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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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Reference C/C/V1/13
Date 14 December 1892 - 1 April 1896
Names States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Adair, Clara Tennison, née Helsham
Adcock, Charles Stephens
Ahearne, Eliza, née Cassidy
Ahier, Henry
Alexandre, Mrs, née Chisholm
Allam, Charles
Allam, James
Allam, Violet
Allchin, Frederick
Allen, John
Allicet, Eliza, née Govier
Amblot, Julie
Amy, Emmeline E
Amy, George G
Amy, Marie Louise
Amy, Mrs
Amy, Sophie, née Darben
Anderson and Sons, J
Andrews, Charles Clement
Andrews, Harriet, née Wise
Andrews, Jane, née Le Selleur
Andrews, Mary Ann, née Annear
Andrews, Mary Ann, née Brooks
Archenoul, Sidonie
Armstrong, George
Arnold and Sons
Arthur, Alfred Frederick
Arthur, Mrs
Asplet, C and Company
Aspley, J
Aubert, Jean Marie
Aubert, Mauvier
Aubin, W D, Doctor
Aubin, Mary, née Hill
Aubin, Philip
Audienne, Family
Averty, G and Sons
Ayling, Anne, née Griffin
Baal, John Thomas
Bailey, Catherine, née Learey
Bailey, Catherine, née Leary
Bailey, Mary Ann, née Pearson
Bailly, Mary, née Lifton
Balleine, George Orange
Baltus, Family
Baltus, James Hazel
Baltus, Mrs
Bamber, Charles Henry
Barry, Ellen
Barry, Patrick
Bartlett, Henry
Basil Eve, Auguste
Basil Eve, Louisa
Basset, Julie, née Viel
Baston, Mary, née Wood
Batley, Mrs
Bauchet, François Victor
Baudains, Carterette
Baudains, Mary, née Leading
Baudains, Mary, née Leding
Baudains, Philip
Baudoux, E
Baxter, Susan, née Hopkins
Beakbane, J
Beale, Samuel
Beauvir, Allain
Beauvir, Emile
Beauvir, Eva
Beauvir, Francis
Beauvir, Philippe François
Beauvoir Family
Beauvrey, Matthurin
Beckford, Marianne, née Miller
Becquet, Percy
Béhaul, Aimable
Benest, C J
Bennett, Edward F
Bennett, Elizabeth A
Bennett, Joseph
Bennett, Sarah, née Bruce
Berteau, E
Beuzeval, Ernest Francis
Bidau, Henri Louis
Bidau, Marie
Bidel, Marie, née Mauger
Bidou, Henri Louis
Biles, Family
Biles, George
Binet, Philip
Bisson, Jane, née Deslandes
Bisson, Mary
Blain, Jeanne
Blake, Eliza, née Hume
Blampied, Harriet, née de Jersey
Blampied, Thomas
Blanchet, Rosalie Frances
Blot, Julia Charlotte, née Renouf
Blyth, Mary Ann
Bodman, Peter
Bodnaham, Charles
Bodnaham, Peter
Bollée, George
Bossy, F A
Boudin, Rose, née Le Feuvre
Bourgeois, Alfred J
Bourgeois, Victor
Bourgeoise, Aimable
Bourke, Catherine, née Shea
Bowden, Eliza, née Truen
Bowdidge, Ann Jane
Bowdidge, Jane
Bowman, Mary
Boyce, Henry
Boyce, Mary Ann, née Le Cras
Boyce, Mrs
Brassy, Michael
Breen, Honora, née Barry
Brett, Eliza, née Le Feuvre
Brett, Walter
Brett, William
Brett, Winifred Elizabeth
Briand, Jeanne
Briant, Catherine
Brideaux, Elizabeth
Britton, Catherine, née Davis
Brochard, Aimable
Brogan, Margaret, née Remington
Brogan, Terence
Brooks, Fanny, née Grigory
Brunet, Harriet, née Le Hardy
Bryan, Michael
Bunker, Robert
Burns, Alice, née Devonshire
Burt, Prudence, née Brint
Burton, George
Butters, Agnes née McArthur
Cabot, P P
Cabot, Victor
Cahill, Eliza, née Le Maistre
Cahill, John
Caldecott, Charles, Doctor
Campbell, Clifford
Campbell, Ernest
Campbell, Mrs
Carey, Johanna
Carouge, François
Carré, Elie
Carré, Helier
Carrrel, Marie
Carson, Matthew
Carter, F J
Carter, Mrs, née Banivell
Carter, William
Cassidy, Elizabeth
Castel, Augustine Alexandrine, née Ozouf
Castel, Désiré Louis Ferdinand
Castel, Desiré, née Ozouf
Catt, Stephen
Cavanagh, Jane
Chaffey, Eliza
Chambers, Elizabeth, née Carter
Chambers, Peter
Chandler, Elizabeth, née Rowell
Chandler, J
Chatel, Emelie
Chatel, Emelie Emma
Chatel, Ferdinand
Chevalier, Eliza
Ching, Esther, née Ahier
Clancey, William
Clancy, William
Clarke Rawlins and Company
Coff, Marian
Cole, Mrs
Cole, Sophia, née Condor
Collings, Ann, née Deamon
Collings, Elizabeth, née Gale
Collings, Jane Caroline, née Grove
Conan, Louis
Connel, Ellen, née Le Mesney
Connell, Alexander
Connell, Mary, née Murphy
Connor, Ellen
Connor, Harriet
Connor, Mary Ann, née Holmes
Connor, Mary, née Nolan
Connors, Elizabeth, née Rouet
Connors, John Robert
Conolly, Mrs
Cooney, Walter
Cooper, Catherine, née Foley
Cooper, Charles
Copp, Jacob
Copp, Jane, née Northey
Copp, Mrs, née Northey
Copp, W C
Copp, William
Coram, Jacob
Corley, Jane
Cornick, Charles
Cornick, Harriet, née Paul
Cornick, Jane
Cornick, William
Cornish and Baudains
Cornish, James
Corre, Jean Marie
Cotard, Jean Louis
Couch, William
Coutanche, Henriette
Coutanche, Josué
Coutanche, Mary A, née Robilliard
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Rosina
Croalin, Pierre
Crouzier, Family
Cummings, Alfred
Cummings, Mary A, née McGrath
Dadd, Mrs
Dale, Emily
Dale, John
Dauthereau, Caroline
d'Authereau, Caroline
Davey, David
Davey, Julie, née Le Boutillier
David, Josephine
Davis, George
Davis, Georgina
Davis, Henry
Davis, Sarah, née Dolman
Davis, Susannah, née Pashley
Day, Mrs, née Halfyard
Day-Luce, W C, nurse
de Faye and Le Sueur
de Faye, F G
de Faye, Louis
de Faye, Thomas L
de Gruchy, A and Company
de Gruchy, T
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Guelle, Marie
de la Mare family
de la Mare, Florie Maud
de la Mare, Louisa Mary
De la Mare, Mabel Elvina
de la Mare, T
de la Pierre, Eugène
de la Rivière, Mr
de la Taste, C
Delany, Eliza, née Querée
Dely, Marie
Denis, Joseph
Denton, Mrs
de Veulle, Philip C
Devin, Augustine, née Regnier
Dillon, David
Disquet, Mrs
Divall, Elizabeth Sharp
Dixon, Jane, née Forsey
Dixon, William
Dodge, Mrs
Dodgin, Miss
Doidge, John
Dolan, Nora, née Dillon
Donnel, Ellen, née Le Mesney
Donoghue, Mary, née Waters
Donoghue, Mrs
Donoghue, Mrs, née Waters
d'Orellana, Mr
Dorey, John
Dorlon, Agnes
Dowding, Harriet, née Gurd
Downer, Centenier
Downer, Charles
Drouet, Marie, née Le Huquet
Drube, Arthur Otto
Drube, Otto
Drube, William
Druce, Maria, née Gothard
du Feu, Philip
du Val, Sergeant
Dugdale, Elizabeth, née Taylor
Duheaume, Philip C
Dumaresq, B
Dumaresq, Miss B
Dunn, Mrs
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Thomas
Dupré Brothers, Mr
Dupreuil, Emile
Dupreuil, Mrs
Durell, Mrs
Dustan, Henry
Duvivier, Alice, née Gasnier
Dwyer, Catherine, née English
Dwyer, Ellen, née Begeley
Dwyer, Margaret
Dyer, Emma
Eastley, John
Edwards, Captain
Elliott, Henry E H
Elson, William
English, Thomas
Enwright, Mary
Enwright, Mrs, née Desmond
Ereaux, Julia, née Ford
Ereaux, Mrs
Esnouf, Edouard
Esnouf, Ellen Elizabeth
Esnouf, Ernest
Esnouf, Rachel
Etasse, Louis Napoléon Celestin
Etiembre, Yves Marie
Eustage, Marie
Evans, Edward
Evans, Mrs
Eve, Auguste Abraham
Falla, Peter
Falla, Thomas
Falla, W, Doctor
Fallaize, Eliza Maria, née Elms
Farouilly, Elizabeth, née Alexandre
Fauvel and Waddington
Fauvel, Alfred
Feaver, Susanne, née Beghin
Feltham, Mrs
Fenessy, Mrs
Fennessey, Mrs
Fennessy, Mrs
Fennesy, Ellen
Féron, Mrs
Ferrant, Alphonse
Field, John
Filleul, Arsène
Fitzgerald, Mrs
Flemming, Mary, née Foley
Fletcher, Josephine
Fletcher, Mrs
Floch family
Floch, Francosiche
Foley, Blanche
Foley, Charles
Foley, John
Foley, Patrick
Foley, Rose Lina, née Brogan
Foot, Mary Ann
Ford, Eliza, née Murphy
Ford, Isaac
Ford, William H
Forsey, Mary
Forward, Charlotte, née Lockyer
Fosse, Auguste
Fosse, Reginald
Fossey, Jean Baptiste
Foster, Alfred Percy
Fox, George
Fox, Mary, née Hunt
Frampton, Charles
Francis, Henrietta
Fry, Elizabeth, née Le Marquand
Le Marquand, Elizabeth
Fuller, Louisa Elizabeth, née Andrews
Gaillard, Amelie, née Ménage
Gallichan, Julie, née Perrier
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Susan
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallie, Mrs Mary Ann, née Salter
Gardner, Henry
Gardner, William Henry
Gasnet, Francois
Gasnier, Arthur Hamilton
Gasnier, Charles
Gasnier, Charles George
Gasnier, Elizabeth Maria
Gasnier, Rosa Helena
Gaudion, Eliza, née Hall
Gautier, Charles
Gavey, Edward
Gawley, Mary Ann
George, Francis Philip
Giffard, Fanny, née Johnson
Gillard, John
Girard, Daniel
Goazigo, Jérome
Godfray, Francis
Godfray, G C
Godfray, John
Godfray, Marie, née Poisson
Godfray, Mary, née Picot
Godfray, Son and Major
Goode, Mrs, née Le Huque
Goodland, Marie, née Le Gros
Goole, Margaret Ann, née Rogers
Gore, Louisa, née Coomber
Gorvel, Francois
Gorvel, Yves
Gosney, Rachel, née Gallichan
Gosselin, Auguste Jean
Gosselin, Eugene Pierre
Gosselin, Eugene Pierre
Gosselin, Marguerite Eugenie
Gosselin, Marguèrite, née Tréhiou
Gosselin, Mrs
Gouch, William
Gould, Henry George
Gouvel, Gabrielle
Gover, Stanley Godfray
Govier, Mrs, née Ainsworthy
Grady, Anna, née Hester
Grady, Hannah, née Hester
Gray, Charlotte, née Warburton
Gray, J
Gray, Louisa, née Andrews
Gray, Sidney
Green, Ann
Green, Mr
Green, William
Gregory and Sons, W
Grossmith, Robert
Guille, Louisa, née Kilminster
Guillemot, J M
Guillomart, marie
Guilloum, Marie Louise
Guiton, Walter E
Gwilliams, Alice
Hacquoil, Edward
Hacquoil, Henriette
Hadley, Elvina Agnes
Hadley, Joseph
Hake, Edith, née Reppen
Halfyard Family
Halfyard, John
Halfyard, Mary Ann
Halfyard, William Robert
Hamon, Alexis
Hamon, Amelia
Hamon, Anna Louisa
Hamon, Lilian
Hamon, Mrs, née Mitchell
Hamon, Nancy, née Le Moignan
Le Moignan, Nancy
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Julia, née Mitchel
Hampton, William
Handy, Mrs
Hansford, Henry
Hardie, Percy
Hardy, Ann, née Le Dain
Hardy, Mary, née Carey
Harnet, Elizabeth, née Whelan
Harrington, Mrs
Harris, Catherine, née Annear
Harris, Maria, née Weymouth
Harris, Sarah, née Nichols
Harris, Sarah, née Nicholson
Harrison, John
Harvey Family
Hawey, Caroline, née Bird
Hayes, Mrs
Hayes, Mrs, née de Garis
Healey, James
Healey, Mrs
Healy, Catherine, née Daly
Healy, Catherine, née Welch
Hearn Family
Hearn, Michael
Hearn, Mrs
Hearne, Daniel
Hebert, F
Hecott, Charles
Hennessy, Mary Ann, née Rogers
Hepburn, Emma, née Haynes
Herauville, L
Herbert, John
Hervé, Anna Mary
Hervé, Charles Durell
Hervé, John Francis
Herve, Joseph
Hervé, Marie, née Renaut
Hescott, Charles
Hescott, Matilda, née Andrews
Hescott, Mrs
Hewlett and Sons, J
Hibbs, Charles
Hickman, Harriet Frances
Hickman, Harriet Francis
Hicks, Daisy
Hicks, George P
Hill, Ann, née Green
Hill, Joseph
Hill, T
Hinault, Matthurin
Hlien, Francois Marie
Hobbs, Pierre
Hockey, George
Hocquard, Jane, née Scarborough
Hodges, Elizabeth, née Hutchings
Hodgeson, Jane
Hogin, Mary Ann, née Norris
Hogin, Susan, née Wardley
Holey, Adèle
Holey, Auguste Eugène Francois
Hollinshed, C F
Horner, Jane, née Lander
Hubert, Adéle
Hubert, Charles
Hue, Marie
Huelin and Le Feuvre
Huelin, P J
Hull, Jane
Hunt, Mrs, née Catherwood
Hurst, Elizabeth, née Keamish
Husk, Elizabeth, née Fuller
Hutchings, George
Huxham, Thomas
Jackson, Jane, née Burrough
Jehan, Marie
Jeune, Agnes
Johnson, Mrs
Jones, J
Jones, Mrs
Journeaux, Elizabeth, née Rawlings
Journeaux, Jane
Keamish, Adolphe
Keamish, Adolphus
Keefe, Ann, née Macnamara
Keefe, James
Kelly, Ann Mary, née Falle
Kelly, Annie Florence
Kelly, Charles Henry
Kelly, Charles John
Kelly, Family
Kenealy, Mary, née Reardon
Kenny, Marion, née Richardson
Kenway, Sarah, née Farwell
Kernahan, Mary, née Patterson
Kernisinen, Yves Marie
Kervanec, Victor
Kessel, William
Kiddle, Mary Amm, née Watt
Kilalee, Mrs
Kilford, Mrs, née Walters
Kimber, Charles
Kimber, Harriet, née Jackman
Kine, Elizabeth, née Sperring
Kiney, Bernard
Kiney, Margaret, née Duyer
King, Elizabeth
Knight, Albert
Knight, Elizabeth
La Franc, Julie
La Venne, Josephine
Labey and Blampied
Laffoley, Philip De St Croix
Lakeman, Henry
Lamb, Margaret
Lambert, Mary, née Usher
Lane, Mrs
Lavenne, Josephine
Laventure, Edith
Le Batteur, Victoria
Le Blancq, J W
Le Blond, Philippe
Le Boutillier, Ann
Le Brocq, Edward
Le Brun, A
Le Canu, Charles Eugene
Le Cerf, Arthur
Le Clerc, Pierre
Le Cocq, Jane, née Vasselin
Le Cornu, Charles Eugene
Le Cornu, J
Le Cornu, Joshua and Sons
Le Cornu, Samuel
Le Couteur, A and Company
Le Cronier, Maxwell, Doctor
Le Cuirot, Marguerite
Le Feuvre, Charles
Le Feuvre, E, Rev
Le Feuvre, Jeanne, née Le Sioux
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Fevre, Alice
Le Franc, Julie
Le Francois, Josephine, née Mouchel
Le Gallais, M
Le Gallais, Mrs
Le Gentil, François
Le Geyt, Johanna, née Fitzgerald
Le Geyt, Johanna, née Gerold
Le Geyt, Mrs
Le Gros, C D
Le Gros, Charles Daniel
Le Hoch, Francoise
Le Houquet, George and Sons
Le Huquet, Frederick
Le Huquet, George and Sons
Le Huquet, Hilda Ann
Le Huquet, Philip
Le Jeune, Mrs
Le Labour, Philomene
Le Lacheur, Mary, née Goole
Le Lievre Brothers
Le Lievre, Abraham
Le Maistre, Ann, née Kembsley
Le Maistre, Eliza
Le Maistre, Julia
Le Maistre, Julie E
Le Marquand, Emily, née Hill
Le Marquand, F B
Le Masson, Guillaume
Le Masurier, Francoise
Le Mière, Ernest
Le Mière, François
Le Monnier, Auguste
Le Monnier, C and Company
Le Monnier, Jean
Le Monnier, John
Le Monnier, Louisa
Le Monnier, Pierre
Le Monnier, Selina
Le Noble, Fanny, née Picot
Le Page Louisa
Le Page, Malvina
Le Personnier, Marie
Le Poidevin, R
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, J
Le Quesne, P
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Riche, Samuel
Le Rossignol, A P
Le Rossignol, Philip and Sons
Le Rouvillais, Jean
Le Selleur, Jean Philip
Le Sioux, Jeanne
Le Sueur, Amelia, née Powell
Le Sueur, Betsy, née Belford
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Francis Percy
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Sueur, Mrs, née Denton
Le Sueur, Robert Henry
Le Tual, Anna Louisa, née Hamon
Le Tual, Annie Jane
Le Tual, Francis George
Le Tual, François Marie
Le Tual, Marie Louise, née Hamon
Le Tual, Walter George
Le Vast, John
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William
Le Vesconte, Matilde
Lebert, Mary Ann
Ledwick, Elizabeth, née Hodder
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Kathleen
Lee, Margaret
Lee, Mary, née McKenna
Lee, Mr
Leguel, Marguerite, née Hamon
Lelay, Léonie
Lennaghan, Mrs
Leopold, Ellen, née West
Leopold, Sigismund
Lesturgeon, Anne Marie, née Le Breton
Leuen, Catherine, née Crate
Lewis, George Samuel
Lewis, Mr
L'Indrien, Marie
Livermore, Jane, née Kimber
Long, Mrs
Long, William
Longeard, Jean
Longeard, Marie, née Le Goubon
Love, John
Lowden, Caroline, née Gillam
Lowden, Gertrude
Lucas, Mr
Luce, Ernest
Luce, Reverend E
Lyne, George
MacDonald, Catherine
Machon, May
Machon, Phillippe J
Macleod, Mrs, née Bepsley
Maçon, Henri
Magnan, Mary
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, Philip
Mahony, P
Maine, C T
Mainguy, Mary
Male, Ephraim
Malifer, Mrs
Mallet, Jane
Mallet, Richard
Mangan, James Augustus
Mangan, Mrs, née Type
Marais, Marie, née Lengronne
Marais, Mrs
Marie, Désiré Emile
Marie, Jules
Marie, Pierre Alphonse
Marret, Jean
Marsh, Ann, née Johnson
Marsh, Anna Maria
Marshall, Elizabeth, née Maiden
Martin, Marie Reine
Martin, Mary Ann, née Anderson
Martin, Mary Ann, née Andrews
Martin, Mrs, née White
Martinotti, Angelo Maria, née Carello
Mayer and Melzer, London
Maynard, Mary Ellen, née Cook
McBride, F A
McBride, James
McCarthy, Ellen, née Mahoney
McDermott, Lawrence
McGuiness, Mary
McKee, William
McLeod, Eliza, née Bestley
McLeod, Ellen
McLeod, Mrs
McLeod, Mrs, née Bespley
Médal, Marie
Mellish, Annie
Mellish, Arthur George
Méluigue, Eugenie
Merer, Jeanne
Messervy, Alfred
Messervy, Christian, née Tretherway
Michel, Francois
Michel, Harriet Eliza
Michel, Jean Baptiste
Michel, Pierre
Miller, Caroline, née Le Feuvre
Millow, Emma, née Henry
Mills, Virginia, née Steiger
Milmer, Cecilia, née Ledbury
Minchineer, Rosana
Minchington, Margaret, née Rook
Moignet, Louise
Moll, Jemima
Montalent, Jran
Moore, Susan, née Carter
Moraut, Anne
Mordelait, Henry
Morin, Augustine
Morin, Marie, née Hamel
Morvan, Jeanne
Mrs Collasse
Mudford, Eliza, née Mitchell
Mullins, Charles
Mullins, Mrs
Mullins, Patrick
Murphy, Albert Romeril
Murphy, John T
Murphy, Mary Ann Agnes, née Romeril
Naylor, Jane, née Thomas
Neel and Le Quesne
Neel, Philip
Neville, William
Newman, Elizabeth, née Hall
Newman, William
Nicolas, Marguerite, née Cuirot
Nicolle, Walter C
Nivet, Marie
Noel, Ellen, née Wakeham
Noel, Rosalie, née Blanchet
Nolan, Mary
Norman, Ph
Norton, Ann, née Green
Norton, Walter
Odell, Charles William
Odell, Joseph
Odell, Violet
Oldridge, E
Oliver, Ida Lilian
Oliver, Isaac John
Oliver, Mrs
Olivier, Joseph
Olivier, Marianne
Olivier, Théophile
Omnés, Françoise, née Taton
Orange and Company
Osborne, Henry
Osment, Elizabeth, née Britton
Osment, Elizabeth, née Gillard
Osmond, Mrs
Ouless, C P
Pallott, J
Parker, Elizabeth, née Stokes
Parker, George
Parker, Harold
Parker, Lily
Parker, Samuel
Parpaillon, P J
Pasquier, Blanche, née Henry
Pasquier, Louis
Payn, John Charles
Pearson, Alfred
Pearson, Joseph
Pellou, Matthieu
Penney, J H
Pepin, Elizabeth, née Hawkins
Pepin, Mrs
Periot, Pélagie
Perrio, Paul
Perriot, Pelago
Philpott, Alice, née Rennell
Picot, Mary Elizabeth, née Bertram
Pihan, Victor
Pike, William
Pinson, Marie
Pirouet, Aimée Adelaide Flavie, née Bliaud
Planque, Margaret, née Turner
Platten, Joseph
Plongeon Family
Poingdestre, Louisa, née Ames
Poole, Henry Edward
Poole, Maud Jane, née Lane
Postel, Albert
Postel, Francoise, née Padel
Potter, Ann, née Dolbel
Potter, James
Poulain, Jeanne Marie
Powell, Doctor
Prendergast, Mary, née Morrissey
Quenault, Philip John
Quinn, Mary, née Copp
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsy
Quintain, Jeanne
Rafferty, Adolphus
Rafferty, Eliza, née Starck
Rafferty, Maud Mary
Rafferty, Philip
Raffray, Marie
Ramsey, Bridget, née Coney
Randall, Eliza, née Chaffey
Randall, Robert
Ravens, Margaret, née Brogan
Reed, Alfred
Reed, Lavinia, née de Gruchy
Refuge de St Luc
Renault, Marie
Rendell, William
Renouf and Sons, C G
Renouf, J W
Renouf, Mary E, née Cabot
Rhoda, Jane
Riason, Florence, née Wadge
Roach, Mary
Robert, Ann
Robins, Eli
Robins, Jane, née Neal
Robins, Marie
Rochard, Alfred
Rogers, Mrs, née Clarke
Rogers, Sarah, née Clarke
Rogers, William J
Romain, Elie
Romeril, William
Rondel, Emilie
Rowans, Thomas
Rowden, Susan, née Carrol
Rowe, George
Rowe, Mary, née Johnson
Rowe, Mary, née McAllen
Ruault, Mrs
Ruff, Henry
Ruff, Mrs
Rusden, Samuel
Rusden, Sarah, née French
Russell, Mary Ann
Ryan, Aileen
Ryan, Johanna, née Ryan
Sainsbury, Mrs
Salisbury, Elizabeth, née Cornick
Sanders, Mrs, née Ragout
Sarchel, W A
Sarchet, Mr
Satchwell, Elizabeth
Saunders, E B
Saunders, Mrs
Saunders, Mrs, née Ragout
Sausset, Mrs, née Le Geyt
Sauvé, Alexandrine Francoise, née Leger
Scully, John
Seabury, Henry
Sebilot, Jean Marie
Selby, Fred
Sercombe, George Hill
Shallow, J
Shaw, Jack
Shelley, Mary Ann
Shepherd, Mrs, née Hockey
Sheppard, Henry
Sherlock, William
Shorto, Henry R
Silsbury, Catherine, née McCornick
Silsbury, Jacob
Simmons, William
Simonet, W and Company
Simons, Ellen
Simons, James
Sinclair, Mrs, née Bottomly
Sinclair, Thomas
Sircomb, George
Skilley, Mrs, née Young
Smallacomb, Elizabeth Ann Hamling, née Yelland
Smallcomb, Elizabeth A Hambling, née Yealland
Smart, Mary Ann, née Brown
Smith, Ann
Smith, Bennet
Smith, H & J
Smith, Mrs
Smith, Sarah, née Smith
Southwood, Elizabeth, née Townsend
Sowman, Mrs
Spencer, Henry
Spiller, James
Spiller, Louisa, née Tucker
Spratt Family
Spratt, Alfred
Spratt, J
Spratt, James
Spratt, Susan, née Cantel
Springate and Baker
Squibb, D C
Stansbury, Thomas
Steiger, Joseph
Stephens, Arabella, née Whetton
Stephens, Hugh
Stephens, Ida Caroline
Stephens, Joseph
Stevens, Jane
Stivey, John
Stone, Pamela, née Winter
Stoodley, Mrs
Stopher, C
Stranger, Ch
Strong, William
Stuber, Arthur
Suavé, Alexandrine, née Leger
Syburn, Emma, née Gillard
Syvret, John
Tapley, John
Tardiff, Marie
Tardivel, Victorine
Taylor, William
Temple, Frank Walter
Thatcher, Elizabeth, née Smith
Thatcher, John
Thérin, Victoire, née Hamon
Thomas, Alphonse
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, George
Thomas, Louisa, née Gunton
Thorn, William
Thuillier, Emmelie
Thuillier, Léon Louis
Tirel, Jean
Tobin, Mary, née Welch
Toms, F Woodlands
Toner, Patrick
Toogood, Susan
Tossel, Joseph
Touzel, Eliza, née O'Brien
Touzel, Elizabeth, née O'Brien
Touzel, George
Touzel, Mrs, née Calloway
Treasure, William
Tregear, J
Tregitt, Mrs
Trego, Thomas
Trenchard, Eva Sarah
Triggell, Mrs
Trunckeon, Mrs
Truscott, Sarah, née Kaleon
Truscott, Sarah, née Kateon
Turner, Mrs
Turpin, Constant
Urvoy, Victor
Vale, Emily
Vale, John
Vale, Mary, née Hogan
Vale, Mr
Valpy, Francis
Vasselin, Alphonse Amedeé
Vasselin, Ernestine
Vasselin, Jean
Vasselin, Rosalie
Vaugeois, Auguste
Vautier, Adèle Victoire, née Durant
Vautier, George
Vautier, J
Vautier, Mary Ann
Veaugeois, Auguste
Venisse, Louis
Verhegen, Mary A, née Le Moignan
Vibert, Henriette, née Hacquoil
Vibert, John
Vickers, John
Vickerson, John
Vickerson, Mary, née Healy
Vivier, Alice, née Garnier
Voisin and Company
Voisin, Edward
Wadeworth Binet, P
Wakeham, Esther
Walden, John
Wales, Laura Maria
Wall, Elizabeth Ann, née Anderson
Wallbridge, Alice Emma
Wallbridge, Elizabeth
Wallbridge, John
Wallser, John
Wallser, William
Walters, Fred and Company
Ward, Caroline, née Palmer
Ward, Thomas
Warr, Laomi
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, James
Watts, Lucy
Way, Edmund
Way, Edward T C
Way, Mabel H A
Webb, Robert
Webber family
Webber, Grace, née Dobson
Webber, J
Weiss and Sons
Werrin, Charlotte, née Laurence
Westlake, Walter
Weston, James
Wetherell, Mrs, née Newberry
Wheeler, James
Whelan, Patrick
Whetherell, Gertrude
Whetherell, Henrietta
Whetherell, Mark
White and Sons, J
White, Caroline, née Williams
Williams, Caroline
White, Margaret
White, Marice Agnes Gladys
White, Mary A, née Corney
White, Mary A, née Newberry
White, Mrs, née Breen
White, Mrs, née Thomas
Wilkinson, Mary Ann, née Andrews
Willbraham, Sarah Fanny, née Shambrook
Willbraham, William
Williams, Esther Elizabeth, née Laugée
Williams, Jane
Williams, John
Willmett, Charles
Willmett, John
Willmett, John Forster Stokes
Willmott, William H
Wolley, enfants
Woodland, Elizabeth Ann
Woods, Family
Woodsford, Clarence Herbert
Woodsford, Eliza Mary
Woodsford, Percy Gordon
Woolley, Edward
Woolley, Family
Wright, Thomas
Le Feuvre, Eliza
Keywords Hospitals | minutes
Dimensions 1 volume
13 papers
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.