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Various committee minutes. Includes minutes of various committees formed including those relating to a monument of General Don; registration of births, marriages and deaths, parish registrars; construction of Grève de Lecq harbour; sanitation issues relating to diseases caused by inadequate sewerage in St Helier and infectious disease; Jersey Female Orphans' Home, with a list of children and their state of health; the transfer of St Catherine's harbour to the States; public archives; re-establishment of oyster beds; La Rocque Harbour; militia; Doctor Bernardo's Home at Teighmore ; the cholera epidemic and the measures enforced to limit and control the spread of the disease. An index to this volume has been created and attached

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Reference C/D/AD1/5
Date 10 January 1879 - 17 February 1885
Names States of Jersey Committees
Royal Court
Library Committee
Archive Committee
Public Registry
Comité d'investigation touchant les Ecoles de St Mannelier et St Anastase
St Mannelier School
St Anastase School
Hammond, John, Bailiff of Jersey
Le Cornu, Philip F
Spencer, H G H
Fallaize and Tostevin
Le Feuvre, Charles
Beresford Street Library
The Industrial School
Le Huquet, Edouard
Buesnel, Clement
Whitley, George
Fauvel, John
Billot, John
Trédent, Vincent
Le Huquet, Thomas J
Noel, Philip
Le Huquet, John Edward
Le Huquet, Thomas
Mauger, Pierre
Arrowsmith, Doctor
Aubin, Francis
Robin, Charles
Coram, Mrs
Robinson, Mrs
Jouenne, Pierre
Le Cronier, John, Doctor
Godfray, Amiraux, Doctor
Grève de Lecq Harbour
Don, General
Le Quesne, Edwin J, Doctor
New Jersey Waterworks Company Limited
Jersey Female Orphan's Home
Burridge, Mrs
Cutland, Grace
Bull, Doctor
Rozel Barracks
Le Rossignol, A, Doctor
Taylor, Henry Cumberland, Doctor
Le Cornu, P S
Le Sueur, Abraham
Benest, Frederic Jean
Sutcliffe, Doctor
Low, Albert
Leets, George
Touzel, Flora
Rattenbury, Charles
Jones, Annie
Hunt, Joseph
Farrel, Louisa
Rawlstone, Georgina
Gallichan, Lydia
Renaut, Emile
Laffoley, Percy
Reynolds, Jane
Wareham, Alice
Thomson, Matilda
Foord, Rosa
Compton, Mary Ann
Foord, Ada
Henri, Adelina
Dingle, Mary Ann
Brown, Annie
Bryant, Esther
Parrot, Louisa
Hart, Clara
Gaudish, Annie
Wadge, Florence
Gavey, Julia
Mellish, Emily
Irvine, Mary
Pinwell, Amelia
Jones, Jane
Folley, Clara
Ryan, Fanny
Merrish, Louisa
Nerou, Ernest
Nerou, Elvina
Bond, Julia
Gordon, Rosa
de Monsel, Laura
Cropp, Louisa
Hunt, Emily
Colville, Elizabeth
Cropp, Annie
Pernio, Mary
Boudains, Jane
Gillman, Caroline
Roberts, Jane
Barry, Lucy
Amy, Laura
Leet, William
Lambert, Esther
Lambert, Sarah
Le Feuvre, John
Lambert, Frederick
Rowstock, Christopher
Yelland, Thomas
Rixon, Annie
Dooley, Florence
Hoyles, Emily
Downton, Eliza
Snelling, Susan
Bisson, Ada
Tomkins, Charlotte
Mollet, Matilda
Way, Susan
Gordon, Nellie
Way, Annie
Gallichan, Emma
Richardson, Jessie
Jeune, Amelia
Jerome, Alice
Jeune, Charlotte
Jeune, Emma
Low, Charlotte
Rollstone, Louisa
Lambert, Louisa
Haley, Elizabeth
Collins, Matilda
Bottomley, Charlotte
Coutanche, Eleanore
Bott, Mary Ann
Colville, Emily
Dustan, Thomas
Sohier, Julia
Lower, Albert
Cooney, Walter
Laurens, Marie
Mourant, Evelyn
Rattenbury, Robert
Dorey, Millicent
Jones, Victoria
Morgan, Thomas M
Gurney, J S
Godfray, Bertram
Ouless, Philippe Jean
Le Maistre, François Jean
Bernardo, Doctor
Le Boutillier, Thomas
St Mannelier
St Anastase
Hammond, Jean, Bailiff of jersey
Faux Bie
Brown, Herbert
Fort William
Bonne Nuit Barracks
National Schools
Latham, Baldwin
Keywords minutes | archives | Libraries | Agriculture | Public Baths | agricultural societies | Statues | censuses | Lighting | public debt | Tobacco | ecclesiastical districts | Markets | licences | Charities | Schools | Harbours | fisheries | oyster fishing | vaccinations | innkeepers | sanitation | contamination | public health | Fertiliser | Vraic | Monuments | firearms | honorary police | Portraits | rates | Militia | laws | Roads | building renovations | Printing | breakwaters | explosives | Conservation | Civil Registration | industrial schools | Lighthouse | children's homes | census | Shellfish | wet docks | sewerage | brooks | smallpox | Hospitals | typhoid | cholera
Places Gorey, Grève de Lecq, La Rocque, Écréhous, Royal Court, St Catherine's Bay, Fliquet Bay, 29, Dorset Street, Clearview Street, St Aubin's Bay, Gorey Coast Road, Griffith's Yard, 46, Lower Bath Street, 52, Lower Bath Street, Teighmore, Rouge Bouillon, Queen's Road, Springfield, Trinity Road, Upper Don Street, Patriotic Place
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French, English
Level of description File


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