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Comité pour la Prison minute book, including details of the tender, specification and construction of a House of Correction within the prison grounds in1838 and the construction of a treadmill in 1839. Details of escapes, punishment and complaints are listed including the case of David Bromer, in the debtor's section with a detailed description of his cell and conditions. It records the number of criminal prisoners and those in the debtors section from 1844 as well as the rules and regulations of the prison and contains the annual reports.

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Reference C/C/P1/2
Date 30 December 1837 - 3 March 1891
Names States of Jersey Committees
Privy Council
Prison Board Committee
House of Correction
Wake, William
Wiblin, John
Moison, Jean
Bow, Richard
Despres, Pierre
Nason, William
Howe, Samuel
Carter, Thomas
Warren, John
Cumming, Michael
Gaunion, Thomas
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, François
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Gros, George
Curran, William
Fixott, Charles, Surgeon
de Veulle, Jean
Campbell, Archibald, Major General, Lieutenant Governor
Touzel, Major
Le Gallais, Philippe, Deputy Viscount
Perrot, Pierre, Constable of St Helier
Godfray, François, Constable of St Saviour
Oldfield, Colonel
Bisset - Hawkins, G, Doctor
Cabot, Betsey
Hocquard, Michel
de la Mare, François
Gibbs, Edward, Major General Sir, Lieutenant Governor
Laing, Philippe
Ennis, George
Robert, H, Clerk of Works
Balstone, Thomas
Bromer, David
Watts, B
Henson, James
de Gruchy, David
Rollston, Mr
Allen, James
Poingdestre, Daniel
McCormack, Patrick
Letford, Mr
Wellman, Mr
Wilson, Charles Carus
Scholefield, Dr
Dixon, Colonel
Strange, William
Haywood, John
Whittaker, Mr
Picot, Charles
Ebdon, John
Sharp, James Henry
Patch, Mr
Kandich, John
Jones, George, Doctor
Le Gendre, Marie Anne, née Le Noble
Nicolle, Thomas
Wake, William
Lake, Ann
McNabrey, W
Fauvel, John
Fouquet, Jacques
Smith, Thomas
Le Gros, Charles
Balcam, Francis William
Wiblin, Doctor
Redmond, Thomas
Brophy, John
Humber, C W
Grey, Sir George
Sebire, Constant
Le Rossignol, John
Rogers, George Higgs
Rogers, Mary, née Mourant
Giffard, John
Giffard, Marie Susanne, née Le Boutillier
Guillon, Jacques
Dodd, Grantham Robert
Griffiths, George
Le Gresley, Josué
Neel, Jean
Le Masurier, Philip
Godfray, Charles Le Vesconte
Cauvet, François
Luce, John
Simon, Peter John
Le Boutillier, Thomas
du Feu, Matthew
Bradley, François
McCormick, John F
Gardner, H W
Huelin, William
Le Seelleur, John Allez
Le Geyt, Clement
Gilbert, Harriet
Sullivan, Clement
Le Brun, John Philip
Le Rossignol, John Mauger
Farr, Edward
Le Sueur, Walter
Revel, J K
Binet, William, Reverend
Yealland, Richard
de La Rue, Francis Charles
Luce, Edward, Reverend
Noel, Joshua J
Cahill, Thomas
de Gruchy, Francois, Reverend
Houguet, Jane
Houguet, Emma
Hogin, Timothy
Ennis, Thomas
Marett, Francis
Ryan, Denis
Toms, James
Rooney, Mr
Le Cras, John
Asplet, James Job
Nicholson, Lothian, H E General Sir, RE KCB
Cawley, Mr
McAllen, Charles
Churchill, Edward
Ryan, Michael
Reece, John
Holloway, James
Randall, prisoner
Petitcat, Francis
Sullivan, prsioner
Goodridge, Walter Lyle
Amy, John George
Helliwell, Mr
Dyson, James
Wallbridge, John
de Ste Croix, Charles
Nicolle, prisoner
de Carteret, Miss
McCarthy, Jeremiah, Reverend
Martin, Mary Ann, née Le Boutillier
Hamon, E A
Elliott, James Henry
Evers, Mr
de Gruchy and Cuzner
Hotton, Charles
Raison, John
Gosset, Philip
Malet, Stanley
Howard, Thomas
Dobel, Charles
Hankin, Colonel
Hind, Alfred E, Doctor
Ogilivie, J B
Cuzner, Samuel
Journeaux, John
Daniel, Marie
Le Gros, E G
Renouf, John
Keywords prisons | minutes | Prisoners | diet | gaoler | turnkeys | hard labour | stone breaking | punishments | Cells | Building | debtors | transportation | Library | Fire | alcohol | rules | School | executions | Judaism | salaries | catholicism | contracts of works
Category C-States
Places South Hill, Gloucester Street
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File


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