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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments and have been indexed by name of person. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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Reference C/C/V1/15
Date 6 February 1899 - 18 December 1902
Names States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Ablett, Edward Thomas
Ablett, Mrs, nee Johnson
Adrews, William
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Henry
Ahier, Jeanne Marie, née Tienette
Aillet, Lucie
Aillet, Mathurin
Airth, Francis
Airth, Isabella, née McKee
Alexandre, George
Allam, Violet
Allen and Sons, James
Allen, Elizabeth, née Miles
Allen, William, Captain
Allix, Felinis
Amor, Jane
Amy, Emmeline, Eleonore
Anderson and Sons, J
Andow, Amelia
Andrews Family
Andrews, Fanny
Andrews, Louisa
Andrews, Mary A, née Brooks
Andrews, Mary A, née Dounton
Andrews, Wlliam
Armstrong, Alfred
Armstrong, Andrew
Arrowsmith, Frances Mary, née Kettlewood
Arthur, A
Ashley, Isabella, née Price
Aubin, Ada Annie, née Thomas
Aubin, Mary, née Hill
Aubin, Walter Durell, Doctor
Baal, John Thomas
Bailey, Catherine, née Leary
Bailey, Mary Ann, née Pearson
Bailey, Mary, née Gosling
Bailhache, Philippe
Baker, Charles
Baker, Eliza
Balcam, Thomas J
Baldwin, Frank
Balleine, Marie
Ballet, Jeanne
Bannier, Francois
Barbé, Angele
Baril, Honorée Marguerite Marie
Barkham, George
Barmet, Laura, née Kelly
Barnett, Nora, née Kelly
Barry, Joseph
Bartlett, Henry
Bartlett, Reginald
Basil, Jane
Basil, Pierre
Basset, Julie, née Viel
Bauchel, Virginie, née Sleiger
Bauchet, Virginie Marie Louise, née Steiger
Baudain, Guilleaume
Baudains, Mary, née Leading
Baudains, Philip
Baudains, Susan, née Bickham
Bavage, Mary
Beakbane, Benjamin
Beakbane, Charles Edward
Beakbane, J
Bell, Lydia
Bell, Mary
Benest and Renouf
Benest, G P
Bennett, John
Bennett, Sarah, née Bruce
Bennett, Thomas J
Benoit, Henry
Berry, John
Bihel, Aimée, née Jouvin
Biles Family
Biles, Annie
Biles, Henry
Biles, John
Biles, Nancy
Biles, William
Binet, J
Bishop, Florence, née Romeril
Bisson, Elizabeth, née Wakeham
Bisson, Mary Ann
Bisson, Mrs
Bisson, W
Blackburn, Elizabeth, née Helps
Blackmore, Charles
Blackmore, Mabel
Blades, Sophie
Blampied, Thomas R
Blanchet Family
Blinot, Marianne
Blivet, Francois
Blivet, Victoirie, née Tertre
Blondel, Aimable
Blondel, Louis
Blyth, Elizabeth M A
Bodnaham, Charles
Bogert, Mary Ann, née Chant
Boisvin, Auguste
Boivin, Eliza, née Vautier
Boscher, Celestine, née Macé
Boscher, Louis
Bosdet, Florence
Boshet, Marie, née Jagot
Bougard, Mary, née Chant
Boulard, Marie, née Gosset
Boullier, Francoise Alphonsine
Boulton, Muriel Cameron Welsh
Bourel Family
Bourke, Catherine, née Shea
Bourke, Elizabeth
Bourke, Ellen Theresa
Bourke, John
Bourke, Louisa J
Bowden, William
Bowdidge, Jane
Boyce, Frederick John
Boyce, Henry John
Boyce, Robert
Brassey, John
Brennan, Alice
Brett, Walter
Bridges, Alfred
Bridges, Elvina Agnes, née Hadley
Brisset, Emma
Brité, Marie Jeanne née Rivouaille
Britton, Catherine, née Davies
Brooks, Fanny, née Griggry
Brown, Edmund
Brown, Kate, née Barry
Brown, Mary Ann, née Le Cras
Brown, Tamasine, née Wreford
Brown, Thomas J
Bruck, Amanda
Brunet, Harriet, née Le Hardy
Brunker, Gertrude
Bryant, James Henry
Budge, William
Bunker, Robert
Bunker, Robert Henry
Butler, Sarah, née Markin
Butters, Agnes, née McArthur
Byrne, Mary Eliza
Cabot, Esther, née Jaffray
Cadin, Jeanne Marie
Caffry, Mrs
Caldwell, Matilda Adelaide
Calippe, Yves Marie
Callaghan, Mary, née Kenealey
Campbell, Jane, née Dryden
Campion, Walter james
Caprey, Annie
Carey, Johanna
Carey, Michael
Caro, Jeanne Marie
Carré, Emilie Marie
Carré, Helier
Carré, Thomas
Carreau, Jean
Carro, Jean
Carson, James Wallace
Cartwright, George
Carvié, Thomas
Cassidy, Bridget, née Dunlavy
Cassidy, Mrs
Cavanagh Family
Cavanagh, Alphonse
Cavanagh, Edward
Cavanagh, Florence
Cavanagh, George
Cavanagh, Joseph
Cavanagh, Rebecca
Chaffey, Eliza, née Randall
Champion, Emma, née Collings
Champion, Marie Joseph
Chanahan, Bridget, née Nonan
Chant, Caroline, née Reynolds
Chatel, Ferdinand
Chazel Family
Chazel, Mrs, née Murphy
Chazuel family
Cheetham Family
Cheslatais, Jean M
Chestalais Family
Chestalais, Catherine, née Guegan
Clarke, Alice Mary, née Wallis
Clarke, Alice Maud
Clarke, Alice née Mitchel
Clarke, Emma, née Furzer
Clarke, John William
Clezio, Jean
Clifford, Dorothea
Clifford, Edwin
Clifford, Esther Emily, née Woodford
Clifford, George
Clifford, Hully
Clifford, Mr
Cocher, Adolphe
Cocher, Susanne
Cochet, Adolphe
Collin, Jeanne
Collings, Richard
Collins, Eliza, née Woods
Collins, May
Collins, William
Condon, Alice, née Cunningham
Conery, Hannah, née Cullen
Connel, Ellen, née Mesny
Connor, Mary, née Holmes
Connors, Johannah, née Cuff
Cooney, Julia
Cooney, Mary, née O'Donoghue
Cooper, Catherine, née Foley
Copp, A and W
Copp, Jacob
Coppins, Emma
Corley, Jane
Corley, Jean Baptiste
Corneillé, Lucienne
Cornick, William
Costelloe, Priscilla
Cotillard, Mathurin
Courcoux, Alice
Courcoux, George
Cousin, Louis Joseph
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Louisa, née Bott
Cox, Elizabeth, née Gosling
Craigen, Agnes, née McDonald
Creggin, Annie
Crézey, Marie
Crill and Sons
Croad, William
Crook, James
Crotty, George
Cuirot, Julie
Dale, Ellen, née Horner
Dale, Ethel
Dale, J
Dallain, Elvina
Dare, Caroline
Dart and Sons
Dauthereau, Caroline
David, Emma Jane
Davis, Emily, née Gillingham
Davis, George
Davis, Henry
Davis, Jemima, née Mitchelmore
Davis, Mulworth
Day, Mrs, née Halfyard
de Faye, F G
de Faye, Thomas Louis
de Fontaines, Blanche
de Gruchy, Abraham and Sons
de la Haye, F W
de la Mare family
de la Mare, Louise Mary
de la Mare, Singleton
de st Croix, Moses Seth
Delaney, Matthew
Delanoe, Pierre Joseph
Delany, Matthew
Dénes Family
Denis, Marie
des Hayes, Alexis
Devin, Augustine, née Regnier
Digne, Aimée
Dingle, Margaret, née Penny
Donaldson Brothers
Donoghue, Margaret, née Waters
Dorey, J
Dottmont, Auguste
Doublard, Alexander
Doyle, Lucia, Reverend Mother
Drage, Elizabeth, née Fairburn
Driver, Julia, née Condon
Drouyn, P F
du Parcq, C P
Dubail, Jeanne Marie
Duchene, Louis
Duhamel, Charles
Dunley, Johanna, née Ahearn
Dunn, Abina, née Mangin
Duval, Auguste J
Duval, Pauline Angelina
Dwyer, Ellen, née Bedgeley
Eady, Howard
Eagan, John
Ecobichon, Marie Rose
Eddie, Catherine, née O'Connel
Edgeley, Absolom
Ellett, James
Ellett, Samuel John
Elms, Lizzie
Elms, Violet
English, Thomas
Ennis, Walter
Ennis, Walter John
Esnouf, Ernest
Etasse, Pierre
Eyles, Clarissa E, née Clarke
Eyles, George
Fairchild, Maria, née Movies
Falla, Peter
Falla, Walter, Dr
Fallaize, Eliza, née Elms
Falle, George
Feaver, Susan, née Beghin
Feltham, Clara, née Billows
Ferbrache, Frank
Ferbrache, Lydia
Fernando, Mabel
Field, Annie Rebecca, née Stout
Field, James
Field, John
Fisher, James
Fleckney, Charles
Foot, Angelique, née Le Goubin
Foot, George
Foot, Mary Ann
Forward, Charlotte, née Lockyer
Fosse, Garcion
Fosse, Olympe Francoise, née Eustache
Fougére, Pauline
Fouquerel, Clémentine
Foward, Charlotte, née Lockyer
Fox, Alexandre
Fox, Sarah, née Furzeland
Francis, John
Freeman, George
French, Theresa
Fry, Elizabeth, née Le Marquand
Le Marquand, Elizabeth
Fry, Margaret, née Queeney
Galbreath, James
Gale, Amelia, née Andow
Gallais, Francois
Gallan, Michael
Gallen, Michael
Gallichan, Ethel
Gallichan, Francoise, née Vallet
Gallie, Mrs
Gardner, William
Gardner, William Henry
Garnier Family
Garnier, Clarence
Garnier, Queeny
Gasnier, Arthur
Gasnier, Clarence
Gasnier, Queenie
Gaudin, John
Gavey, Ada
Gavey, Philippe
Gawley, Mary A
Gawley, Mary Ann
Gellender, John de Bailly
Geoffroy, Joseph
Geoffroy, Marie, née Le Maout
Gerot, Marie L
Gill, Arthur
Giquel, Louise
Girand, William
Girard, Adelaide Louise
Girard, Adele, née Jacques
Girard, Daniel Nicholas
Girard, Harry John
Girard, James
Girard, Jean
Glendewar, William
Glendower, Orlando
Glover family
Glover, Elsie Lilian
Glover, Frederick Arthur
Glover, Laura
Glover, Precina Mary
Glover, Rosina, née Riekman
Glover, Selina, née Brown
Glover, Thomas
Glover, Thomas Richard
Glover, William George
Godfray sons and Major
Godfray, Jean
Godfray, John
Gohier, Elmire, née Boissage
Gold, Jemima, née Rusden
Gorin, Angéle
Gosney, John
Gosselin, Alice
Gosselin, Auguste Jean
Gosselin, Clara Jeanne
Gosselin, Eugene Pierre
Gosselin, Marguerite Eugenie
Gouédard, Louis
Gouffich, Elsie Jane
Govier, Mrs, née Ainsworthy
Grady, Anna, née Hester
Gray, J
Gray, Louisa, née Andrews
Great Western Railway
Green, William
Gregan, Annie
Gregory and Sons, William
Griffon, Anne
Griffon, Louis
Grodoire, Alfred
Grovelle, Pierre
Gruie, Gabriel
Guégan, Jacques Marie
Guérin, Anne
Guillaume, Paulaise
Guiton, Walter E
Gunton, Mary
Hacquoil, Edouard
Haddon, Maria
Hadley, Clarence Joseph
Hale, William
Hall, Lily
Hall, Thomas
Halls, Nathaniel
Halls, Sarah Ann, née Patch
Hamilton, William
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Pierre
Hanley, Susan, née Brinton
Hannaford, Lily, née Cocks
Hansford, Elizabeth
Harding, Florence May
Harding, George
Harding, Henry
Harding, Joshua
Hardy Family
Hardy, Charles
Hardy, Elizabeth, née Rogers
Hardy, Mary, née Carey
Harper, J V
Harris, Mrs, née Annear
Harris, N H
Harris, Nicholas
Harris, Sarah, née Nichols
Hart, H
Hartnet, Bridget, née Whelan
Harvey, Susan, née Brinton
Hawkins Family
Hawkins, Susan, née Budge
Healey, Catherine, née Daly
Healey, Charles
Healey, James
Healey, Margaret
Healey, Patrick
Healy, Catherine, née Daly
Healy, Mary
Hébert, Jean Auguste Alexandre
Henderson, Mary
Henny, Marion, née Richardson
Henry, Anne, née Guiéret
Hepburn, Matilda, née Bullock
Herleaux, Lilian Alice
Hernon, Marie
Hervé, Francoise, née Avalon
Hickman, Harriet
Hickman, Harriet Frances
Hill, Jessica
Hillion, Azeline, née Souplet
Hitchcock, Amy
Hitchcock, Lilian
Hodgell, Matilda, née Aubin
Hodgett, George
Hodgett, William
Hogin, Susan, née Wardley
Hogon, Susan, née Wardly
Holloway, Josué
Hooper, Ann, née Frost
Hooper, William
Horman, Francois
Hoskins, P
Houssin, Pierre Paul
Howe, Lizzie
Howes, J W
Huelin and Le Feuvre
Huelin, William
Hunt, Albert
Hunt, Alexander
Hunt, Edward Charles
Hunt, John
Husk, Elizabeth, née Fuller
Hussey, Robert
Hutchings, George
Igo, Cecil Frederick
Igo, Frederick
Igo, Josephine, née Raynal
Inglis, John B
Ivy, Fanny, née Bowden
Jackson, Jane, née Burrough
Jackson, Mary Ann, née Morissey
Jacquet, Jane, née Fallaize
Jacquet, Mary Elizabeth
Jacquet, Senateur
James, Mrs, née Lane
Jarnet, Marie
Jenkins, Alfred
Jeune, Mary Jane, née Underhill
Jicquel, Louise
Joffrain, Louis
Johnson, Mrs, née Marsh
Joide, Marie Francoise, née Hervé
Jones, Charles
Jones, J
Jones, Jane, née Barbier
Jones, Lily
Journeaux, Jane
Joy, Mary, née Jackson
Keamish, Florence
Keamish, Gladys
Keller, Anna Mary, née Bourgeuis
Kellett, Charles
Kellett, Charles Bedford Clarkson
Kellett, Violet Nelly
Kellett, William
Kelly Family
Kenealey, Mary, née Regan
Kenealy, Mary, née Regan
Kent, Eliza Harriet, née Lamburn
Kent, Philip Patrick
Kerfont, Annie Maria
Kernahan, Mary, née Patterson
Kessel, William
Kilford, Mrs, née Waters
Kiney, Margaret, née Dwyer
Kirkby, Dora
Kirkby, Margaret, née Sheran
Kneeshaw, Charles
Kneeshaw, Mary
Labey and Blampied
Lambert, Mary, née Usher
Lamport, Jane, née Abraham
L'Amy, Sarah, née Barret
Lanahan, Maud, née Dibden
Lane, William
Lange Family
Lange, Arsene
Lange, Arsene Paul Auguste
Langeard, Marie, née Le Goubin
Laurens, E J
Laurens, Eliza Ann
Laveille, Manuel
Le Bail, Yves Marie
Le Blancq, T W
Le Boutillier, Ann
Le Breton, Alexandrine
Le Breton, Clémence St Pré
Le Brise, Francoise
Le Brocq, J T
Le Brun, A
Le Cam, Jacques
Le Canu, Charles Eugene
Le Clerc, Pierre
Le Cocq, Cecil
Le Cocq, Florence
Le Cocq, James Lucas
Le Cocq, Percy
Le Cocq, Richard
Le Coq, Désiré
Le Cornu, J and Sons
Le Cornu, J P
Le Cornu, Philippe
Le Couillard, Albert
Le Couillard, Jean
Le Couteur, W G
Le Cras, Charles Henry
Le Cras, Selina, née Kerichard
Le Feuvre Brothers
Le Feuvre, Ada Charlotte
Le Feuvre, Anastasie, née Palziac
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Feuvre, Richard
Le Fevre, Margaret, née Gavey
Le Fleurie, Marie Louise, née Monjaret
Le Gallais, Albert
Le Geyt, Johanna, née Fitzgerald
Le Grand, Louis
Le Gros Bisson, Nicolas
Le Gros, Cecilia
Le Guernier, Mrs
Le Herissé, Albert
Le Hérivel, Miss
Le Hucquet, Eliza Julie
Le Huquet and Sons, George
Le Lacheur, Mary, née Goole
Le lescheur, Mary, née Goole
Le Macon, Guillaume
Le Maistre, Ann, née Kembley
Le Maistre, Ann, née Kembsley
Le Marquand, Eliza
Le Marquand, F P
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Mary, née Geary
Le Marquand, Maud
Le Masurier, Peter John
Le Maux, Isabelle
Le Méné, Louis
Le Meur, Marie Yvonne
Le Miere, Armand
Le Mineur, Francois
Le Mineur, Mrs, née Helnot
Le Moignan, Mary Ann
Le Monnier, C and Sons
Le Neveu, P
Le Noble, Fanny, née Picot
Le Noble, Nicolas
Le Norman, Marie, née Le Feuvre
Le Page, Melvina
Le Potier, Marie Rose, née Le Vaner
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, Thomas
Le Rendu, Caroline, née Godferoy
Le Riche
Le Riche, Emily, née Pomeroy
Le Rossignol and Sons
Le Rossignol, A P
Le Roux, Josephine
Le Rouzé, Madeleine, née Le mohaux
Le Roy, Marie
Le Sauteur, Thomas
Le Selluer, Henry
Le Sueur, Clarence George
Le Sueur, Georgina, née Channing
Le Sueur, J and F
Le Sueur, John Robert
Le Sueur, Robert Henry
Le Vaillant, Jean M
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William
Le Zaicq, Francois
Lear, Ann, née Maddick
Lear, Edwin Francis
Lebert, Mary A
Ledwick, Elizabeth, née Hodder
Lee, Catherine, née Baldwin
Letto, Peter
Leuen, Catherine, née Cralé
Leverdier, Marie
Lilley, Alice Holland, née Dale
Lineham, Joseph
Livermore, Jane, née Kimber
Lizzin, Jules
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, William John
Lock, James
Longbottom, George Henry
Longbottom, Laura Jane, née Amy
Longeard family
Longeard, Jean Baptiste Eugene
Longeard, Jean Francois
Longeard, Jeanne Berthe
L'Orveiller, Francoise
Louette, Celestine
Louis, Auguste Bienaimé
Louis, Mathurine, née Le Peuche
Lucas, Joseph
Lucas, Marie Louise
Lucas, Mrs, née Gérot
Luce, Leonard F
Ludde, Sophia, née Holson
Lybourne, Jospeh
Lyne, George
Machon, Josué
Madden, Alfred
Maguire Family
Maguire, Harriet
Mainguy, Hannah
Mallard, Aimeé
Mallet, Jane
Malzard, John A
Manguy, Jean
Manning, Mary, née Stauton
Marais, Marie, née Lengsonne
Marchant, William
Marett, James R, Colonel
Marie, Constance, née Le Cureur
Marie, Esther
Marie, Jean
Marie, Jean Nicolas Louis
Marquis, Alice Emily
Marret, Philippe
Marsh, J F
Marsh, John
Marshall, George David
Mascré, Adeline Marie, née Crespin
Mason, Marie Josephine Augustine, née Bellet
Masterman, Family
Masterman, Florence
Masterman, William
Mathurin, Maurice
Matthieu, Angéle, née Barbé
Maurice, Virginie
McAuliff, Ellen, née Barry
McDermott, Lawrence
McGee, Catherine, née Kearns
McGrath, John
McGrath, Mary, née Power
McIvor, Maggie
McKee, William
McKenny, Harold
McKenny, Janet
McKenny, Mary Ann née Buesnel
McKenzie, Isabel Jessie
McLinton, Rosa, née Mulholland
Mears, Alice, née Daw
Mellor, Elsie Laura
Messervy, Elizabeth, née Edwards
Messervy, Thomas
Miller, Susan, née Le Vesconte
Millow, Emma, née Henry
Mills, Elizabeth
Milmar, Cecilia, née Ledbury
Mirabel, Yves
Mire, Bartholomew
Mire, Ellen Maud Mary
Monet, Julie, née Cuirot
Monsec, Berthe
Monsec, Helene
Monsec, Mary Ellen
Monsec, May
Mooiet, Marie
Morice, Virginie
Morin, Francoise
Morin, Melvina Rachel Philomene
Moss, George
Mourant, Esther, née Machon
Mourant, Philip John
Mourton, Albert
Mourton, Antoinette, née Lievre
Muller, Marie
Mullins, Ellen, née Brogan
Mullins, Thomas
Murphy, Bridget, née Lawkins
Murray, James
Murray, Mary Ann Esther, née Deveaux
Murray, Maud
Mutton, Alfred Cory
Nagle, Mary Ann, née Whitlock
Nash Family
New, Henry
New, Henry
Noble, Frederick
Noel and Porter
Noel, Elizabeth, née Gotterel
Noel, Philippe Gallie
Nolan, Mary
Norris, James
Norton, Ann, née Green
Nulty, Catherine, née Doyle
O'Brien, Bridget
O'Brien, Mary, née Clancy
O'Brien, Michael
O'Keefe, Catherine, née Penson
O'Keefe, Mrs
Orange, G
Osment, Elizabeth, née Gillard
Overdale Hospital
Ozouf, Ferdinand
Pallot, Jos
Pallott, J
Panajott, Max
Parker, George
Parker, Georgina
Parpaillon, Pierre Jules
Parrot, Beatrice, Bertha
Parrot, Edmée Amanda Louisa, née Yvon
Parsons, Benjamin
Paye, F
Payn, Azeline
Payne, Albert Louis
Payne, Elizabeth Auguste, née Le Feuvre
Payne, John
Penec, Marie
Penery, Alice Louise
Penney, Elizabeth, née Kemmish
Peprell, Sarah, née Mitchelmore
Perkins, Amy Lilian
Perrin, Francois
Peters, Jane Mary, née Sherry
Philips, Elizabeth
Pierre, Georges Léon
Pierre, Marie Léonie, née Veauvy
Pigeon, Mr
Pinard, Albert
Pinard, Emma, née Perchard
Piquet, Louise
Pirouet, Aimée, née Bliaud
Planque, Magaret, née Turner
Ponsford, Maria
Poole, Myriosama
Powell, William
Prevel, Jean Francois
Prevel, Mary Ann, née Philips
Priddy, Emma, née Price
Quilgar, Joseph
Quintaine, Armand
Rabet, Angélique, née Gorod
Radding, Catherine
Saunders, Sophia, née Ragout
Ramsay, Amelia Margaret
Ramsay, Henry Andrew
Randall Brothers
Raoul, Yves
Ravens, Margaret, née Brogan
Read, Elvina Eliza May, née Henry
Read, Thomas
Reardon, Elizabeth, née Baker
Redfearn, Arthur
Régnier, Augustine
Renault, Alexandre Bienaimé
Rendell, William
Renouf and Sons, C G
Renouf, C J
Renouf, Charles Stephen
Reynolds, John William
Reynolds, John William Joseph Wise Rosser
Reynolds, Lawrence
Reynolds, William
Riou, Olivier
Robarl, Marie
Robert, J P
Robert, Marie
Robins, Eli
Robinson, John
Rogard Family
Roissier, P A
Rolland, Ernest Alexandre
Rolland, Leon-Paul
Rolland, Louis-Jean
Rolland, Marie Suzanne, née Sejet
Rolland, Peter Eugene
Rolland, Pierre
Rolland, Stanislas Jean Francois
Rolland, Victor
Rolles, Henry
Ropard, Pierre
Rose, Alfred
Rouney, Louisa
Roussel, Francois
Roussel, Hannah Angelina
Rowden, Susan, née Carrol
Rowe, Albert
Rowe, Mary, née Johnson
Ruff family
Ruff, Elizabeth, née Andrews
Ruff, Mrs
Rust Family
Rust, Adelaide
Rust, Alexandra
Rust, Alice, née Le Riche
Rust, Eva
Rust, George
Rust, Henry
Rust, Maud
Rust, Mrs, née Huelin
Ryan, Johanna, née Ryan
Ryan, Matthew
Ryan, Michel
Sainsbury, Mrs
Sallou, Francois
Salteen, Mary A, née Lucas
Sanders, Sophie, née Ragout
Saunders, Edmund B
Sauvage, Stella May
Sauvé, Alexandrine, née Leger
Scott Family
Scuiller, Adele Eugenie, née Rouland
Seabury, Henry
Sentillon, Jeanne, née Ballet
Serson, Pierre
Shales, William
Shelley, Mary Ann
Shepherd, Jane, née Hockey
Sherlock, William
Sibley, Julia
Sigouin, Anna, née Le Goff
Simonet, William and Sons
Sinel, James
Single, Albert
Siouville, Alice
Skerry, Ellen
Skerry, John William
Smith, Albert
Smith, Caroline, née Croucher
Smith, Eliza, née Baker
Smith, Sarah, née Smith
Smith, William Baxter
Sorsoleil, Walter Henry
Southwood, Elizabeth, née Townsend
Spencer, Alice, née Norton
Spiller, James
Spiller, Thomas J
Spratt, James
Spratt, Lilian Maud
Stansbury, Thomas
Stapelton, Cyril
Staunton, Mary
Steiger, Agnes, née Le Hérissé
Stentiford, Agnes
Stentiford, Annie, née Parker
Stentiford, William
Stephens, Richard
Stephens, Robert
Stevens family
Stevens, Charles Henry
Stevens, Cornelius George
Stevens, Elizabeth Ann, née Woodward
Stiver, John
Stremus, Mrs née Renouard
Sulley, Mary, née Fitxgerald
Surcouf, Eliza Delphine, née Houssin
Surguy, Sydney
Tanguy, Joseph
Tapley, John
Tarhine, Marie
Thatcher, Elizabeth, née Smith
Thatcher, John
Thérin, Yves
Thomas, Adelina
Thomas, Emma
Thomas, Mary A, née Strickland
Thomas, Mrs, née Conolly
Thomas, Mrs, née Fennessy
Thomas, William
Thorne, James
Thorne, Moses Thomas
Tillec, Catherine, née Belheguy
Tirel, Alice Maud
Tirel, William Francis
Tite, Ann R, née Fogwell
Tobin, Mary, née Welch
Toner, Patrick
Tourner Family
Touzel and Pallot
Touzel and Sons, G
Touzel, A J
Touzel, Eliza, née O'Brien
Touzel, Mary née Huelin
Touzel, T C
Trachy, Florence Harriet, née Romeril
Travers, Auguste
Travers, Mrs
Trégiou, Marie Lorens
Trenchard, Eva Sarah
Trenchard, Olivia
Trenchard, Olivia Emma
Truscott, Sarah, née Kateon
Tucker, Alice
Tudot, Pierre
Uttley, E
Vale, John
Vale, Mary A, née Hogan
Valpy, Francis
Vanney, William Oude
Varney, John William
Varney, Lily, née Picot
Varney, William Oude
Vaughan, John
Vaughan, Mary Jane, née Rendall
Vautier, Esther
Vautier, Mary Ann
Vautier, Priscilla
Venn, Joseph Hall
Verhegen, Mary A, née Le Moignan
Victor, Alfred
Voisin and Sons
Wadmore, Joseph
Wadmore, Robert
Wakeham, Charles
Walden, John
Walker and Sons
Walker Family
Walker, Alice
Walker, Gertrude
Walker, Lilie
Wall, Elizabeth, née Anderson
Wallman Family
Walters and Sons, F
Ward, Bridget
Warr, Laomi
Warren Fanny Frances, née Powell
Warren, James
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, James
Watts, Lucy
Way, Edward
Webb, Ann
Webb, Elizabeth, née Parpath
Webb, Herbert William
Webber, Grace, née Dobson
Weiss and Sons
Welch, Mary Ellen, née Murphy
Welch, Patrick
Werrin, Charlotte, née Lawrence
Westlake, Walter John
Wetherell, Gertrude
Wetherell, Henriette
Wetherell, Rebecca, née Newberry
Wetherell, Samuel Moore, Captain
Whall, Mary A, née Elwood
Whelan, Catherine, née Costello
Whelan, Patrick
White and Sons, J
White, Ann, née Breen
White, Ann, née Newberry
White, Lily
White, Margaret
White, Maria Agnes
White, Mary A, née Newberry
White, Patrick
Whitehead, James
Whittel, Philippe
Williams, Mary Susan
Williams, Thomas
Willmet, John Foster Stokes
Woodley, Elizabeth Ann, née Sauvage
Woodly, Elizabeth Ann, née Le Sauvage
Woods, Florence
Woodsford Family
Woodward, Eliza Ann
Woodward, Elizabeth Ann, née Anderson
Woodward, Henry
Woolley Family
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


C/C/V1/15This item»

The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments and have been indexed by name of person. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.