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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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Reference C/C/V1/7
Date 1 May 1871 - 11 October 1875
Names States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Adams, Family
Adamson, Agnes
Ahier, Jean
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, Rachel, née Le Maistre
Airth, Mr
Airth, Isabella
Albert, Mrs
Alexandre, Louisa, née Le Rossignol
Allen, Jane, née French
Allen, Edward
Allen, Mrs
Allo, Mrs
Amy, Elie
Amy, Mrs
Anderson, Jane, née Wert
André, Catherine
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, John
Anthony, Mrs
Arnold, William
Ash, David Gordon
Atkinson, James
Aubert, Arsene
Avith, Isabella
Avonie, Louis
Babot, Mary, née Dupont
Babot, Emma
Bacon, Mrs
Badier, Mary Ann Jacqueline
Bailey, Susan, née Vautier
Bailey, Louisa
Baker, Mrs
Baker, Isabella
Baker, James
Baker, Mary Ann
Bales, John
Bambury, Richard
Banks, Robert
Barry, Mrs
Barry, Mary
Barry, Catherine
Barry, Catherine, née O'Donnell
Bartlett, Elizabeth, née Newman
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, Elizabeth, née Masters
Bateman, Joshua
Bates, John
Batters, Elizabeth, née Hatch
Battrick, Robert
Beacon, Charles Edgar
Beacon, Maria
Beadon, Maria
Beaton, Family
Beaton, Maria
Beattie, George
Beauchamp, George
Bechelet, Child
Beckford, Isaac
Beer, James
Beer, Family
Benes, Mrs
Benest, Marie, née Bedefer
Benest, Charlotte
Benest, Mrs
Benham, Robert
Bennett, Richard
Bennett, Harriet, née Hernest
Bentley, Mrs
Beresford, Mrs
Berry, Patrick
Berry, Elizabeth
Berry, Mrs
Berry, Henry John
Berry, Harriet Jane, née Mauger
Berry, Henry
Bert, Charlotte
Berthelot, Mrs
Bertram, Eliza Jane
Besselièvre, Jean
Besselièvre, Louis
Besselièvre, Elizabeth
Bethel, Peter Francis
Bettison, Mrs
Bewes, Cordelia, née Wevish
Bewhy, John
Bews, Thomas
Bews, Mrs
Bibby, A, Reverend
Bidois, Pierre
Billot, Judith, née Carrel
Billot, Mrs
Binet, Philippe
Bird, Richard
Bisson Le Cras, Family
Bisson Le Cras, François
Blackler, Mrs
Blampied, Henriette, née de Jersey
Blampied, John
Blampied, Charles
Blondel, Jean
Bon, Walter
Bond, Susan
Bond, Family
Bond, Mrs
Bond, Walter
Bott, Elizabeth
Boucé, Alexandre
Bourdick, Leopold
Bourke, Mrs
Boussé, Philippe Joseph
Boussé, Alexandre
Bradford, Thomas
Bray, Clara Ann
Bray, Mary Ann
Bray, Mrs
Brett, Mrs
Brewer, William
Briard, Mary Ann
Bright, Robert
Broccre, John
Brooks, Frederick
Brophy, Mrs
Brophy, Edward
Brophy, Peter
Brouard, John
Brouard, Family
Brouard, Charles Herbert
Brown, Family
Brown, John
Brown, Emily
Brown, William
Brown, Thomas
Brumingham, Mary, née Kelly
Bryant, Johannah
Bryant, Mrs
Bryant, Catherine, née Deal
Bryant, Jane, née Hazard
Bryant, Frank
Bryant, Jane
Bryant, William
Budden, Mrs
Budden, Bernard
Buhey, John
Bull, Miss
Bulled, William
Bunter, Virginie, née Audois
Burke, Mrs
Burke, Michael
Burke, Lewis
Burke, Honora
Burt, James
Butler, Mrs
Butt, Mrs
Butt, Mary Ann Lawrence
Buttell, Family
Buttons, Mrs
Cabot, Mrs
Cadin, Jean Marie
Cadoret, Betsy Nancy
Cahill, Thomas
Cain, John
Cain, Mary, née O'Hara
Cain, Jane, née Hollering
Caine, Mrs
Caine, John
Campbell, Family
Campbell, Elizabeth, née Leach
Cannon, Elizabeth
Capp, John
Cardin, Mrs
Carey, Michael
Carey, Mrs
Carlisle, Jane
Carney, Family
Carroll, John
Castle, Mrs
Castle, Henry
Catel, François
Catel, Family
Catherwood, William
Cavey, Family
Chaffey, Mrs
Chaffy, Eliza
Chalker, John
Challoner, Mrs
Chambers, Robert
Champelle, Louise
Channon, George
Channon, Mrs
Chappell, Richard
Charre, Victor
Cheney, Phoebe Ellen
Cheney, Mrs
Chevalier, Marie, née Le Lion
Childs, Family
Churchill, Mrs
Churchill, Samuel
Clancey, Mrs
Clancy, Catherine, née Kennedy
Clancy, Mrs
Clann, Edward
Clann, Albert
Cleaffey, Mrs
Cleak, Mrs
Clements, Ann
Clements, Child
Clifford, Patrick
Clifford, Mrs
Cockrane, Susan
Coiland, Reine, née Corday
Colbert, Mrs
Colbert, Thomas
Cole, Mrs
Coles, Mrs
Coles, Elizabeth
Collas, Sarah
Coller, Children
Colley and Remon
Collins, Mrs
Condon, Mrs
Condon, Alice, née Cunningham
Condon, William
Condon, Michael
Conlow, Child
Connell, Mrs
Connell, Ann
Connell, Family
Connolly, Urissa, née Moyles
Connolly, Michael
Connor, Margaret
Connor, Mrs
Connor, Bernard
Connor, Ann
Connor, John
Connor, Family
Conroy, Family
Contorer, Victoire
Contour, Victoire
Conway, Mrs
Cooney, Thomas
Cooper, Susan
Corbett, Mrs
Corbin, John
Corlé, Jean
Cormick, Emma
Cornick, Mrs
Cornick, Emma
Cornish, Mrs
Coron, Elizabeth R
Cory, William H
Cory, Mr
Cotter, James
Cotter, Family
Cotton, Mary, née Bartlett
Coupé, Jean
Courtenay, Henry
Cox, Family
Cox, James
Craie, Marie, née Le Gendre
Crepel, Marie
Cromar, Henry
Crone, Margaret
Cronin, Alfred
Crosley, John
Cross, Caroline, née Armstrong
Crossley, Samuel
Crout, William
Crowe, Margaret
Cudmore, Martha
Cunningham, Henry
Cunningham, Andrew
Curdle, Mrs
Curley, Frederick
Curtin, Mrs
Dale, Edwin
Danguy, Louis
Daniel, Adophe
Daniel, Mrs
Daniels, Harriet
Daniels, Mrs
Daragh, Mrs
Dauguy, Louis
David, Mrs
Davis, Mrs
Davis, John
Daw, Henry
Daw, Grace
Dawson, Ellen
de Caën, Jean
de Caux, Angélique, née Houelbecq
de Gruchy, Abraham
de Gruchy, Mrs
De Gruchy, Tom
de Gruchy, Charles
de Jersey, Mrs
de Jersey, Jean Daniel
de Jersey, Jean David
de Jersey, Mary, née Sohier
de la Lande, Bernadine, née Le Gendre
de la Mare, Philip A
de la Mare, Mrs
de Lisle, François
de Quetteville, Philippe
de Ste Croix, Jean
de Ste Croix, Jane
Dear, Miss
Délerée, Mrs
Delisle, François
Delouche, Mrs
Denis, Pierre
Denis, Mrs
Desborough, Mrs
Deslandes, Marie, née Vasselin
Devagne, William
Devayne, William
Devine, William
Dinlay, Thomas
Dinlay, Mrs
Dinley, Ellen, née Bride
Dinley, Mrs
Dinley, Thomas
Dix, James
Dix, Frédéric
Dix, Family
Dixon, William
Dodge, Richard
Dogherty, Elizabeth
Donaldson, George
Donnell, Mary Ann
Donoghue, Mrs
Donohue, William
Donohue, Mrs
Doodle, Mrs
Doogin, Mrs
Doogle, Mrs
Doolan, Family
Doolan, Mrs
Dorey, Philippe
Dorwood, Caroline
Doulton, Jane
Dourveer, William
Dowden, George
Dowington, Thomas
Dowling, Mrs
Downton, Mary
Doyle, George
Drake, Ann
Drake, John
Draught, William
Drevner, William
Drew, Mrs
Drew, Elizabeth, née Neal
Du Feu, Amice
Du Feu, Mrs
Du Feu, Jane
du Jardin, Jean Thomas
du Jardin, Anne, née Martin
du Jardin, Adolphe
Duchemin, Aimable
Duggin, Mrs
Dujardin, Family
Dumaresq, George
Dunn, Thomas
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Mrs
Dunstan, Henry
Dupré, W H
Durell, John
Durham, George Henry
Durham, Mrs
Dustan, Mrs
Duval, Elie
Dwyer, Sarah Anne
Dwyer, Mrs
Dwyer, Family
Dwyer, Catherine
Dwyer, Jeremiah
Dwyer, Ann, née Matthews
Dwyer, Emily
Dyer, John
Eagan, Kate
Eagan, Ann, née Sheppard
Eagan, John
Eagan, Mrs
Eagan, Emma
Eagar, Joseph
Eagar, Mrs
Eagar, Family
Easter, Harriet
Easton, Susan
Edwards, Elizabeth, née Berry
Egré, Caroline
Ellen, Julia, née Marsden
Ellett, James W
Elliot, Jean
Ellis, Edward
Ellis, George
Ellis, James
Ellis, Ann, née Gillard
Ellis, Margaret
Elmes, William
Elms, Family
Elms, William
Elsworth, Family
Enwright, Thomas
Enwright, Mrs
Esnouf, Paul
Escott, Family
Escott, Mrs
Escott, William
Escott, Mary Ann, née Baker
Escott, Alice
Escott, Fred
Evans, Thomas
Falle, Philippe
Farrell, Bridget, née Murray
Feagan, Mrs
Fearon, John
Fennessey, Mrs
Filleul, Philip
Filleul, Mrs
Fisher, Jane
Fitzgerald, James
Fitzgerald, Edmund
Fitzgibbons, Mrs
Fitzgibbons, Mary, née Clancy
Fitzpatrick, Susan
Flamant, Auguste Clermont
Florent, Mrs
Flynn, Catherine
Foard, John
Foard, Mrs
Foley, Mrs
Folley, Mrs
Foney, Florent
Foot, Mrs
Ford, John
Ford, Mrs
Foreman, Henry
Foreman, Mrs
Forward, Henry
Forward, Mrs
Fould, Elizabeth, née Le Feuvre
Fould, Gustave
Fould, Family
Fowler, Charles
Fowler, Clara Alice
Fowler, Joseph
Fowler, Mrs
Fox, Thomas
Fox, Mrs
Francis, James
François, Richard
Frazer, Mrs
French, Mrs
French, John
French, Joseph
Fruing and Company
Fudge, Mrs
Furlong, Mrs
Furlong, Thomas
Galliard, Mrs
Gallichan, Margaret, née Scott
Gallichan, Mrs
Gallichan, Henriette, née Marin
Gallichan, Mary, née Scott
Gallichan, Joseph
Gallichan, Flora, née Adams
Gallienne, Mrs
Garet, Marguerite, née Le Roy
Garnier, Mr
Garry, M
Gasnier, Samuel
Gaudin, A G
Gauler, Jeanneton, née Reading
George, Mrs
Gibbins, Mrs
Gibbons, Mrs
Gibson, Edward
Gibson, Mrs
Gilbert, Mrs
Gillam, Mrs, née Milford
Gillett, Mrs
Gilley, Mrs
Gilley, Family
Gilliard, Mrs
Gilligan, Bridget, née Keogh
Goddard, Mrs
Godfray, Charles Le V, Doctor
Godfray, J F and Son
Godfray, Child
Godfray, Mrs
Godfray, George
Golding, Daniel
Goodreid, John
Gorin, François
Gorin, Olivier
Gorman, Mrs
Goss, Ann, née Gill
Gosselin, Eugene
Gouet, Thomas
Gough, Henry
Gough, Richard
Grady, Mrs
Grandin, Emmeline, née Trefroy
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Mrs
Gray, William
Green, Mrs
Gregory, William
Grey, Elizabeth
Gribble, Mrs
Grimshaw, John
Gruchy, Julie
Guarin, François
Guilliard, Mrs
Gullé, Children
Gullé, Fanny, née Tolmer
Gullé, Jane, née Tolmer
Gullé, Mrs
Gulley, Edward
Gulley, Mrs
Gunnell, Charles
Gunton, Mrs
Gunton, Mary Ann
Hacquoil, Jean
Haffner, Michael
Hale, Elizabeth
Halfyard, Mrs
Halfyard, Jane, née Neal
Hall, Mrs
Hallet, John
Hallman, Sarah, née Harris
Hallohan, Mrs
Haly, Mrs
Hamel, Helena
Hamling, John
Hammond, Mary, née Gaudion
Hanaford, William
Hanaford, Richard
Handing, John
Hannaford, Family
Hannigan, Eliza
Hansford, Mrs
Harding, Amelia
Harding, Philip
Harris, Walter
Harris, Emmeline
Harrisson, Mary
Harrisson, Mrs
Harvey, Major
Harvey, John
Harvey, Children
Harvis, Children
Harwood, Elizabeth, née Sheppard
Hastings, Bernard
Hawkins, Mrs
Hayes, Family
Hayes, Kate
Hayley, Mrs
Hayley, Mary
Hayley, Ann
Hazard, Jane
Heale, Mrs
Healey, John
Hearne, Mrs
Hearne, Mary, née Foley
Hearne, Mary Ann
Heatan, Mrs
Hellard, Elizabeth, née Parry
Hennessey, John
Henri, Madeleine
Henry, Henriette
Herel, Manuel
Heron, Johanna
Heron, Mrs
Hershaw, Child
Hervé, Henriette
Hester, Mrs
Hicks, Caroline, née Harris
Hicks, Mrs
Higgett, Mrs
Higgins, Mrs
Higgins, Family
Higgins, Thomas
Higgins, Catherine, née Burns
Higgins, Sarah, née Skinner
Higgins, Mrs
Higgins, Christiana
Higgins, Mrs
Hill, William
Hill, Mrs
Hinton, John
Hoare, Mrs
Hoare, Joseph
Hoare, Ann, née Tizzard
Hoare, John
Hocking, Mrs
Hodder, Charles John
Hodder, Mrs
Hodgson, William Arthur
Hogin, Mary
Hogin, Mary
Hogin, Mrs
Holian, Peter
Holland, Elizabeth Ann
Holle, Virginie
Holley, Pierre
Hollinshed, Frederick
Hollohan, Mrs
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, Family
Hornbrook, John B
Hornbrook, Mary Ann, née Strong
Horner, Mrs
Horner, Thomas
Hubert, J J
Hublin, Family
Hublin, Mrs
Huelin, John
Huet, Mrs
Hunt, Joseph
Hurford, Emma, née Stett
Hurford, Family
Hurford, John William
Hurst, Jane
Husband, Richard
Hutchings, Richard
Hutchings, Jane, née Hayward
Hutchings, George
Hutchings, Louisa
Hutchings, Eliza
Hutchings, Ann
Hutchings, Henry
Hutchings, John
Hutton, Elizabeth Mary
Isaacs, Mrs
Isherwood, Mrs
Jack, Ellen, née Conroy
Jackman, Mrs
Jackman, James
Jarvis, Family
Jarvis, Samuel
Jeanne, Jean
Jehan, Thomas
Jenkins, Mrs
Jennings, Mrs
Jennings, Edward
Jennings, Walter
Jennings, Annie
Jennys, Mrs
Jerrard, Benjamin
Jersey Gas Company
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Emily
Johnson, Ada
Johnson, Marie Louise
Johnston, Emily
Jones, Jane
Jones, William
Jones, Mrs
Jones, John
Jones, Sarah
Jordan, Child
Joret, Louis Michel
Journeau, Mrs
Jutel, Louis
Keagan, Selina
Keagan, Family
Keagan, Captain
Keagan, Eliza, née Brake
Keamish, Edward
Keegan, Mrs
Keegan, Child
Keeping, Charles
Keeping, Mrs
Kelly, Michael
Kennedy, Michael
Kennedy, Mrs
Kennersley, Alfred
Kent, Family
Kent, Mrs
Kenzie, Elizabeth
Kerlake, John
Kerry, John
Kessell, William
Kilalee, Mrs
Kilminster, Mrs
Kilminster, John
Kimber, W H
King, Diana
Kinnersley, Joseph
Kinnersley, Elizabeth Ann, née Penny
Kinnersley, John George
Kinnersley, George
Kirk, Mary, née Du Feu
Kirk, Family
Kirk, Henry
Kitt, William
KItt, Henry Philip
Lamb, Margaret
Lambert, Michael
Lambert, Mrs
Lamy, Jean
L'Amy, Jean
Lander, Mrs
Lander, Betsy, née Tallin
Lander, William
Landry, Monique
Lane, Mrs
Lane, Amelia
Langlois, François
Larmette, Marie Françoise
Lauder, Mrs
Lauder, William
Laurens, Mrs
Laurens, John
Laurens, Jane, née Spear
Lawrence, Elizabeth
Lawrence, Mary Ann
Lawrence, Mrs
Lawton, James
Le Bitter, Elise
Le Bitter, Adeline
Le Bitter, Family
Le Blanc, Polydore
Le Blond, Polidore
Le Breton, Catherine, née Cockram
Le Brocq, Edouard
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brocq, Alfred
Le Brocq, Edward
Le Brocq, Esther, née Duhaume
Le Brocq, Mrs, née Basset
Le Brun, Pierre G
Le Brun , François
Le Cappelain, Mrs
Le Carrier dit Lapin, Pierre
Le Cocq, Fanton
Le Conte, Ernestine
Le Conte, Louis
Le Couteur, Michel
Le Coutour, Michel
Le Cras, John
Le Dain, William
Le Dain, Edward, Captain
Le Dain, Mary M, née Messervy
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Louise
Le Feuvre, William
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Le Fevre, Louise
Le Gallais, John
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gros, Jane
Le Gros and Le Cras
Le Huquet and Son, George
Le Lievre and Company
Le Lion, Mary
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maquée, Victoire
Le Marche, Jane
Le Marquand, Pierre
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Masurier, Mary Durell
Le Messurier, J C
Le Monnier, Sophie
Le Mottée, Frederic
Le Mottée, Alice, née Le Brocq
Le Noir, Victoire
Le Piez, Mrs
Le Piez, Louis
Le Piez, Family
Le Quesne, J C
Le Ray, Jane, née Budden
Le Riche, Child
Le Riche, George Thomas Jackson
Le Rossignol and Sons
Le Rossignol, Marguerite Jane, née de la Mare
Le Roux, Emilie
Le Sueur, Child
Le Sueur, Abraham, Reverend
Le Sueur, Amelia, née Powell
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Sueur, Philip Fred
Le Sueur and Le Seelleur
Le Sueur and Son, John
Le Tenon, Mrs
Leach, Mrs
Leach, Family
Leach, Edward
Leahay, John
Leahey, Family
Leahy, John
Lebert, Mary Ann
Lee, Richard
Lee, Mrs
Leigh, William
L'enfant, Louis
Lewis, David
Liddy, Mary
Lihou, Frederic William
Limpthorne, Thomas
Liney, George
Linthouse, Thomas
Linthouse, Family
Lipscombe, H J
Loftus, John
Loftus, Mary, née Le Feuvre
Loftus, Mary
Loftus, Alice
Loftus, Susan
Loftus, John
Loftus, Laura
Long, Mrs
Louis, Jacques
Loveless, Family
Lucas, Mrs
Lucas, Priscilla, née Row
Luce, Maria
Lugg, Mrs
Luggard, Ann
Lugger, Ann
Lumbard, Richard
Lumley, Child
Lumley, Mrs
Lynch, Daniel
Lynch, Family
Lyne, George
Lyney, George
Lynn, Mrs
Macdonald, Katherine
MacDonald, Mrs
Machon, Mrs
Made, Mrs
Mahaar, Rebecca, née Smith
Mallet, François
Mallet, Jane
Maloney, Mrs
Malzard, Ophelia
Maney, Bridget, née Fitzpatrick
Mann, Eliza, née Leech
Mann, Sarah
Manning, Mrs
Mansfield, Richard
Marett, Philippe
Maroney, Mrs
Martel, Jane
Martel, Mary
Martin, Mrs
Martin, William
Martin, Mary Ann
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Abraham
Masters, Child
Masters, Mrs
Masters, William
Matthens, Ann
Matthews, Caroline
Matthews, Mrs
Matthews, Catherine
Matthews, Ann
Mauger, Jean
Mauger, Mary Ann, née Dyke
Maxwell, Mrs
McAvoy, Mrs
McCardell, James
McCarthy, Honora
McCarthy, Mrs
McCarthy, Patrick
McCarthy, Bridget, née Curtis
McCarthy, Bartholomew
McCarthy, Patrick
McCormick, Mrs
McCoubrey, Miss
McDonald, Mrs
McGrath, Mrs
Mcguire, Mary Ann, née Taylor
McLean, Mary Ann
McLeod, Mrs
McManners, Mrs
McWhinney, Andrew John
McWhinney, Elizabeth, née Hoyles
Meech, Mrs
Mellish, John
Mellish, Family
Mellish, Mrs
Merrifield, Agnes
Metters, John Bickell
Meunier, François
Mevelle, Marie
Mew, Herbert
Meyer, John
Michael, Priscilla, néé Curragh
Middleditch, Mrs
Mildron, Henry
Mildron, John George
Miles, Mrs
Miles, John
Miles, Richard
Mills, Mrs
Mitchell, Mrs
Mitchell, James
Moisson, Pierre
Mollet, Daniel
Mollet, Albert
Moody, James
Moon, Family
Moore, Henry
Moriarty, Mrs
Moriarty, John
Morisson, Mary Ann
Morris, Ada
Morris, John
Morrison, William
Morrissey, Mrs
Morrisson, Mary, née Knox
Morrisson, William
Mortimer, Mary, née Ross
Mortimer, Jemima
Mortimer, Mrs
Moulin, Mrs
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, Pierre
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, P
Mourant, Mary
Moyse, Mrs
Mullins, Mrs
Mullins, Maria
Mullins, Ellen, née Madden
Mulready, Michael
Murphy, Timothy
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Mrs
Murphy, William
Mutford, Alice
Napper, John
Neal, Jane, née Le Masurier
Neal, Mrs
Neel, Mrs
Neel, Family
Neeldon, Mrs
Nelson, Harriet
Nelson, John
Nelson, Maria, née Perchard
Nelson, Mrs
Neron, Louis
Neumann, Robert
Newman, W, Doctor
Newnham, Henri
Newnham, George
Nicholson, Mrs
Nobbs, Mr
Nobbs, Susan, née George
Nobbs, Family
Noble, Mrs
Noël, Edouard
Noel, David George
Noël, Edouard
Noel, Auguste
Nolan, Mary
Northey, William
Northy, William
Norton, Catherine
O' Connor, Mary, née Mahar
O' Connor, Bernard
O'Connor, Mrs
O'Grady, Mrs
Oldridge, Edward
Osborne, Mrs
Osmond, Edward
Osmond, Mary Ann, née Dellamount
O'Toole, Philip
O'Toole, Mrs
Owen, Mrs
Owen, Catherine, née Doolan
Paisnel, Louis Honoré
Palmer, Johanna, née Reach
Palmer, Betsey, née Duhamel
Parker, James H
Parker, George
Parker, Mrs
Parker, Family
Parsons, Ann
Parsons, Richard
Parsons, William
Paull, Elizabeth, née Martel
Paye, François
Payn, Jane, née Sanford
Payn, Charles
Payne, Mary Ann, née Luscombe
Pellow, Henry
Penery, William
Pengelley, Mrs, née Taylor
Penney, Edward
Penny, Edward
Penny, J
Perchard, Nicolas
Perez, Barakiah
Perier, Jean
Perishore, Family
Perrin, Henry
Perrin, Eva
Perrot, G F
Perry, Martha
Pezeril, Jean
Pezet, François
Pezet, Family
Phelps, Elizabeth
Phillips, Mrs
Phillips, Elizabeth, née du Feu
Phinn , Charles
Pickett, Mrs
Pickett, Mary
Picot, Philippe
Picot, Mary
Pierre, Alix
Pigeon, Brinotte
Pike, Betsy, née Brée
Pike, Mrs
PIm, Mrs
Pinney, Fanny, née Male
Pinwell, Henry
Pinwell, Mrs
Pitcher, Charles
Pixley, Edward
Pixley, P
Plewman, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Plewman, Fanny
Plewman, Deilia Jane
Plewman, Adelaide
Plewman, William
Plowman, Mrs Vine
Poidevin, Louise, née Savary
Poirier, François
Poole, Michael
Poole, Mrs
Porter, Ann, née Gale
Porter, Mrs
Pow, Susan
Pow, Robert
Pow, Albert Robert
Pow, Laura
Pow, Herbert
Powell, Benjamin
Powell, Walter
Powell, Mrs
Power, William
Prendible, Jane, née Tierney
Prevot, Family
Prout, Children
Prouten, Mrs
Pym, Mrs
Queeney, Thomas
Quérobré, Louis
Quertier, Auguste
Queruel, Vincent
Quinere, Mrs
Quiney, Thomas
Quinn, Mrs
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsy
Quint, Thomas
Quirk and Son
Rafferty, Mrs
Rafferty, Amelia, née Mauger
Rainey, Georgina
Randall, Robert
Rault, Mrs
Ray, John
Raymond, Mrs
Ready, John
Ready, Family
Reece, Mrs
Reed, Lavinia, née de Gruchy
Reed, Child
Reed, Mrs
Reed, Harriet, née Smith
Reed, John
Reese, Mrs
Regan, William
Reid, Agnes
Reilly, Amelia
Remington, Mrs
Remington, William
Renouf, Widow
Renouf, Florence, née Colombel
Repper, Richard
Repper, Mrs
Restorick, Family
Restorick, Mrs
Revington, William
Revington, Mrs
Reynolds, Michael
Reynolds, Sophia
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Zachariah
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, John
Rhoda, Philippa
Ricain, Pierre
Rich, William
Richards, Family
Richards, Eliza
Richards, John
Richardson, Family
Richardson, Caroline, née Johnson
Richardson, Philippe
Richardson, Mrs
Ricks, Family
Rideout, Mr
Rider, Emma
Rider, George
Riley, Michael
Ring, Mrs
Ripon, J
Ripper, Richard
Risbecq, Elénora Valérie, née Jacquelin
Rive, Thomas
Rive, Marie, née Renouf
Rixon, John Robert
Rixon, Hannah
Roach, George
Roach, Ann, née Campbell
Robert, Mrs
Robertson, John
Robinson, William
Robrough, Mrs
Rogerie, Family
Rogers, Jane, née de la Mare
Rohan, Mrs
Roinisell, Thomas
Roland, Elizabeth Marie
Ross, Georgina
Rosser, Family
Rouland, Jean François
Rousall, John
Rousse, Thomas
Rousseau, Family
Roussel, Caroline
Roussell, Mrs
Rowan, Jane, née Le Noble
Ruault, Mrs
Russell, Thomas
Russell, Mary Ann
Russell, Mrs
Ryan, Mrs
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, James
Ryan, Mary Ann
Ryan, William
Ryan, Jane, née Dowdell
Ryan, Family
Ryan, Michael
Sadot, Thérèse
Sage, Kitty
Sallick, John
Saltern, Mary Ann
Saltern, Mrs
Saltern, Family
Samuel, Mr
Sands, Mrs
Sands, Child
Sands, Adolphus
Sarre, Elizabeth
Sarsfield, Emma
Saunders, Mrs
Saunders, Betsey
Sawfield, Emma
Scelleur, Mr
Screech, John
Screech, Mrs
Screech, Maria
Scully, John
Selby, Mrs
Shaw, Mrs
Sheedy, Mrs
Shelly, Mary Ann
Shepard, Henry
Shepperd, Abraham
Shepperd, Mrs
Sheridan, Margaret
Sherlock, William
Sherry, Thomas
Silby, Mrs
Simmonds, Mrs
Simmons, Elizabeth
Simmons, William
Simmons, Mrs
Simon, Josué Henry
Simon, George
Simon, Charles
Simon, Mrs
Simon, Josué Henri
Simonet, Messrs
Sims, Mary
Sims, Mrs
Smallacombe, Jane, née Bunker
Smith, May
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Harriet
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Andrew Clarke
Smith, Elizabeth, née Cockling
Smith, Florence
Smith, James
Smith, Mary
Smith, William
Smith, Mrs
Sollett, Family
Soper, Mrs
Soper, Edwin
Sorel and Le Couteur
Southward, Mrs
Southwood, Elizabeth, née Townsend
Spencer, Mary Ann, née Davis
Square, Mrs
Squibb, William
Squibb, Mrs
Stanley, Henry
Stansbury, Family
Stansbury, Susan
Staple, Ellen
Stebbings, Mrs
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stewart, George Dudley
Stone, Maria, née Weymouth
Stone, J
Stoodley, Family
Stranger, Charles
Strickland, Agnes
Studley, Family
Studley, Henry
Suffield, Mrs
Sullivan, Thomas
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Mrs
Sullivan, Henry
Sullivan, Patrick
Surcouf, Alexandre
Swain, Mr
Syvret, Mrs
Tambini, Julian
Tanquier, Louis
Tardif, Elizabeth, née Godfray
Tardif, Athalie
Tardif, Octave
Taylor, Mary, née Pengelly
Taylor, William
Taylor, Caroline
Ternier, François
Tevort, Mrs
Thoburn, Johnson
Thomas, Mrs, née Bews
Thomas, William
Thorne, Charles
Thorne, Family
Tirel, François Hubert
Tizard, Mary Jane, née Mallet
Tobin, Family
Tobin, Mary
Tobin, Alice
Toms, Mary
Toms, Mrs
Town, George
Tracey, Mrs
Treeby, Mrs
Tregeagle, Mrs
Tréhen, Mrs
Trigell, Mrs
Triggell, Mrs
Trignole, Mrs
Trolley, Mrs
Truscott, Family
Tuckerman, John
Turpin, Mrs
Vale, Mrs
Vale, John
Vardon, Thomas
Vasse, Marie
Vaux, Caroline
Verdel, Ernestine
Vereghan, Family
Vereghare, Family
Véron, Philippe
Verreghen, Charles
Vibert, Thomas
Vickers, Joseph
Viel, Abraham
Viel, Jean Auguste
Viel, Family
Vincent, W
Viney, Victoria, née Dubosq
Virgin, Solomon
Virgin, Margaret, née Plewman
Virgire, Family
Voisin, Francois
Voisin, Family
Voisin and Company Limited
Voisin, Bisson and Company
Wadge, Mrs
Walbridge, Family
Walbridge, Edith
Walker, Mrs
Wall, William
Waller, Child
Walling, Louisa
Walling, Mary Ann
Walls, James
Walsh, Mary
Walters, Elizabeth
Walters, Mrs
Ward, Margaret
Wareham, Family
Wareham, Mrs
Wareham, Susannah
Wareham, Mary Ann
Warren, Mrs
Warren, Walter
Warren, Louisa
Warren, John
Watts, Mr
Watts, William
Watts, James
Way, Mrs
Way, James
Way, Thomas
Way, Sarah
Way, Ada Amelia
Way, Eliza
Way, Family
Webber, Charlotte, née Lang
Wedge, Mrs
Weeks, Mrs
Weeks, Mary, née Cross
Weeks, William
Weeks, John
Weeldon, Mrs
Welch, Elizabeth
Welch, Margaret
Welch, Mary, née Dinley
Welch, William
Welch, Mrs
Wells, Mrs
Welsh, Margaret
Welsh, Elizabeth
Welsh, Mary
Welsh, Thomas
Welsh, Mrs
Werrin, John
Wert, James
West, James
Westin, W C
Westlake, Mary
Weston, Elizabeth
Weston, Elizabeth
Wheelan, Alice
Wheeler, Mrs
White, John
White, Family
White, Elizabeth
White, Sarah, née Kennedy
White, Elizabeth, née Knight
White, Ellen
White, Elvina
White, Mrs
Wiley, Mrs
Willcocks, Mrs
Williams, Mrs
Williams, Family
Williams, Esther Elizabeth, née de Gruchy
Williams, Mary
Williams, E C
Willie, Mrs
Willmett, Mrs
Willmott, Mrs
Wilson, Bridget
Wood, Mrs
Woodman, Family
Woodman, Mr
Woodman, Henry
Woodman, Robert
Woodman, Mrs
Woods, William
Woodward, Mrs
Woon, Charlotte
Woon, Family
Wore, Mrs John
Wore, Family
Worn, Mrs
Worth, Family
Wright, Alfred Henry
Yealland, Robert
Keywords Hospitals | minutes
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File


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