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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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Reference C/C/V1/12
Date 4 December 1889 - 8 December 1892
Names States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Adderley, Mrs, née Harvey
Adderley, Joseph
Ahearn, Eliza, née Cassidy
Ahearne, Eliza, née Cassidy
Ahier, Henry
Airth, Elizabeth, née McKay
Airth, Francis
Allain, Nicolas
Allaire, Marie F
Allen, John
Allicet, Mrs
Allix, Robert
Allix, Marie, née Godèsé
Amy, George G
Amy, Mrs
Amy, Emmeline E
Amy, Maria L
Anchor, J D K
Anderson and Sons, J
Andreson, Niels
Andrews, Mary Ann, née Annear
Arnold and Sons
Arondel, Mrs
Arondel, Children
Arthur, Albert Dumeresq
Ashton, J
Aubin, Mary, née Hill
Averty, G and A
Badier, François
Bailey, Mrs
Bailey, Susan, née Vautier
Bailey, Mary Ann, née Pearson
Bailly, Susan, née Vautier
Baily, Mrs
Baily, Mrs
Baker, Malvina
Baker, Isabella 
Baker, James
Baker, Bridget, née Haffner
Baker, Mr
Baker, George
Baker, John
Balchin, William
Baltus, James Hazel
Baltus, Matilda, née Fielding
Baltus, Alfred Charles
Baltus, James Hazel
Banks, Mrs
Banks, Family
Banner, Alfred
Banner, Rosalie, née Martin
Barbedette, Rosalie
Barnes, James Edward
Barnes, James
Baroche, Marie
Baroche, Yves
Barratt, Mr
Bartlett, Henry
Bartlett, Mrs
Bartlett, Mr
Bartlett, Mrs
Basset, Julie, née Viel
Baston, Mary Ann, née Wood
Bataille, Pierre
Bataille, Children
Bates, Mrs
Baudains, Mrs
Baudains, Mary, née Leding
Baudains, Catherine
Baudains, Jean
Baudains, John
Baudains, Mr
Bazille, Pierre
Bazille, Mrs
Beakbane, John
Beaugie, Mrs, née Bennett
Beauverger, Jeanne Yvonne
Beauvir, Eva
Beauvir, Allain
Beauvir, Francis
Beauvir, Philippe F
Beckford, Marianne, née Miller
Bell, Mary
Bellingham, Edward James
Bellingham, Mrs, née Underhay
Benest, Mary Ann
Benest, Charlotte
Benest, Jane
Benest, Mr
Bénié, Joseph
Benier, Joseph
Bennett, Edward
Bennett, Frances, née Keeping
Bennett, Elizabeth A
Bennett, J
Bennett, Family
Bennett, William
Bennett, Joseph
Bennett, Mrs
Bennett, Sarah, née Bruce
Bentlif, P B, Doctor
Bequet, Child
Berteau, E
Bertram, Miss
Beuttell, John Shipling
Beuttell, James
Bihel, Esther
Bihel, Josephine Augustine
Bihel, François Leonard Auguste
Biles, Ada
Binet, Philippe Wadsworth
Bisser, Charles
Bisser, Albertine Eulalie, née Walter
Bisset, Emma, née Williams
Bisset, Alfred
Bisson, Ellen, née McCleod
Bisson, Edward
Bisson, Daniel
Blampied, A J
Blampied, Thomas
Blampied, Mrs
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Children
Blanchard, J M
Blot, Julia Charlotte, née Renouf
Boissel, Eugenie
Bosdet, Eliza
Bosley, William
Bosley, Elizabeth, née Hearne
Bosley, Henry
Bosley, Mrs Henry
Bossy, Mr
Bossy, F A
Bounty, Charles
Bouttier, Francois
Boyer, Anna Marie, née Letirant
Boyer, Paul
Brady, John
Braithwaite, Mrs
Bray, Mrs
Brealey, Charlotte, née Esnouf
Bree, Elizabeth
Bretherton, Nurse
Brett, Bertha, née Clarke
Brett, William Allen
Brett, Children
Brett, Winnifred Elizabeth
Brevet Smith
Briard, P
Briggs, Captain
Brisset, Alfred Charles
Brisset, Alfred
Brisset, John
Brisset, Philip John
Brisset, Charles
Brisset, Mrs
Britton, Mrs
Britton, Mrs
Brooks, Daniel
Brooks, Fanny, née Griggry
Brophy, A P
Brophy, Mrs
Brown, Agnes Honor, née Sutherland
Bruck, Susan Amanda
Brunet, Harriet, née Le Hardy
Burney, Captain
Cabot, Philippe P
Cahill, Mrs
Cahill, J
Cahill, Mrs
Caldwell, Matilda
Callaghan, Bridget
Callaghan, William
Campbell, Eliza, née Hulme
Campbell, Alfred
Campbell, Ada
Campbell, Florence
Campbell, Edith
Campbell, Frank
Campbell, Ernest
Campbell, Clifford
Campion, Jean Louis
Carben, Xavier
Carey, Johanna
Carey, Michael
Carré, Jean
Carre, Mr
Carré, Helier
Carré, Thomas
Carre, Francis
Carroll, Harriett
Carrossier, Devenish
Carson, Matthew
Carter, Mrs
Carter, Louisa, née Andrews
Case, John
Casey, John
Catherwood, Mrs
Caufield, Mrs
Caufield, Mr
Caulfield, Mary Ann, née Jasper
Cavanagh, James
Cestard, Yves
Chaffey, Eliza, née Randall
Chaignon, Louise
Chalker, William
Chalker, John
Chambers, Robert
Chambers, Elizabeth, née Carter
Champelle, Mrs
Champion, John
Chandler, John
Chandler, Mrs
Chant, Robert
Chant, Children
Chant, Louisa, née Geary
Chant, Hilda
Chant, Lilian
Charpentier, Marie
Chatel, Emmelie Susan
Chatel, Emelie Emma
Chevalier, Eugénie, née Beauvir
Chevalier, Albert Edouard
Childs, William
Ching, Esther , née Ahier
Chisholm, Fanny, née Millow
Chisholm, Alexander
Chretien, Marie, née Le Bars
Chrétien, Joseph 
Chronique de Jersey
Clark, Richard Charles
Clarke, Mr
Clarke, M M
Clarke Rawlins and Company
Cliff, John William
Cliff, Elizabeth Ann, née Harding
Cliff, Children
Clifford, Walter 
Cobden, Mrs, née Gilbert
Cochet, Marie
Cochet, Child
Collings, Mrs
Collins, Mrs
Collum, Joseph
Comyn, Ann, née Wright
Comyn, Francis Albert
Comyn, Stella Barnet
Conneybere, George
Connor, Mrs
Connor, Mary, née Nolan
Connors, Mrs
Connors, John Robert
Conolly, Mrs
Conroy, Peter
Cook, Mrs
Cooper, Charles L
Cooper, Catherine, née Foley
Copp, Jacob
Cory, Mr
Costel, Augustine, née Ozouf
Costel, Infants
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Frank
Coutanche, Annie
Coutanche, Ann Mary
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Jean
Coutanche, Mary Ann, née Robillard
Coutanche, Bessie
Coutanche, George
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Crabb, Mary Ann, née Gallie
Crabb, George
Crespinel, Miss
Cronier, Euphrasie
Cummings, Alfred
Cummings, Mrs
Curant, Mrs
Curley, Frederick
Cutland, Grace, née Gelo
Cutland, Grace, née Gilo
Dalmar, Yves
Daly, Marice, née Bosley
Daly, Charles
Danglade, Albertine Augustine, née Reine
Daniel, Joseph
Davey, Salome, née Collings
Davey, Edmund
Davey, Mrs
Davies, William
Davis, Mrs
Davis, Frederick
Davis, Jemima, née Michelmore
Davis, George F
Davis, Sarah, née Dolman
Davis, Mrs
Dawson, Mary
Day, Mrs
de Bailly, Edouard
De Bailly, Marie, née Gicquel
de Faye, F G
de Faye, Louis
de Faye, T L
de Faye and Le Sueur
de Gruchy, Thomas J
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Francois, Reverend
de Gruchy, Esther Jane
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy and Company, A
de Gruchy and Company
de Jersey, Jean David
de Jersey, Mary Jane, née Sohier
de La Haye, Charles Jean
de La Perrelle, Mr
de la Taste, Charles
de L'Ille, Céleste, née Saincats
de Quetteville, Clément Auguste
de Rue, G M
de Rullecourt, Baron
de Veulle, A G
de Veulle, Bessie, née Brewer
de Veulle, John
de Veulle and Company
Dee, John
Dee, Mari Joseph Adolphus
Dee, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Kearley
Dee, Edith
Dee, Mabel Ann
Dee, Clifford Charles
Dee, Leonard Stanley
Dee, Ethel Maud
Dee, Archibald
Dee, Joseph
Dee, Mrs Joseph
Delphine, Jeanne
Dénès, Marie
Denton, Mrs
Derwin, Bernard
Derwin, Catherine, née Berkeley
Dickson, Doctor
Didot, Yves
Dixon, William
Dixon, George
Dodge, Mrs
Dodgin, Miss
Doherty, Joseph
Doidge, John
Dolbel, Aim
Donoghue, Mrs, née Waters
Donoghue, Mrs
Dorant, Joachim
Dorey, Francis
Dorey, John
Dorey, C T
Dorey, Charles F
Dottridge, M M
Downer, Charles
Doyle, John
Doyle, James
Drelaud, Charles
Drought, William
Droyer, Archibald
Drube, Otto
Druce, James
Druce, Maria, née Gothard
Druce, Mary Ann, née Thomas
Druce, William
Druce, Mrs
du Bois, Adèle Elizabeth
Dubreuil, Jeanne Marie, née Mercier
Dubreuil, A
Duffacy, Mary, née Murphy
Duffacy, Michael
Dumaresq, B
Dumelon, François
Dumoncel, Laura
Dumoncel, Laura Justine
Dumoncel, Lilian
Dumoncel, Mabel
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Mrs
Dupré, H W
Durant , J S
Durell, Jane M, née Avril
Durell, William
Duval, Sophia, née Taylor
Dwyer, Elizabeth Lane
Dwyer, Mary Elizabeth
Dwyer, Ann
Dwyer, John
Dwyer, Elizabeth, née Paull
Dwyer, Mary
Dwyer, Florence
Dwyer, Timothy
Dyer, Emma
Eagan, Ann, née Sheppard
Eager, Mrs
Eager, Joseph
Eager, Mrs
Eager, Children
Eager, Nicholas
Ecobishon, Joseph
Edmonds, Mrs
Elliott, Caroline Charlotte, née Perrin
Elliott, Henry E H
Ellis, Mrs
England, Family
English, Albert
English, Thomas
Enwright, Mrs
Enwright, Thomas
Esnouf, Mary A
Esseline, Adeĺe
Etiennes, Yves
Ewart, Lieutenant General
Falla, Walter, Dr
Falla, Peter
Falla, T
Fallaize, Joseph
Fallaize, Eliza Maria, née Elms
Farrel, Bridget
Farrier, Emma, née Andrews
Farrier, Grace Irene
Farrier, Florence
Farrier, Stanley Claud
Farrier, Children
Fauvel, Alfred
Fauvel, Harriet
Feeney, Michael
Fenessy, Mary, née Hartington
Fennessey, Mary, née Nolais
Fennessy, Mrs
Ferris Boorne Company
Field, John
Fielder, Joseph
Fielder, Martha, née Keamish
Filleul, John
Filleul, Philippe
Filleul, Charlotte, née Esnouf
Finch, Sarah, née Collins
Collins, Sarah
Fisher, Mary, née Roach
Fisher, John
Fitzgerald, Daniel
Fitzgerald, Mrs
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fitzgerald, William
Fleming, Mary, née Foley
Fletcher, Josephine Amelia Rebecca, née Eager
Fletcher, William
Foley, Charles
Follet, Marie
Folley, John
Foot, Angelique, née Goubé
Foot, Mary Ann
Foot, Charles
Foot, Mrs
Foot, Family
Foote, Charles
Foote, Jane, née Bennett
Ford, W H
Fordham, Mrs
Forward, Charlotte, née Lockyer
Fossé, Celestin
Fosse, Mrs
Fosse, Auguste Ernest
Fosse, Reginald E
Fosse, Ernest
Fox, Mary, née Hunt
François, Mrs
Freeman, Julia, née Newberry
Freeman, Robert
Freeman, Typhena, née King
Fry, Elizabeth, née Le Marquand
Fry, George
Fry, Arthur
Fry, Mrs
Fry, Ellen, née Kenealey
Fry, Child
Fuller, Louisa, née Andrews
Gale, Mrs
Gallichan, Julie, née Perrier
Gallichan, Ludia
Gallichan, Emma Elizabeth
Gallichan, Henry William
Gallichan, Susan
Gallichan, Susan, née Minchenier
Gallichan, Françoise, née Valet
Gallie, Mrs
Gallienne, E
Garnier, Pierre
Gas Company
Gaten, Sarah Ann
Gaten, Elizabeth Maud
Gaten, John
Gaten, Eliza, née Holmes
Gaudion, Elizabeth, née Hall
Gaudion, Ann, née Saunders
Gauvier, Augustine
Gavrel, Francois
Gawley, Mary Ann
General Cemetery
George, Eleonore
George, Emma
Gibaut, Mrs
Gicquel, Alfred
Giffard, Ann, née Burke
Gigot, Marie
Gilbert, Elizabeth, née Ching
Gillam, Stanley Taylor
Gillam, Susan, née Janes
Gillam, Theodore
Gillard, John
Gillard, Mrs
Gillard, Mrs
Girard, Daniel
Girard, Mrs
Godent, François
Godent, Mary Allix
Godésé, Louis
Godese, Marie, née Le Bars
Godfray, Mrs, Nurse
Godfray, George C
Godfray, Mrs
Godfray, John
Godfray, Amelia Jane
Godfray, Marie, née Poisson
Godfray, Francis
Godfray sons and Major
Goff, Yves
Goode, Ellen, née Le Huquet
Goode, Mrs
Goode, William
Goodland, Simeon
Goodland, Simon
Goodland, Marie, née Le Gros
Goole, Ann, née Lennard
Gordon, R
Gore, Louisa, née Coomber
Gorvel, Gabrielle, Le Terant
Gorvel, Mr
Gorvel, Francois
Gosselin, Louisa, née Giffard
Gosselin, Louise, née Giffard
Gosselin, Mr
Gosselin, Auguste
Gosselin, Louisa, née Giffard
Gosselin, Children
Gosselin, Pierre Eugene
Gosselin, Marguèrite, née Tréhiou
Gosset, L H
Gosset, Philip
Goudin, Julien
Goudin, Mrs
Gouedar, Louis Jean Marie
Gouedar, Louis
Gover, Stanley Godfray
Govier, Mrs
Gray, William
Gray, Mrs
Gray, Family
Gray, J
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Edward
Gray, Mrs, née Gray
Gray, Children
Gray, William James
Gray, Mary Ann, née Collings
Great Western Company
Green, James William
Green, Mr
Green, Eliza, née Haynes
Green, Ann
Green, A A
Gregory, William
Griffon, Philomène, née Le Borgne
Grigg, Mrs
Grigg, John
Grisset, Charles
Grisset, Mrs
Gruchy, Judge
Gruchy, Augustine Marie, née Malassie
Gruchy, Léon Emile
Gruchy, Children
Gruchy, Mrs
Guédras, Théophile
Guérin, Jean
Guérin, Family
Guézou, Allain
Guibert, François
Guillon, Henriette
Hacquoil, Edward
Haffner, Helen
Haines, Jane
Haley, Thomas
Haley, Children
Hallett, Mrs
Hallett, Ellen, née Clements
Hammond, Mrs
Hamon, Julie, née Mitchell
Hamon, Alfred
Hamon, Elizabeth, née Waters
Hamon, John Edward
Hamon, Mrs
Hamon, Alexandre
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Nancy, née Le Moignan
Handcock, Miss
Handy, Mary, née O'Regan
Hansford, Henry
Harnet, Elizabeth, née Wheeler
Harris, Mrs
Harris, Catherine, née Annear
Harris, Marie, née Weymouth
Harris, Sarah, née Nicholson
Harvey, Henry
Harvey, Children
Hayes, Johanna, née Butler
Hayes, James
Haynes, Mrs
Healy, Mary
Healy, Jessie
Healy, Mrs
Hearn, Mrs
Hearn, Mr
Hearn, Patrick
Hearn, Mrs
Hearne, Sarah, née Bailey
Hearne, Michael
Hearne, Family
Heath, Arthur
Heather, T
Heather, Family
Hellion, Jean
Helloco, F
Hennessy, Mary Ann, née Rogers
Herbert, General
Heritage, Mary A, née Carpenter
Herrivel, Ann Susan
Hervé, Catherine
Hervé, J
Herzo, François
Hewlett and Sons, C J
Heyward, Mr
Hickman, Harriet Frances
Hill, Mrs, née Masters
Hill, Mrs
Hill, Thomas
Hill, Mary
Hio, Jeannette
Hoare, Joseph
Hobbs, Peter
Hobbs, Mrs
Hobbs, Infants
Hocquard, Deputy
Hodges, Jane, née Harvey
Hodgeson, Adam
Hodgeson, Jane, née Puckett
Hodgeson, Louisa, née Amy
Hodgeson, George
Hogen, Mary
Hogin, Mary Ann, née Norris
Hogin, Susan, née Wardley
Holles, Joseph
Holles, Mrs, née Thiébaut
Hollinshed, F
Hollinshed, C F
Holloway, Mr
Hooper and Company
Hopper, Mrs
Hopper, Children
Horner, Thomas
Horner, Jane, née Lander
Horton, W
Hostingue, Paul
Hostingue, Mrs
Hostingue, Children
Hotel de Ville
Hotton, Clement
Howard, Ellen M
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Nancy, née Giot
Hubert and Anderson, J
Hudson, Jean
Huelin, William
Huelin, William
Huelin and Le Feuvre
Huelin and Sons, W
Hughes, Florence
Hughes, James
Humby, Poppy
Humphrey, Child
Humphrey, Mr
Humphreys, George
Humphreys, Alfred
Hurel, Alexandre
Hurst, Alfred Walter
Hurst, Mrs
Huston, Harriet, née Slure
Hutchings, George
Hutchings, Sarah Ann, née Eglan
Hutchings, Mrs
Hutchings, W
Hutchings, John
Hutchings, William J
Huxham, Mrs
Industrial School
Ingram, A
Isherwood, Matilda, née Campbell
Jackson, Jessie
Jackson, Mrs, née Bretherton
Jackson, Jane, née Burrough
Jacquet, Joseph Henri
Jambon, Marie
Jasper, Richard
Jersey Express
Jersey Female Orphans Home
Jersey Times and British Press
Jersey Waterworks
Johnson, Ann, née Bolt
Johnson, Amy Clara
Johnson, Ann, née Marsh
Johnson, Mary, née Dorset
Jolly, Kate
Jones, Mrs
Jones, John
Jones, Mary J, née Le Huguet
Jouanne, François
Journeaux, Elizabeth, née Rawlings
Journeaux, François
Judd, Ada Florence
Judd, Florence
Judd, William Lynn
Judd, William
Judd, Matilda, née Lynn
Judd, Infants
Judd, William George
Keamish, William
Keamish, Adolphus
Keamish, Adolphe
Kelly, Mrs
Kelly, Robert
Kendall, Elias Charles
Kendall, Mrs
Kendall, Children
Kennedy, Julia, née Bannock
Kenny, Marion, née Richardson
Kerr, Edward
Kerr, Mrs
Kerr, Catherine, née Sullivan
Kessell, William
Kiford, Mrs
Kilalee, Mrs
Kilford, Catherine, née Walters
Kilminster, Thomas George
King, Mary Ann, née Luen
King, Charles
Kinghorn School
Kirkby, Margaret, née Sheeran
Kirkby, Dora
Kirkby, John
Kneeshaw, W C
Knight, Elizabeth Ann
Knight, Archibald
La Gouge, Azémia Marie
Lake, Louisa
Lakeman, Henry
Lamb, Margaret
Lambert, Mary, née Usher
Lambert, Esther
Lambert, Thomas
Lambert, Mr
Lambert, Mrs
Lane, Mrs
Lane, W
Langlois, John H
Langlois, George Francis
Langlois, Mrs
Langmead, Eliza, née Gray
Langmead, M
Langmead, Miss
Laurel, Piponet
Laurens, George
Le Bars, Yves
Le Bars, Marie Jeanne, née Cadic
Le Bert, Mary Ann
Le Bihan, Jean
Le Blancq, Esther, née Pallot
Le Blancq, T W
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, M J
Le Boutillier, Elias
Le Boutillier, Julie
Le Breton, Mrs
Le Breton, William Corbett
Le Brocq, E
Le Brocq, Edward
Le Brun, A
Le Brun, John
Le Cerf, Arthur
Le Chapelain, Mr
Le Clerc, Eugene
Le Cocq, Richard
Le Cocq, Mrs
Le Cornu, C F
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu and Sons, J
Le Cors, François
Le Couteur, Jean
Le Couteur, Harriet
Le Couteur and Company, A
Le Cras, George Bisson
Le Cras, Francis
Le Cras, Francis George Bisson
Le Cras Bisson, Mrs
Le Doyen, Mr
Le Dozen, Mr
Le Duc, William
Le Feuvre, C
Le Feuvre, Sarah, née Desborough
Le Feuvre, Charlotte
Le Feuvre, J B
Le Feuvre, Ada Charlotte
Le Feuvre, Edward, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Marie
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Feuvre, Jean Marie
Le François, Josephine, née Mouet
Le Francois, Josephine, née Mouchel
Le François, Victor
Le François, Arthur
Le François, John
Le François, Clara
Le Galle, Guillaume
Le Galouette, Yves
Le Goff, Jules
Le Goubin, Lottie Elizabeth
Le Goubin, Florentine, née Tancré
Le Goubin, Angelique, née George
Le Gros, Florence
Le Gros, Walter
Le Gros, Elizabeth Jane, née Verbeggen
Le Hem, Marie
Le Huquet, Philip
Le Huquet, Alfred
Le Huquet and Sons, George
Le Lacheur, Mary, née Goole
Le Lièvre, Elizabeth
Le Lièvres Brothers
Le Maistre, Ann, née Kimbsley
Le Maistre, Eliza
Le Maistre, Ann, née O'Neil
Le Maistre, W B, Reverend
Le Marquand, Mrs
Le Masurier, H
Le Masurier, François
Le Mat, Guillaume
Le Mière, Ernest
Le Moignan, John
Le Monnier, Mrs, née Ferron
Le Monnier, Pierre
Le Monnier, Auguste
Le Monnier, Désiré
Le Monnier and Company, C
Le Mottee, A
Le Mottee, Eliza
Le Noan, Yves
Le Noble, Mrs
Le Poidevin, J R
Le Poidevin, R
Le Poidevin, Madame
Le Prevost, Mrs, née Battam
Le Prevost, Mary Jane
Le Quesne, Mrs
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, A J
Le Quesne, Thomas
Le Rendu, Emma C
Le Riche, Françoise, née Sado
Le Riche, Samuel
Le Riche, Ann
Le Rossignol, A P
Le Rossignol and Sons, Philip
Le Rossignol and Sons
Le Rouet, Elizabeth
Le Roy, Leon
Le Saux, Pierre
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Mrs, née Powell
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Pierre
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, J and F
Le Sueur, Ernest
Le Sueur, Betsy, née Belford
Le Talluc, Anne Marie
Le Teret, Angele
Le Tieret, Angèle
Le Tublin, Yves
Le Vaillant, Jean
Le Vaillant, Victor
Le Vaillant, Clohilde
Le Vaillant, Francoise
Le Vaillant, Jeanne Marie
Le Vaillant, Augustine
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William D
Lebert, Mary Ann
Lee, Alice Jane
Lee, Kathleen
Lee, James
Lennaghan, Mrs
Leonard, Alexandre
Leslie and Company
Lestan, Louisa, née de Ste Croix
Leveillé, François
Leveillé, Pierre
Lewen, Catherine, née Crate
Lewis, Mary, née Le Breton
L'Homme, Auguste
L'Hôtellier, Pierre
Lillicrap, John
Lillicrap, Mrs
Little Sister of the Poor
Livermore, Jane, née Kimber
Lock, J
London Opthamalogy Hospital
Long, Mrs
Longland, Charles
Lorraine, Peter
Love, John
Lucas, George Ernest
Luce, Edward, Reverend
Lyne, Mrs
Lynn, Mrs
Lynn, Mary, née Langford
Lynn, George
Lyons, Michael
Lyons, Catherine
MacDonald, Catherine
MacGuiness, Bridget
Mackenzie, Julia Agnes
Mackenzie, Isabella Jane
MacKenzie, Roderick
Mackenzie, Mrs
Maçon, Amoureuse
Macready, E C
Mahieu, Jean
Mahoney, Ellen
Mahony, Morris
Male, Ephraim
Mallowby, James
Malzard, Justine, née le Guerrier
Marett, Miss
Marett, Elie
Marett, C, Reverend
Marett, Colonel
Marie, Jules
Marie, Mary, née Miller
Marsh, Mary, née Sutherland
Marsh, Mrs
Marshall, Elizabeth, née Maiden
Martin, Mary Ann, née Anderson
Mash, Mrs
Masters, Ann
Masters, Annie
Masters, John
Matuné, Victor
Mauger, Pierre
Mauger, Adrien
Mauger, Alexandrine Augustine, née Jouanne
Mauger, Virginie Adeline
Mauger, Cécile Alexandrine
Mauger, John Leon
Mauger, Elvina
Mauger, Matilde
Mauger, Mabel Louise
Mauger, Charles
Maurice, Mrs
Maw Son and Thompson, S
Maw Son and Thompson, M M S
McArthur, Agnes
McBride, Thomas
McCarthy, Doyen
McCarthy, Ellen, née Mahony
McClood, Henry
McConnell, Alexander
McDermott, Laurence
McDermott, Mrs
McDermott, Children
McKeane, Elizabeth
McKenna, Joseph
McKenna, William
McKenna, Mary, née Flinn
McLeod, Mrs, née Bespley
McLinton, Rosa, née Mulholland
McLinton, Rose
McNelly, Mr
Meade, John
Meade, Mary, née Sullivan
Méopham, Jane, née Ozard
Messervy, Edward
Meunier, Miss
Michel, François Auguste
Michoux, François
Milan, Marie
Miller, Mrs, née Masters
Miller, Mary
Millet, Virginie
Millet, Celestine Marie
Millow, Emma, née Henry
Mills, Victoria
Milner, Cecilia, née Ledbury
Minchineer, Rosanna
Mitchell, Eliza Jane, née Mitford
Mogridge, J
Monbrin, Mrs
Moon, Charles J
Moreau, Raphael
Morin, Marie, née Hamel
Morissey, Mrs
Morrison, J
Morrissey, Ann, née Goff
Morrissey, Mary
Mortimer, Margaret, née Lennard
Morvan, Philomene Marie
Morvin, Julien
Mott, Jemima
Mourant, Walter Godfray
Muirhead and Crouch
Mulcarty, Bridget, née Fahy
Murphy, Albert Romeril
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Timothy
Murphy, Bridget, née Mulcarty
Nairn, Mrs
Nairn, Mr
Naite, Leon Marie
Naylor, Jane, née Thomas
Neel, Philip
Neel and Le Quesne
Neil, Mrs
Neville, Mrs
Neville, John F
Neville, Kate, née Helan
Neville, Catherine, née Healan
Newman, Mary
Nicklin, James Malcolm
Nicolle, Walter C
Nicolle, Miss
Nicolle and Company
Noel, Auguste
Noel, Mrs
Noel, Edwin
Noël, Edouard
Noel, Elizabeth Ann, née Boreham
Nolais, Mary
Nolan, Mary
Norman, Charles
Norton, Ann, née Green
Oblin, A
O'Connor, Margaret
O'Connor, Bridget
Odell, John
Ogier, Francois
Oldridge, E
Oliver, Nancy, née Hamon
Oliver, Isaac John
Orphelinat Maçonnique
Orsato, John Thomas
Osborn, Elizabeth, née Britton
Osborne, William
Osborne, Louisa, née Mossey
Osborne, Mrs
Osborne, George
Osborne, Children
Osment, Mrs
Osment, Edith Louise
Osment, Elizabeth, née Britton
Osment, Edwin Henry
Ouless, Clarence P
Ozouf, Ferdinand
Ozouf, Mr
Pallott, Josue
Palmer, George
Parham, H
Parker, Elizabeth, née Stokes
Parsons, Edmond John
Parsons, Elizabeth Jane, née Towser
Payn, P E
Payn, P B
Payne, Albert Louis
Payne, John
Payne, Elizabeth Augusta, née Le Feuvre
Payne, Clara Agnes
Pearse, John
Pengelley, Eliza, née Bosdet
Penney, J H
Penny, Edward
Pepin, Elizabeth, née Hawkins
Pepin, Mrs, née Hawkins
Pepin, Charles J L
Percival, Mrs
Percival, Mary Ann, née Brown
Percival, William
Perrée, Francis A
Perrier, Mrs
Perrier, J
Perrin, Victorine
Perrin, Jean
Perrot, Justine
Pesset, A
Petit, Joseph Victor
Philpott, Alice A P, née Rennell
Pichon, Paul
Picot, Jean
Pike, Mrs
Pike, Elizabeth, née Bree
Pike, Charles
Pike, Mary Ann, née Hamling
Pike, William
Pinel, Philippe
Pinel and Le Masurier
Pinney, Joseph H
Pitman, Louisa
Pixley, Peter
Pleven, Louise
Pleven, Harry
Poisson, Aimable Desiree
Poisson, Mrs
Potter, James
Potter, Ann, née Dolbel
Potter, Frederick
Potter, Mary Faith
Potter, Children
Potter, Louisa, née Perceval
Potter, William James
Potter, Timothy
Poulard, Annanie
Preece, Mary Emma, née Keast
Preece, George William
Preece, George
Preece, John William
Preece, Elizabeth
Preece, Gertrude
Preece, Maud Hannah
Preece, Mabel Amelia
Prendergast, Mr
Prendergast, Mary, née Morrissey
Prevost, Mrs
Prisi, Rosalie
Provost, Auguste
Prunier, Henriette, née Le Blanc
Prunier, Emelie
Pulman, Mrs
Pulman, Joseph
Quenault, Mrs
Quenault, Frederick
Quenault, Eliza, née Godefroy
Quérée, Thomas
Quesnel, Elizabeth Marie, née Sorsoleil
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsy
Rabasse, Mrs
Rabasse, Children
Rabasse, Pierre
Raisin, Jean
Randall, Robert
Rawlins and Company
Rawlund, Clarke
Raynolds, Marie Francoise, née Nouvelle
Reason, John
Reason, Mrs
Reason, Child
Reason, John
Reed, Lavinia, née de Gruchy
Reed, John
Refault, Emily
Regan, Ann, née Butler
Reine, Augustine
Renaut, Emile Joseph Jean
Renaut, François
Renaut, Alexandre Bien Aimé
Rennell, Sarah
Renouf, John W
Renouf, Julia Charlotte
Renouf, J
Renouf and Sons, C G
Renouf and Sons, J
Rhoda, Mrs
Rhoda, Philippa
Ricker, Mrs
Rickett, Children
Riou, Jean Francois
Rive, Elie
Rive, Mary Ann, née Brideaux
Rivière, Pauline
Roach, Mary Ann, née Campbell
Robillard, Mary Ann
Robin, Mrs
Robin, James
Robin and Company, M M
Rogers, Sarah, née Clarke
Rollings, Ann, née Buckland
Romeril, Nora, née Kennedy
Romeril, Mary Agnes
Rouelle, Arsene
Rougeret, Charles
Rougeret, Mrs
Rouvillais, Mary J, née Le Huquet
Rowden, Susan, née Carrol
Rowe, Mary, née McAllen
Rowe, John
Rowe, Mary, née Allen
Rowe, Mr
Rowe, George
Rowe, Mary, née Dorset
Rowe, James
Rowe, Albert
Rowe, Walter
Rowe, Mrs
Rowe, Amelia Selina, née Rodda
Rowe, Albert George Edward
Rowe, Walter Frederick Rodda
Rowe, Children
Ruault, Mrs
Russell, Mary Ann
Russell, E F
Russell, Edwin
Ryan, Mrs
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Mrs
Ryan, Catherine, née Elliott
Ryan, Philip
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Ellen, née Mahony
Sage, Kitty
Sagorin, Louisa
Sagorin, François Marie
Sagorin, François Pierre
Sainsbury, Mrs
Saintillon, René Ange
Salisbury, Elizabeth, née Cornick
Salisbury, Mrs
Sampson, Matilda, née Whale
Sanders, Sophie, née Ragout
Sangan, John
Sangan, Jean
Sangan, Jeanne Marie, née Allo
Sarre, Mrs
Satchwell, Elizabeth
Saunders, James Herbert
Saunders, Mrs
Schneider, Bridget, née Brassel
Scully, John
Scully, Mrs
Sévillon, Family
Sharland, Mary Ann, née Norris
Shaw, John
Shay, Mary
Shelley, Mary Ann
Shepherd, Mrs
Sherlock, William
Sherry, John
Sherry, Family
Shiber, Children
Simmons, Mary Ann Jane, née Baker
Simon, Francois
Simonet and Company, William
Sinclair, Thomas
Sinnatt, J Richard
Skelley, Mary Ann
Slader, Robert Stephen
Smith, Mrs
Smith, Kate, née Campbell
Smith, Emma
Smith, Laura
Smith, Lilian
Smith, Sarah, née Smith
South Western Company
Southwood, Elizabeth, née Upward
Southwood, Elizabeth, née Townsend
Southwood, Mary
Sowman, Mrs
Springate and Baker
Squibb, D C
St Cast, Celeste Julie
St Luke's Refuge
St Saviour's Hospital
Stansbury, Thomas
Stent, Edmund
Stocker, Charles
Stone, Pamela, née Winter
Stoodley, Mary Ann, née Laugée
Stoodley, Child
Stoodley, G S
Stoodley, Frank
Stoodly, George J
Stopfer, Mrs
Stopher, Charles
Stopher, Georgina, née Kail
Stopher, Children
Stranger, Charles
Stranger, Mrs
Strong, William
Stuber, Mrs
Stuber, Child
Stuber, Arthur
Stuber, Laura, née Dolbel
Sullivan, John
Sutton, Mr
Sutton, Janet, née Seymour
Sweeney, Mary, née Doran
Sweeney, Mr
Sweeney, Edward
Syburn, Emma, née Gillard
Syvret, Mary L
Syvret, George
Syvret, Mr
Tabary, Gabrielle
Talbot, Maud Mary, née Hill
Talbot, Ralph
Taylor, Sophia
Temple, Alice, née Rowe
Tharaud, Felix
Thatcher, J
Théresin, Louis
Thérin, Desire
Therin, Adolphe
Therin, Pierre
Thérin, A J
Thérin, Louis F
Thiébault, William Charles
Thiebaut, Mrs
Thieu, Francoise
Thomas, Jemima, née Mott
Thomas, Jane, née Cavanagh
Thomas, Jeanne Marie
Thomas, H
Thomas, Henry
Tiheu, Françoise
Tirel, Marie
Tite, Ann Rogers, née Fogwell
Tomes, James
Toms, James
Toogood, Susan
Toussaint, Victor
Touzel, George
Touzel, Mrs
Touzel, Mrs, née Leat
Townsend, Elizabeth, née Upward
Trachy, Mr
Treasure, J
Tregeagle, Mrs
Tregiuer, Josephine
Trenchard, Eva Sarah
Triggell, Mrs
Truscott, Sarah, née Kateon
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, Elizabeth, née Gosselin
Turner, Louise
Turner, Adelina Elizabeth
Turner, Mrs
Underhay, Janet, née Seymour
Underhay, James Henry
Underhay, Children
Underhay, Mrs
Usher, Mary
Valentine, Desiree
Vasselin, Mrs
Vaughan, Samuel
Vautier, Adèle Victoire, née Durant
Vibert, Priscilla, née Tudor
Vibert, Edward
Vickers, John
Victoria College
Viel, Aline
Viel, Abraham
Viton, Julie Emelie, née du Tot
Voice, Stephen
Voisin, Mrs
Voisin and Company
Wakeham, Annie
Wakeham, James
Wallis, Emma Jane, née Davidson
Wallis, Mr
Wallis, William
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Mrs
Walsh, Children
Walsh, Dennis
Walter, Albertine Augustine, née Reine
Walters and Company, F
Walters and Company, Frederick
Warne, John
Warne, Evelyn
Warne, John W
Warne, Mary A E
Warne, Minnie
Warner, Elizabeth Ann
Warr, John Leoni
Warr, John
Warren, James
Warren, Mary Ann
Warren, Mrs
Warren, Ada
Water Company
Watts, James
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Lucy
Waugh, Eliza Jane, née Gaudin
Waugh, Eric
Way, Harriet
Way, Mabel Harriet Annie
Way, Edmund Thomas Charlton
Webb, William
Webb, Robert
Webber, Grace, née Dobson
Wellman, Maria, née Brown
Westlake, Thomas Walter
Wetherell, Mrs
Whales, William
Whales, Mrs
Whall, Mary Ann, née Elwood
White, Mrs
White, Ann, née Breen
White, John
White, Mary Ann, née Newberry
White, Mrs
White, Francis
White, Reverend
White and Sons, J
White, Caroline, née Williams
William Gregory and Sons
Williams, Maud
Williams, Charles
Williams, Mrs
Williams, Mrs
Williams, Eliza, née Gray
Williams, James
Williams, Jane
Williams, Elizabeth, née Prior
Willmett, William H
Willmett, William W
Willmott, Elizabeth Jane, née Bond
Wilson, Madame
Wilson, S F, Major General
Witt, William E
Woods, Henry George
Woods, Mabel Violet
Woodsford, Elvina, née White
Woodsford, Florence Elvina
Woodsford, Percy Gordon
Woodsford, Clarence Herbert
Woodsford, Elsie Mary
Woodsford, Elize Mary
Woodsford and Harris, M U
Wright, Caroline, née Alger
Wright, Mr
Young, Amelia
Young, Mrs
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.