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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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Reference C/C/V1/6
Date 4 December 1865 - 10 April 1871
Names States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Adams, Charles
Adams, James
Adams, John
Adams, Mrs
Adamson, Agnes
Adamson, Alice
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Jean
Alexandre, Mrs
Allbank, Elizabeth
Allen, John
Amey, George
Annequin, George
Anthoine, Jane, nee Short
Arscott, Mrs
Arthur, Mrs
Ash, David
Ash, Frances, nee Leader
Ash, Thomas
Askell, Charles
Atkins, Mrs
Aubin, W G
Augustin, John
Azicot, Jeanneton
Badier, Mrs
Bagwell, Mary Ann, née Woods
Bagwell, Mrs
Bailey, Mrs
Bailey, Susan, née Vautier
Bailhache, Ph
Baker, Mrs
Ball, John
Ball, Mrs
Bambury, Richard
Barbet, Caroline, née Welsh
Barbet, Pierre
Barling, William Henry
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barrett, Alfred George
Barrett, George
Barrette, Joseph
Barry, Catherine
Barry, Honora
Barry, Margaret
Barry, Mrs
Bartlett, Mrs
Basile, Mrs
Basille, Mrs
Basset, Mrs
Bateman, Zelia
Bayler, Patrick
Bayler, Richard
Beach, Thomas
Beaucamp, George
Beaugeard, Louis
Beaugié, Jeanneton
Becquet, Francis Junior
Becquet, J
Becquet, John
Bediford, John
Bellée, Marie Jeanne
Benest and Pirouet
Bennett, Family
Bennett, Richard
Bentley, Mrs
Beresford, Mrs
Berry, Mrs
Berry, S
Berryman, Mrs
Beslièvre, Mrs
Billot, John
Billot, Judith, née Carrel
Binet, Philippe
Bird, Mary
Bisson, Mrs
Bisson, William
Blackler, Jane, née Gardner
Blake, John
Blampied, J
Blampied, Mrs
Blanchard, Family
Blanchard, Jean Marie
Blee, Thomas
Bliant, Mrs
Bliant, Sylvain
Bliaut, Family
Bliaut, Mrs
Bliaut, Sylvien
Bliaux, Sylvain
Bond, John
Bott, Nicolas
Bottomley, Mrs
Boutier, Mrs
Bowden, Mrs
Bowden, Susan
Bowden, Susannah
Bowler, Mary
Bradford, Thomas
Brady, Ellen
Bragg, William
Bree, Mrs
Brennen, Honora
Bretagne, Pierre
Briard, Mrs
Bright, Joseph
Bright, Robert
Brouard, Mrs
Brouard, Pierre
Brown, Child
Brown, Elizabeth, née Le Masurier
Bryant, Francis
Bryant, Mrs
Buckingham, Mrs
Buckley, John
Budden, Barnard
Budden, Mrs
Buhey, John
Bull, Doctor
Bullen, John
Burns, Ann
Burns, Daniel
Burrows, Mr and Mrs
Burton, Jane, née Smith
Butterfield, Margaret
Butterfil, Margaret
Bynham, James
Cabot, Bartha
Cabot, John Edward
Cabot, Victoria
Cager, William
Cahill, Thomas
Callow, Mary
Camaille, Family
Caplain, Louis François
Cardin, Mrs
Carlisle, Jane
Carlisle, Mrs
Carney, Mrs
Carrel, Francois
Carrel, Mrs
Carrington, Mr
Carter, James
Carter, John
Case, Mary, née Starck
Case, Mrs
Cavey, Matthieu
Chambers, Robert
Champion, Robert
Channon, Elizabeth
Chappel, Family
Chappel, Mrs
Cheeney, Children
Cheney, Eleonor
Chevalier, child
Chick, Mrs
Chillard, Margaret, née Joslin
Chillard, Mary Louise, née Johnson
Chillard, Mrs
Ching, Peter
Churchill, Elizabeth
Churchill, Mrs
Churchill, Samuel
Claill, Henry
Clancey, Michael
Clancey, Mrs
Clansey, Mrs
Clarke, Ann, née Davis
Clarke, Mrs
Clarkson, Son and Cooper
Clausey, Michael
Cleeves, Thomas
Clement, George, Reverend
Clensey, Michael
Clifford, Mary, née Aheron
Cloney, Matthew
Codlear, Richard
Colbert, Sisters
Cole, Mrs
Cole, William
Colebrook, Mrs
Coles, Elizabeth, née Bant
Coles, Mrs
Colley, Christiana
Collins, Bridget, née Kilduff
Collins, Emily
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Joseph Thomas
Compère, Jean Charles Marie
Condon, Mrs
Connell, Ann
Connell, Ellen
Connell, Mrs
Connely, Louisa
Connoll, Mary
Connoll, Mrs
Connolly, Catherine
Connolly, Mrs
Connor, Barney
Connor, Bernard
Connor, Family
Connor, Margaret
Connor, Mary
Connor, Mrs
Contour, Victoire
Conway, Mrs
Cooney, Thomas
Cooper, Charlotte
Corbin, William
Cornick, Mrs
Cornick, Mrs
Cosique, Family
Couillard, Mrs
Cousins, Mrs
Coutanche, François
Coutanche, Jean
Coutanche, John
Cox, Family
Cox, James
Cox, Mary Ann
Cozens, Children
Cozens, Family
Cozens, Mrs
Craddick, Isaac
Crang, H
Creegan, Thomas
Crespin, Charles
Crocker, Mrs
Croft, Ann
Cromer, Henry
Cronin, Mrs
Crotty, Margaret, née Crowley
Crowe, Margaret
Crowe, Mrs
Cullanan, Patrick
Cummings, Richard
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Anna, née Hocking
Cunningham, Mrs
Curley, Frederick
Curry, Joseph
Curtis, Mrs
Dalton, Agnes
Dalton, Jane
Dalton, Mrs
Dalton, Thomas
Danguy, Louis
Daniels, Harriet
Darin, Yves
Davey, Mary Ann
Davey, William
Davis, John
Davis, Mrs
Dawson, Ellen
de Carteret, Nancy
de Faye, George, Centenier
de Faye, T and G
de Faye, Thomas
de Gruchy and Son, Abraham
de Gruchy, Mrs
de Jersey, Family
de Jersey, John
de Jersey, John David
de Jersey, Mrs
de Jersey, Walter
de la Haye, Mrs
de la Mare, Philippe
de Mai, Catherine
de Quetteville , Philip
de Ste Croix, Jean
de Than, Family
Dennis, Susan
Des Granges, Mrs
Desborough, Child
Desborough, Esther, née Humphreys
Desborough, Mrs
Desborough, Sarah Esther
Desborough, William
Deslandes, George
Dethan, Edmond
Dewlin, Mrs
Dirwin, John
Dogherty, Elizabeth
Dogherty, Mrs
Donald, Alice
Donald, Mrs
Donoghue, Margaret
Donoghue, Miss
Doogan, Mrs
Doogle, Mrs
Doolan, Patrick
Douriton, Thomas
Dowden, George
Downer, William
Downey, Family
Downs, Jane
Downton, Children
Downton, Eliza
Downton, George Walter
Downton, James
Downton, Mary
Downton, Thomas
Drake, Ann
Drake, Anne
du Jardin, J T
du Jardin, Jean Thomas
Du Tot, Thomas
du Val, Adèle
du Val, Agnès
du Val, Phil
Ducey, Johanna
Duggin, Mrs
Dunn, James
Dunnen, John
Duval, Mrs
Dwyer, Mrs
Dyne, G I
Dyne, Mr
Elie, Mrs, née Falle
Ellis, James
Ellison, James
Elmes, William
Elmo, William
Elms, Family
Elms, William
Eno, Mrs
Enwright, Michael
Escott, Children
Escott, William
Esnouf, Edouard
Esnouf, François
Esnouf, Harriet
Esnouf, S L
Ewes, Jane, née Macdonald
Fallaize, Mrs
Falle, Edouard
Falle, Mary Ann
Falle, Philippe
Fauvel, Harriet
Fearon, John
Fearon, Mrs
Feean, Mrs
Feehan, Sarah
Fegan, Christopher
Fennesey, Mrs
Fennessey, Mrs
Fenwick, Eliza
Figure, Family
Figure, James
Finch, Ann
Fisher, Child
Fisher, Jane
Fitzgerald, Moris
Fitzgibbons, Mrs
Fitzpatrick, Susan
Foard, Mrs
Fohy, Mrs
Foley, Mrs
Forbes, Child
Ford, John
Forse, Alfred
Forse, Mrs
Forward, Mrs
Fossey, Children
Foulhoux, Antoine
Frazer, Mrs
Freeman, Mrs
French, Joseph
French, Mrs
Frost, Thomas
Furlong, Thomas
Gailliard, Mrs
Gale, Joseph
Gallant, Family
Gallant, Mrs
Gallant, Rachel
Gallant, Rachel, née Fauvel
Gallichan, Margaret, née Scott
Gallichan, Mrs
Gallichan, Mrs, née Scott
Gallichan, Philip J
Gallienne, Family
Gallienne, Miss
Gardner, George
Gasnier, Samuel
Gates, Mrs
Gaudin, A G
Gaudin, Mrs, née Hackworthy
Gaudin, Philip John
Gawlor, Jane, née Reading
Gawlor, Mrs
Geary, Morris
Gerrard, Mrs
Gibaut, John
Gibbins, Andrew
Gibson, Edward
Giffard, Jean
Gifford, Eliza
Gifford, Mary Ann
Gifford, Samuel
Gilbert, Mrs
Gillett, Mary
Gillett, Mrs
Gilley, Mrs
Gillham, Mrs
Gilpin, John
Gleeson, Mrs
Godfray and Son, J F
Godfray, Aaron
Godfray, Charles Le V, Doctor
Godfray, G
Godfray, Hugh Charles
Godfray, James
Goillon, Marie
Goodridge, Charles
Goodwin, Sarah Maria
Goodwin, William
Gordon, Colonel
Gordon, Mrs
Gore, Mary Ann, née McKeown
Gore, Mrs
Gosling, Mrs
Gosset, Philippe
Grady, Mrs
Grandin, Mrs
Gready, Mary, née Gallaher
Green, Joseph
Green, Mrs
Greives, Louisa
Gribble, Richard
Griffiths, Mrs
Guiné, Christo
Guiton, Jean
Gulley, Edward
Gunnell, Susan
Gunston, Mrs
Gunton, George
Gunton, Henry
Guppy, Family
Gutte, Mrs
Hafron, Mark Valentine
Hafron, Mary, née Esnouf
Haines, Mrs
Halfyard, Child
Halfyard, Mrs
Halfyard, Robert
Hall, Mrs
Halliday, Eliza
Hallohan, Mrs
Hallohan, Rosa
Ham, Rachel, née Dacam
Hamling, John
Hammond, George
Hammond, Jean
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, Rosalie
Hamon, Thomas
Hanley, John
Hannaford, Children
Hansford, Mrs
Harding, Amelia
Harding, Triphena
Hare and Company, John
Harris, Charles
Harris, Children
Harris, Walter
Harrison, Mrs
Hawkins, Mrs
Hayes, Mrs
Hayley, Mrs
Healey, Mrs
Healey, Patrick
Helan, Mary Ann
Hellyer, alias Elliott
Hellyer, Henry
Hellyer, Mrs
Hemery, Clement
Hemery, Clément, Deputy
Hemery, Deputy
Hennequin, Bazile
Hennequin, George
Hennessey, Family
Hennessey, John
Hennessey, Mary, née Hartigan
Hennessey, Mrs
Heno, Mary, née Dwyer
Henri, Henriette
Henwood, Alfred
Henwood, Johanna
Heron, Johanna
Heron, Mrs
Hester, Mrs
Hewitson, Sarah
Hewitt, Thomas Henry
Hewlet, Sarah
Hewlett, Sarah
Higgins, Catherine
Higgins, Christian
Higgins, Mrs
Higgins, Thomas
Hill, Mrs
Hill, William
Hillman, Mrs
Hine, Mrs
Hinton, John
Hoard, Mrs
Hodge, Children
Hodge, Family
Hodge, Robert
Hodge, Samuel
Hogan, Mary
Hogan, Mrs
Hogin, Mary
Hogin, Mrs
Hooker, Elizabeth
Hooker, Miss
Hooper, Mrs
Hopping, James
Hopping, John
Hopping, John Mark
Horman, Jean
Horner, Mrs
Hoskings, J
Houillebecq, Family
Houillebecq, Mr
Howard, George
Hubert, Josué J
Hubert, Philippe Jean
Huelin, Philippe
Huet, Mrs
Hughes, Emma
Hughes, Mrs
Hunt, Mrs
Hunt, William
Hutchings, Family
Hutchings, Jane
Hutchings, Louisa
Hutchings, Mrs
Hutchings, Richard
Hutton, Mrs
Hyde, Mrs
Igo, Mrs
Ingram, John
Ingram, Mrs
Ivy, John
Jackman, Mrs
Jacquelin, Family
Jacqueline, Child
Janes, Daniel
Jarvis, Family
Jarvis, Mrs
Jarvis, Samuel
Jeffery, Mary, née Law
Jenner, Henry
Jerome, Mrs
Jerrom, Mrs
Jersey Banking Company
Jersey Express
Jersey Gas Light Company
Jersey Newspaper Company
Jesty, James
John, Mary
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Mrs
Jones, Jane
Jones, Mrs
Jones, William
Joret, Louis Michel
Jourdan, Child
Jourdan, Peter
Juillet, Albertine
Keagan, Mrs
Keefe, Mrs
Keefe, William
Keegan, Mrs
Kelly, Rosannah, née Adams
Kelly, Susan, née Lee
Kenchington, Jane
Kennedy, Child
Kensington, Mrs
Kent, Mrs
Kerslake, Mrs
Kilminster, Family
Kingsnorth and Company
Kingsnorth and Le Huquet
Kingston, John
Kneeshaw, Mary
La Cotte, Bon
Laffoley, Mr
Lakeman, Mrs
Lambert, Richard
Lamerton, George
Lamerton, Mrs
Lander, William
Lane, Mrs
Langlois, Victorine
Lasso, Louisa
Laurens, Miss
Laurens, Phil
Laurens, Susan, née McAllen
Lawrence, Elizabeth
Le Bailly, Josué
Le Bas, Child
Le Bas, Mrs
Le Breton, Mrs
Le Brun, François
Le Brun, Gilles
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Cappelain, Alfred
Le Cappelain, Amelia Ann, née Kolbe
Le Clere, Auguste
Le Couillard, Philippe
Le Couteur, Edouard
Le Couteur, Robert
Le Cras, Abraham Jones
Le Cras, John
Le Cronier, John, Doctor
Le Dain, Miss
Le Dait, Désiré
Le Doyen, Mr
Le Feuvre, George
Le Fevre, Louise
Le François, Child
Le Gallais, Ives
Le Gallais, John
Le Geyt, Mrs
Le Gresley, Betsey, née Robertson
Le Gros and Le Cras
Le Hardy, Clement, Reverend
Le Hucquet, G
Le Lievre Brothers
Le Maistre, Jean
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Marchant, Matthieu
Le Masurier and Vibert 
Le Masurier, Mrs
Le Masurier, Sophie
Le Messurier, J C
Le Messurier, James C
Le Monnier, Mrs
Le Monnier, Sophie
Le Pavou, Joseph
Le Piez, Louis
Le Quesne, Dumaresq and Company
Le Quesne, J C
Le Quesne, Jean
Le Rossignol and Son
Le Rossignol, Mr
Le Souhaité, Augustine, née Lodé
Le Souhaité, Mrs
Le Sueur and Son, John
Le Sueur, Abraham, Reverend
Le Sueur, Amelia, née Powell
Le Sueur, Child
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Jane
Le Sueur, Kate Ann
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Sueur, P H
Le Sueur, Philip and Charles
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Vast, Jean
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William
Leat, Thomas
Leat, William
Ledwitch, John
Lee, Charles Marsh
Lee, Mrs
Lemprière, Daniel, Reverend
L'enfant, Louis
Lewis, Mrs
Lews, Harry
Lipscombe, Henry J
Livesay, Mrs
Lloyd, Child
Lloyd, Mary
Lloyd, Mrs
Long, Charles
Loosemore, Henry
Lowe, Mrs, née Lennard
Lucas, John
Lucas, Mrs
Lugg, Mrs
Lumbard, Richard
Lumley, Child
Lumley, Mrs
MacFarlane, Mrs
Made, Michael
Made, Mrs
Mahaar, Rebecca, née Smith
Mahoney, Michael
Mahoney, Morris
Mahy, James
Maiden, Ann, née Mills
Maiden, Mrs
Male, Robert
Male, Mrs
Maloney, Mrs
Malorey, Marie
Manning, Mrs
Marais, Joseph
Marett, Eliza, née Annear
Marie, Elie
Marie, Miss
Marquand, Jean
Marr, Rebecca, née Smith
Marsten, George
Martin, Family
Martin, John
Martin, Pierre
Martin, Samuel
Masson, Mrs
Masters, Henry
Matteface, Mrs
Matthews, Ann
Matthews, Ann, née Jewell
Matthews, James
Matthews, Joseph
Mauger, George William
Maxwell, Elizabeth
Maxwell, Mrs
Maxwell, Susan
Maxwell, Susan, née Kelly
May, Mrs
Mayden, Mrs
McAllen, John
McAvoy, Ann, née Carey
McAvoy, Mrs
McCanally, Mary
McCarroll, Mary
McCarroll, Mary Ann
McCarthy, Honora
McCarthy, Johanna
McCarthy, Mary, née Barry
McCarthy, Mr
McCarthy, Mrs
McConnick, Child
McCormick, Child
McCornick, Mrs
McDermott, Mr
McDonald, Jane
McFarlane, Child
McFarlane, Mrs
McGovern, Owen
McKay, Robert
McKearan, Mrs
McKearon, Mrs
McLeod, Mrs
McMannus, Mrs
McManus, Mrs
Meech, Anna
Messervy, Elizabeth
Messervy, George
Messervy, Thomas William
Metters, John
Mew, Mrs
Michael, Mrs
Middleditch, Mrs
Miles, Mrs
Milford, Thomas
Millard, Charles
Miller, Philip
Mills, William
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Mrs
Moll, Daniel
Mollet, A
Mollet, Daniel
Morris, Martha
Morrison, Child
Morrison, Mary
Morrison, Mrs
Morrison, William
Morrisson, Child
Morrisson, Mary
Morrisson, Mary Ann
Morrisson, Mrs
Morrisson, William
Moseley, Mary Ann
Mourant, George
Mourant, Jean
Mouton, Emelie
Moyle, Urissa
Much, Mrs
Mullins, Ellen
Mullins, George
Mullins, Mrs
Mulready, Michael
Murray, Mrs
Nash, Charles
Nash, Child
Neel, Elie
Neel, Mr
Neil, Mrs
Neil, Thomas
Netten, William
Newman, Peter
Newman, William
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Clement
Noble, Mrs
Noël, Edouard
Noël, Elizabeth
Northey, Mary
Norton, Catherine
Norton, John
Norton, Mrs
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Donnell, Mary Ann
Ogle, Mrs
Olary, Theresa
Oldham, Mr, Sergeant
O'Relly, Amelia
O'Toole, Philip
Owen, Mrs
Padel, Léonie
Padmore, Joseph
Padmore, Rebecca
Paisnel, Louis
Paisnel, Louis Honoré
Palmer, Betsey, née Duhamel
Palmer, Johanna
Palmer, Mrs
Palmer, Stephen
Parade, James
Parkes, Charlotte, née Hardy
Patch, Edward
Pater, Miss
Payn, Mrs
Payn, Philippe
Peacock, Mrs
Pelé, Jean
Pengelley, Charlotte
Pengelley, Elizabeth
Pengelley, William
Pennery, Jane
Penney, Edward
Penney, Grace
Penney, Mrs
Penny, Georgiana
Penny, Grace
Perchard, Nicolas
Perrot, George F
Perry, Mary, née Budden
Perry, Mrs
Petty, Alexandre
Phillips, Rachel, née Fauvel
Pickett, Mrs
Pigeon, Boinotte
Pike, Mr
Pike, Mrs
Pipon, Susan
Piquand, Hippolyte
Pirouet, Mrs
Pitcher, Charles
Pitman, Louisa
Pitman, William
Pixley, Edward
Plummer, George
Poingdestre, Mrs
Poisson, Mrs
Poisson, Peter
Polico, Françoise
Poole, Michael
Poole, Mrs
Popel, Children
Potinger, Family
Power, Mary
Power, Mrs
Price, William
Pronings, James
Prouten, Francis
Prouton, Francis
Quenault, Miss
Quenault, Mrs
Quinland, Julia
Quinn, Mary
Quinn, Mary, née Kelso
Quinn, Mrs
Quint, Thomas
Ramié, Mr
Randall, Robert
Rault, Mrs
Raymond, James
Raymond, Mary
Raymond, Mrs
Ready, John
Ready, Mrs
Reed, Child
Reed, Lavinia, née de Gruchy
Reegan, Mrs
Renaut, Child
Renouf, Mrs
Revington, William
Reynolds, Michael
Reynolds, Mrs
Reynolds, Sophia
Rhoda, Mrs
Rhodda, Philippa
Richards, Family
Richards, John
Richards, William
Richardson, Mrs
Rickett, Mrs
Riot, Louis
Rippon, Eliza
Rippon, Elizabeth
Rippon, John
Risdon, Susan
Euston, Susan
Rixon, Mrs
Roberts, Thomas
Robertson and Company, William
Robins, W G
Robinson, William
Robrough, Mrs
Roffy, Mary
Rogerie, Charles
Rogerie, Family
Rogers, George
Rogers, James
Rogers, John
Rolestone, Emma
Rolstone, Emma
Rondel, Margaret, née Davis
Rose, Ann
Rose, Mrs
Roussel, Caroline
Royal Ophthalmic Hospital
Russell, Family
Russell, Mrs
Russell, Thomas
Ryan, Alice
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Mrs
Rylands and Son
Sabot, Victor Charles
Sadot, Thérèse
Sage, John
Salter, George
Salter, John
Sampson, Mrs
Sampson, Thomas
Samson, Philippe
Sandham, Sarah
Satchwell, Elizabeth
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, Mrs
Sauvin, Louis
Scales, Mrs
Seale, Daniel
Searle, Elizabeth
Selby, Mrs
Sharland, Mrs
Shaw, Mrs
Shazaul, Johana
Shazaul, Johannah
Shelladay, Children
Shellick, William
Shepherd, Family
Shepperd, Mrs
Shepperd, William
Sherlock, Jane
Sherlock, Mrs
Sherlock, William
Sherry, Family
Sherry, Thomas
Shirley, Alice
Shirley, Ann
Silby, Mrs
Simmons, Mrs
Simmons, William
Simon, Charles
Simon, Jean
Simon, Josué Henry
Simonet Brothers
Simpson, Enora
Simpson, Mrs
Sims, Child
Sims, Family
Sinclair, Mary, née Oram
Sinclair, Mrs
Slater, Mrs
Slater, Mrs
Slatterley, Patrick
Smale, Elizabeth
Smale, Elizabeth, née Moses
Smale, Mrs
Smith, Ann, née Connolly
Smith, Henry
Smith, Lydia
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mrs
Smith, Richard
Soper, George
Sorel and Le Couteur
Soupre, Emma
Spencer, Mrs
Square, Mrs
Squibb, Victoria
Squibb, William
Stansbury, Children
Stark, Mark
Statin, Patrick
Stebbing, Mrs
Steer, Ann
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephens, Elizabeth, née Sobey
Stephens, Mrs
Stevens, Amelia
Stewart, John
Stiles, Jane
Stratford, Children
Studley, Ann
Studley, Eli
Studley, Family
Styall, Joseph
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, Henry
Sullivan, Mrs
Summers, George
Surcouf, Alexandre
Surcouf, Family
Suret, Pierre
Sutcliffe, Mrs
Sweeney, Mrs
Sykes, Sir Frederick
Symonds, Samuel
Symons, Mrs
Syvret, Elizabeth, née Messervy
Syvret, Jean
Tarvill, John
Taylor, Caroline
Taylor, Charles
Taynion, Marie
Temple, Michael
Thomas, Mrs
Thomas, Rosalie
Thomas, William
Thompson, Henry James
Thompson, John
Thompson, Mrs
Thomson, Child
Thomson, Children
Thomson, Mrs
Thorne, Mrs
Tirel, François Adolphe Jean
Tirel, Victorine
Tite, Thomas
Tivort, Alfred
Tobin, Mary
Toms, Mary
Toms, Mr
Torevel, John
Torevell, John
Tourgis, Mrs
Toussaint, Victor
Touzel, Charles Philip
Townsend, Lee and Houseman
Tracey, Michael
Tracey, Mr
Travers, Marie
Treasure, Mrs
Tregannon, Hugh
Treganon, Family
Treggell, Miss
Trehen, Mary, née Vidamour
Trigell, Mrs
Triggell, Mrs
Tuckerman, John
Tuffin, John
Turner, Mrs
Turpin, Mrs
Vallot, Daniel
Vasselin, François
Vaudin, Mrs
Vautier, Mrs
Veach, Clara
Veregan, Family
Verregan, Family
Verregan, Mrs
Vickers, Mrs
Viel, Abraham
Vigoureux, Children
Vincent, Helier
Vincent, Jacques Timothée
Vincent, Mrs
Virgin, Family
Voisin and Company
Voisin, Bisson and Company
Voisin, Francois
Voisin, Louisa, née Wallace
Voisin, Peter
Waar, James
Waar, Mrs
Wager, Joseph
Wakeham, Richard
Walker, Mrs
Wallace, Henrietta Louisa
Wallace, Sarah Louisa
Walling, Mary
Wallis, Sarah
Walters, Elizabeth
Walters, Mrs
Ward, James
Ward, Patrick
Wareham, Family
Wareham, Henry
Wareham, Mrs
Wareham, Susana
Warne, Precillia
Warren, Mr
Watts, Hannah
Way, Boy
Way, Eliza, née Palmer
Way, Mrs
Wearey, Richard
Weary, Richard
Webb, Clara
Webber, Charlotte
Webber, Family
Webber, Mrs
Webber, William
Webster, Mary
Weeldon, Mrs
Wells, Child
Wells, Mrs
Welsh, Elizabeth
West, James
Westaway, J N
Westlake, Mrs
Weston, Ellen, née Magnar
Weston, Henry Charles
Weston, Mrs
Wheelan, Mrs
Wheeler, Mr
Whelan, Family
Whelan, Mrs
Wherry, Richard
White, John
White, Mrs
Williams, Elizabeth, née Swanston
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mrs
Williams, Mrs, née Swanston
Williams, Olivia
Willmott, Child
Wills, Family
Wills, Mrs
Woods and Rogers
Woods, Family
Woods, John
Woods, Mary Ann
Woods, Mary, née Richards
Woods, William
Woolcock, Jonathan
Wright, Emma
Wyatt, Joseph
Yeatman, John
Young, Mrs
Keywords Hospitals | minutes
Dimensions 1 volume
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