francis
Gosset, Miss
Gosset, Philip
Gould, Ann, née Lennard
Gould, Mrs
Gould, William
Gover, Stanley Godfrey
Govier, Eliza, née Ainsworth
Govier, Mrs
Grandin and Company, F J
Gray, Louisa, née Andrews
Gray, Mrs
Gray, William
Green, James
Green, Joseph
Gregory and Son
Gregory, William and Son
Greyer, Yves Marie
Griffin, Nora, née Killigrew
Griffith, Reverend
Grigg, Elizabeth, née Axworthy
Grigg, John
Grigg, Mrs
Groizard, Elizabeth, née Rousseau
Gruchy, Charles
Guérin, Mrs
Guèrin, Pierre
Guest, Mrs
Guillard, Mrs
Guilliard, Mrs
Gunton, Mary, née Elock
Gunton, Mrs
Guppy, Mrs
Guppy, Richard
Guppy, Robert
Hackett, Catherine, née Murray
Hadley, Elizabeth, née Flanagan
Hadley, Mrs
Haffner, Kate
Hake, Ellen
Hake, Fannie, née Cross
Hake, Mrs
Hall, Mrs
Hamel, Elizabeth
Hamel, Esther
Hammond, Mrs
Hamon, Arabella, née Currah
Hamon, C
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Jean Edouard
Hamon, Julie, née Mitchell
Hamon, Mrs
Hamon, Nancy, née Le Moignan
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Philippe, Captain
Hann, George
Hansen, Julius
Hansford, Henry
Happs, Carterette, née Pinel
Happs, Mrs
Happs, Peter
Harding, Alice, née Gillard
Harding, Edward
Hardy, Alice Mary, née Carey
Harris, Catherine, née Annear
Harris, Mrs
Harris, Sarah Ann, née Nicholson
Harris, Sarah, née Nicholson
Harrisson, Susan, née Halliday
Harrisson, William
Hartnett, Amelia Jane
Hartnett, Daniel
Haverill, Charles
Hayley, Catherine, née Welch
Hayne, Robert
Healey, Bridget
Healey, John
Healey, Mrs
Healey, Patrick
Healy, Maurice
Heaume, Bertha
Helin, George T, Doctor
Helm, George F, Doctor
Helon, Rose
Henly, Amelia, née Connell
Herault, Jean
Hereford, Louisa, née Sibley
Hereford, Paul
Herivel, P T
Héron, Marie, née Marquet
Hewitt, John
Hibbs, Thomas
Hickman, Harriet H
Hickman, Harriet, née Harris
Hickman, Harriett
Hicks, Mrs
Higgins, Christian, née Maynard
Higgins, Mrs
Higham, Stephen
Hill, Ann, née Green
Hill, Elizabeth, née Skinner
Hill, Francis George
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mrs
Hind, Alfred E, Doctor
Hind, Doctor
Hine family, Robert
Hingston, Jane, née Exmouth
Hingston, Mrs
Hitchcock, Doctor
Hoare, Joseph
Hoare, Sarah
Hobbs, Arthur
Hobbs, Augustine
Hobbs, Clara
Hobbs, Marie
Hobbs, Peter
Hocquard, Anne Marie, née Rolland
Hodge, William
Hodgeson, Adam
Hoffner, Edward Wilson
Hogan, Mary, née Norris
Hogen, Mary
Hogin, Mary
Hogin, Mary Ann
Hogin, Mrs
Hogin, Patrick
Hollingshed, F
Hollinshed, F
Holloway, James
Holloway, Josué
Holmes, Kezia
Holmes, Mary Ann
Holmes, Mrs
Holmes, William
Holway, James
Hooper and Company
Hooper, F I
Hoppner, Edward Wilson
Horn, Mr
Horn, William
Hornbrook, John Bickford
Horne, Mr
Horner, Mrs
Horner, Thomas
Horsford, Mrs
Hotton, Elizabeth M
Hotton, Philip
How, William
Howlett, Esther, née Noonan
Hubert and Anderson
Hubert, Louis
Hue, Mrs
Hue, Priscilla, née Marion
Huelin, Marie
Huelin, William
Hunt, Jane, née Morris
Hunt, Michael
Hunter, John
Hunter, Margaret, née Shepherd
Hutchings, Mrs
Hutton, Elizabeth
Hutton, Elizabeth Mary
Huxham, George
Huxham, Mrs
Hyne, Frederick A, Doctor
Ingram, John
Irvin, Emma, née Palmer
Isherwood, Eliza, née White
Isherwood, Mrs
Jackson, George
Jackson, John James, Doctor
Jacquet, J H
Jacquet, Joseph F
Jacquet, Joseph H
James, Mrs
Jeanne, Louise
Jeanne, Marie Louise
Jeanne, William
Jeannes, William
Jeffery, George
Jerratt, Mark
Jerratt, Mrs
Jersey Express
Jersey Gas Light Company
Jersey, Jane, née Sohier
Jersey, Jean David
Jersey, Mary Jane, née Sohier
Jersey, Mrs
Jesty, Elizabeth, née Johns
Jesty, Grace, née Johns
Johns, Henry
Johns, Mrs
Johnson, Amy Clara
Johnson, Ann, née March
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Elizabeth, née Monder
Johnson, Mrs
Johnson, Thomas
Jones, G M
Jones, J
Jones, John
Jones, Mrs
Jouanni, Courtant
Journeaux, Philip
Joy, Mary, née Jackson
Kail, Peter
Kaill, Peter
Keamish, Adolphus
Keamish, Elizabeth
Kearnan, Fanny
Kearne, Mrs
Kein, Ellen, née Tagger
Kelland, David
Kelly, James
Kelly, Michael
Kelso, Mary, née Kendar
Kelsy, Mary
Kenelly, Michael
Kénien, Marie
Kennedy, Catherine, née Martin
Kennedy, Mrs
Kennelly, Michael
Kessel, William
Kilalee, Mrs
Kilford, Catherine, née Walters
Kilford, John
Kilford, Mrs
Kine, Elizabeth, née Tagger
Kirk, Mrs
Kitt, William Henry
Knight, Hingston
Knight, Ingston
Knight, Thomas
La Marche, Aimable, née Benoit
La Rose, Florence
Lamande, Anne Marie
Lamb, Margaret
Lancoir, Clémentine Armande
Lane, Janet
Lane, Mrs
Langeard, Mrs
Langeard, Pierre
Langford, Jane, née Baker
Langford, Mrs
Langlois, Alice
Langlois, William
Langmead, Eliza, née Gray
Langmead, Mrs
Lath, Elizabeth
Laurens, Mr
Laurens, Mrs
Lawrence, Elizabeth
Lawrence, Mrs
Lawton, Francis, née Le Cher
Lawton, Françoise, née Le Chène
Lawton, James
Le Bailly, Josué
Le Bailly, Mr
Le Bas, Nicholas
Le Blancq, T W
Le Blond, Adele, née Brochart
Le Blond, Théodore
Le Boeuf, Mrs
Le Bourgeois, Marie Joséphine
Le Boutellier, Elizabeth Mary
Le Breton, Corbet, Reverend
Le Breton, Mary Jane
Le Breton, Mary Louisa
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, W C
Le Brocq, Edouard
Le Brocq, Francois
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brocq, John
Le Brun, Edmund
Le Clerc, Ann, née D'Aubert
Le Clerc, Peter
Le Clercq, Isabella, née Filleul
Le Cocq, Cathérine, née Lefort
Le Couteur and Company, A
Le Couteur and Son, A
Le Couteur, A
Le Couteur, Adolphe
Le Couteur, Anne Rachel
Le Couteur, Jean
Le Cronier, H, Doctor
Le Cronier, John, Doctor
Le Cronier, Miss
Le Feuvre, C
Le Feuvre, Caroline, née de la Mare
Le Feuvre, Charles
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth, née Filleul
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, P
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Feuvre, Pierre
Le Feuvre, Sarah, née Desborough
Le Gentil, Amand
Le Gros, Aimable
Le Gros, Centenier
Le Gros, Gervaise, Vicomte
Le Gros, Sarah, née Turner
Le Herricon, Jean
Le Huquet, George
Le Huquet, George and Son
Le Lievre Brothers
Le Lievre, Abram
Le Lievre, Albert
Le Maison, Mary
Le Maistre, Ann, née O'Neil
Le Maistre, Mrs
Le Maistre, W B, Reverend
Le Marquand, George W
Le Masurier and Groizard
Le Moignan, Jane, née Lloyd
Le Moignan, John
Le Moignan, Mrs
Le Moine, Mrs
Le Noble, Fanny, née Picot
Le Noble, Mrs
Le Noury, Marian, née Nicolas
Le Piez, Louis
Le Quesne, P and W
Le Rossignol and Son
Le Rossignol, Augustin, Doctor
Le Roux, Auguste
Le Roux, Ferdinand
Le Roux, Victor
Le Sueur and Son, F
Le Sueur and Son, J
Le Sueur, C
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Clement
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, I and F
Le Sueur, J
Le Sueur, John Jourdan
Le Sueur, Josué, Reverend
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Turdu, Jean Louis
Le Vaast, Pierre
Le Vesconte, Charles
Leary, William
Leat, George John
Leat, William Henry
Lebert, Mary Ann
Ledais, Pierre Edouard
Lee, Alice
Lee, Catherine, née Baldwin
Lee, John
Lee, Margaret
Leech, Mrs
Lefeuvre, Margaret, née Garey
Leflot, Mrs
Leflot, Toussaint
Lemoinne, Mr
Lemoinne, Mrs
Lemprière, Daniel M, Reverend
Lennaghan, Edward
Lennaghan, Mrs
Lenoir, Ann, née Spanner
Leslie and Company
Lewis Berger and Sons Limited
Light, Mrs
Livermore Brothers
Lloyd, Florence
Locke, Mary
Lockyear, Mrs
Long, Mrs
Longland, Charles
Longshaw, Harriett, née Key
Longshaw, Richard
Lowe, Eliza, née McLoud
Lucas, George
Lucas, Jean
Luce, Philip
Luen, Catherine, née Crale
Luisito and Gruchy
Lumbard, Matilda
Luscombe, Charlotte
Lusk, Selina
Luxon, Annie
Lyne, George
Lyons, Catherine
Macarthy, Charles
MacDonald, Catherine
Macdonald, John Robinson
Macdonald, Katherine
Macdonald, Marie J
Macdonald, Marie Joséphine
Macdonald, Marie, née Payn
Machon, Charles
Machon, Walter
Mafard, Jean
Mafard, Mrs
Mahoney, Mary, née Lennahan
Mahoney, Mrs
Malet de Carteret, Mrs
Malet, Stanley E
Malloch, E C, Doctor
Malzard, Isaac, Captain
Malzard, Justine, née le Guerrier
Malzard, Mrs
Manning, Mrs
Marcus, Benjamin
Marett, Alfred Benjamin
Marett, Charles, Reverend
Marett, Esther Jane
Marett, George
Marett, Rose Sarah
Margaret, Foehy, née Effy
Marie, Elizabeth Ann
Marie, Helen
Marie, J
Marie, Mary, née Miller
Marie, Mrs
Marsh, Mary, née Sutherland
Marshall, John
Marshall, John James
Martin, Frederick William
Mary, Foehy
Massey, Jane
Massey, Jane, née Cavanagh
Masson, Mary J
Maulvault, A, Reverend
Maulvault, Rosa
Maw, Son and Thompson, S
Mayer and Meltzer
Mayer and Metzer
McAvoy, Mrs
McCarthy, Ellen, née Mahoney
McCarthy, Mrs
McDermott, Lawrence
McDermott, Martha, née Keefe
McGrath, Mary Ann
McKee, Jane
McKee, William
McLeod, Eliza, née Bespley
McLeod, Jane, née Gerry
McLeod, Mrs
Mead, John
Mead, Michael
Medland, Mrs
Medland, Sarah, née Atkinson
Méopham, Jane, née Ozard
Meopham, Mrs
Mep Evered and Company
Mérier, Emma
Meunier, François
Michaelsen, Paul
Michel, Mrs, née Amy
Michel, Alice, née Amy
Miles, Richard
Miller, Ellen
Miller, Ellen Eliza
Miller, John
Miller, Louisa, née Masters
Miller, Mrs
Mills, Sarah Ann
Mills, William
Milond, Catherine, née Flynn
Minchin, James
Minchineer, Rosannah
Minchinton, James
Minchinton, John
Minchinton, Margaret, née Rooks
Minchinton, Mrs
Minshall, George Richard
Minshall, Mrs
Minton, George
Mintron, George
Mitchell, Eliza
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, Julia
Moignan, Sarah, née Turner
Moignard, Alice Maude
Moignard, Charles George
Monet, Marie, née Lucas
Monet, Pierre
Moody, James
Moody, Richard
Moon, James
Moore, Eleonore, née Steel
Moore, George, Doctor
Moore, Susan, née Carter
Morgan, Mary Ann, née Ball
Morgan, Mrs, née Ball
Morris, J
Morrissey, Kate, née Lee
Morrissey, Mrs
Morrisson, Kate, née Lee
Mortimer, Mrs
Moss, T B
Mouatt, Thomas
Mountain, Margaret, née Toby
Mountain, Michael
Mourant, Edouard
Mourant, Mrs
Mourant, P
Mourant, Pierre
Mourant, W G
Moyse, Mathilda Ellen
Moyse, Mrs
Mudford, Louisa Jane, née Smith
Mudford, Thomas
Mullen, Patrick
Mullins, H
Mullins, Kate, née Connell
Mullins, Mrs
Mullins, Patrick
Mulready, Edward
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Ann, née Martin
Murphy, Catherine, née Cracher
Murphy, Mrs
Nain, Thomas
Neel and Le Quesne
Neill, Mrs
Nelson and Sons, George
Netherton, Elizabeth, née Tremain
Neville, Eliza
Newman, Ann, née Wakeham
Newman, Henry
Newman, John
Newman, Mrs
Nicholson, Harriet, née Wareham
Nicholson, Mrs
Nicklin, James Malcolm
Nicklin, John Malcolm
Nicolle, Ann
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Clement
Nicolle, Edward
Nicolle, J Philippe
Nicolle, James
Nicolle, Josué Mauger
Nicolle, Louisa, née Le Rossignol
Nicolle, Mary E
Nicolle, P W
Nicolle, Rachel
Nisbet and Daw, H C
Noel, Auguste
Noel, E
Noël, Edouard
Noel, Esther
Noel, Florence May
Noel, George
Noel, George Daniel
Noel, Jane Elizabeth, née Statt
Noel, Mrs
Nolan, Mary
Noonan, Ann
Norman and Huard
Norman, Charles
Norman, Jane
Norman, Pauline Françoise Marie
Norman, Pauline Françoise Marie, née Dupont
Norris, Ann
Norris, Anna
Northey, Robert William, alias Copp
Norton, Mrs
O'Brien, Mary, née Tobin
O'Connor, Bridget
O'Keefe, Catherine, née Pension
O'Keefe, Catherine, née Pinsent
Olivier, Elizabeth
Olliver, Tom
Ollivier, Elizabeth
O'Mara, Julia
O'Mara, Mary
O'Mara, Thomas
O'Neil, Edward
Orange and Company, George
Orchard, George
Osborn, Ann, née Haffner
Osborn, Mrs
Osborne, Ann, née Haffner
Osborne, Mrs
Ovenden, Ann Charlotte, née Hamon
Ovenden, Charlotte, née Hamon
Ovenden, Joseph
Owen, Catherine, née Doolan
Owen, Mrs
Pallot, J G
Pallott, J
Parker, Agnes
Parkes, Charlotte, née Hardy
Parsons, Mary, née Hutchings
Parsons, Mrs
Payn, Charles Henry Scott
Payn, Denys James
Payn, Francoise, Sisson
Payn, Maria, née Mortimer
Payn, Miss
Payn, Mrs
Payne, Annie Maria
Payne, Hocquard
Payne, Mrs
Payton, Mrs
Pearson, Alfred
Pearson, Joseph
Peel Yates, W, Doctor
Pengelley, Mary
Pengelly, Mary
Pepin, Eliza, née Hawkins
Pepin, Mary, née Le Riche
Pepin, Mrs
Pernelle, Elizabeth, née Sebire
Pernelle, Eugene
Perrier, Julie
Perrin, Henry
Perry, Miss
Pesant, Angeline, née Dupont
Peutequin, Felix
Peutequin, Francois
Peyton, Mrs
Phillips, Mary A
Phillips, Mary Ann
Picot, François
Picot, Jane
Picot, John
Pike, Mrs
Pike, William
Pincemain, Doland
Pincemain, Mrs
Pinel and Le Masurier
Pinel, Philippe
Pinneck, James
Pinwell, Amelia, née Beans
Pinwell, Mrs
Pipon, Josué
Piquet and Son
Pirouet and Son
Pitcher, Charles
Pitman, Louisa
Pittaway, Sarah Jane
Pitteway, Elizabeth Mary, née Le Boutillier
Pitteway, Maude Mary
Pixley, Peter
Playle, Elizabeth Ann, née Machon
Playle, Joseph
Polydore, Anne Rachel
Poole, Michael
Pope, Mrs
Postel, Albert Adalbert
Postel, Albert Jules
Postel, Harriet Lavan, née Stephens
Potter, Maude Mary
Potter, Thomas
Pound, Harriet, née Woods
Powell, Osborne C, Doctor
Preece, George
Preece, Mrs
Preston, James
Price, Mr
Prigent, Jean
Prince, Charles
Prince, Mary Ann, née Berry
Prisee, Rose
Prizée, Rose
Puckle, Frederick Payn
Pulman, Fanny, née Stanley
Pulman, Mrs
Quenault, Françoise, Le Touzel
Quenault, Mrs
Quince, George
Quince, Joseph
Quince, Mary, née Kirk
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsy
Quinn, Mary, née Kessel
Quirk, T E
Quirk, Thomas Everett
Rabasse, John I
Rabelle, Louise
Rafferty, Eliza, née Starck
Rafferty, Maude Mary
Rafferty, Mrs
Rafferty, Philippe
Rafferty, Philippe Thomas
Rainey, Georgina
Raisin, John
Randall, Dinah Jane, née Dabb
Randall, Robert
Rattigan, Mary
Raymond, Ann, née Clements
Raymond, Mrs
Reed, John
Reed, Lavinia, née de Gruchy
Reed, Mrs
Refault, Ann
Refault, Anna
Refault, Anne
Refault, Emily-Jane
Refault, Florence Cecilia
Refault, George Albert
Regan, Ann, née Butler
Regan, Mrs
Reid, Jane
Renaut, Edouard
Renaut, Edouard Laurens
Renouf and Company, C G
Renouf and Son, C G
Renouf, C G
Renouf, Charles George
Renouf, Charles Whitley
Renouf, Esther Ann, née Mauger
Renouf, George
Renouf, James Thomas
Renouf, John
Repper, Alice
Repper, Edwin
Repper, Mrs
Repper, Rachel, née Hoyles
Repper, Richard
Repper, Wilfred
Reynolds, Marie Françoise, née Nouvel
Reynolds, Michael
Rhoda, Philippa
Rhodes, Alexander
Richard, Eugénie , née Guillou
Rickenson, John, née Healey
Rickenson, Samuel
Rickett, F A
Rickett, Mrs
Rickett, S A
Riley, John
Riley, Mary Ann
Rive, Elias
Roach, Ann, née Campbell
Roach, George
Roach, Mary
Roach, Mrs
Roach, William
Roberts, Ernest
Roberts, Robert
Robertson, Adelina
Robertson, Adeline
Robertson, Captain
Robin, Charles
Robrough, Mrs
Rodda, Philippa
Rogers, Mrs
Rogers, Sarah, née Clarke
Rogers, William
Rollings, Ann, née Buckham
Rollings, Mrs
Romeril, Mary
Rose, Mary Ann, née Pembroke
Rose, Mrs
Rosery, Charles
Rougeret, Charles
Routier, Jean
Rowcliffe, Albert
Rowcliffe, Elizabeth, née Corbin
Rowcliffe, Mrs
Rowcliffe, William
Rowe, John
Rowland, Mrs
Roy, Philip John
Royle, Octavius Newcombe, Doctor
Rozery, Charles
Ruault, Mrs
Russell, Mary Ann
Ryan, Cécilé
Ryan, Daniel
Ryan, Eliza, née Hooke
Ryan, Johannah
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, Mary, née White
Ryan, Mrs
Sage, Kitty
Sainsbury, Mrs
Samson, Mr
Sanders, Mrs
Sanders, Sophie, née Ragoret
Sanson, Henry
Satchwell, Elizabeth
Saunders, J E
Saunders, Sophie, née Ragout
Savage, John
Schmidtt, Albert
Schmitt, Albert
Scully, John
Seward, John William
Sharland, Mary, née Norris
Sharpe, boy
Sharpe, Edward
Sharpe, George William
Shelley, Mary Ann
Shelly, Mary Ann
Shepherd, Abraham
Shepherd, Cécilé
Shepherd, Jane, née Hockey
Shepherd, Mrs
Sibly, Eliza
Sibly, Louisa
Simmonds, Elizabeth
Simmons, Charles
Simon, Jean
Simon, Marie
Simon, Mrs
Simonet and Company, W
Simonet Brothers
Simonne, Ernest Charles Alexandre
Simpson, Mary, née Hawker
Simpson, Robert
Sims, Mrs
Sinclair, Mrs
Sinnatt, John Richard
Skelly, Mary Ann
Slader, Emily
Smith, Annie, née Hugo
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Henry
Smith, J Edward, Doctor
Smith, Jean
Smith, Martha
Smith, May
Smith, Mrs
Smith, Thomas George
Smith, William George
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Sowman, Bridget
Sowman, Bridget, née Morrisson
Sowman, Mrs
Spencer, Mary-Jane
Spencer, Sarah Ann
Spencer, Sarah Winter, née Marie
Spiller, Louisa
Spiller, Louisa, née Tucker
Squibb, John
Squibb, Margaret, née Bartlett
Stansbury, Thomas
Stevens, Mrs
Stevens, Rachel, née Beer
Stone, Emma, née Renouf
Stoodley, Mary Ann, née Laugée
Stoodley, Mrs
Stopher, Charles
Stopher, Georgina, née Kail
Stranger, Charles
Strong, Doctor
Strong, Mrs
Strong, William
Stuber, children
Stuber, Lewis
Stuber, Louis
Stuber, Louisa, née Dolbel
Stuber, Louise, née Dolbel
Stuber, Mrs
Studley, Henry
Studley, Mrs
Styles, Mary Ann G, née Blackler
Styles, Thomas
Sullivan, Mary, née Ryan
Sullivan, Michael
Summerhayes, Jane, née Skinner
Summerhayes, Mrs
Sutcliffe, W H, Doctor
Syvret, John
Syvret, Mrs
Tagger, Elizabeth
Talbot, John
Tanner, Mrs
Temple, Frank
Tencé, Mary Ann, née Johns
Tessier, Marie Louise
Thelland, J W
Thelland, Jane, née Le Gallais
Thelland, John
Thelland, John William
Thelland, John, Captain
Thobs, Emma Jane, née Caplin
Thomas, Edward W
Thompson, James, Doctor
Thompson, Mary Ann, née Hembly
Thompson, Thomas
Thomson, James, Doctor
Thorn, Mrs
Thorne, Mrs
Thorpe, Sim
Tierney, Patrick
Tirel, Jean Arsene
Tirel, Laura Lucina
Tirel, Louisa Rosa
Tite, Ann Rogers, née Fogwell
Tombini, Jean
Toogood, Susan
Toravel, Jeanne Marie
Toravel, Joseph Leon
Torravel, Victorine
Tostevin, Peter
Touzel, Ann, née Leat
Touzel, George
Touzel, Mrs
Toy, Alfred
Toy, Elizabeth Alexander, née Richards
Tracey, Ellen, née Lennagan
Tratt, Mary, née Harrisson
Tratt, Mrs
Tregeagle, Mrs
Trehon, Eugène Joseph
Trehon, Guillaume
Trenchard, Eva Sarah
Trenchard, Mrs
Trenchard, Olivia Emma
Triggell, Mrs
Truscott, Edmund
Tucker, Ann, née Moyse
Tuffery, Mary, née Burge
Tuffery, William
Tunny, Mary, née Finn
Turner, Charles
Turner, George
Valognes, Jules
Valognes, Leon
Van Praag, William
Vasse, Victorine, née Torravel
Vaudin and Falle
Vautier, F P
Vautier, Francis John
Vautier, Pierre
Venner, Ernest
Vernon, William H V
Vickers, Charles
Vickers, John
Vickers, Joseph
Vickers, Mrs
Viel, A
Viel, Julia Ann
Viga, Valentine
Vincent, Helier
Viney, Georgina
Voisin and Company
Voisin, A B, Doctor
Wakeham and Son, John
Wakeham, Alice
Wakeham, Elizabeth, née Mauger
Wakeham, Ellen
Wakeham, John
Wakeham, Mr
Wakeham, Mrs
Wakeham, Thomas
Walker, Rutter and Le Rossignol
Wallbridge, Mary
Walling, Lydia
Walling, Mary
Walsh, Caroline
Walters, Elizabeth
Warne, Elizabeth Ann
Waters, George William
Waters, James
Watts, Eliza, née Williams
Watts, James
Waugh, Mary Ann, née Ellwood
Webb, Amelia, née McLeod
Webb, Samuel
Webber, Victoire, née Ozouf
Welch, Elizabeth, née Holmes
Welch, Mrs
Wellman, Mrs
Welsh, Elizabeth
Welsh, Elizabeth, née Holmes
Welsh, Mrs
Welsh, Mrs, née Baldwin
Welsh, Thomas
Westmore, Thomas
Wetherall, Mrs
Wetherall, Rebecca, née Newberry
Wetherall, Rebecca, née Newbury
Wetherell, Joseph
Wetherell, Mrs
Whal, Agnes
Whale, Emily Caroline, née Painter
Whales, Emily Caroline, née Painter
Whales, William
White and Son, John
White, Ann, née Breen
White, Eliza, née Bush
White, Elizabeth
White, Ellen
White, John
White, Margaret
White, Mrs
White, Thomas
Williams, Annie
Williams, Charles
Williams, E
Williams, Edward
Williams, Mrs
Willicot, Annie
Wilson, Colonel
Wilson, Mrs
Woodbrook, Ellen Reardon
Woodley, Artemise
Woodley, Elizabeth, née Savage
Woodley, Robert
Woodnutt, Elizabeth, née Egerton
Woods and Company, William
Woods, William
Woods, William Wingate
Wray, Henry, Major General
Wright, Mrs
Wrixen, Anna
Wrixen, Bertie
Wyllie, James
Yates, W P, Doctor
Yeatman, William
Young, Elizabeth
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


C/C/V1/10This item»

The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.